The Sailing Ship
Thursday, November 16, 2006

The 1800's. A sailing ship. Malcolm Reynolds. Based loosely on Michael Cunningham's "Specimen Days", part one of three.


Author's Note: This is based on Michael Cunningham's "Specimen Days", obviously, and takes place in three parts, in three places, during three different times, with the same basic characters (in this case, Mal, Kaylee and Simon.): 1. "The Sailing Ship" (on a sailing ship in the early 1800's) 2. "The Airplane" (on an airplane in the 2000's) 3. "The Space Ship" (on Serenity)

~~~ Malcolm watches the sun set and wonders what will come next. Simon is dead. He wasn’t the first to be swallowed by the vastness of the ocean, and he certainly won’t be the last. Once the sun seems to be nearly completely submerged in the ocean (much like Simon), he turns instead to study Kaywinnit. Simon’s death has been hard on her. Much harder than on the rest of them. When Malcolm had found her, she was a little girl, barely old enough to marry. But she was strong and sweet and a breath of fresh air in this cool, black hell. “There will be a storm tonight,” he tells her. “Another?” she asks. “And we’ve just been through with the first one. We need to retire, then.” “I’m going to stay out.” “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Malcolm.” “I’m not afraid.” “Okay.” And then she’s back to being quiet. Malcolm turns and walks out on to the deck of the ship again as it begins to rain. He is in love with Kaywinnit. Kaywinnit was going to marry Simon, which rendered her untouchable. But Simon is dead now, gone to the sea, which Malcolm thinks is a bit ironic. Simon did not like the sea. He was an unwilling traveller on the ship, compelled to stay by Kaywinnit. Malcolm is in love with Kaywinnit. He is also in love with the sea. The rain is falling now, and the wind picking up. He can see Kaywinnit in the navigation room, fretting over the control panel. “It’s all right, Little Kay,” he says aloud, although she cannot hear him. “Nothing can hurt us anymore.” By us, he isn’t sure if he means he and Simon or he and Kaywinnit. He can see Simon, standing on the outside of the ship. Telling him what to do. “I know,” he says, his words lost to the ever-increasing volume of the rain. Simon is smiling at him. Malcolm stands on shaky legs and totters to the navigation room. “Kaywinnit,” he says softly, “Kaywinnit, come out and see what I’ve found.” “Oh, Malcolm. You should come inside.” So sweet. Simon is smiling and nodding to him. “Little Kay, come and see.” He takes her hand before she has a chance to protest. “Look,” he points out to where Simon is standing. “Can you see him?” “Malcolm, come inside, you’re near frozen.” “Come with me,” says Simon to Malcolm. “Come with us,” says Malcolm to Kaywinnit. Simon smiles, then, and reaches his hand out for Malcolm. He braces Kaywinnit with one hand, reaches for Simon with the other, and tumbles until he feels nothing but the blackness of the ocean.


Sunday, November 19, 2006 12:27 PM


Whoa...this was definitely a mark or two past "mighty damn angsty," I gotta admit;)

So...Simon presumably got swept overboard or serious injured by flailing equipment during the previous storm, Kaylee's grieving but still trying to keep Serenity going, and Mal's in love with Kaylee and suicidal? Damn...that's some crazy fei hua;)

Still...I really wanna see what you will do next for the airplane portion of this tail...and how the final part will play out;D



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The Sailing Ship
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