Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Inara needs to tell Mal something, and, being prepared for the worst, gets surprised.


Author's note: further exploration of the M/I pairing, which I currently adore.

She’d spent days, perhaps weeks, considering how he’d react. Played out a thousand scenarios in her head, and none of them ended well. He got angry. Threw things. Cursed at her. Left her—not alone, but lonely enough. She fought the nausea back down her throat and tried to stand, but was greeted with a dizziness that she took to be a sign and leaned back against the pillows. Just five more minutes, she promised herself. Then I’ll go. She knew in her heart that stalling would just make matters worse, if that were at all possible. He would be angry. Irrationally, yes, but angry all the same. And this was all she had left. The only home, the only family… No. She forced herself up and took a long look in the mirror that hung above her bed. “You can do this,” she informed her reflection steadily. “You are a strong woman. You do not require any person but yourself to rely on. You can get through this.” Then she walked over to the washbasin that sat on the floor, splashed some water on her face, took a moment to enjoy the cool, soothing water on her face, chapped from crying and stress, then turned and walked firmly out into the cockpit. “I need to talk to you.” “Can it wait just a minute, darlin’?” She swallowed hard, shifted her weight to her other hip, and considered. “No, I need to talk to now.” He spun around in the chair, and the look on his face—love and something else that she had never seen before in him, at least not directed to her—concern. “You okay, darlin’?” She made sure to meet his eyes, keep her gaze steady. “Malcolm, I’m pregnant.” There were a thousand thoughts running through his head. Is it mine? What about her job? I don’t know the last thing ‘bout babies. Instead, he blurted out the first thing that had sprung to his mind. “Marry me.” She burst into tears. “Oh, Mal.” Fear crossed Mal’s face. “We…don’t hafta, if you don’t wanna.” “Do you want to?” “I wouldn’t’ve said anything if I didn’t.” “You aren’t just doing it because of the baby? Because if you are, it’s fine, Mal, I can manage on my own.” He looked at her for a long moment, then turned around and retrieved something from the drawer under the control hutch. “It ain’t much, so don’t feel all obliged to wear it ‘tall. Anyway, point is, I was gonna ask anyway, but I figured you’d say no ‘cause of your job. But since ya quit…” he stopped. “You did quit, right?” She smiled. “I had to.” “So…” he moved her back a few inches and knelt down. “Will you?” “Of course. Of course, of course, of course, of course.” He stood up and kissed her soundly, then slid the ring onto her finger. She looked down at it, and then smiled up at him. “It’s perfect,” she mouthed. “Good.” He patted her belly. “Now, darlin’, I love you both, but if you don’t mind, I’ve got some captainy things to attend to.” She looked up at him, the ridiculous grin seemingly plastered across her face. Oh Mal, why did I ever doubt you?


Wednesday, July 5, 2006 4:40 PM


Why dud she doubt him? Let me count the ways...

It's a cute story. I'm surprised Inara reacted so well to Mal's proposal, though. I could easily see that causing a conflict all its own...

But yeah, fluff is nice, too. Maybe its just the angst addict in me, but I did think the first paragraph was the strongest. I would have loved a little bit more of Mal's internal thoughts upon hearing the news.

Thursday, July 6, 2006 7:40 PM


Huh....gotta back Arcadia up somewhat here. Inara, I think, would have reacted a tad more harshly cuz of the surprise and probable frustration of Mal going all seemingly noble on her with that announcement. Oh...she would come to her senses, but not before letting off some steam about how she perceived things...

Still...gotta love Mal/Inara fluff! If only for the sheer rarity of it (cuz we just love angst waayyy too much *wink*)



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