A Mighty Thorn In a Mighty Paw - Ch. 22
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ah, the little screenplay endeavor continues. Takes place not long after the events of "Serenity."



Nils is sitting at a comm unit, his shoulders hunched over, his hand holding onto a mic like his life depends on. He is alone in the room, eerily illuminated by the glow of the large screens before him.

NILS: You guessed right. I sent 'im. (VO radio): Why didn't you notify me? I need to be in know about such things.

NILS: We agreed a dog's age ago to keep our comms to a minimum. Every micro second of every wave exposes us, no matter how good the crypto.

(VO radio): Don't nobody know that better'n me. (beat) We need to be workin' in concert if this plan's to have any chance. How am I supposed to back up our boys if I don't know who the gui they are? NILS: You ain't, and that's the point. You and I need to let out the leash on this op for the moment. It's in our boy's hands for now. Too many of us get directly involved, it'll compromise the whole damn thing. Let 'im be, and do not follow. When he makes the drop...

(VO radio):If he makes it...

NILS: Faith, partner. When he makes it, the time for all this cloak 'n dagger will be through.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006 3:54 PM


First of all, it's nice to see this fic back in the Blue Sun Room, it's been a while.

Second of all...huh? So Nils has friends...secrety friends, that I figured. But that little conversation sounded mighty onimious, and in more than one way not a little bit good for our BDH's.

Third of all, SO SHORT! It's almost the cruelest thing ever to have something so sweet placed in front of you so enticingly, then to discover it ain't gonna last long! The only thing crueler would be to not have it at all, and we can't have that.

Fourth of all, Who is this mystery man? I'm gonna go ahead and be patient...for now, and let you reveal all in good time.

Lastly, YAY! May have been (too) short, but it was sweet! Great little (little? Try teensy) piece to keep the plot moving forward. But bring back some 'Seafood' goodness!

Friday, November 17, 2006 3:35 AM


I, too, am glad to see this back...although I keep having to go back and reread to refresh my old memory in between (it's the first thing to go...I think). That's your plan, isn't it? Take long breaks between posts and make us go back and reread...evil, just evil;)


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