A Mighty Thorn In a Mighty Paw - Ch. 21
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Finally, after much delay, my little screenplay that could, continues. Takes place not long after the events of "Serenity" as most of you already know. Missed you guys and girls.



Mal stands at mock attention, the Alliance uniform he's wearing perfectly tailored. He turns from side to side, showing off his new threads.

ZOE: This sight deserves a capture, so's to be recorded in the annals of history.

MAL:(tugging at the jacket) History can forget this at its earliest convenience. In fact, these fits are gettin' burnt in the hottest fire I can find, first chance presents itself.

KAYLEE: I don't know. Other'n the fact it represents everything in the 'verse you hate, it looks right shiny on ya.

JAYNE:(chewing on a protein bar)Ya look like a gorram peacock.

SIMON: (pacing) I've been considering something; an idea that came to mind when you told us about this plan. MAL: (loosening his collar) Yeah?

SIMON: Well, security within the facility may be rather tight, what with their recent loss of face.

MAL: And?

SIMON: I know a man who's developing a unique method that can fool the ident scanners. Holgraphic contacs.

MAL: (seriously interested)Really?

SIMON: Yes. The technology is cutting edge, something I don't think even the Alliance has developed. (continues pacing, seemingly lost in thought, his hands articulating his thoughts) The contacs create a holographic image within the eye, masking your retina and other primary identifiers. It allows the scanner to read to the proper depth but gives it an alternate image to see. Then it's simply a matter of linking that image with a particular identity, one that won't get you bound.


INARA: Impressive.

JAYNE: (looking very confused, a little disgusted) Don't it burn, or somethin'?

SIMON: It's painless. The only side effect is slightly impaired vision from the holographic image.

MAL: Where's this friend o' yer's?

SIMON: He runs an eye clinic on Sihnon, ironically enough. He's perhaps the best eye specialist I know.

INARA: If he's running a legitimate and profitable business...?

SIMON: Why is he searching for a way to thwart Alliance security? He was involved in the movement to free River. The “doctors” there had called in his services to aid in the enhancement of River's vision. When he became aware of the conditions of River's stay, he recused himself, citing patient load and waning health.

MAL: Let me guess. Fit as a fiddle?

SIMON: Yes, and filled with a great resolve. If we contact him, quietly, I'm almost certain he'll help us.

MAL: Shiny. That'll make gettin' in a mite easier. I've got the schematics to help locate the guy I need to meet with. Nils tells me he's a programmer in a secondary comm center. Got his own office an' everything.

JAYNE: So, you're gonna waltz in there like it's no never mind and turn over that 'verse-changin' gizmo to some jack-off you've never seen.

MAL: That's the plan.

River smiles at that.

KAYLEE: What if someone recognizes you? You're wanted somethin' fierce.

ZOE: It's an Alliance building he's infiltrating, but not military or law-enforcement.

MAL: Few guards, maybe. Nils says security'll be more 'lectronic than manpower.

Paul enters from the aft entrance. His eyes widen a fraction when he spots Mal in the uniform.

PAUL: (a slight smile) Oh, Captain, my Captain.(proceeds into the kitchen to retrieve a protein bar) Wear the hat. Makes all the difference.

He exits without another word.

Everyone is silent for a beat. Zoe looks at Mal.

ZOE: Well, sir. Try it on. (off Mal's look) I know it's no flowery bonnet, but...

With a scornful look at Zoe, Mal puts the hat on, leaving it at a jaunty angle. Inara steps forward and straightens it out.

KAYLEE: Not bad...

INARA: You'll need a haircut. No self-respecting officer would be caught dead with that mop.

MAL: (eyes wide in protest) Nooo.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006 5:06 PM


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Mal in Alliance uniform, *wipes tear from eye* priceless!

And Paul was so funny, Inara suggesting the hair has to be butchered...genius!

Loving this whole series, so more!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 6:02 PM


Glad to see you and your story back! Went back and reread some of it to refresh my memory; as always, great dialogue. Only wish we could see the man in his uniform...

Thursday, November 9, 2006 10:49 AM


Not sure I like the sound of losing some vision as a side effect of those revolutionary contact lenses but neat piece of technology which I can imagine not being too far away from being done in the real world. Just hope the job doesn't go south. And if Zoe did get that capture you could always post it here! Ali D :~)
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