Death Experiances
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pre-series Z/W. A job gone wrong, sexual tension, topless Bester... What more can you want? =D


note: hey there. i understand your time on this site is limited and if you've selected my fanfiction to read then the honour that you do me flatters my... my honour. =D sorry, just thought it needed to be said.

yes this is another z/w pre-series, but they're so cute, how can i resist? there'll be another one or maybe two in this series depending on how it pads out. i hope you enjoy it! any critism is extremely welcome.


Zoë sighed deeply, dragging a slender hand through her mass of curls. All was silent but for the hum of Serenity and the whirr and tick of the machines. The faint blue light of the infirmary hit one side of her face, the sparkle in her dark eyes dimming. Her lids drooped.


Her head snapped up, her mouth open slightly. Wash smiled weakly up at her, his eyes only half open. She took his hand without thinking.

A silence.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was hoarse and barely a whisper.

They didn’t mention it again.

I guess that was where it began, though neither would admit it. Near death experiences are nature’s matchmaker. There’s nothing like almost losing someone to make you realise how different it would be without that person.

Six weeks later.

“Honey, would you get me a drink?”

Zoë gazed contemptuously at him from across the table of cards. “No.”

“I feel weak! Remember, the shooting.” Wash flashed a winning smile in her direction. “Please!”

She regarded him silently for a moment, before pushing her chair back, sighing. “If you’re not careful, I’ll give you a hole to match.”

She smiled though and he grinned back. “謝謝寶貝”

“Shiny,” Bester emerged into the mess topless and sweating, eyeing the 緣故 Zoë was pouring. “A nightcap. I’ll have one.”

Zoë didn’t look up. “Will you?”

“If that’d be alright, Ma’am.” He flomped down onto the settee kicking off his boots.

Wash turned up his nose at him, but Zoë poured him a glass anyway. She came and sat opposite Wash again, putting the bottle down on the table.

“Where were we?” she asked, picking up her hand of cards.

“You were just about to perform what the military would refer to as a ‘crushing defeat’ and I was going to cry, like a 嬰孩.”

“Ah yes.”

“Can I play?” Bester padded over to them, beaker in one hand, drawing up a chair.

“No,” they replied in unison.

“好吧。I see where I’m not wanted.”

He didn’t leave though. It was more than an hour and two bottles of 緣故 later that he stumbled out of the mess.

“Think he’ll get to bed ok?”

Wash sniggered. “I wouldn’t help him, but be my guest.”

Zoë glanced to the door before shrugging. “He’ll be fine.” She smiled across the table.

“Another?” Wash held up the nearly empty bottle.

She paused, her mind slightly foggy. “I shouldn’t. I don’t think this was the Captain’s idea of an ‘early night’.”

“I guess. We do have exciting crime to be done tomorrow…” He put down the bottle and got to his feet. “Wow!” He grinned. “I’m actually feeling quite steady.” He took two steps to the door before stumbling, crashing to the floor. “性交譴責廢話!”

Zoë leapt up, hauling him to his feet. “Here.”

They sat together on the settee, Wash holding his head, though one of his arms was still entwined with Zoë’s. “Thank you.” He looked up and their eyes met more intimately than either of them had expected. Wash grinned. “I hadn’t noticed, but we’re becoming friends!” Wash’s voice didn’t sound so loud in his head. It also made sense there.

Zoë smiled still. “I guess.”

A silence.

“It’s a shame I fancy you. No doubt I’m going to try and kiss you and that would be bad.”

Zoë nodded. “That would be bad. Captain don’t stand for shipboard romances. Plus, nor do I.”

“No… nor do I…” Wash brushed a lock of hair from her eyes, his warm hands lingering on her skin. They had drawn close together. He could almost feel her breath on his skin. His hand found hers and he closed his eyes.

“Wash!” Zoë pulled her hand free and pushed him backwards. “We shouldn’t.”

“廢話. Yes, I know, it’s just… you’re so… I’m sorry!” He stumbled from his seat, holding the walls for support. “Good night, Zoë.”

“Night, honey.”

She sat for a moment after he had left, her mind buzzing.


“Zoë? You heard a word I’ve just said?”

She glanced round. “Sir?”

Mal frowned, but let it slide. “The man we’re meeting today goes by the name Otto.”

She turned back to the mugs of strong coffee she was pouring. “Don’t recognise it.”

“Me neither. Just in case, we play safe. Understand?”

“Of course, Sir.” She picked up the mugs and with one look at Mal, turned towards the bridge.

“It’s official,” Wash stated upon her entry, happily taking the coffee. “I love you.”

Zoë reclined against the console, taking cautious sips from her steaming mug of liquid darkness. “Isn’t it a bit early for declarations of love?”

“If you ask me it’s too early for anything, though I guess that may be mainly due to the hangover.”

Zoë smiled. “May have something to do with it.”

There was a silence as they both nursed pounding heads with a caffeine fix.

“When do we reach atmo?”

Wash checked one of the flashing screens to his right. “Around five minutes. Can’t help but feel they could be better spent in bed.”

A giggle glittered in Zoë’s eyes.

“Asleep,” Wash hastily added.


They smiled to each other.

“I wonder what-”


Wash just had time to frown slightly before Serenity banked, tossing him from his seat.


Pain. Wash’s eyes blinked open. “Zoë?” He sat up too fast. “不要臉的人!” He lifted his hand to his head, only to feel the warm stickiness of his own blood. His eyes glanced around to find Zoë slumped against one wall. “Zo!”

He scrambled across the floor.

With tender arms he held her, her head lolling onto his chest. “Zoë? Honey?” He couldn’t keep the panic from his voice. “Sweety, talk to me.” He cupped her cheek. “Zo?”

Her dark eyes fluttered open, eyelashes dancing on her skin like two butterflies.

Mal’s voice roared up the corridor behind them. “Wash? What the hell are you playin’ at?!”

Zoë gazed momentarily around her, before sitting up. She looked to Wash. “I’m alright.”

“Are you-”

Serenity shuddered, throwing them together.

“Wash!” Mal yelled, leaping into the bridge.

Wash jumped to his feet, stumbling over to the console. Flicking several switches, he grabbed the comm. “Bester?! What’s happened?”

“The rear thermo put-cap’s gone!”

Wash’s mouth hung open. “所有事情的母親聖地.”

“What?” Mal asked, gripping the back of Wash’s chair. “What does that mean?”

Wash pulled the helm towards him, breathing deeply. “That means you need to strap in.”

“Don’t you dare crash my ship!”

“I wouldn’t dare. Bester! You rewired the heat exchange?”

“Working on it.”

A pause.

“We’ll be hitting atmo in 3. Work quicker.”

“I can’t! The convection wire had burnt out. I can’t connect static and the round block.”

Wash moved swiftly beneath the console, wincing at the ache of his head. He ripped off the grating, revealing the intricate mess of wires. His fingers worked fast, pulling wires free, stripping, twisting, his heart racing.

A moment passed before he was jerked upwards, bashing his head against the console. Swearing, Wash wriggled out.

“What’s happening?” Mal cried from his co-pilot seat.

“We met the atmo.” Wash explained. “Even if we survive the burn through, we’ll hit the ground the speed of a bullet.”

Mal’s mouth fell open in protest.

“Now may be the time to repent.”

Zoë sat behind her Captain, her dark eyes fixed on Wash in an attempt to ignore the shuddering and the flames that were licking the front of the ship. She watched the acute determination on his face, the bead of sweat that rolled down his brow. Her eyes moved down his neck, the arms, which had been wrapped around her, strong and taught.

As they rocketed through atmo, it grew hot. Roasting. Zoe’s eyes closed. Her whole body felt as though it were on fire. She couldn’t breath. Her mouth fell open, gasping like a fish out of water, her chest getting tight. She panted. “Wash!” She couldn’t speak.


To be continued...

ps. i used chinese symbols because i thought it was more interesting and they are things you don't really need to know. still, for those who are curious here is my...


She smiled though and he grinned back. “謝謝寶貝” - "thanks, honey." (or some term of endearment... i've forgotten =D)

...the 緣故 Zoë was pouring - saké

...cry, like a 嬰孩 - baby

“好吧。I see where I’m not wanted.” - fine

...bottles of 緣故 - saké

...crashing to the floor. “性交譴責廢話!” - i really can't remember this. i tried translating it back and the website says: the sexual intercourse condemns the idle talk. i'll leave it to your imagination!

廢話. Yes, I know, it’s just… - crap

He sat up too fast. “不要臉的人!” - website says: not concerned about face person pretty sure it was nothing to do with face's though...

Wash’s mouth hung open. “所有事情的母親聖地.” - god of all things holy


Sunday, September 24, 2006 6:14 AM


Great start! You captured the characters perfectly. I look forward to reading the continuation.
What I'm assuming is supposed to be your Chinese is only showing up here as symbols, though.

Sunday, September 24, 2006 7:44 AM


Wow wow wow, Sofi...this was an amazing opening shot for what I hope turns out to be a rollicking adventure-romance;)

And like ShinyTrinket said...your Chinese phrases are only appearing in ideographic form. And I will be honest: my written Chinese comprehension is poorer than Jayne's table manners;D


Sunday, September 24, 2006 12:45 PM


Sof, can I call you Sof? Great work as per-usaul always a fan of your Wash and Zoe you do them so well. Don't keep me waiting too long for the rest. :)


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