Murphy's Law Ch.2
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Set after the movie. After 500 years in a cryo-container, he's back! The story continues.


Murphy's Law - Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Joss owns Firefly and everything else in the rootin' tootin' 'Verse. Orion (who were bought out by MGM) own the other part of this story.

Description: Set after the movie. Robocop finds out where he is and more importantly WHEN he is.

Note: Not that great writing for characters so if any of them seem a little 'off' then my bad.

Note: This chapter comming to you from Mal's POV. Anything Italicised is outside Mal's perspective.


Later that same day the cyborg was led to kitchen area while I could think of what to do or even say to a 500 year old being from Earth-That-Was. An hour passed before I came to where it...he was standing watching River and Kaylee playing tacks.

"So, you're from Earth-That-Was I take it?" It was a stupid question but I really didn't know what else to say to a cyborg-thingy.

"Yes. I served the people of Delta City for many years before I was re-called and stored away some five years after the fall of OCP." The cyborg looked towards me as if it was concidering something I'd said. "What is Earth-That-Was?" The question I'd suspected would come ever since I'd asked my own idiotic question. Thankfully Dr Tam came to my rescue with his unique knowledge of history. Standing next to me the good doctor tried as best he could to explain.

"Well I don't know how to break this to you but, you're not on Earth anymore. You see about five-hundred years ago we left Earth on several large starships. We called the event "The Exodus". Millions of people, animals and plants were transported across the galaxy to a new solar system with over seventy planets and moons for us to terraform and colonize. Right now you're on the transport ship Serenity and we're on our way to one of the outer-rim worlds to deliver some.....cargo." He looked at me as he said that final word knowing full well that besides Sir Warrick's cargo we were transporting illigaly procured food stuffs for an outrageous price, I don't have any say in Badger's marketing ethics. The doc looked again at the cyborg who's only reaction was to look around the room.

Robocop performed a voice-stress analasys on the young doctor and calculated a 99.9% probability that he was telling the truth. If that was so then everyone he knew from Earth was dead. Sargeant Reed, Jimmy even his tech crew, they were all dead. "I see" with that he turned around and walked out of the kitchen.


We'd left the cyborg alone for a while. So we could get some discussin' done.

"Mal come on! Did you see the size of it's handcannon! I know guns Mal and I ain't never seen one like that before. Kinda looks like one of those old Earth-That-Was Berretas. Except this one is HUGE!"

"What are you gettin' at Jayne?" I was getting one of my captainy headaches that I got when dealing with Jayne.

"I'm just sayin' we space the robot and sell that gun o'! It might make us more than that Lassiter ever could!" It was interesting to say the least but this cargo belonged to our one and only honest client Sir Warrick. I wasn't about to piss off the only client who hasn't tried to kill me....on purpose. Nope I'd learned in transport captain school that that would be business-suicide. Thankfully for me I had Zoe who was doing a lot better these last few month, she'd even gotten over Kayle and Simon's constant humping sessions, which I oh so envied....I wished I could get over my mei-mei being taken by some core pred sissy-boy.

"Jayne" Just that one word from Zoe's lips was enough to shut the big man-ape-gone-wrong-thing up. "I say we stow it away somewhere and get this delivery over and done with. If the Alliance find us carting a cyborg....well, it would be bad." Zoe honestly looked worried, I hadn't seen that since the war. This was no joke and just to make matters worse, Inara had to ask the question that I knew would upset Jayne. And upset Jayne would only make my headache WORSE!

"I'm not really up to date on Alliance laws but what's so bad about transporting a cyborg?" Sweet innocent Inara....well ok not so much innocent but sweet Inara, always in the dark about older laws. Again Dr Simon Tam.Doctor, Historian and Criminal Mastermind had the answer.

"I'm sure you all know Shan-Yu, the psychotic homocidal madman. Aside from torturing people which he infact made an art out of, he'd sanctioned several sick medical and scientific experiments on political prisoners. One of these was to take the brain from a living man or woman and place it inside a mechanical body to create a cybernetic-super-soldier. He'd wanted to use them to conquer the core worlds of the Anglo-Sino Alliance, but thankfully his reign came to an end before his plan could take effect. When the Alliance found out they'd instantly outlawed all research and production any and all cybernetic-lifeforms. If they find him with us, they won't question where he came from they'll simply take us into custody without trial and just leave us to rot in some prison."

"Gorramit! Mal! Space it! Space it NOW!!" Typical Jayne, if it's dangerous space it. River's turn to add her insight.

"He won't hurt us, he was a nice man robbed of life and now he serves to protect. Kinda like Captain Daddy!"

Well now that was interesting. The Captain being compared to a 500 year old cybrog. Brings a tear to the eye. It really does. But the question remained, what in the deep go-se of the special hell was I going to do? We were still three weeks out from Greenleaf and the thought that the Alliance might not buy our cover of transporting a dignitary had entered my mind. Oh I hated complications and you couldn't get more complicated than having a psychic assasin and an illigaly-existing cyborg from Earth-That-Was on your boat. It was going to be an interesting three weeks to say the least.


It had been five days after I'd decided that it would be best to just stow the cyborg in shuttle-two and re-seal his container. River could always re-open it and get him back inside if the Alliance ever did board us. Not like they could open one of River's coded locks. Plus it's not every day you got a sort of living witness from Earth-That-Was. Then again it wasn't everyday you got someone bigger and scarier than Jayne on your boat....not taking into account psychic's, bounty hunters or government assasins.

"Mal..." Great, I should have known that my quiet contimplation would be interupted sooner or later, and of course it had to be Inara. "Mal, I don't think it's a good idea to keep the cyborg on board, what if he gets loose. They must have sealed him away for a reason. Other than his company going bankrupt."

"Inara, River says he won't hurt any o' us and I believe her. The lil' Albetross ain't never been wrong before, and ain't lead us astray either." There that might shut her up for once!

"Mal, you can't put all your faith into a little girl, you should...." Oh that's it!

"I should what Inara!? Who should I put ALL my faith in? God? I did that once and it didn't quite work out between us! How about Jayne? Should I go worship at the temple of Jayne back in Canton?" Oh yeah I'm on a roll...lets see if I can get her all hot and bothered....mmmm Inara all hot and.....NO! Naughty captain! You'll go to the special hell for thoughts like that!

"Mal I'm just saying, River may be a genius but she doesn't have the life experinece that we do..."

"We? If I remember correctly before you met me you were a core-girl. All you ever worried about back then was if you'd broken a nail! That GIRL has OUR experinece. She can read our minds remember, she can probably pull from all our experiences and use her super-genius mind to come up with solutions that would take us years to come up with! Now if you don't mind Miss Serra, I have a ship to run and if you don't have anything productive to add to this predicament then might I suggest you just leave the rest of us to get on with it! Thank you!!"

And with that I stomed off leaving a rather bewildered Inara Serra behind. I knew I shouldn't have snapped like that, but that woman...oohhhhh that woman just made my blood boil and not just in the bad way. As I reached the bridge I noticed River sitting in the co-pilots seat. She span around to face me with tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong mei-mei?" I hated to see women cry, women are meant to be happy and joyfull and....oh hell what dream world am I living in, women cry get over it Reynolds!

"My Captain trusts me....and believes in me..." the tears started to run down her cheeks. Ok so not tears of sadness but tears of joy. I could live with that.

"Of course I do mei-mei, you've given me something to believe in again. You brought some of the old Mal Reynolds back. I'm not much of a mean old man anymore, now I'm more of a grumpy old man." She smiled and wiped her tears away then cocked her head in that comteplative way she does when she's thinking which she does a lot of by the way.

"Almost fixed now....time to move on and fix the other old man!." With that rather....odd sentence she bounded out the door and towards the cargo bay. But now that she's mentioned it....yes...I am fixed....almost.


Author's Notes: Yes! Finally! Chapter 2 is up! And yes it is shorter but just be glad it's up! It's taken me months to finaly get over my writers block. I have no idea when Chapter 3 will be put up but it'll be there, sometime. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...but it'll be there.

Also I know there's a serious lack of ROBOCOP in the story but believe me he'll get more screen time. I just want to get the Firefly characters sorted first and then we'll get the old Murphy back and in business.

P.S: Just to add in my universe the 4 Mini-TV Movies "Dark Justice", "Meltdown", "Ressurection" & "Crash and Burn" DO NOT take place in this universe. I do not recodnise them and never will because....they suck. I'm sticking with the THREE MOVIES and that's it! So I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, September 21, 2006 6:21 PM


Personally I didn't mind the TV movies. But then again, I thought Robocop 2 kinda jumped the shark with the anti-Murphy being a drug-addicted psychopath. Least the TV movies had the second cyborg as a fellow cop;)

Still...would be mighty interesting to see where this goes.


P.S. The Mal POV was hilarious:D


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Murphy's Law Ch.2
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