My Valentine: Part 1
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jayne plans a Valentines Surprise for Kaylee. Lotsa Jaylee goodness. Lotsa angst. Enjoy!


Title: Plans Series Title: My Valentine Author: Humbug Rating: NC-17 Fandom: Firefly Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee Word Count: 1503 Summary: Kaylee and Jayne's relationship Disclaimer: Joss is Boss. I'm just borrowing his characters for fun!! Warning: Jaylee angst - Sorry it’ll stop hurting soon.

Authors note: Thanks to bookaddict for betaing.

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*********************** I just watched ‘Something New’ today, and this sexy film gave me some wicked ideas. Jayne plans a surprise for Kaylee on Valentines. Other characters pop in and out. I’ve got the fanfic writing bug. Enjoy!! ***********************


Jayne stretched and opened his eyes, kissing Kaylee gently as she snuggled up against him.

“Mmmmm! Mornin’,” she sighed sleepily.

“Mornin’, bao-bei. It’s not time ta get up. Ya just go on back ta sleep.”

Kaylee rolled over with a sigh.

Jayne quickly pulled on some clothes and was just tying on his boots when Mal banged on the door. “I’m comin’, ” he muttered under his breath.

Glancing over at Kaylee’s naked form on the bed he sighed, wishing he could stay all day with her. Reaching down to the floor, he grabbed the sheet and draped it over his sleeping girl. His girl. He smiled, remembering the athletic sexin’ that had ended up with the bed covers on the floor and the two of them an exhausted bundle of entwined legs and arms.

Climbing quietly out of their bunk and brought his finger to his lips as he stepped out onto the walkway. Mal knew from bitter experience not to disturb Kaylee’s beauty sleep in front of Jayne, so he waited until the mercenary closed the door,

“Ya late!” the captain chided. “Sorry, Mal, I guess I overslept. Me and Kaylee got up ta all kindsa tricks last night….”

Mal frowned, “Aaahh! That’s more’n I needed to know, Jayne.”

“Won’t happen again, Mal,” Jayne answered meekly, “Who’s manning the bridge?”

“’Lil Albatross.”

“Ya let Crazy fly Serenity?”

“She’s got a natural talent, and she’s calmed down since Miranda. I’m lettin’ Wash spend some quality time with his wife.”

Jayne headed down to the bridge, letting his thoughts linger on Kaylee and his plans.

Smiling mysteriously, River got up out of the pilot’s chair. “Kaylee thoughts,” she whispered, passing Jayne in the walkway just outside the bridge.

Settling down, Jayne continued planning his Valentine’s Day Surprise for Kaylee…..


Inara was surprised. She didn’t like being surprised by men, and Jayne was the last person on the boat she thought could ever surprise her. With the exception of how crass he could be, she thought with a wry smile.

“A Hotel?” she asked, “You want to know the name of a good hotel on Osiris?”

“Yeah” Jayne answered. “Ya see I’m plannin’ a surprise for Kaylee on Valentines….”

“You sweet man, Jayne” Inara smiled.

Glancing up she saw that Jayne was frowning. “I ain’t sweet!”

“I just mean that this is the kind of surprise Kaylee will love.”

Jayne blushed, fussing with the funny wool hat his Mama had given him, which trying to be polite, he had taken off when he entered her shuttle. Inara smiled again.

She has always thought that Simon was the perfect man for Kaylee. Handsome, cultured, well brought up, the only down side being that go se warrant. He was a wanted fugitive. Seemingly perfect husband material, but with intimacy issues. His sister was the most important thing in his life right now. Kaylee deserved to be the most important thing in her mans life.

She clearly was the most important thing in Jayne’s life. He was handsome too, in a rough and ready way, and must be a good lover. When he visited any brothel on one of their regular planets, whores swarmed around him to be the one he chose that visit. Whores didn’t have the privileges that Companions did. They couldn’t afford to turn down clients. So a client who treated them well and who gave them pleasure was much sort after.

“Tell me, what are you looking for?”

“A nice place, but not too pricey…”

“What do you want in the room? I assume a double bed?”

“ ‘Course! And a big ole bath tub,. Kaylee’d love ta have a soak. I know the best places on most planets where I used ta stay with ma whores. But I wanna take Kaylee somewhere nice. Classy.”

Inara smiled at his use of the past tense when talking about his whores. He really must like her, Love her even. So this is how Jayne Cobb acts when he’s in love. She’d always wondered if being in love would mellow him…..

“Mmm. Let me think.”

“An’ I wanted ta take her out somewhere fancy. A nice meal. But I wanna spend most of our time in our room…”

“Of course! Some time alone together, without any distractions. Could be just what you need. Without everyone watching your every move.”

Jayne’s eyes widened, “Ya noticed that too….”

“It’s hard not to, on such a small boat… and I think that everyone on the boat thinks of Kaylee as their mei-mei. We’re protective of her. If you ever hurt her, I think that Mal would throw you out of the airlock!”

Jayne paled at the thought. Obviously uncomfortable, he began to fidget with his hat again.

“Now, Kaylee will need something to wear for this meal. And so will you.”

“I got some credits saved…”

“You put that away. I’ll pay and you can pay me back as you can afford it.”

“Thanks Inara!”

“My pleasure. Now Kaylee likes dancing. There’s always a Valentine’s Ball in Capital City, I’m sure I could teach you to dance.”

“Don’t tell anyone, but my Mama gave gave us all dancin’ lessons. I reckon with a little help, I could be good enough fa some fancy core shindig.”

“Your secret’s safe with me!”

“I’m a Merc. Don’t want it destroying ma stone cold killer rep.”

“We could practice in my shuttle and later in the cargo bay when everyone else is sleeping.”

Jayne relaxed and started to smile as they planned the details of Kaylee’s Valentines Surprise. “I think Kaylee would look beautiful in a gold dress, slinky all the way down to the floor…..”

Yes, Kaylee was a lucky woman to be the object of Jayne Cobb’s affection.


Kaylee woke up feeling cold and reached out to snuggle up to Jayne. He was always hot no matter how cold it got. But he wasn’t there.

She was puzzled for a moment and then a smile broke out across her face, remembering the sleepy kiss they shared earlier. Jayne had gone to do his shift on the bridge. She thought about going and surprising him before his shift ended.

Then she frowned. Maybe he wouldn’t want her to. She remembered seeing Jayne sneak into Inara’s shuttle earlier in the week. Tears welled up in her eyes. What had she done wrong?

The sex was always amazing, only tempered by the fact that they had to be quiet. On Serenity the noise travelled around as if the walls were made of tissue paper. Everyone knew everyone else’s business. The exception being Inara’s shuttle. Of course, she needed that privacy in her line of work. Work that Kaylee was suspecting her friend of doing with Jayne.

She had always considered Inara her best friend. Every day she told Inara how her relationship with Jayne was progressing, and the Companion listened attentively, giving advice and comfort where needed. Their romance had not always gone smoothly, but she really thought that Jayne cared for her, he was certainly an attentive lover. Always making sure she was satisfied before he saw to his own need. But maybe that was because he was getting his needs met by Inara.

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, Kaylee got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. Picking up her towel she and was about to climb up the steps when she remembered what Jayne always said.

“Gorrammit, woman! Don’t ya go walkin’ around Serenity in ya bare feet. Git some shoes on. Ya never know what ya could catch.”

Kaylee smiled, wiping her tears and pulling on her slippers. Thinking of Jayne and how sweet he was, protecting her and caring for her, always made her smile.


Climbing quickly out of the bunk, she met Jayne on the walkway. “Hey there, gorgeous!” he grinned.

“Hey, Jayne.” She kept her head down so he couldn’t see she’d been crying.

Jayne knew something was wrong. He lifted her chin so he could see her eyes. “What’s wrong, bao-bei? Has Simon been upsettin’ ya again.?” he growled.

“No,” she said, but the tears betrayed her as they rolled down her cheeks.

“Then tell me.” He wiped the tears away with his thumbs. “Ya can tell me anything. Don’t think there’s a thing ya could say would stop me from carin’ about ya.”

Smiling a watery smile, Kaylee whispered, “I woke up an’ ya weren’t there…”

Jayne cradled her face in his hands. “Ya cryin’ ‘cause I weren’t there in bed with ya when ya woke up?”

She nodded.

“Xin-gan, Kaylee. I was on duty. I wanted ta stay with ya, but Mal would’ve broken the door in ta git me up!”

Kaylee smiled as he kissed her tenderly, she could hardly bring herself to hope. Maybe she had it wrong? She surrendered herself to his gentle kiss.

“That’s better. Now, are ya on ya way ta the shower? ‘Cause if ya are, I think I’ll join ya.”

*********************** To be continued

Bao-bei = Darling

Xin-gan = Darling

Go se = crap


Friday, June 30, 2006 6:37 AM


Was expecting Kaylee to draw that conclusion...just seems like it got killed off a might too quickly for the moment. I know you're gonna have it linger (just makes sense *wink*), but still...great stuff!


Friday, June 30, 2006 6:41 AM


Keep reading - there's lots more angst to come... ;)


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