To break a promise
Friday, May 26, 2006

Mrs Niska wants revenge


Five interconnected Jaylee centric drabbles written for the Several_ways community at Live Journal. Challenge #8 Several ways to break a promise.

A continuation of the Twelve Days of Christmas story arc and a follow up to To Die Trying & To Make Love. If someone can tell me how to make links to these....please??? ________________________________________________


Her son, the weakling, had begged her to forget the manner of his father’s death and not seek revenge and she had promised.

If his death had been for mercenary reasons she might have been able to excuse it and keep her vow. But she was not by nature forgiving and as far as she could tell, the mercenary had killed her man for no reason. For that his life was forfeit.

She was not interested in Malcolm Reynolds, that had been her husband’s affair; she was interested in Jayne Cobb.

Her husband’s decision to target him had set off a chain of events that she was still trying to sort out. The empire that they had both worked so hard to build had crumbled and their reputation ruined. Much of their financial gains had disappeared into Alliance coffers, and the Niska name was defiled. For that and for her husband’s death, she would seek revenge.

For the last few months she had had people out looking for him and the crew he sailed with and at last she heard some good news. Seline Niska’s eyes glittered as she directed an interrogating look at the man in front of her. “You have found him?”

“One of my informants has.”

“Then bring him and anyone that is with him here. I wish to meet him before he dies.”



The job had gone well, easy money was promised, good money and all she’d had to do was supply information.

Wanting to get even with Malcolm Reynolds and pay him back for the events of their last meeting, she had even jumped at the chance. She felt that the crew of the Firefly owed her.

But she hadn’t expected this, the hatred and madness. Why was she standing here listening to the crazy old bat taunt the big mercenary?

Admiration filled her. Not by a flicker of an eyelid did he respond to the old woman’s disturbing threats and recriminations. Not once did he betray that he knew her. He just leaned back against the wall; arms folded over his massive chest and listened.

She like everyone else in the ‘verse had heard about Niska’s death, though no-one knew the details; it was assumed that he and his men were slaughtered by a rival gang.

Listening to the men dragging Jayne back to the cell, it appeared that he was the one responsible. They all had a healthy dose of fear for him. She wouldn’t have thought it of the man who had tried to trade her for a gorram gun!

The way the old bat was ranting it seemed he was the devil incarnate. “I will have revenge! Your companions will die first so slowly, then you will follow.”

Her employer whirled and left, taking most of her men with her and leaving her to watch him through the bars.

Blue eyes glaring he stood up and involuntarily she stepped back. “Kaylee didn’t kill the hun dan, I did. She was kind to ya, didn’t say a mean word to ya. And Wash, the man didn’t even try to grope ya.”

Saffron turned away but the relentless voice went on “The girl’s pregnant - - ya want to be responsible for what might happen to the kid?”

No she didn’t.

When pulling a caper she always tried to avoid killing, it made people so angry. But of course if anyone got killed because of her actions, well it wasn’t her fault. But kids were different and pregnant girls, even she had to draw the line somewhere.

Especially since they had refused to pay her, the assurances she had been given of swift payment were ignored. Ordered to wait until the big man died and suspicious of the old lady’s motives, Saffron began to rethink her position.



Mal and Wash had an agreement, and currently the Captain was regretting it.

If Wash couldn’t be there when the baby was born, Mal would fill in. He wasn’t supposed to leave Zoë under any circumstances.

“He said we were doing this together!” His normally unflappable first mate was squeezing his hand and panting.

“The man won’t be far away. He‘s been talkin’ non-stop ‘bout this kid ever since you told us about it.”

“And you are a little ahead of time Zoë.” The doctor was soothing.

Zoë grabbed him by his vest. “I want my husband here now!”

The Captain detangled his helpless doctor from her clutches “How much longer is this gonna be?”

“Captain, Zoë is only in the early stages. This could go on for some time yet. If you don’t wish to be here, I suggest you fetch Wash.”

“I sent him with Jayne and Kaylee.” Mal got nervous every time they went out, especially with Kaylee pregnant and all. “He was driving me mad with all the fussing and fidgeting.”

“Me too sir, but now the baby’s coming I want him here.”

“You can leave now Mal.” Inara came in laden with supplies. “I can help Simon.”

“Can’t, I promised Wash I’d stay.”

“Captain!” Book’s voice called. “There’s a wave for you.”

He had to answer the wave, it might be a job or something, a legitimate reason for leaving Zoë. Mal turned and left the room, thankfully abandoning his responsibilities. Though when he looked at the screen, he wondered if he had made the right choice.

“What do you want?”



“Do ya think Jayne’s alright?” Kaylee’s was tryin’ hard not to cry. “Where did they take him?”

Jayne had been watchin’ her and Wash dump divin’when he was shot with some sort of weapon that knocked him right out.

Alarmed she started to dart to his side but she and Wash were surrounded by men with weapons. They were grabbed and pulled in one direction, while another group of fellas picked up Jayne and took him away.

“The man’s real good at looking after himself Kaylee.” Wash comforted watching her rock herself on the bed hands wrapped defensively round her stomach. At least, for once, he knew where Zoë was, that she was safe.

“That guard,” Kaylee nodded at the man outside their cell. “He said Mrs Niska wanted an eye for an eye. That don’t sound good.”

“She must be crazy as her husband.”

“She is.” They both turned and stared flabbergasted at the woman in the doorway as she gracefully knocked out the gaping guard.

“Let’s get out of here.”

While Wash and Saffron stood and argued Kaylee sidled over to the guard and picked up his weapon.

She’d promised Jayne that if there were trouble she’d run and leave him; look after the baby and herself. But she couldn’t. She’d done that once, left him behind ‘n’ nearly lost him. Even if he was real mad at her she weren’t gonna leave him again.

Hearin’ the trigger click Wash and Saffron swung round and looked at her, Saffron raising her eyebrows.

The little mechanic was standing there pointing a gun at her. “I ain’t goin’ anywhere without my man.”


The moment the lights flickered and the alarms sounded, Jayne was off the bench and grabbin’ at one of his guards who was backed up against the bars. Snaking his arms through the bars he wrapped them silently round the man’s neck and twisted, snatchin’ at the gun as it fell.

Bringin’ the gun up he fired at the two closest fellas before turnin’ the weapon on the others near the door. Still facin’ the opposite way they didn’t have a chance as he cut them down.

“Jayne! Friends coming,” he could hear Wash yellin’ in the hallway.

“Friends?” he questioned seein’ the devil woman with him and Kaylee.

“She got us out Jayne, so don’t be mean.”

Jayne didn’t hear the last words being too busy checkin’ Kaylee over for injuries. He shoulda known the girl wouldn’t be able to keep her promise, but he weren’t gonna argue with her now. He just wanted outta there.

“Let’s go.”



“Sorry….” Kaylee blinked up at him.

With a little bit of fightin’ they’d got out of the place no trouble at all to find Mal and the crazy girl waitin’ with the shuttle. It was a stray bullet that caught Kaylee in the shoulder just as they were leavin’.

“What’re ya sorry for?” Jayne was holdin’ her tight, his hand clamped down on the wound in her shoulder. Simon moved around him to give her a smoother.

“Broke my promise.”

“Ain’t worried ‘bout that right now, xin gan.” ‘Sides he knew after last time that she could no more leave him than he could her. At the Doctor’s signal he moved his hand and watched carefully as the man bound up Kaylee’s shoulder.

“What about the baby?” Kaylee and Jayne both looked up at the doctor worriedly.

“And Kaylee?”

“The baby’s heartbeat is a little fast, not unusual in the circumstances, but otherwise there’s no damage.” He smiled at them, “and Kaylee is going to be fine, just a little bed rest for a few days.”

“Reckon I can make that happen Doc.” Jayne grinned at her, gently huggin’ her close. “She ain’t gonna break that promise.”


“Inara, the Doc said…” Wash glanced round wildly.

Inara moved sideways and smiled “Your wife and daughter are doing well.”

“Daughter?” Wash’s eyes went to the scene and he knelt down beside the bed. “I promised I’d be here.”

“This time husband I guess there were circumstances, so I won’t blame you.”

“We’ll just have to do it again.” He grinned and kissed her pattin’ the baby gently. “I’ll be here next time, never leave your side.”

Zoë groaned.


Mal was standing outside the infirmary watching Jayne’s reactions. He turned to the woman beside him. “Guess I gotta thank you?”

“The old bat refused to pay me!” Saffron’s face was indignant!”

“Huh.” Mal laughed.

“You do the job. You get paid.” They said in unison, nodding at each other in mutual comprehension.


Friday, May 26, 2006 9:42 PM


Ya know...sometimes I wonder if YoSaffBridge ain't the best match for our beloved captain;)

Loved this mightly, bookaddict:)


Saturday, May 27, 2006 1:14 AM


Oh I *heart* your Kaylee in this fic. She rocks. Keep up the Jaylee love!

Saturday, May 27, 2006 5:52 AM


Hee hee, this was awesome! I agree with BEB just a little, and it's only in fics like this one that I do. Ooh, someone should write a Saffron/Mal story just to see how it pans out. :) Hint hint.

Saturday, May 27, 2006 12:32 PM


Very nice, bookaddict! Love YoSaffBridg! Don't mess with her, she'll get you every time. *g*

As for your linking question: You'll have to edit the fics you want the links in. Insert this html and it should work: < a href = "website address of desired fic" > Title of Fic < /a >. The only space should be between a and href. Good luck!

"I love my captain."

Monday, May 29, 2006 10:51 PM


Hi, have read the '12 days of Christmas' series and these stores over the last few days and wanted to say I absolutely loved it. I loved how Jayne and Kaylee came together in really harsh circumstances and how tender Jayne was with Kaylee. I love your Kaylee in this story and babies too, wonderful. This story really got under my skin.



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