Thinking things through : part sixteen
Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jayne gets to see the teddies again and he and Kaylee resolve their differences


Finally...sorry this took so long. My brain took a holiday from this one. I figured after 15 chapters of build-up we needed a sex scene, something I'm not good at! Thanks to squish for her encouragement and bookishtype for the suggestions on the NC17 stuff. There should be one more chapter after this and an epilogue, I think...and not so long between chapters I hope. If you want to refresh your memories just click on my name and it'll take you back to the others in the series. _________________________________________________

Kaylee overrode the lock on Jayne’s door, ‘course he’d try and keep everyone out.

She had ransacked her room quickly but hadn’t been able to find her pyjama shorts, so settled for the matching panties her mother had sent.

She sure hoped River was right ‘bout the teddies, she was plannin’ on makin’ Jayne stop ‘n’ look at her, long enough for her to say her piece.

No way was she gonna let him close up on her again, not after the way he’d been holdin’ onto her back there at the alley. Havin’ his arms round her had felt like heaven and she wanted that feelin’ for ever.

Her thoughts flew outta her head when she saw him standin’ there with his shirt off, blue eyes angry. Her carefully planned words joined them as Kaylee saw the blossomin’ bruise spread right over his stomach.

She walked closer. “Did I do that?”

Kaylee was wearin’ the teddies again. He just wanted to rip them right off her.

“Ya fetched me a good one girl, I’m proud of ya.”

“Does it hurt?” Her hand slid softly across his belly, fingers tender. “Yer ribs might be broke, maybe Simon could look at it for ya.”

Jayne gritted his teeth, tryin’ not to react to her touch. “Ain’t ya afraid I might shoot him again?”

He couldn’t figure out what she was doin’ here lookin’ so fine. She smelt all fresh and girly and his head was spinnin ’with her bein’ so close.

“Why are ya here anyway, how come ya ain’t holdin’ his hand or somethin’?” he snarled at her.

The man was blind, stupid, infuriatin’ and Buddha help her, so sexy, Kaylee thought.

“Now listen to me Jayne Cobb” she poked a pointing finger at him. “I don’t want Simon, haven’t for a long time. It’s ya I’m lustin’ after.”

The poking finger changed to a gentle caress across his chest. “Don’t want ya for just a bit neither, want ya for keeps.”

“Lustin’?” Jayne was still catchin’ up, her hands were drivin’ him mad ‘n’ he couldn’t think straight.

“Lustin’”. Kaylee confirmed. “Want ya to kiss me on the lips ‘n’ everywhere else, want ya in my bed, and want ya to stay.”

“Ya ain’t goin’ back to him?” The words were a mixture of question, order and plea.

“No I ain’t.”

The hungry expression in his eyes made Kaylee’s stomach clench and her voice wobbled with excitement “Ya goin’ to give in and touch me now?”

“Hell yes,” Jayne swooped and grabbed, liftin’ her up with one arm and rippin’ off her shirt with the other.

“That’s my favourite sleep shirt” Kaylee protested runnin’ her lips across his throat, smilin’ to herself at the feel of his voice underneath.

“Buy ya ‘nother.” Jayne tumbled them both onto the bed and openly stared at her.

“Those gorram teddies deserved it. Sittin’ where my hands should be,” he ran his thumbs in a caress across her nipples, “’n’ smilin’ at me.”

The last was a jealous growl causin’ Kaylee to giggle “How come I’m still wearin’ my panties then?”

“Gonna get to them Kaylee girl, but slow, real slow.” He cupped her and she shivered with anticipation. “Slow, I’ve been goin’ slow for so long.” She sat up pullin’ him closer and kissed him full on the lips, teeth worryin’ at his bottom one to get him to open up.

Jayne moaned and sank into her welcomin’ mouth feelin’ like he was comin’ home. Their tongues duelled, stroking and sucking as hands and lips fed the hunger.

Leavin’ her lips for a moment Jayne rubbed his goatee gently across her nipples, watchin’ as her whole body tensed from the sensation.

“Jaaayne” Kaylee moaned shifting her body under his, feelin’ his heavy weight against her.

Jayne purred as her hips rubbed up against him, “bao bei” he licked gently round the tightly ruched peaks once light pink now dark urgin’ him on. He drew one of her nipples into his mouth nippin’ lightly with strong teeth. Kaylee shuddered, she was gettin’ all manner of wet with wantin’, but first she needed to do some exploring of her own. . She tugged lightly at his hair, gigglin’ at his disappointed expression when he looked up. “My turn now,” she ran her teeth lightly across his flat nipple followin’ it with a hot little tongue lickin’ and kissin’ down the long length of his body. Frustrated at him still wearin’ pants Kaylee worked at them until she had them off him.

Kaylee looked at him “Ya really are big all over.” She dipped her head and kissed the head of his cock delightin’ in his groan as she took him firmly in hand, stroking up and down to gradually increase the pressure.

Jayne felt like a pressure cooker ready to blow as his fingers tore the panties right off her and his lips found her breast again. Urgently he stroked down through her curls to the soft heat below, sliding his fingers into the waiting warmth.

Kaylee cried out, but kept her grip on him as she wriggled closer and ground her nethers against his busy fingers.

“Need ya, need ya now”, she panted.

Jayne rolled her back onto the bed and settled between her spread thighs stoppin’ to blow a cool breath across her hot slick folds and then moved up her body before slidin’ inside her, hard and hot, larger than she’d ever had.

Kaylee moved her legs up his body and locked her ankles round his waist as Jayne thrust deeper and harder her body archin’ under his. He ran his hand from breast to belly finally descendin’ between her folds his finger rubbin’ against her clit in time with his thrusts.

Whimpering in pleasure, breath coming in gasps Kaylee tightened around him her body explodin’, voice keenin’ and he followed after shudderin’ into release with a growl.


Jayne’s fingers ran lightly through her hair as they lay tangled together, Kaylee’s head resting on his shoulder. He couldn’t quiet believe that they were here together after so much wantin’.

He’d wanted to see her glow ‘n’ she was, but this was better than all those other times, ‘cause this time it was for him. Lips all swollen from kissin’, eyes heavy, her beautiful body gleamin’ Kaylee stretched like a well-fed cat smilin’ her shiny smile.

“I got what I want Jayne. Tell me what ya want.”

“For ya to be happy.”

“That’s for me, not ya. What do ya want?”

Jayne pretty much had all he wanted right there.

“Kaylee,” his eyes darkened as lips and hands reached for her, “just Kaylee.”

Pullin’ him closer Kaylee figured she could provide plenty of that.


Saturday, May 13, 2006 5:38 AM


That was so sweet! I think you did a great job. I think an epilogue (at least) is certainly in order. Take your time. It will be worth the wait.

Saturday, May 13, 2006 6:06 AM


Awwwwww. That's... YAY!!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006 10:04 PM


Oh my ruttin' god, Bookaddict-Babe....this is so shiny as to blind me. I'm loving your way around NC17. Welcome to the ranks of My People! Even if you only stay a short while, typing the BDH's erotic adventures just a time or two, I am pleased to inform you that you have talent for it. I could stand to hear some more.

Fave lines: "“Why are ya here anyway, how come ya ain’t holdin’ his hand or somethin’?” he snarled at her.

The man was blind, stupid, infuriatin’ and Buddha help her, so sexy, Kaylee thought." I love Jayne being like that and Kaylee knowing it so well and her still going after what she wants.

Monday, July 24, 2006 4:16 AM


::Sigh:: I'm a latecomer to your series, but I just sat through and read it from beginning to

Don't usually care much for fanfics, but yours are incredible.

Now pardon me while I scamper off and dream of Jayne.


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