Animated Short Nominees for 2006 Oscars
Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hey All

One thing that I'm psyched about the invention of YouTube and BitTorrents is that stuff like the nominated shorts (animation, live action, documentary) are now more available than every. I finally got the chance to see about 3.25 of this years nominated animated shorts. I say 3.25 since one of them has about a minute of it on YouTube and isn't the complete one. Here are this years nominees for animated short. And this year has a really solid bunch.

THE DANISH POET- This is one from the Nationa Film Board of Canada. The NFB is famous for it's animated shorts and documentaries, so it's nice to see one of their shorts nominated. Can't really comment on it since there's only like a minute of it available on YouTube. I posted the link to it for your enjoyment.

LIFTED- This one is the lastest from Pixar. Can't find it anywhere and probably wont see it until it's in front of RATATOUILLE. It's supposed to be about an alien abductor trainee, so it sounds funny. And all their recent shorts have been really funny, so I'm assuming it's pretty strong.

THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL- This is the one that I want to see win. Mainly because it re-affirms your faith in Disney as an actual animation studio and breaks your heart in six minutes. It's a gorgeous short that's based on probably the most depressing Hans Christian Anderson story. It was originally supposed to be a segment in a third FANTASIA movie that fell apart. So they just made it a short unto itself. It's on the LITTLE MERMAID DVD, but for those of you who wouldn't be caught dead renting it, here's a link to a torrent site where you can get it online. You have to have a BitTorrent account, though...

MAESTRO- This is a cute little short about a bird getting ready for his performance. It's got a neat twist at the end, and I loved the small detail of how the bird sips his drink, but nothing really special.

NO TIME FOR NUTS- This is the latest short from Blue Sky Animation that has Scrat from the ICE AGE movies traveling across time in order to get his acorn. As heartbreaking as THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL was, this is equally hilarious. It's one the ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN DVD, but it's also on YouTube. And on a side note, one of the directors was actually born and raised in my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan. I think I laughed more in this short than I did in the entire sequel (although I did like the Fire-God bit). It's up on YouTube as well.

As to who I want to see win, I'd rather see THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL win for its artistic beauty and raw emotion. But for pure entertainment value, NO TIME FOR NUTS I wouldn't mind see win.

So what do you guys think? Do you even care?


Monday, February 12, 2007 8:38 AM


Ok I have wanted to see Ratatoille (Which I misspelled but don't have time to check) since I saw the first preview:)

Sunday, February 11, 2007 2:52 PM


Sometimes I think someone should get permission to release all the short film entrants as a collection for sale. Might actuallly be worth something...



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