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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I was more than upset yesterday, I have the marks to proove it. I just want an answer for all the pain. I want an end to the frustration . I dunno. I told my Dr that she's a bitch. its a the truth and she took it quite well. I started all of my sentances with "i" apparently I don't like variaty in my sentance structure.

the pain was so bad today that my eye (on the side with the boner) is sluggish. its droopy and my head radiates with the pain of it all. still no word about what exactly is wrong with me. jonathan sent me home early from work because I look like I'm having a stroke. I JUST WANT THIS TO END.

I got a letter yesterday from the joslin clinic (boston, affiliated with harvard university) I went down there a bit ago to set up a program with them to manage my diabetes. my hemaglobin A1c is 10.... thats.... very bad. not as bad as the whopping approximate 13 I had a year ago. I say approximate because there is no 13. its off the chart. word. anyhoo, the letter was like, "blah blah blah A1c 10 blah blah anemic blah" what? have a nice day, oh and by the way you're anemic? thats awesome. they also informed me that if I get too run down (the course I'm heading now looks that way) I'll need a tranfusion and my insurance wont pay for it. so... does anyone wanna give me some blood?



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