One down...
Friday, March 31, 2006

As some of you might know, I had a previous blog up that said that I am in consideration for two summer jobs that would be pretty kick ass if I were to get either one of them. Well, yesterday I got some info on both of them.

The CPR job is still up in the air. I got a letter from them saying that my medical profile was incomplete and that I had to get these forms they sent me filled out by my optometrist. Thought it would take a while, but as it turns out, a "while" was more like ten minutes. I faxed the formed to their offices and I should know by Monday or so if I have that job.

I really hope I get that one, because the herbicide applicator thing is a bust. Called the guy, said that they found the guys that were qualified for the position and that they didn't need as many as they had thought, so that's that.

On the plus side, I got a REALLY good tax refund check from the gov't, so moneys not that big of an issue now so that if May rolls around and I still don't have anything, I'm not immediately screwed.

I really need the CPR job. Even though I enjoy working on the farm during the summer, I don't want to keep coming back to my folks for more money. I need to make it on my own at an actual job, and not unloading trucks at SARCAN. I want to be able to have enough money at the end of the summer so that I could afford to take some summer courses next year to get caught up in my courses. And even though I've been saving these summer position e-mails from the student employment center, I see them more as exercises in futility.



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