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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hey all

I noticed the ever popular "What do you do in real life" thread, but didn't have the energy to read all 295 posts on it. Also, I didn't think I could qualify for it since I'm a student (ie. unemployed).

But there has been some recent development in the "searching for a job" department. I am currently waiting to hear back on whether or not I get one of two jobs that I've been interviewed for.

The first job is with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Basically, this is for a seasonal laborer/track personnell position. I would be literally working on the railroad. I'd be working 10 hours a day, so I would actually get Fridays off, which is good because the earliest that I could get my wisdom teeth pulled out is on May 12th, a Friday. (I plan on listening to a bunch of psychidelic music during the operation while I'm tripping on anesthesia. Hey, might as well make the most of my legally sanctioned drug trip). It would be for the full summer, and if I pocket the per diem they give me everyday for food, I could make about 12 thousand in four months. Take away 20% for taxes and another 2000 for living expenses, I'd could be sitting on 8000 dollars by my 21st birthday, which would be more money than I've ever seen so far.

I went for the interview where they only asked me three questions (I kept thinking Monty Python when they told me that), and last Monday I took the physical (a first for me). I should know by the 27th whether or not I have this job.

(Update: Please refrain from any "I've been working on the railroad" jokes. I'm well aware of that stupid song and I don't need to be reminded of it.)

And the other one was for this one I was called in on on Wednesday. I had applied for this "herbicide applicator" position and forgot about it. The guy finally called me and I went over to his house for an interview. With this job, I'd be driving a one ton truck (similar to the grain trucks I drive at the plant) and helping with the spraying or application of herbicides for all these different major companies around the province. I would be working between 65 and 75 hours a week, which would be about maybe ten or twelve hours a day for the full seven days, I'd probably only be in Regina for about four weeks in total at intermitten times, but I'd be done by the second week of August or earlier. And the guy said that I could make between 15 and 17 THOUSAND dollars. Take away the 20% for taxes and living expenses, which shouldn't actually be too much since I'd be away for the majority of the time, throw in maybe helping out at the farm during harvest for a little extra spending money, I could be sitting on ten thousand by the time I turn 21.

Ten thousand fucking dollars. I could theoretically take a summer off to do summer school to make up for all those classes I dropped during my semesters and finally get my film degree. And actually pay for it out of my own pocket. I'll find out whether or not I got the job by next week. Hopefully next Wednesday.

Oh well, one can dream. But y'all cross your fingers so that I get either one.


Friday, March 17, 2006 3:53 AM


I'm crossing everything for you. Remember to be real careful with both those jobs though - accidents happen on railroads, people get sick through pollutants.

Wait a minute... you say you'd have 10 hour days with the railroad job? I thought if you were working on the railroad, you had to do it all the livelong day?

Friday, March 17, 2006 1:07 AM


Fingers, toes & eyes crossed.


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