Need help for Wash costume.
Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey all

Last year, I had decided to go as Wash for Halloween this year. But with SERENITY coming out on Friday, I decided to jump the gun by about a month and decide to go to SERENITY dressed as Wash.

I'm just wondering what exact clothes he wore in the show.

See, I already bough two used Hawaiian shirts at Value Village (not exactly any of his floral patterns but close enough), $20 worth of little plastic dinosaurs to carry along with me, and on Thursday, I'm going to a hair place to dye my hair and cut it at the right length.

What I'm wondering about are the details. I have the basics, but I feel like I'm missing someof the specifics. Like what exact color of hair is Wash's? Is it pure red, or reddish/blonde? Does he wear a white t-shirt underneath the Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans, or something else completely? Should I spring for blue contact lenses? These are the kinda things I worry about, since whenever I do a costume, I like to go all the way and literally become that character.

If any of you have any tips on how I can fully become Wash. let me know by Friday.

Oh, as for Fri, I'm planning on seeing it 4 times in the theatre, and hopefully with each screening, I'll have some non-Borwncoat friends with me.



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