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Tuesday, September 28, 2004 6:52:00 AM

Note: This is full of male adolecent agnst. Yes, I am still of the age where I think I am the center of the universe, so proceed with caution.

Talking to girls is TOUGH !!! It is aguably one of the toughest things an adolesent male has to do. Sometimes, you spend half your day trying to get the balls to talk to a girl that you like and when you finally do, you sound like a total idiot (you could have sworn that the speech you made up sounded cooler and more manly in your head!) The girl walks away shaking her head , and you are like .

Now, I'm not saying that talking to all girls is tough; on the contrary, my best friends are girls. But they aren't really girls. They're like one one the guys. The girls that I'm talking about are those pretty girls that you've had a crush on for several years but never have the guts to talk to (even though you've had a million and one chances to do so).

Sometimes talking to your friends that are girls is as hard as talking to those pretty girls. In fact, I'll say it can be harder. Take for instance an even that happened a few weeks ago at lunch. I was telling one of my friends about my predicament and she said "Well, you are talking to me, so you must be able to talk to girls" Before I had time to think out my words, I blurted out "I have trouble talking to pretty girls" My friend took great offense. She thought that I didn't think she was pretty. I tried to explain that I DID think she was pretty (and the truth is, I do. In fact I think she's beautiful) but it was no use, she walked off and didn't speak to me for the rest of the day. Again I was like (and I finally knew what Simon felt like in nearly every episode where he tried to talk to Kaylee and wound up sounding like a total idiot. It's not that he's terrible at talking to girls, it's that his mouth movies faster than his mind). You really don't want to hurt your friends that are girls' fellings, so when I made a comment like that to her, I felt worse than after one of my speeches (which I'm telling you sounded so good in my head)

Why the hell did I act such a ? I've been asking myself this for the past week. My mother says its hormones and my little brother says its because I'm not as suave as him, which I tend to agree with. (As for my father, I get the impression that he thinks I'm gay, so he dosen't get involved in my sorrid affairs. He just cares that I'm happy).

I guess when we get to the core of the matter, girls are just strange. They are like another species that adolecent males can't seem to understand. It's not that we aren't able to communicate with them, THEY are unable to communicate with us (because us adolecent males just love to make excuss for reasons why we can't do things). So it's not the fault of the adolecent male, it's the fault of the girl. Now I'll need to figure out how to express that to them (which means talking to them somehow).........DAMN!