Anybody play Borderlands 2?

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Thursday, February 4, 2016 12:49 AM


I'm WAY behind when it comes to video games. One brother gave me his old PS3 last Christmas, and another brother recently lent me his Best Of collection.

I never played any online games before besides simple things like Spades. I did try online at Dark Souls, but even though that game has a HUGE online community and fan base, the online play just wasn't for me.

Borderlands 2 online rocked my socks today! I can't even explain it. I know that the ability to do this has been around for years, but I just never thought it would be much fun. Compared to any "pros" out there, we weren't even any good, but that was okay too. It was just fun playing this game with somebody I don't even know by anything other than a username they have on some other forum.

I happened to be quite a bit ahead in the story on my main character, but there are 4 classes to choose from (6 if you pay for additional content). I started up a new character to play online with and it was really challenging. Honestly, hubris from my own over-leveling on my main character got the best of me straight away and I embarrassed myself more than once in about 30 seconds.

I was playing with a class I had never used before, and I was under-leveled and ill-equipped at first, but I made adjustments as necessary as we went along and it wasn't long before I was helping this other guy blow through some areas I had some trouble with my first time alone.

Borderlands 2 just does such a great job of balancing the gameplay on so many levels at once, and manages to always keep the blood pumping without making you throw your controller in disgust.

If your enemies are only 3 or 4 levels more advanced than you are, then you're probably going to die... a lot. But you can be 10 levels ahead of them in the normal campaign and they still manage to keep you on your toes and punish you for being careless. If you're severely over-leveled for where you're at, you don't even get any XP (experience points) toward another level and you're instead using that time to acquire some of the harder to find currencies, progress the main storyline and hopefully luck into some rare equipment that will step up your game. But... if you're quite a few levels back and can manage to hold your own when playing with a team of 2-4 players, you can get tons of XP so long as you stay alive.

Aside from all of that, I think the story and dialogue is excellent for a video game. Personally, I think "Handsome Jack" is the best video game villain ever voiced, and if they gave awards for video game voice overs whoever did him should win it. (NOTE: the main game is probably okay for teens of all ages, but the dialogue in the DLC missions, even though it's hilarious, is probably not for kids).

I don't know if anybody here plays any games. I've never talked to anybody about gaming in this forum, and there isn't a specific section for it. (Maybe because the Firefly MMO never took off?).

If you play and wanna team up some time, send me a PM with your username.


Here's some early dialogue from Handsome Jack. Love it in the beginning and it never got old by the end. :)






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