Predictive Programming: Grey's Anatomy shot Gabby Giffords on 7/11

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John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

7/11 Episode: Shooter's name is JARED, character's name is ARIZONA... The Duck in in the Goose... The Cather is in the Rye... No birth record of the dead girl allegedly born on 9/11... No death records for any of the alleged victims in Arizona... No photos of Gabriel Giffords and her "amazing" recovery from multiple gunshots to the head...

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 11 "Disarm" January 6, 2011


Last Thursday evening, less than 36 hours BEFORE Jared Loughner opened fire in a Tucson strip mall, ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," the hit series about the lives and loves of a group of surgeons in a Seattle hospital, broadcast an episode about a young, white, male gunman opening fire on a college campus, injuring dozens.

But did Loughner watch TV? Did he watch "Grey's Anatomy?" The series is targeted to a young demographic. Did he relate to the episode? Curiously, we see a few images of the wounded shooter on the screen, as surgeons struggle to save his life. Again, it's a young, white, male. We see the shooter's distraught mother, who has absolutely no idea what her son was doing, let alone that he was capable of such an act. Sounds a lot like Loughner's mother

The show is well written, with strong, dark, dramatic photography..highly intense characters, and last week's episode was especially dramatic..showing the effects of the shooting on the victims and their families..and just the sort of twisted glory that might well have pushed Loughner to finally act on his fantasy.

Psychology has taught us that the mentally unstable are easily influenced by strong images and themes. Copy-cat killers are notorious in criminal archives.

As the left backs away from accusing Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly from somehow instigating the attack, it might be curious to see if they somehow turn their attention to the entertainment media.

But it's really curious that we haven't heard one single peep about it. Surely we can find out what he ws doing last Thursday evening

Note: For those who wish to view it for themselves, the show's avialable on it's been pulled.

And one more related thought. Given Rep. Brady's comments about somehow removing "target" signs from the the landscape, how long before someone suggests that the biggest kahuna, "TARGET", changes its logo. I mean, after all, doesn't that possibly inspire people. Look at those BIG signs, the REALLY BIG round red circles, dotting the countryside... inciting the people to revolt and take up arms..


We’re first alerted to the fact that something terrible has happened while we’re following Cristina, who’s feeling super energetic after her fishing sob fest. And what’s the best thing to do when you’re feeling cheerful? Why, finally explore the city you’ve been living in for the last seven years, of course! As she’s trying to find the Space Needle (because a giant iconic needle-shaped building is so hard to find), she sees a herd of ambulances rush past and finds herself running after them. Either she was just around the corner from the shooting, or she’s developed Flash-like superpowers, because she’s able to follow the ambulances to the scene and finds herself surrounded by trauma cases. When the ambulances arrive at Seattle Grace, Teddy and Owen are shocked to find Cristina inside one of them with her hand in a guy’s chest.


Openly gay intern saves Gifford's life Openly_gay_intern_saves_Giffords_life:_shooter_may_have_been_influenced_by_extremist_hatemongering.html

And just like that, Cristina is back. She scrubs in on the surgery and does her thing like a pro. There’s just one hitch: in the middle of surgery they discover that their patient is actually the guy who just shot all the other victims in the hospital. Surprisingly, Cristina doesn’t even flinch. The same cannot be said for Jackson, who shall be referred to as Whiny Jackson for the remainder of this recap. Whiny Jackson says he can’t help save the life of an attempted mass murderer and walks out of the OR. Excusable? Maybe, if it weren’t the latest in a string of incidents in which Whiny Jackson acts like a complete baby. At least he partially makes up for it by being the only one who cares enough to update the distraught shooter’s mother about her son’s condition.

Meanwhile, Arizona is back, and totally kicks Dr. Stark’s ass when he decides it’s easier to amputate a girl’s leg than do a little extra work to save it. While Alex literally body-blocks Dr. Stark, Arizona runs to Chief Webber and gets him to reinstate her hospital privileges. After he does, she boots Dr. Stark out of the OR (leading to some very satisfying angry sputtering on his part), recruits Callie, and together they save the girl with all her limbs in tact. Take THAT, evil Dr. Stark! You SUCK!!! (Sorry Peter MacNicol.) Sadly Arizona doesn’t have as much success in her personal life. Try as she might to win Callie back, Callie refuses to forgive her. Gotta say, I don’t know if I could either. The one bright spot for Arizona is that the Chief agrees to hire her back…under Dr. Stark. Maybe not such a bright spot after all. (Apparently Dr. Stark is under a year-long contract and the Chief can’t just waste that money. Except he’s wasting the money anyway because by hiring Arizona he now has a surplus of Pediatrics attendings. But hey, who needs logic when you can have character arcs? Oh GREY’S, your flaws are loveably transparent sometimes.)


Disarm | Season 7 | Episode 11 | Aired 01/6/11

“Can you direct me to the Space Needle?” Cristina poses this question to a cyclist on the street. She’s lived in Seattle for years, but never really explored the city. The Space Needle is west, but Cristina heads east. She’s following a caravan of ambulances. Something has happened. Something everyone a Seattle Grace has been through before. Something that nearly destroyed Dr. Cristina Yang.

A gunman opened fire at Pacific College. Many of the wounded are heading to Seattle Grace. A 21-year-old kid got an emergency thoracotomy at the scene. Both Owen and Teddy are shocked to see Cristina in the back of the ambulance with her hand inside the guy’s chest. They wheel the patient into surgery. Jackson is asked to assist, just in case Cristina falls apart. But she seems to be doing just fine.

The cop who shot the gunman took a bullet himself. He’s unconscious, so the Chief must perform a painful procedure to wake the officer long enough so he can give a description of the shooter. The Chief informs Teddy and Cristina that the kid they are trying to save is actually the gunman. Lexie and Jackson refuse to help this particular patient. As for Cristina, she’s staying.

A dozen more shooting victims flood into the hospital. No operating rooms are available. Owen has a plan, but he doesn’t look all that confident about it. He sets up the trauma rooms as if they were operating rooms and orders April to create the equivalent of a MASH unit in Outpatient Recovery. Looks like that trauma training she got in That’s Me Trying is about to pay off!

Alex’s patient is a 15-year-old girl with gunshot wounds to the leg and abdomen. Dr. Stark wants to do an amputation. Alex thinks they can save the leg. He sees Arizona in the observation room and pleads with her to do something. Arizona hustles to get privileges from the Chief as Alex body-blocks Stark from getting anywhere near that leg. Callie assists Arizona as a frustrated Dr. Stark storms out of the OR.

The men and women of Seattle Grace work with speed and skill in what Alex describes as a “mosh pit” of surgery. April stabilizes the hero cop. Mark gives Lexie the support she needs to pull her patient through. Alex and Jackson do their best to save a student, but it’s only after Bailey’s unyielding words to the man upstairs that the kid starts to improve.

Derek operates on a professor who helped students onto the roof before falling to the ground. He doesn’t understand why Meredith keeps running out to update the guy’s wife. It’s because she was that very same worried wife just six months earlier. Meredith asks everyone in the waiting room to follow her. There’s something they need to see. It’s the Pacific College alma mater holding a candlelight vigil outside in a stirring, emotional show of support. Chills.

Many patients are treated and all of them survive the day. This is wonderful news to the families. Only the shooter’s mother is still in agony, as she has no idea what’s happening with her son. Jackson realizes that she is also a victim. He comforts her by telling what he knows along with the promise of an update. He then heads off to the OR observation deck as Teddy and Cristina continue to work on the gunman.

All our favorite docs are watching as Teddy and Cristina operate. Their patient will also survive. First, there are tears. Then smiles. Then joyous laughter from everyone but Dr. Stark, who says he hates this place. He doesn’t quite fit in like Arizona, which is why the Chief hires her back. Of course, she’ll have to report to Stark. Now everyone laughs even harder except, of course, for Arizona.

At the end of the day, Lexie says she’ll wait for Mark while he does some cleanup work on a patient he couldn’t tend to earlier. Callie simply can’t forgive Arizona for leaving. Teddy has a drink with Henry, her nice, new husband she married for insurance purposes only. As for Cristina, she’s finally back where she belongs—walking the halls of Seattle Grace with Meredith by her side.

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Crazed gunman shoots up school, great plot idea to help characters recover from crazed gunman who shoots up Hospital. Not!

Sheriff refused to provide protection for Congresswoman... Ambulance crews refused to answer 911 call for Congresswoman... Jared Loughnew was a homosexual Democrat jew who hated Giffords for being a Constitutional Republican...

2 Shooters In Arizona Giffords Shooting: AUTOPSY SHOWS 2 bullets for Schneck and one for Morris...1 too many!

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Kastigar told reporters that a RIFLE with an extended magazine was found at the scene of the shooting spree. Chilling surveillance video taken from the Safeway supermarket parking lot captured the events of January 8 when accused gunman Jared Loughner, 22, opened fire, first at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and then indiscriminately into the crowd. The FBI has yet to release the security tapes from the shooting...just like 9/11, the OKC bombing and JFK assassination.

See Something, Say Something: Loughner Bought Bullets at Walmart,_Say_Something:_L

Who was the real Arizona target? A pro-handgun judge who ordered that sheriffs can ignore the Brady Bill? Maybe you should be the judge...

See 51 pages of police reports on Jared Loughner before Arizona shooting rampage

Evidence: Loughner driven mad by plant hallucinogen Salvia

Arizona assassin obsessed with mind control

Why are "lone nuts" always such good shots? Loughner had "A 60% Fatality Rate with handguns. That's unheard of." _such_good_shots_Loughner_had_A_60_Fatality_Rate_with_handguns._Thats_unheard_of..html

White House: we were shocked that Tucson memorial crowd hooted and hollered throughout because our APPLAUSE signs were actually quite discrete

If White House Was Surprised by Applause at Tucson Pep Rally… Why Did They Ask For It On Jumbotron? Surprised_by_Applause_at_Tucson_Pep_Rally_Why_Did_They_Ask_For_It_On_Jumbotron.html

VIDEO: Obama needs an event similar to Oklahoma City Bombing to reconnect with voters

Jewish CIA MKULTRA lawyer Judy Clark to defend Loughner

Jared Loughner's MKULTRA video:


Monday, April 11, 2011 8:45 AM


John Lee, conspiracy therapist at Hollywood award-winner History Channel-mocked SNL-spoofed wooHOO!!!!!!

Fake mugshot: ADL NeoNazi skinhead...or ADL jewish the real Jared's nose bridge


It's not a's not a's not a Photopsyop...

Not the real Jared Loughner

Maggie Keane, of Phoenix, is a courtroom sketch artist who attended Jared L. Loughner's first court appearance?

Libtards immediately claimed Jared Loughner and Glenn Beck are separated at birth


"Evidence" against 9/11 "plotters" revealed:

The indictment charging self-professed mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others was unsealed when US Attorney General Eric Holder referred the case to the Defense Department for military trials instead of trials at a US federal court in New York.

They will be tried in military courts in the US naval base in southeastern Cuba.

Sheikh Mohammed is known to have been "waterboarded" or subjected to simulated drowning 183 times during his years in US custody, a method widely recognized as torture. After his arrest in 2003 he was handed over to American agents who held him in secret prisons before sending him to Guantanamo.

You can trust The lie, cheat, steal, kill...

Pentagon, CIA, Nixon's kosher Operation Northwoods signed confession to framing snipers in false flag terror attacks






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