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Friday, January 2, 2009 9:53 AM


VFF - Virtual Firefly Fleet

To say what VFF is, I should begin with the story of how it started.
One day, March 16th, 2008, I had some extra time on my hands
and my love for Firefly got the better of me.
I went to and posted a thread called:

'be part of my virtual firefly crew'.

Immediately people joined my 'ship'
TRANQUILITY, and by the end of the day the ship was filled.
So I thought I should 'build' a second ship - the BOOK.
Again, the ship filled quickly. So I made more ships,
the WASH, BROWNCOAT and INDEPENDENCE soon followed.

The crews started writing plot lines, and without trying,
a type of RPG [role playing game] was created. I never played in an RPG,
and didn't intend for VFF to be one, but Firefly fans used this to continue
support of our favorite show, so i'm 'game'.

The VIRTUAL FIREFLY FLEET setting is just after SERENITY has been grounded.
[by the evil fox alliance]

The idea is, the characters 'parallel', to some degree, the SERENITY crew members.
i.e. if you want to be a 'gun hand', then you act similar to Jayne
or pilot - Wash, etc.
This is not mandatory because the idea is, to have fun and promote Firefly.
Most of the ships have someone who's a little 'different'.

There is no 'end', and no one wins or loses... though some characters do die.
There are no rules, except for the 'common courtesy rule'.
i.e. No lewd behavior in the stories.
no 'spamming' threads with rants about issues you want to vent on,
or just to promote yourself or your 'other projects'.
No killing someone else's character unless this has been discussed with the 'killee' 1st.
If you have any concerns that you can't work out, just email me. [address below]

VIRTUAL FIREFLY [not to be confused with the Fanfic story] got so busy that
Haken, at FIREFLYFANS.NET, gave us our own forum April 14, 2008.

On May 3, 2008, VFF won 2nd place in the global contest:
'SHOW US YOUR BROWNCOATEDNESS' [here's the announcement thread]

On June 17th, 2008, the Firefly podcast THE SIGNAL mentioned VFF on show #11

We also have some nice extras in VFF like:
'signatures' that are made from SHEPHERD BOOKS real IDENT CARD,
like the one at the end of my posts.
also full size ones:

'bulletins'- in the EAVESDOWN RUNNER format:

'wanted' posters to enhance your ships story:

'chat rooms' to get to know your shipmates better and discuss plot lines, and more.

To be a part of VFF, just email me [],
or 'IM' a ship captain by clicking on their name. then go to the
'message me' area on the left, to send them a message. That way, you can come up
with a good way to introduce your character.

Thanks, see you in the black
shadowcaptain - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, March 1, 2009 2:56 PM


Welcome new TRANQUILITY crew members!
The post above is how it all started. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Saturday, April 4, 2009 2:05 AM







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