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Sunday, December 7, 2008 7:13 AM


Mobbex walks Oram across the ravaged lobby, his hand holding her intact shoulder to prevent her from tumbling down should her legs collapse under her. He taps the call button as they come against the elevator doors, but the machine issues a negative sound cue, and the doors remain shut.

Mobbex: Huh... seems they's still got 'nough sense to lock the place tight *snickers as he rubs his meaty, callused palms together* Fat lot o' good it'll do 'em.

He pries his fingers into the narrow slit between the panels and huffs, puffs and grunts until he has wrestled them apart. Beaming self-approvingly, he ushers Oram into the car and leaves her leaning against a wall before turning his attention over to the elevator's controls. A set of half a dozen round-shaped buttons are embedded in the door body, but the polymer coating that once displayed the numbers and markings listing their respective functions has been thoroughly abraded.

Mobbex: *frowns as he attempts to call to mind the estate's layout*

Oram: *produces indistinct mumbling noises*

Mobbex: You say sum'in'?

Oram, her voice scarcely audible: ...Cheesecake...

Mobbex: *scoffs* Thanks, you a shinin' ball of help.

He shrugs and presses the bottommost button. The doors grate along their tracks as they come together, Mobbex's feat of strength having damaged their mechanism. He gives them a slight thrust to ensure that they're properly secured. The blaring whir of a hydraulic pump resonates around them, and the cabin slowly begins its descent.


Sunday, December 7, 2008 9:46 PM


*She scoured every inch of the lock on the door, especially trying to ascertain how it worked. It was a single lock that operated two pins into the door. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy, she moved on. She pushed on the glass and it didn’t budge. She tried knocking on the glass to see if she could rouse the girl they had just savagely raped, but she didn’t move. She was probably in shock.

She looked around at the walls and knew there was no way to hide, no corner by the door she could hide and hope she could get a jump on at least one of them. She started to feel desperation and panic creep into her mind. She scanned the floor.

In the far corner, she spotted a discarded spoon. Probably left over from when someone was being fed. She realized that since the people in these cells were drugged most of the time, they probably were a bit cocky about details. abbey went and picked it up. It wasn’t sharp, but it was metal and sturdy. She went over and looked at the lock on the door again. She tried to shove the handle of the spoon into the locking mechanism, but it wouldn’t go. abbey leaned forward against the glass and looked down the hall to the best of her ability. She didn’t see anyone coming. She went back to looking at the door and saw something. A hinge. And the pin inside it was slightly loose. She went over to it and jammed the handle of the spoon in the space between the top of the pin and hinge itself. It fit perfectly and she started wiggling it. To her relief, the pin started to move.*


Monday, December 8, 2008 4:18 PM


*Oram leaned against the wall as Mobbex went off to play with the buttons. She didn’t miss the dead guy in the elevator with them. He looked like he’d been dead for a while… his chest looked like a splattered…*

Oram (more to herself than anyone): Cheesecake…

Mobbex: *scoffs* Thanks, you a shinin' ball of help.

*Oram ignored his remark, and kept herself busy with not doing a blackout from the blood or from how small the elevator was becoming around them. She could hear Mobbex pacing the small space like a caged animal and she opened her eyes just a bit to see him rubbing his right shoulder and grimacing in pain. He caught her glancing and followed her gaze to the dead guy.*

Mobbex: Ohhh! Dibs!

*He began rummaging through the dead guards pockets, tossing out what he didn’t think would fetch a penny or what was worth stealing. A long low whistle came from his lips when he found the money access card and a few pretty coins. Oram noticed this and Mobbex was about to tell her to shove her moral talk when she quietly piped up, still seeming to struggle with her words*

Oram: I get half…

*Mobbex snorted as he straitened up, shoving the loot safely within a sealed pocket, especially at the Docs cheek she was showing towards him.*

Mobbex: Aw, ya ain't gettin' half nothing! I jes saved yer skin an' dragged yer busted ass to safety. Consider it payment.

*She merely raised an eyebrow, sniffed from her still bleeding nose and looked away.*

Oram: Saved your arse first.

Mobbex: (indignantly) Saved my arse? Nigh crispy cookin' my manly bits is what ye did!

Oram: Should have left you there then if I knew this was the thanks I'd get.

*She was getting wordy with him and… well, two could play at that game. He just looked her up and down, leering.*

Mobbex: Yeah, an' by now you'd have the whole lot of 'em slavers taking turns to ram their bone up yer…

Oram: (sarcastically) Aw, you do care.

*Oram pulled a look of mock adoration, pulling the merc off track with his usual sexual comments. And she could tell it baffled him… the man couldn’t read a face if his life depended on it. She could see a vein throb in his neck, then he grimaced and turned away.*

Mobbex: Well… no… it's not…

*A *ding* drowned out his answer as did the grinding of the elevators gears and hydraulics. They shuddered to a stop and the doors opened to what could only be described as the underbelly of the estate, with a long corridor in front of them, he turned to her expectantly. Like he was waiting for an answer, but Oram could only blink blankly at him.*

Mobbex: (huffily) Thought so.

*This time she was able to semi-walk without much of his help, but he still guided her down the corridor.*

Oram: What… what did you say?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:13 PM



Originally posted by Oram:
Oram: What… what did you say?

Mobbex: Ain't none o' yer damn business!

Oram: Well it was half a minute ago! ...

Her foot slithers over a slimy surface. Frowning, she looks down and spots a narrow rill of blood winding from a pile of human bodies cavalierly thrown together against a wall, their uniforms stripped from them.

Oram: *a tremor of alarm prickles the back of her neck* I... assume that's your doing?

Mobbex, : What's it to ya if it is? *hunkers down before the roll up steel door barring entrance to the freight elevator and hefts it open*

Oram, her brass somewhat dulled as she is direly reminded of the kind of man she is dealing with: Not a thing, not a single thing. It's... good work.

Mobbex: *enters the elevator and turns to face her, his hand lingering over the controls* You comin'?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:31 PM



*It took some time to finish removing all the pins from the hinges. She was surprised that the guards hadn’t been back already. She set the spoon down on the floor next to the hardware she had removed. She bent down at the floor and shoved her fingertips into the space between the floor and the door and pulled. The bottom part pulled free, but just a couple of inches. She followed the space up to the side of the door and kept pulling until a gap formed all the way up. The locks on the opposite side of the door restricted the amount that the door could be pried open from the hinge side, but it was enough. abbey squeezed through the gap, accidentally ripping her pants when a beltloop caught on the edge and into the hallway. abbey rushed across the hall to where the other girl lay. She was dead; her neck twisted in an unnatural angle. They had killed her, probably because she fought back. abbey spied the gun still on the floor from where she had dropped it earlier and picked it up. The guards were so cocky that they either didn’t bother to pick it up or didn’t see it at all. She started towards the landing pad door but stopped and looked down at the dead girl again. Something inside of her snapped. abbey tightened her grip on the gun as she whirled around and walked back towards the elevator. When she got there, she heard loud music and raucous laughter coming from the right. She turned and followed it. Five guards sat there (Nasty #1 an #2 included), eating and drinking. They didn’t even see her coming. She fired at them, cutting one after another down. The last one died as his hand hit the alarm, but she kept shooting until the clip was empty. She stood there for a moment before the noise of the alarm jolted her back into reality. She dropped the gun on the floor, turned and ran towards the door leading out to the landing platform. As much as she didn’t want to leave the remaining slaves there, she knew she had to. She couldn’t help these people. She had no way to get them outside and even if she did, she had no means to get them away. She glanced down at the dead girl as she passed by and a lump formed in her throat.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 8:59 PM


**Gorramit do something Captiany** Colt thought to his self. He glanced around at the only crew he knew to be breathing. Brit was looking a bit more unstable than usual. Her hands were locked in tights fists, her knuckles starting to turn blue.

Sky had a blank look on her face. Colt had seen it before. For every job that went well there were those that went pear shaped. Most times he figured a way around it but sometimes you just lose. Sky had done more jobs with Colt than anyone. Losing in our line of work …usually bloody. Sky was closing it out, going into survival mode.

Spots just kept reading the papers in his hands. He hadn’t spoken since he found them.

And that left him. Doing little of nothing. **There looking for your do something. Get your ass in gear** he screamed to himself. Nothing came and he knew why…Abbey. “I should have made her stay. She aint supposed to be in there. Hell the whole crew shouldn’t be here…least ways they signed up for it…This was bad. We’re losing.**

He looked at the crew in the small boat. “Bullshit we aint losing.” The crew snapped their heads around and he realized he had said that out loud. “Spots be ready to move when I get back. Brit..” He took her hands and unclenched her fists.”I need you to focus, you see me go down, you tell Sky Dong Ma?” Before he could turn to Sky he heard the action of her gun lock and load.

*Sky* You got a plan or we just going to feel our way through it like on Hera?

*Colt* I got a plan. You’re staying.” Before she could object Colt held up his hand “Sky they get me going up they sure as hell are going to start searchin down. They won’t make it back to the ship without you.”

She pondered this for a minute then holstered he gun. “You die, I’m taking your ship”
*Colt* “Fair enough”

Colt moved up the ladder and across the dock area to the elevators. As he was about to push the button he heard a grinding sound and thud. He moved up to the side of the door and waited for them to open. Nothing happened. He thought for a second that it had went back up but heard a grunting sound from inside. He moved back in front of the doors and could see a finger jammed into the space between the doors and the floor. Then another squeezed into place. Soon two meaty hands were prying the door up. Colt leveled his pistol head high and waited.

*Mobbex* “Wait don’t shoot!” Staring down Colt’s barrel.

*Colt* “Think that of worked with one of the guards?

*Mobbex nodding his head to the floor* “Weren’t talking to you”

Colt looked in and saw the Doc bleeding but holding a rather large gun, extremely level at his belly button.

*Colt* Abbey?

*Mobbex* “She got out with Wash and Stan”

It wasn’t quite relief that swept over Colt. His crew was shot to hell and they were still sitting in the middle of some heavily armed slavers that would take great pleasure in shooting up the other half but it was a start. “You walk?” as he moved to pick up Oram.

*Mobbex* “I’ll make it.”

They moved quickly across the dock and loaded into the boat. A short time later they could see the Book come into view.

*Colt* “What the hell you mean she’s not here?”

Spinning from Wash to Mobbex. “You said she was on the shuttle?”

*Mobbex* “Hell I thought she was. Don’t go blaming me for this I had my hands full saving that on.” He pointed into the infirmary where Sky was trying to stabilize Oram. Next to her was a much worse off Stan.

Colt let the room stop spinning before he spoke. “Mobbex get on the Cortex and wave that friend of Stans...Jimbob…Jack…Joey yeah Joey. Tell him Stan’s in a bad way and find out where the closest Med facility is.
Sky do what you can for em . They look like they might not make it you get in the air and get them to help.

*Wash* “We gonna leave you here?”

*Colt ignoring her* “Wait as long as you can.”

*Wash* “We can’t leave…Right?”

*Colt* “Spots your driving. Brit...* Colt sees her rocking back and forth on a crate with her arms wrapped around her*”I hate to ask this of you darling...but I need you to go with me. I need you to see where she is”

Brit looks up slowly “I don’t see her”


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:17 PM


She burst through the doors and up onto the landing platform. The night sky was making it hard to see, but a few well-placed lights helped enough.

It didn’t look like a platform. It was well hidden. No markings to speak of, but she knew that this must have been the way that the slaves were transferred. She looked around to try to find a way to get free of the estate, but could only see the top of a ladder illuminated on the far side. Having no choice, she ran over to it and looked down.

The ladder was lined with small lights and went down most of the height of the building, but a sense of vertigo suddenly overwhelmed her. She heard a sound behind her and saw more guards coming out of the door. Knowing she had been spotted and that there was no other way, she started climbing down as fast as she could. Oddly, they didn’t shoot at her, but she heard someone from above say something about not killing her because some high ups were coming. She got down to last rung and it was next to a maintenance shaft door. She climbed to the outside of the ladder and swung out to try to open it, but it was locked.

Guard *from on the ladder above her*: You got nowhere to go now.

abbey looked down at the water. She was probably a good 30 feet from the surface. The sound of a dog barking filled her ears. A memory that lingered made her think twice about doing what she knew she had to do… again. She felt the thump of someone climbing closer to her and looked up. He was not more than five rungs above her. She looked down, let go of the ladder and fell into the water.


Thursday, December 11, 2008 7:51 AM


Grayson was trying to continue his work, checking up on some of his charges and monitoring intel on some of his perpetrators. The wave he got earlier made him nervous. So much so, that he had pulled up the files associated with this particular informant. He was in a key position that went across 3 or 4 known criminal operations, so narrowing it down right away was impossible. He finally gave up on work and started pacing.

Another wave came in and Grayson shot to the terminal. Again it was encrypted so he quickly tapped in the code to view it. It didn't hold many words, but they were important. It said:

Siringo Estate. Newhall.

Grayson swore under his breath.

Grayson *growling*: Gorram slavers.

He made a quick wave.

Grayson: This is Grayson Cornwell. Ready my ship. I'm going to Newhall. I'll be there within the hour.

Newhall was a good two or three days ride going at full burn from where he currently was. He didn't have any more information, but he was sure as Hell gonna be there - or on the way there - when he got more.


Thursday, December 11, 2008 10:04 AM




Thursday, December 11, 2008 10:06 AM



Orginally posted by COLT999:
“Mobbex get on the Cortex and wave that friend of Stans...Jimbob…Jack…Joey yeah Joey. Tell him Stan’s in a bad way and find out where the closest Med facility is."

Mobbex gives a quick dip of his head and bolts upstairs. He makes his way to the bridge and seats himself in the cortex alcove, flicking random switches and vociferating at the idle screens as he struggles to recall the working of the terminal. Eventually the monitors flicker to life, and he sits expectantly as the Book's communication array attempts to link up with the nearest cortex buoy. Once the machine lets out sharp tweet signaling that the connexion has been established, he clumsily punches in Joey's cortex handle, his meaty paws seeming ill-fitted for such delicate handiwork, and the form of a mild-eyed young man of sino heritage soon materializes on the screen.

Mobbex: Joey? 'You Joey?

Joey: Might be. Who's asking?

Mobbex: Yer friend Stan's down with a bad case of gun bite. Care to lend a hand?


Thursday, December 11, 2008 8:01 PM


*Despite his feigned ignorance, Joey knew the face as soon as it graced his view screen. It had been a few weeks, but how could anyone forget a mug like that? What was first mild annoyance became fear and anxiety upon hearing the news of his friends state.*

Joey: "Wha? Stan? Seriously, you be'rer not be screwing with me, buggah."

Mobbex: "'fraid not. Like I said, kid got himself shot in the keister."

Joey: "Damn, ok just tell me where ya at? I'll do all I can."

*The premature crease between Joey's brow deepens as he hears the details, though he's slightly relieved when he learns that Stan is on Newhall. He turns from the screen and fumbles around for a moment.*

Joey: "A'right, I'm sending you a secure location to drop'im. I'll make sure they know ya comin'. And Mobbex..?"

*He turns back to the view screen and pauses for a moment to collect. Mobbex squints, not really expecting Joey to know his name.*

Joey: "You make sure my bruddah makes it there breathing, yeah?"


Yeah it's me, you know who.


Thursday, December 11, 2008 8:01 PM


OOC: Sorry double frickin' post... anyway check the box if you want to know who I am.

Yeah it's me, you know who.


Thursday, December 11, 2008 8:32 PM


The boat moved quickly towards the estate. Colt stood at the bow, his focus on the growing shadow of the estate.
Spots leaned forward and touched Brits arm.

Spots: “Do you…feel anything?”

Brit: “Yes, but not her. Them, angry, searching, coming, KILL THE ENGINE. KILL IT NOW”

Spots immediately shut down the motor. The loss of momentum nearly threw Colt into the drink.

Colt: “What the hell?”

Brit: “SHHH” Pointing into the darkness, where a searchlight could be seen scanning the water. The three of them crouched in the boat as the light swept past. Then they heard the motors kick in. Colt grabbed a nearby rifle and aimed towards the source of the light. To his surprise it was moving away from them.

Colt turned to Brit. “What are they looking for?”

Brit closed her eyes. Colt stood quietly for what seemed like forever. *Some mind reader you are* Colt thought. Brit’s foot shot out and caught Colt in the chin.

Colt: “Son of B…”

Brit: “Baby” Suddenly Brit bolted up in the boat. “There looking for Abbey”

Colt: “Where? Can you find her?”

Brit closed her eyes again “Their searching the water.” Focusing again “No, nothing.”

Colt looked towards the boat and the estate. Then he turned and looked back at towards where the Book was. “Brit can you see Sky? Mobbex, anyone on the Book?”

Brit tired “No”
Spots: “The distance, we’re too far away. “

Colt scanned the distance between them, the slaver boat, and where the Book sat. “Other side of the estate.” Spots fired the engine and they shot off towards the estate. As they circled the other side Brit pointed deeper to sea. Spots slowed the engine and they all peered into the night. Brit kept pointing “Close. Close” Spots killed the engine. Colt couldn’t see anything. He grabbed the torch and looked behind them to see if the other boat was near. He clicked it on, half afraid of what he might see. The image of Abbey floating face down burned into his mind. He scanned it back and forth before seeing something.

Colt: “There” Colt flung off his coat as Spots gunned the engine. As the neared the shape in the water Colt dove and swam hard towards it. Spots had to swing the boat away to keep from running him over. Colt pulled up just short, horrified at the lifeless body clinging to a small buoy.
Abbey: “ Bout time you took a decent bath”

Colt: “ Abbey!” He pulled her from the buoy and held her tight with one arm while waving Spots over with the other. They quickly went under. Colt kicked hard and they were back on the surface.

Abbey coughing: “ If you need …to put me back on the buoy… until you learn to swim.”

Colt: “Don’t make me regret saving you Darlin”

Abbey: “Oh that’s what this is. I thought it was a drowning.”

They both smiled and moved to kiss but Spots pulled the boat into position before they could.

Spots: “Here” reaching out “give me her hand”
Once onboard Colt flashed the torch once more and saw a deep bruise on her face and her lip was split. He grabbed his coat and wrapped it around her. As he did he noticed her shirt was ripped and some of the buttons were missing. The he saw her pants were ripped as well.

Colt: “Abbey, what happened, what did they…”

The relief of being out of the water and safe broke Abbeys tough exterior. She began to cry as she thought of the girl in the other cell. “They were horrible, they did things…terrible things.” Then she passed out.
The rage engulfed Colt. He moved to Spots ready to grab the controls and charge the estate. He hesitated. Shaking all over as evil thoughts consumed him. He spun quickly away. “Take us home Spots” secretly vowing to come back and destroy this place and everyone in it.

They arrived at the Book and Spots barely had time to shut the airlocks before Colt ordered Wash into the air. Colt carried Abbey towards the infirmary then remembered it was already full. He carried her up to her shuttle, laid her in her bed, sat down next to her, and waited.


Friday, December 12, 2008 11:47 AM


Images, both past and present flashed randomly through abbey’s mind. She was dreaming.

A dog barking in the background, a deserted building, heavy footsteps behind her. Then falling. Falling on the ground, cutting her hand. Falling into canal water from a cobblestone bridge. Falling into an ocean from a ladder…

“No…” abbey moaned softly.

Colt’s eyes went immediately to her face. Her brow was knitted up in fear and her hands floated tiredly up in front of her in a defensive position.

“abbey?” Colt whispered to her. “Can you hear me?”

Looking into a window. Looking in through a glass door. A woman’s scream. A girl’s whimpers. Desperation and helplessness.

“Nooo…” abbey vocalized a bit louder, her fist clenching.

“abbey?” Colt whispered again, a lump forming in his throat, believing more and more what he suspected was true. “Please abbey, wake up.”

A man’s hands on her throat, squeezing as her air was cut off. Her arms flailing, trying to defend herself.

“Let me go…”she said softly, her hands ghosting over her neck.

Colt’s heart fell when he saw the marks on her throat. He hadn’t seen them before. He felt the anger rising in him. What they must have done to her… Then the guilt that washed over him next. He shouldn’t have let her go…

“abbey?” he choked out.

Gunfire. Sounding over and over until all that was left was the empty click of the trigger.

abbey jolted awake. She gasped, noticed a man leaning over her and fought.

“Stay away from me!” she yelled as she swung at him.

Her fist came out of nowhere and connected with Colt’s shoulder. He didn’t feel it though. All his attention was on her. He grabbed her arms and stilled them as she started crying.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes focused on him.

“Colt?” she asked. “Where am I?”

“Your shuttle. You’re safe. I promise. No one is ever gonna hurt you again.”

She sat up and threw her arms around his neck and sobbed as he held her tenderly.

“What they did…” she cried. “Oh God! What they did…”

“I’m sorry, darling,” he repeated, not knowing what else to say. Those wang ba dans were going to pay, even if he had to hunt them all down himself. They were going to suffer for what they did.

“What they did to that girl, Colt. That poor girl!” abbey tried to explain. All Colt could focus on was the word girl. “They raped her. Both of them. And when I could get to her. She was dead! Dead because she fought back.”

He didn’t quite understand, so he just tightened his grip on her and held her.

“That could have been me, Colt,” she whispered. “If I didn’t get those hinges off, that could have been me.

“It wasn’t…?” he asked as he looked straight into her eyes. A glimmer of hope shone into his soul. “They didn’t… hurt you… did they?”

“No,” she said softly. “I didn’t give them the chance.”


Saturday, December 13, 2008 4:48 PM


(releasing the big red button that slammed the airlock shut, Spots slides down the bulkhead, eyes closed faced to the top of the cargo bay)
Spots: (lets out a big sigh) Hell of a day

(sit in the cargo bay for some time Spots gets up and walks to his room, turns on some music)
Spots: (cradling a picture of his young sister)
Issy I swear to god and very thing holy I will find you.


Saturday, December 13, 2008 5:13 PM


Mobbex is coming down the stairs from the catwalk when he overhears...


Originally posted by Spots74:
Spots: (lets out a big sigh) Hell of a day

Mobbex: Perk up buddy we ain't done yet. I got a bead on a place we can get some help fer our wounded, it's a, ah... a hospital in... Veneer or somethin', on the main land. You go an' get her goin' while I word up the cap'n.


Monday, December 15, 2008 6:44 AM


** thinks to my self "gorram it that was close" Thinks again about how far her life has come . Hits the comm**

hey capt where too? And it is good to have everyone back again.

I am a leaf on the wind


Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:03 AM


*Oram lay on the infirmary chair, letting her mind wash under the powerful pain medication that Sky had given her as soon as she was able to get Stan comfy and in a stable condition. Sky had tried to clean Oram’s back as best as she could, but the doctor was having none of the patient role she’d found herself in. She’d flatly refused to let Sky anywhere near the shrapnel still in her back, and insisted that a bandage was all she needed.

Sky, not wanting to argue and going into a mood with the doctor’s attitude, just did as she was told. It only seemed to get worse when Sky went to stabilise Oram's arm, it was obvious that Sky had set many a broken bone, but seemed hesitant when she had to set a collarbone.*

Oram: Look, until we get to wherever we’re going, just give me pain killers till we land, I should be right as rain on just the juice.

Sky: You’re starting to babble and hallucinate from the pain and shock. You don’t need infection to also set in and complicate anything further.

Oram: I'll have you know I’ve dealt with worse than mere flesh wounds.

Sky: I wasn’t talking about flesh wounds, I was talking about broken bones.

Oram: Really? (beat) Huh, anyway, you're not touching my brittle little bones and unless you shoot me…

Sky: I will shoot you.

Oram: I'll shoot right back! You’re not going near my gorram arm.

*Sky, knowing she was on a losing landslide with no one to help her with the chun zi doctor, gave up the argument, before going to see who she could help to keep the little so and so down while she set the bones… maybe Colt … or Abbey, she always seemed to listen to those two, she gave Oram a strong shot of pain killers and walked out of the room without another word.

Oram sensed her small victory and leaned back in the chair, closing her eyes to the nausea that the drugs, and booze also, brought with the relief.*


Friday, December 19, 2008 8:10 PM


As soon as she confirmed that she had not been harmed, his lips were on hers, kissing as if they hadn’t seen each other for months.

She went to wrap her arms around his neck, but winced when the one she used to hold onto the buoy protested. Colt stopped kissing her and gently held her arm to inspect it.

Colt *concerned*: You’re hurt.

abbey: Just a bit. I don’t think it’s broken. It just hurts.

He softly rubbed a thumb over the bruise on her face.

Colt: How’s that feel?

abbey: It’s tender, just like the lip.

He winced a bit, thinking of the intensity he had just kissed her.

Colt: Sorry about the kiss. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

abbey *smiling warmly at him*: I wasn’t complaining.

Colt tipped abbey’s head up so he could look at her neck better.

Colt *frowning*: Who did this to you?

abbey: One of the guards. *she closed her eyes remembering the guards she shot while she was at the estate* “I really don’t want to talk about it.

Colt *softly, not wanting to push her*: OK. *he looked into her eyes* You’re OK though?

abbey: Better now that I’m home.

Colt leaned down and kissed her again, this time softer. She looped her uninjured arm around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair while he wrapped both arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace.

Colt *whispering into her ear*: When we get to the hospital, I want you to get checked out thoroughly too. Just as a precaution.

abbey stiffened and pulled back from him.

abbey *alarmed*: Hospital? Why are we going to a hospital?

Colt: We have injured. Stan’s hit really bad. I guess he caught a bullet on the landing platform during the escape *abbey’s hand flew to her mouth in shock* And then there’s Oram–”

abbey *interrupting him*: Oram? Oram’s hurt? Why didn’t you rutting tell me?

With surprising strength she shoved him aside and started to stand up, but he caught her by the hand and sat her back down.

Colt: I know you and Oram are real close, but you need to rest. Being out in the water that long will suck every bit of energy from you.

abbey *defiantly*: Let me go. I have to see her.

Colt *relenting*: OK, I’ll take you, but you can’t go like that.

abbey: Like what?

Colt: Darling, your clothes are pretty torn up and you are soaked to the skin.

abbey: Well… SO ARE YOU!!!

Colt: You need to at least change first. Let me help you.

He got into one of her drawers and pulled out a lounging outfit, then grabbed a towel and handed it to her.

Colt: I got a shirt with the button front so it will be easier to get your arm in.

He turned his back to her, giving her some sense of privacy and only helped her when she requested it.

abbey *as she was drying off*: She hurt badly?

Colt: I don’t know. Sky’s with her.

abbey slipped on the dry shirt she had and then tried to button up the front, but found it impossible to do with one hand. She turned to Colt who started the task of buttoning them for her. Colt was about halfway finished when they heard the most frightening thing…

Mobbex *from the door of her shuttle*: Colt? You in here?


Friday, December 26, 2008 6:27 PM


Hey everyone! Just wanted to forward the news that Mobbex is out of town for two weeks (I think he left on the 23rd), so don't get worried. Things will start back up when he gets back. In the meantime, recharge those posting powers. We'll be making a stop for medical treatment then off to Ezra to free some slaves. Yay!



Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:06 PM


[Colt moves to the shuttles door]
Colt: Mobbex what is it?
Mobbex; Wash wanted to see ya
Colt: ok

[On the bridge Wash is checking local Com traffic, Colt enters the door closing with a clunk behind him]
Colt: Hey wash how are we doing?
[Wash turning to face that captain]
Wash: good sir I need to make a correction to course in about 15 ill need Spots to fire her up again.
Colt: Whats he doin?
Wash: No Idea Capt. Something about a coil or sum such… I just fly
Colt: I hear ya its almost like talking to the doctor. I swear it’s a different language.
Wash: I’ll get him on the com
Colt: Nah ill tell him.
Wash: thanks Capt.
[Colt walks through the galley where Sky and Mobbex are playing cards, and by the look on Mobbex’s face hes losing badly. Soon Colt is outside the engine room]
[Colt sides steps the now infamous wrench as it sails out the engine room’s open door]
Colt( stepping in the door) the Hell is going on did the space monkeys attack again?
Spots: Ooh ha ha… no the Primary Coolant coil from that old 01 don’t fit and I can’t make it fit ( flings the coil across the room)
Colt: So the fling about of things can fix it?
Spots: No but it makes me feel better
Colt: Well I cant fault you for that, but are we ok without it?
Spots: yeah we’ll be fine but its gona need replacing
Colt: well Wash need to make a course correction so get her ready and spool it up
Spots: On it.
Colt (at the door to leave) how are you holding up son
Spots what?
Colt: well you just learned your sister is in slavery and god knows what else
Spots (putting turning from his work) she’s alive that’s all I need, I’ll get her back
Colt: Well get her back son you aren’t alone
Spots: Thanks capt.
[Colt heads back to the Bridge]


Monday, January 12, 2009 8:48 PM


abbey was amazed that Colt had gotten to the door of her shuttle before Mobbex had the chance to come in. That man could be quick when he wanted to.

He had gotten most of her shirt buttoned for her, except for the bottom, but she managed to work through the pain to get the rest of them fastened. Then she switched her wet pants for the nice dry lounge ones and slid her feet into some slippers.

She was tired. Colt was right about the water. It did suck the energy right out of a body. But abbey was on a mission and nothing could deter her. Her mei-mei was hurt and there would be nothing to stop her from going to her side. She exited her shuttle and leaned a bit on the catwalk railing for support. She tucked her injured arm close to her body to keep from jostling it too much. She went slowly, trying to conserve as much energy as possible, but she was tiring quickly.

She finally got to the infirmary and stepped over the threshold. On the main bed lay Stan. Her hand raised to rest on her heart as she looked at him. He was so pale and still. She could tell he wasn’t doing well. It was hard to believe that just a few hours ago, the three of them had walked straight into the Lion's Den. And look where it got them; all three of them were injured. abbey was just lucky enough to be the least injured.

Then she looked over at the bed that sat along the wall. There lay Oram who looked too still for abbey's liking. The air was sucked out of her lungs in fear. abbey went to Oram’s side, pulling a chair up alongside the bed so she could sit. She wrapped her hand around Oram’s.

“Mei-mei?” abbey asked. “You awake? I’m here honey. You’re gonna be OK. I promise.”


Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:42 AM


I'm going in for some surgery tomorrow, so I'll be gone for a bit. I only plan on staying at the hospital one night (did you know they had free wifi there?), then be home. It will just be determined by how awful I feel.

Hopefully it won't be long, cause no matter what, I firmly believe that sitting with your laptop somewhere comfy is a viable recovery strategy (or at least I'm telling myself that).



Wednesday, January 21, 2009 2:04 AM


*Whatever Sky had given her was working a fine treat. Now all she had to do was go into a deep sleep and all would be well.

Then she was jerked awake by a cold hand grasping her right one for dear life. Oram didn’t remember how she’d gotten onto the bench and why she was stiff, in incredible pain and why Abbey was all fuzzy and hard to see.*

Abbey: You’ve lost your glasses again.

Oram: *groaning in annoyance* It was my last pair…

Abbey: *shrugging her shoulders in response, visibly wincing at the movement* Have to buy some more then, can't have you operating blindly.

Oram: Don’t know where they went… did I leave them in the shuttle?

Abbey: *giving Oram a weird look, slight concern on her face* Do you remember what happened?

*Oram was quiet for a few moments, and Abbey was worried she’d dropped off into unexpected unconsciousness, but then her friends dark eyes met hers as pieces came into place*

Oram: Gun fire… you took my drink… had to drag Mobbex across the ground because he fell…

Abbey: You what?

Oram: Then there was a table… How did we get back?

*Abbey answered her in an explanation full, but hesitated when she saw her friend close her eyes and give an involuntary shudder.*

Abbey: Mei-mei, what’s wrong?

Oram: ‘M cold… it's just shock, I think. Just get me a think blanket or get me a shot of rum.

Abbey: What?

Oram: Rum works quicker….

Abbey: You've already had painkillers. I shouldn't need to explain how bad an idea that would be. Plus, I'm not adding your addiction.


Friday, January 23, 2009 7:45 PM



Originally posted by Oram:
Oram: Rum works quicker….

Abbey: You've already had painkillers. I shouldn't need to explain how bad an idea that would be. Plus, I'm not adding your addiction.

*abbey wearily stood up and grabbed a nearby blanket. Favoring her one shoulder heavily, she spread it out over Oram before sitting down again.*

abbey *sternly*: You’ll just have to deal with a blanket for now. We’ve had enough problems today already, don’t need to be compounding it by adding rum to the mix.

*abbey’s face softened a bit.*

abbey *just above a whisper*: I’m just glad you’re here. That you got back. Things got a little too close for comfort for me.

Oram: Too close? What happened?

*abbey paused and just shook her head.*

Oram *firmer*: What happened?

abbey *even softer*: They asked me where Catherine was.

Oram: What did you say? Did they know?

abbey: I told them I didn’t know anyone by that name. But I don’t want to talk about it. Not now. Not any time soon. It’s behind us.

Oram: Should you call Grayson?

abbey *shaking her head*: Not needed. We’re away from there and it’s behind us. I have other more important problems to deal with…

Oram: Other problems?

*abbey absently straightened and tucked the blanket in around Oram some more.*

abbey *changing the subject*: Feeling warmer?

Oram: Still think rum would be better.

abbey: Well, I’m not going to give you any. I already told you.

Oram: Just a little bit? I have some down in my dorm. If you could just get it for me.

abbey: NO!

*Their conversation hushed as Sky and Mobbex came in and lifted Stan onto a stretcher and started to haul him out of the infirmary.*

Sky: We’ve got coordinates. We’ll be landing the Book a bit outside of town, then flying the shuttle in the rest of the way.

*abbey nodded to them as they left.*

Oram: Where we going?

abbey: A nearby medical facility. I guess a contact of Stan’s gave us the location.

Oram *scoffs*: Probably some backwater dive of a place. Probably unsanitary enough to get us all killed from sepsis.

abbey: I think it’s a decent place. The contact is a friend of Stan’s. I’m sure he wouldn’t direct us to a place where there wasn’t decent facilities.

Oram: Are you sure about that drink? You could get two glasses and join me. We both had a rough day. You look like you need a drink.

abbey: A drink is hardly what I need right now. Especially not now. I said no anyway. No booze Oram. Do you understand me? No booze. We will talk about this issue later, when we are all well.

Oram *muttering*: You ain’t my momma. Stop acting like you are.

*abbey didn’t seem to hear her, instead she seemed intent on looking at the floor.*

Oram *closing her eyes*: Medical facilities… If it were a decent hospital, they would say so. Gonna get us all killed.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009 12:25 AM


Colt: And how in the sphincter of hell did this happen?

Colt had been on his way to the bridge to check with Wash on their arrival time. He had a lot of hurt on his boat and the sooner they touched down the better chance they had of staying hurt and not dead. He past Sky and Mobbex playing cards when Sky had told him the news.

Sky: Most of the slaver papers were just that, paper. Our little boating trip wasn’t the smoothest ride. They got ruined. Badger is using as a way out. The few we have on disk, he’ll pay. The rest…

Colt: We shoulda walked away the second we saw that little weasel.

Mobbex: Shoulda coulda woulda

Colt shot him look

Mobbex: What? I didn’t’ get no papers wet….well I might a bled on em a little but

Colt cut him off: How much we got left?

Sky: Shuttles dinged up good, patching up the crew won’t be cheap and

Colt: And Spots says we need some part or we’re floating

Sky wrote a figure down on a piece of paper and slid it Colt. He glanced at the alarmingly small figure, running some numbers in his head.

Colt: Fuel, parts, supplies, medical, Crews cut. It’s not enough. *running his hands though this hair* Crews cut. Sorry we’re going to have to cut the Crew. Seven percent.

Wash comes over the comm.: Captain, We’ll be entering atmo in 15 minutes.

Mobbex: Seven percent! I aint taking no sad seven.

Colt: Well I appreciate your understanding in this time of need, and volunteering to take five percent

Mobbex: FIVE!

Colt: Shoulda coulda kept your mouth shut. Go get Stan ready to move.

Mobbex stood quickly and hovered over Colt. For a minute Colt thought he was going to swing and he really didn’t care if the big man did. He had a right to pissed. They all did. But Mobbex turned and left the room.

Colt: Wasn’t this supposed to be a big payday? Instead we’re shot up, busted broke and worse off than when we started.
What does that make us?

Sky: Big Damn Zeros sir

Colt: Aint we just…. Go help Mobbex with Stan, tell him we’ll make up his percentage on the next job. Now Sky shot him a look. Colt shook his head: Ok make him believe will make up his percentage on the next job. Hell we’ll both go lie to him. I need to see Stan and Oram off and then I’ll go check on Abbey.

Sky: Abbeys with Oram now. Saw them when I was coming up.

Colt: She is? I told her to stay in her shuttle and rest.

Sky: I can’t imagine why someone would question your orders.

Colt spun to Sky: Quite less you want that five percent.

Sky smiled and moved past him to go help Mobbex. Colt was about to follow when Brit appeared next to him. “She might have been being sarcastic. I can’t tell.” Colt jumped.

Colt: We’re going to have a talk about sneaking up on folks.

Brit: Confused, not sure how this happened.

Colt: Well not every plan can go perfect.

Brit rolled her eyes: Do any of your plans?

Colt: You too?

Brit: You’ll get it right someday *smiling* I’m not confused

Colt: Who then? Sky?

Brit: No, Abbey. You better hurry I think she may fall down.

Colt shot down the stairs towards the infirmary. He saw Sky and Mobbex trying to make Stan comfortable while they waited to land. He turned the corner just in time to see Abbey start to fall over. He grabbed her arm and pulled back up and leaned her against the table.

Colt: You ok? I told you, you needed some rest.

Oram mumbling : I told her she needed a drink.

Abbey looking up weakly: Colt, I screwed up. I don’t know how to fix it.

Colt: Listen…for once…I’m going to take you to your room. You need some rest, you can barely stand.

Oram slurring her words: She needs a drink

Colt: Has everyone lost their mind in the last hour? You *pointing at Oram* lay there till Sky takes you see the Doc.

Oram: I’m the Doc

Colt: The other Doc. And you *picking up a half conscious Abbey* are going to your shuttle.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009 2:38 PM


*It wasn’t long after Colt picked abbey up that she lost consciousness.*

Colt *muttering*: Gorram woman’s gonna be the death of me. Never listens to a gorram thing I say.

*Even based off that comment, he looked down into her face and smiled. Her arm slipped and she winced, bringing her back into a semi-conscious state.*

Colt: We’ll have to get that arm checked too.

*abbey looked into Colt’s eyes. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn’t quite there yet.*

abbey *softly and a bit disoriented*: I’m sorry, Colt.

Colt: For what?

abbey: I messed up.

Colt: Job was bad news from the get go. I shoulda known better, darling. Not your fault.

abbey: I thought this couldn’t happen. I don’t know how it did. *closes her eyes for a second before jolting to her semi-conscious state again* I took precautions…

Colt *smiling as he started up another flight of stairs*: That wig was pretty good. I almost didn’t recognize you. Now I don’t want to hear anything else about the job. It’s done and over with. No sense looking behind. It wasn’t your fault.

*Colt got inside and saw that Mobbex and Sky were there, securing Stan on one end of abbey’s sofa. He took her into her living quarters and laid her on the bed. She was out.*

Colt *to Sky*: Get the shuttle prepped to go. Mobbex and I will go get Oram then we'll be able to go. Wash is going to set her down on the edge of town. We’ll take the shuttle from there.

Sky: Got the coordinates from Stan’s friend. I’ll have us ready to go in no time.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:21 PM


*Oram was again jerked awake as the Book came into land. Holding back a moan so as not to wake the already dreadful looking Stan, Oram gritted her teeth and tried so very hard to take a deep breath to quell the nausea. Laying her head back, she heard footsteps enter the room, and by the movements it was Mobbex and Sky*

Sky: Any faster and we could have burnt the fuel cells and left floating.
Mobbex: Well, the captain seems to want to keep the current shipmates alive for what I don’t -

*She must have blanked out or drifted off because when she next opened her eyes, she was very much by herself… and some bastard had locked the infirmary door.

They’d left her alone.

Feeling a might pissed at being abandoned, Oram somehow got herself off the bench, and headed for the medical cabinet. Taking a syringe in one hand and aiming the needle, she was able to pierce the small medicine bottle one handedly though it was difficult as her hand shook. She drew up what she thought was the correct dosage and aimed for her thigh. Hissing from the burn that the pain-killer gave, Oram threw the used equipment on the small silver trey, unlocked the infirmary door and made her way to her bedroom.

She pulled out the pouch that held her credits, and tied it (with difficultly) to her belt, triple knotted so wandering fingers wouldn’t get anything. Her gun, for obvious intimidation (not that she could shoot), but she hesitated with taking her worn photo … then stuffed the 3 smiling faces in a pocket.

Taking a long drink of whisky, she felt ready to take on the world…

Or at least the trek to the nearest hospital.


*Twenty minutes had passed as Oram trudged her way slowly to the town, before she realised she had no idea where in the verse she was… let alone which planet… or which way the hospital was…

Deciding not to panic, she simple looked around for anything or anyone who would help.*

Oram: Hey, kid, wanna earn 4 credits?

A dreadlocked boy, probably aged 10, squinted up at her suspiciously.

Kid: Don’t take money from strangers, it's damn right dangerous.

*Sighing at kids wanting to do the right thing, Oram just said*

Oram: Look, I'm kind of in need of medical attention and a stiff drink or two. I only want directions to the hospital or clinic.

Kid: Oh… well, then follow me.

*He got up off the dust riddled street and headed in a direction Oram hoped wasn’t an ambush. The kid was kind enough to keep the pace going for the struggling doctor, the drugs nor the booze wanting to kick in at that point in time.

She was starting to blank out again also, as she next moment they were in a well lit hospital reception area, with everybody looking at her and the kid asking for his money. Reaching into her pouch, she gave him 10 credits and he immediately ran off, most likely to splurge on never before eaten food luxuries.*

Oram: Um… I'm in need of medical attention… [beat]... and I also think I may have overdosed on pain injections….

*Naturally she said this as her knees finally buckled, and she felt the hard cold floor and hundreds of hands seemed to grabbed her as she blacked out again.*


Thursday, January 29, 2009 6:33 PM


Mobbex stands with his back to the doorway, his fists clenched taut and his expression sullen.

Mobbex, his voice reduced to a hoarse growl: "Guy's mad as a bag o' hammer if'n he thinks I'ma be takin' a paycut 'cause..."

Sky: "Relax, I talked to him, he says he'll make it up to you, give you a bigger cut next time out."

Mobbex: *snorts* "Yeah, right... I mightn't be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I been around long enough to know a sham when I see one."

Sky, frowning as she objects: "Colt ain't a sham."

Mobbex: "Hah, hah... now that's the first mate talkin' there. Yer buddy, Colt... he's a weasel. A sly. He cons for a living. He's a bandit! An' get this: he's brutal at it!"

Sky's mien remains inscrutable.

Mobbex: "An y'see it too, don't ya?"

Sky, her voice smeared with sarcasm: "Well I'll be damned. Mobbex, shrewd judge of character? Who woulda thunk?"

Mobbex: "Yeah, well... ye live the kinda life I live, yer bound to reap some savvy along the way. You... wisen up, eh?"

Sky: "Yeah, and that's just you. Wise."


Originally posted by: ABBEYGIRL
*Colt got inside and saw that Mobbex and Sky were there, securing Stan on one end of abbey’s sofa. He took her into her living quarters and laid her on the bed. She was out.*

Colt *to Sky*: Get the shuttle prepped to go. Mobbex and I will go get Oram then we'll be able to go. Wash is going to set her down on the edge of town. We’ll take the shuttle from there.

Sky: Got the coordinates from Stan’s friend. I’ll have us ready to go in no time.

OOC: Yeah... that's it. Cheap, huh? Well... sue me


Thursday, January 29, 2009 10:36 PM


Colt tried to make Abbey comfortable. Stan was secure and Sky had gone to cockpit and began the start up sequence. Mobbex had been eyeing Colt since he walked into the shuttle.

Colt: Let’s go get the Doc.

*Mobbex moved to block the door.* I guess Sky told you what I had to say huh?

*Colt didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. He watch the big man closely . *
Yeah she told me.
I thought it was a bit out of line. Especially that one part…hmmm… what was it?

That you’re a weasel. *Mobbex said defiantly*

Colt: that wasn’t it.

*Mobbex twisted his head slightly* That you con man and you’re playing all of us?

*Colt smiled big and patted Mobbex on the shoulder* I did like that one but no there was something else.

*Mobbex honestly questioning* Was it the part being a sham?

That’s it that’s the one. *Colt said pointing a finger at Mobbex* That one …yeah ..that’s the one.

*Mobbex utterly confused* You aint…you aint mad?

Colt: Mad? Naw its understandable. Bad day, you just got to let some things out. *walking Mobbex out of the shuttle and towards the infirmary* Now let’s be clear. Had you gone about it another way, say you tried to turn the crew about. Get em all stirred up. Well then that would a been munity and well you know what they do to mutineers *slapping him hard on the back* Hell of course you do. But you didn’t you took it Sky..chain of command…right?

Mobbex looked totally lost but nodded his head.

Colt: Right. Tell you what. I’m going to give you that 7% just like we discussed. Now you run on and fetch the Doc. Let’s get these people patched up.

*Mobbex walked the rest of the way to the infirmary scratching his head.*

Mobbex: COLT!

Colt braced himself for the big charge, but it didn’t come.

Mobbex: Docs gone.

Colt ran to the infirmary. It was empty. Mobbex went to the open cargo bay door.

Mobbex: I got tracks. She must a came out. Stumbled out from the looks of it.

Colt: Someone take her?

*Mobbex studied the ground* No just her.

Colt: She must be worse off than we thought. Take the mule, find her and get her to the hospital. We’ll meet you there.

Mobbex hit wench release and began to lower the mule to the floor.

Colt entered the shuttle and saw Abbey still sleeping. Good he thought he had already decided he wasn’t going to tell her about Oram disappearing. She was upset enough already. He hit the com button: Sky we’re on.

The shuttle lifted off.


Sunday, February 1, 2009 9:44 AM


Dr. Jacey Garner stood at the desk of the Emergency Room at the Vanteel Medical Facility on Newhall. She looked down at a medical assistant and smiled.

“I like days like this,” she said. “Nothing but minor stuff. Boring.”

It was like she was cursed. She had said it out loud. And now it was about to go to Hell. Three people walked up to the desk. One was an older man of Asian or Polynesian decent, she couldn’t tell what, especially with the bright orange suit and black fedora he wore. The other two, dressed in military type camouflage, accompanied him. It only took a slight change of body position for Jacey to notice the ill-concealed attempt to hide their weapondry.

“May I help you?” she asked, wishing she could see a security officer nearby, but found that they were conveniently absent. So she continued to size them up. None one of them seemed sick or injured. “Do you need medical assistance?”

‘No…” the older man answered as he checked out her ID badge. “No doctor. We came here looking for a patient who might have arrived just recently. Family called to notify us that he had been seriously injured… in a hunting accident.”

Jacey knew that no one that day had arrived in any kind of serious shape. Then the man’s words registered with her. A hunting accident? Newhall was mostly covered with water. They just didn’t hunt there. She looked at them suspiciously.

“Does this patient have a name?”


“Last name?”

“Just Stan.”

That made her even more suspicious.

“I don’t have a record of anyone of that description coming here-” she started. It was then that she was distracted by some people bursting through the doors. Two people carried one in on a stretcher.

“Need some help here!” the man called out and two orderlies rushed towards them with a gurney. Jacey raced up to assess the guy. He was shot. She quickly took a look over at the three men who had came in looking for this Stan.

“This your friend?” she asked as she moved him, looking for an exit wound. “With the hunting accident?”

The older one nodded slowly as the other two stood in attention. Another man, the one who had helped carry Stan into the ER stifled a chuckle then followed it by a cough, obviously done to cover his mistake. The woman who came in with him glared at him before he turned and left to go outside. Jacey rolled her eyes and ushered Stan into the ER treatment area, ready to work on him. She yelled to the medical assistant. “Call a surgeon. He doesn’t have an exit wound. God only knows what kind of damage has been done.”

The medical assistant did just that as Jacey, plus another staff member started attaching monitors to Stan. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the presence of the two men and the woman standing there. They had followed her in.

“This area is off limits to visitors,” she barked at them. “You need to leave now.”

The woman tapped the gun strapped to her leg.

“If it’s all the same to you,” she stated in a tone that let Jacey know that she would indeed use the gun, if needed. “We’ll stay right here.”

The woman turned to the three men and gave them a look over. She turned her gaze to the older one, assessing the fact that he was the one in charge.

“Family of Stan’s friend?” she asked him. He nodded. “Name’s Sky. He’s crew on my ship. I’ll not be leaving until I’m sure he’s shiny. Captain's orders.”


Wednesday, February 4, 2009 4:03 PM


Mobbex comes into the cargo bay wearing a camel colored bomber jacket and a pair of black biker gloves.

"What's got into this gal again, walkin' off on her own like that," he wonders as he walks up to the mule and straddles it. "I betcha she's loaded out of her mind. Dumbass."

He thumbs the ignition switch, and the engine produces a surging rumble as it emerges from its idle state. 'Gettin' tired of playin' fetchy fetch with that girl. It's obvious she's got some kind of death wish now where's it say I gotta get dragged along with her?"

He has a quick look at the trailer latch to make sure it's properly fastened, then heaves a tired sigh before stepping on the gas and riding off into the countryside.


Thursday, February 5, 2009 4:57 PM


*** looking out the window daydreaming....
wonders when we'll get goin off this planet.
Gorram it I miss the sky***

*** hits the comm***

hey capt. mind if I get some air??? lol
I got a bad feeling about stan going to that er alone.

I am a leaf on the wind


Thursday, February 5, 2009 7:26 PM


Colt went back inside the shuttle and picked abbey up. Cradling her close, he walked towards the entrance of the ER.

As he got closer, abbey stirred awake just a bit. She tried to move her arm, but she winced in pain.

Colt looked down at her and smiled.

"We're at the hospital now, darling," he said with a very soothing voice. "We'll get you and everyone else fixed up good as new."

"How's Oram?" she asked barely above a whisper.

"Don't you worry none about her," Colt told her. He didn't like concealing the truth from her. The truth that they didn't quite know where Oram was at the moment. "You know she's one the most stubborn people out there. She's gonna be fine."

abbey smiled faintly as they crossed the threshold into the facility.

"I need some more help here!" Colt called out as abbey fell back into unconsciousness.


Thursday, February 5, 2009 8:32 PM


The surgeon had just arrived when Dr. Jacey Garner heard the request for help. Making sure he had it covered for now, she turned and raced out only to come face to face with the man who had helped carry in Stan's stretcher. This time, he held an unconscious woman in his arms. She grabbed a gurney and pulled it up.

"Put her there," she ordered as the man placed the woman down ever so gently onto the bed. "First Stan and now her? You have any more people out there?"

Colt held his tongue, not wanting it to slip out that he didn't know where Oram was and have abbey hear it. He never knew when she might gain consciousness. He really hoped Mobbex was on his way to finding Oram.

Jacey clenched her jaw and swore a bit.

What in the Hell happened with these people?

She pushed abbey into the treatment area. She didn't even bother to order him out, she knew they were all together and she had noted that he too was armed.

Where are those jing-tzahng mei yong-duh security officers? she thought.

She watched him as his gaze found the woman named Sky who was staying with Stan. Sky stepped within talking range of him and gave a report.

"Surgeon's with him now, Sir."

"Keep me updated," he answered.

So this man was the Captain that Sky had talked about.

"So Captain," Jacey asked. "Was she involved in the hunting accident too?"

jing-tzahng mei yong-duh = consistently useless.


Monday, February 9, 2009 12:21 PM


The hardwood saloon doors flap back and forth as Mobbex makes his entrance. He is armed from head to toe, and instantly captures the utmost attention of everyone present. He looks up and down every patron, sizing them up from behind his opaque shades, then lets out a spiteful grunt and heads for the bar.

Barman: "What'll it be, sir?"

Mobbex: *disdainful scoff* "Ain't interested in yer horse piss. You seen a girl pass through here today? Tiny thing, brown hair, kinda longish... prolly' wasted all to hell too."

Barman: "M'sorry mate, but I get dozens o'those comin' through here every hour of the day."

Mobbex, muttering as he swallows his disgruntlement: "Yeah, figures... well thanks, anyways."

He turns to leave, but spies a hunched figure looking at him rather intently from one of the smoky alcoves. He closes in, grimacing as he wades through the thick hashish fumes.

Mobbex: "You. Ye seen summin. Tell me."

Hapless stranger: "Wh- me? 'Beg yer pardon, friend, but I's just sittin' here, enjoyin' ma piece an' quiet..."

Mobbex: "draws in close, the veins of his neck jutting out like garden hoses* "You sure wanna make me repeat myself?"

Hapless stranger: "Eh... 'course not. Yer girl... she wearin' a sling 'round her arm too?"

Mobbex: "Might be. Get on with it."

Hapless stranger: "Saw her talkin' to that kid 'bout half an hour back, 'said she'd hand him some cash if'n he'd show her to the nearest hospital."

Mobbex stands idly for a moment, then pulls a chair from under the table and sits down on it heavily.

Hapless stranger: *gives a creased smile* "More trouble than she's worth, huh?"

Mobbex, speaking with an uncharacteristic drawl: *droops his forehead into his hands* "That don't even begin to cover even half of it."

Happless stranger: *chuckles* Women, eh? Can't live with 'em, but... *draws a long toke from a freakishly hideous looking bong, amorously nibbling at the stem as he does so* ...If it ain't too much to ask... what're ya gonna do with her when you get her back? 'Cause see, I know people..."

Mobbex: "I ain't gonna do nuttin'! ...'till she opens her trap. Then all bets are off."

Hapless stranger: "I hear ya. You want some? S'on me."

Mobbex: *gets to his feet* "Nah, I gotta get goin'."

Hapless stranger: "Good luck to ya, then."

Mobbex walks through the flapping doors and back into the seedy avenue. The air is hot and heavy with moisture, but still presents an agreeable contrast to the intoxicating confines of the foul cesspit of a tavern he's just left behind. Right away, a familiar tingling up his spine lets him know that something has gone amiss. He scans the area, his senses on high alert. Then it hits him. The Mule.

The Mule is gone.

Mobbex: Motherless son of pig f... *explodes into a cacophony of vociferous expletives that has the neighboring homes trembling on their foundations*


Tuesday, February 10, 2009 1:02 PM


Sorry for the insanely long post, but in my defense, we've had longer.


Originally posted by DrJaceyGarner:
"So Captain," Jacey asked. "Was she involved in the hunting accident too?"

"Hunting accident?" Colt asked a bit confused. It didn't take him long to know that that was the excuse someone had given for Stan. Bullet wound and all. Now he had to quickly think of an excuse for abbey. "No, she... uh... she... uh... fell."

"Fell," Jacey deadpanned. She scoffed at the answer. She had heard it before. She whispered to herself. "I bet she fell."

"There's something wrong with her shoulder, not quite sure what," Colt offered. He was already kicking himself about the "fell" excuse. How lame could he have gotten? But the events of that day weighed heavy on him and he wasn't at his best mentally.

"We'll take care of her, Captain," Jacey said with a little venom. "Don't you worry."

Jacey started taking an inventory of abbey's injuries: bruised cheek, busted lip, bruising around the neck and a bad shoulder.

A medical assistant walked by and Jacey grabbed him.

"I need a scan of her shoulder, plus it looks like she's dehydrated. Hook up a line and get some fluids in her," she told him. Then she turned so that only the med assistant could see or hear what she had to say. "We may have a situation here, so I want you to stay with her. Don't let her out of your sight. Better yet, if you get a chance, take her up to the 3-D imager. I want to talk to this hun dan alone."

Jacey looked back at Colt and noticed that he had stepped back a few feet and was talking to someone via a comm.

"I want to talk to her as soon as she wakes up, dong ma?"

The med assistant looked over at abbey and nodded in agreement.

"You find her yet?" Colt commed Mobbex.

"Not yet. A local spotted her talking to some kid, askin' for directions to the hospital," Mobbex said. "If'n she ain't passed out by now, she should be getting there soon."

"I'll keep an eye out. You coming in then?"

"Uh... I will... in a bit."

Colt paused for a moment.

"Is there anything I need to know, Mobbex?"

"Nah. Jus' want to follow up is all."

"OK. Keep me updated. If she shows up here, I'll call."

He shoved the comm in his pocket and looked up where abbey had been. She was gone. He started to move forward to look for her, but came face to face with Jacey.

"Where is she?" Colt asked firmly.

"Sent her up for a scan of her shoulder," Jacey answered. "Plus I wanted to double check that there wasn't any damage underneath those bruises on her neck."

"You think that's possible? Damage to her throat? She seemed fine earlier," Colt asked concerned. He sighed. "Where's the imaging suite at? I'll just catch up to her there."

Jacey extended her arm toward a room off to the side.

"What do you say, we go sit down in here? Get some history so we can better help her."

Colt was about to follow her in, when another commotion was heard out in the lobby.


Originally posted by Oram:
Um... I'm in need of medical attention... *beat*... and I also think I may have overdosed on pain injections...

Jacey raced out to the lobby to find another unconscious young woman being put on a gurney.

"Tiān xiǎo de, what the Hell is going on?" Jacey swore. She quickly wheeled the woman in. As she passed Colt, she caught a glimpse of him on his comm again.

"She's here," He simply said.

"Let me guess," Jacey said angrily. "She's one of yours too?"


Friday, February 13, 2009 12:00 AM




Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:05 AM


The two young men back away from the mountain of a man stalking them, their faces struck with inordinate fear.

Jorge: *holds his palms forth* Oi, big man, no call to get tetchy.

Saul: We's just doin' what we're told!

Mobbex gains on them, holding a double barreled derringer in one hand and a ragged-edge parang in the other.

Jorge: C'mon, let's all take seat and talk this through.

Saul: Be reason-...

Mobbex, shouting: REASON!? Ye squirmy little scums! 'I look like a guy who needs a REASON!?

Saul, stammering: N... no...

Mobbex: Frickin' damn right I ain't! Don't care much for reason at the best o' time, an' you boys couldn't possibly've picked a worse day to come'n f with me.

Jorge: But surely you're not-...

Mobbex levels the derringer on Jorge's head and fires, boring a hole straight through his brainpan.

Mobbex: M'afraid I didn't catch that. What'd he say?

Saul: Jo-... ahhh!

Mobbex tosses the empty derringer and charges after Saul, swinging the parang with both hands, bellowing like the barbaric warriors of ages past.


Monday, February 23, 2009 7:43 AM


Jacey started working on Oram as soon as they got her into one of the med bays.

"She said something about overdosing on painkillers," she said to a nearby med assistant. "Get some blood drawn and figure out which one. In the meantime, start her on some Neutralone to filter some of those drugs out of her. We can adjust with something specific once we know what it is and facilitate the process along."

She saw that Oram's collarbone was displaced.

"Looks like a broken collarbone," she said as she moved up to look at Oram's eyes. When she got near her face she could smell the alcohol on her breath. She blanched a little. "And it appears she's drunk as well. The Neutralone will help clear that out too."

The tech started the IV and carried out Jacey's order on administering the medication. After looking at her pupils, Jacey went on with her diagnosis.

"Add a concussion to her chart too."

Very carefully, she turned Oram to her side, making sure to keep the collarbone immobilized.

"Look at all these cuts!" she exclaimed. "If I didn't know better, I'd think they were shrapnel, but I'd think we would have heard on the newsfeed if there was an explosion of some sort in town. Anyway, it looks like the cuts have been attended to pretty well though."

Jacey took a look back at Colt, who looked more than a little agitated. He would look over at Stan, then at abbey's empty bay, to Oram and then back to the empty bay. All sorts of scenarios were playing out in Jacey's mind, none of them good. The one she decided on so far was that he beat up the one woman, got caught by the one currently on the table who probably got her fair share and then shot the man who more than likely came to their aid. Either that or these people were slavers. God! She hated slavers.

"Let's get her up to the imager too. I'd like to see about the concussion and how much repair will be needed on that collarbone," Jacey told the tech as she waved over an orderly. "I'm going up with her so I can check on our other patient too. I want you to keep an eye on that one *points discretely at the Captain*. Something is definitely hinky with the whole lot and he is definitely at the center of it all."


Monday, February 23, 2009 9:03 AM


abbey slowly came back into conciousness. She saw an unknown man talking to another one near a door.

"Garner wanted her processed as soon as possible," he was saying. "I'll help you transfer her."

Processed? Transfer? abbey thought. Was seeing Colt a dream? Were they about to transfer her to the ship that Siringo told her that was on the way?

"Not gonna happen," she muttered as she pulled herself up and looked at her arm. They were pumping some kind of drugs into her. No wonder she felt all woozy. She carefully unhooked it as she kept an eye on the two men and kept whispering to herself. "You won't get me; rather die first."

She swung her legs over the side of the gurney and silently slid off. Somehow she managed to stay upright. Slowly she made her way away from where she was. She saw an elevator down the hall and headed for it. Just as she got there, it opened and there stood a man and a woman with a gurney between the two of them.

"What are you doing up?" the woman asked her. "You need to lie down."

abbey looked down and saw that Oram lay in the gurney. She grabbed the only thing she could reach, the electronic chart at the end of the bed. She held it up high with both hands as if she was going to strike at any moment.

"You'll leave me and my mei-mei alone. I would suggest you let us go," abbey said resolutely. "No one's gonna make a slave out of me. Not me and not her."

Jacey's eyes narrowed as she concluded that Colt and his buddies were indeed slavers. There were few that ranked lower than a slaver in her book.

"Now, calm down," Jacey said evenly as she put up her hands in a peaceful manner. "We're not slavers. I can promise you that. You are at a hospital."

abbey thought back a little, but it was a little fuzzy. Did she see Colt? A vague memory of him telling her that Oram had been injured flitted through her mind.

"You're not slavers?" she asked suspiciously. "Prove it."

Jacey took off her hospital ID and placed in on the end of the gurney. abbey quickly grabbed it and read. Dr. Jacey Garner. Vanteel Medical Facility. Didn't Colt say they were going to get medical help?

abbey lowered the chart and tilted her head at the doctor.

"Where's Colt?" she demanded to know. "Where's he at?"

"He's not here, but you are safe. Both of you," Jacey reassured her. She pointed back towards where abbey's gurney was. "We just brought you up here for a scan. Your shoulder is injured and we wanted to make sure you didn't have damage to your neck."

abbey tried to move her arm, but winced again. That part was familiar. This Dr. Garner seemed to be telling her the truth.

"No imager for me. I'm fine. I just wrenched my shoulder. It will heal," abbey said as she looked down at Oram. A lump formed in her throat. "You take care of her though. And do it right or I will end you, dong ma?"

"We can image you both..." Jacey started to say.

"No imager I said," abbey told her firmly. "But if you are truly a doctor, I need to ask you to do something for me."

"Anything," Jacey told her. "But you look like you're about to fall over. Let's get you back to your bed and get the IV hooked back up and fluids into you. You're dehydrated."

Since the room was starting to spin, abbey nodded weakly and let Jacey help her back to the bed.
Meanwhile, down in the Emergency area, a woman had cornered Colt and started asking questions.

"The girl you carried in here... I'm going to need to get some history on her," the woman started. "What's her name?"


Thursday, February 26, 2009 9:29 AM


Nurse: Let's start with her name

Colt: Her name? Abbey

Nurse: last name?

Colt blanked. He tried to picture the lease agreement for the shuttle. He hadn't used a last name since the war. Out in the black it didn't seem important, until now. He blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
Colt: Road Abbey Road

The nurse didn't seem to catch it: Date of birth?

Colt: Not entirely sure. She thirtyish.
This wasn't uncommon because different planets used different calenders.

Nurse: Home planet?

Colt: oh of the big ones?

Doctor Garner walked into the waiting room. Colt moved towards her " how is she?" Garner brushed right by him and took the form from the nurse. After a quick glance she turned back to colt.
Garner: Abbey Road huh?

Colt: Her parents were fans

Garner: Like you know her parents * holding up the form* you don't even know her

Colt: that's not true she...

Garner interuppting: Something smells here and I'm going to get to the bottom of it

Colt resisted the urge to sniff at his shirt

Garner: Follow me up to my office. You can wait for me there.

Colt followed her and noticed the two orderlies drop in behind them.
Colt keying his comm: Mobbex we may have a problem of the we need to break out of here type. Stand by with the mule just in case we need to leave in a hurry.


Friday, February 27, 2009 10:17 AM


Jacey was taking a slight risk by escorting Colt to her office, because the path would take them in a close vicinity of where abbey and the girl she referred to as her “mei-mei” were. However, she needed him contained. Somewhere not near the lobby area or in the emergency triage area where he was nearby his comrades. Somewhere he could be watched.

So they took the stairs instead of the elevator. This way they would merely pass by the entrance to the hallway where they were. If she was lucky, he wouldn’t see them.

When they got to the right floor, the entered. Jacey looked behind her at the orderlies. They were well aware that she didn’t want the Captain anywhere near the two women and that they needed to do whatever they had to order to make sure that didn’t happen.

As they neared the hallway, Jacey’s worst fear in this whole thing happened. A voice rang out as clear as day.

“Mister,” abbey asked the technician who was conducting the scan on Oram. “Is she OK?”

And Colt heard her. He started down that way, but was restrained by the orderlies.

“abbey?” he called out, but a quick hit to the gut by one of the orderlies took the air out of him and he was pushed further down the hall, away from her and finally into Dr. Garner’s office.

Dr. Garner was about to speak, but another technician knocked softly at the door. Jacey turned to the technician. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded, then he gave her a file. After he left, she turned back to Colt.

“Well, your man, Stan is it? He’s in surgery now,” she told him. “That woman down there said he was part of your crew. Now I have to check on my other two patients. You’ll just have to wait here until I get back and then we'll have a nice chat on why you feel the need to hit a woman.”

Colt's mind took a moment to process the accusation she had just thrown at him, however, before he could rebuke her, she left. But he still heard her next comment from outside in the hallway.

"Rutting slavers. That man needs to be put down."


Friday, February 27, 2009 10:33 AM



Originally posted by DrJaceyGarner:
“Mister,” abbey asked the technician who was conducting the scan on Oram. “Is she OK?”

It was funny, but she was almost sure she heard Colt call her name, but when she looked down the hallway, she didn't see anyone. She shook her head a little. It all still seemed a little fuzzy. She was so tired, but she refused to rest. She needed to be awake to find out about Oram's condition.

"You'll have to wait for the doctor."

Shortly after that, Dr. Garner came back down the hall, holding a file folder in her hand. She placed it next to abbey on the gurney.

"Here's that information you wanted," she said quietly. "You can check it out anytime."

abbey nodded slowly, but didn't make the effort to pick it up.

"Is Oram OK?" abbey asked again.

Jacey turned to the tech and got a status report.

"Scan's almost done," she informed abbey. "In the meantime, I want to at least do a physical exam of your shoulder and neck."

"I'm fine, I just wrenched it," abbey said as Jacey started looking at her neck. Definite hand marks could be seen as the bruising was intensifying.

"Someone choke you?" Jacey asked, already making the assumption that it was Colt who had done it.

"I don't want to talk about it," abbey responded.

Jacey nodded and went on to her shoulder. abbey winced every time she touched it, but managed not to move very much.

"You did more that wrench it," Jacey told her. "It's dislocated. I need to put it back in place. I could get you some painkillers before I do it. Some Panaflex maybe?"

"No painkillers," she said quickly. "Especially Panaflex. I'm allergic. Just do it without any."

"It's gonna hurt."

"I figured that."

Jacey nodded, reached out to abbey's shoulder, placed her hands in the correct fashion and popped it back into place.

And abbey screamed.


Monday, March 9, 2009 5:39 AM


as the others helped Abbey and Oram a the hospital, Spots sets out with coolant coil in hand to find a replacement.

The bell rings as he enters the office of the junk yard

Merchant: how can i help you

Spots: yeah i need a Primary coolant coil for an 03 Firefly

Merch; ill check the stock room you can take a look out in the yard see if you can find one

walking out side Spots starts sifting though piles of rusting parts the he sees it an 03 firefly thats been striped bare. walking and heading to the engine room walking gingerly he finds it in relatively good condition

working his way back to the Office

Merch; hey i found one in the store room

Spots: how much?

Merch: 1500 creds

Spots visably shaken.

Spots: how much would a coil of an 01 be for trade in

Merch; about 500 creds maybe less depending on conditon

Spots: ok take this (hands him the old coil from the 01) and i found a coil from 03 out in the yard how much for that

Merch; about 1200 creds

Spots; here (floping the coil on the desk) its missing the connector at the top my best offer is 800

Merch; 1000

Spots: 900 or i walk

Merch: 900 it is, thank you for your business

Spots; yeah thanks (as he opens the door with bell ringing)


Monday, March 16, 2009 1:05 PM


abbey went limp when her shoulder went back into place. Jacey quickly caught her and guided her down onto the gurney.

"Are you OK, abbey?" Jacey asked her. abbey didn't answer. She lightly tapped her on the face until she roused. abbey's eyes opened, then slowly focused on Jacey's face. She jumped a little.

"Where am I?" abbey asked.

Jacey looked at her concerned.

"abbey, do you know who I am?"

abbey searched her face for a second before recognition dawned in her eyes.

"Doctor Garner,I'm so sorry," abbey said smiling and forcing herself to sit back up. "I was a little confounded. I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much."

"Well, that's why I offered the pain killers," Jacey said smiling back. She looked down at the folder she brought to abbey. "Did you look at that information yet?"

abbey glanced down at the folder and sighed.

"No." Jacey didn't push abbey.

"Are you OK now?" Jacey asked, gently squeezing abbey's good shoulder. abbey nodded. "I am going to get you a sling. Keep that arm immobilized for a while.

"OK," abbey said as she glanced down the hallway. "Have you seen the Captain?"

Jacey's temper flared at the mention of the Captain, but she managed to keep it in check.

"The Captain is busy with some details right now," she informed abbey. "But don't worry, I assure you that you are safe here."

"Good," abbey said. "Good."

"I'll be right back," Jacey said. "I have some things to handle. Will you be OK? If you need anything, ask the tech in there with your friend."

abbey nodded as her gaze drifted back towards the room Oram was in.

"I will."

Jacey patted abbey's knee and then turned to go back to her office. That hun dan had some explaining to do. No woman should have to go through what abbey had and that man was most certainly the root of her problems.


Monday, March 16, 2009 1:49 PM


New diggs. This one was getting a little long






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