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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 10:24 AM



Thursday, May 29, 2008 5:43 AM


**** sits in her pilot seat and remembers ................

It was a bright beautiful day . As it should be on her wedding day.

Sha'uri--- well (to her bridesmaids) in about 45min. Iamgoing to be Mrs.Christian Fox.

Monica--- look you are one of the luckiest girls I know. YOu get to marry this hot officer and where his brother has got some serious feelings for you

Sha'uri--- Monica I hope that when I marry his brother that will all change.... He was a friend nothing more I don't get where he thinks That I share his feelings when I don't. My family Thought it best to marry me to his older brother not him.

Monica---I know sweety. But understand this his younger brother wants you BAD. I am not kidding it Scares me on how obsessive he has become and with the indepenance causing so much trouble.

Sha'uri--- Yeah I hear ya there. Where do weget the right to tell anyone what to do. Hell I am entering into and arranged marriage . I feel in love with the man after I meet him and our wedding date was set . not before like everyone else gets too. I mean who even does this "arranged marrige" thing anymore?

**** the younger fox brother moves closer to listen to the conversation. all the while getting more and more turned on and pissed that his brother get his bride*********

***Sha'uri walks up to the mirror and admires her beautiful ( traditonal Chinese wedding dress)********

Monica--- Well I am going to get everyone lined up and ready to go see you in 5.

****monica walks out and the other bridesmaids follow. Lt. Fox come out from behind the mirror****** well My love you are going to be married to my brother in 5 min. Run away with me and marry me...

Sha'uri--- I can't I love your brother . And I am promised to your brother not you. your my best friend I don't love you like I love him.

*** he walks away from me and walks to the mirror looks at him self****

Sha'uri --- now lets take me to get married . your are after all giving me away....

**** scared she prays that moniica will come and hurry them along***

Lt. fox--- I will not have you marry my brother when you are mine.

**** he turns and waks towards me with a look that could kill***

Sha'uri --- don't look at me like that...

*** backing away****

Lt. fox--- You marry my brother I will kill him while I makle you watch. marry me and you both live.

*** I notice that there is some candles burning near my hand. I slowly grab them and tell him***

Sha'uri--- I will never marry you I hate you!!! YOu kill him you'll never see me again .

***I fling to hot wax in his face and run with out looking back**********

**** Oram hits the comm****

Wash you wanna com eat with us?

***hears mobexx gripping in the background****

***wipes her tears and Hits the com ***

Yeah I am on my way......

I am a leaf on the wind


Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:25 AM


(After fueling and prepping the ship Spots heads to his room and grabs his cello, setting up in the common room he begins to play)

** Stan coming up from his bunk to see whats for dinner**

Stan: well its good to hear the cello again all healed

yeah it hurts but its good to play

Stan: Hey Birt tells me that your Mom was famous... was she??

Yesss** almost growing (looking up from his cello**

she was a command performance Violinist, she played all over the verse

Stan: really what was her name?

Maria Wölfle... she tough my brother and sister to play we had a string quartet before my brother left.

Stan: really

Oram: Foods ready *from the galley*

well lets eat * as spots packs up his cello


Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:37 AM


A little earlier…

abbey leaves her shuttle and goes up to the galley. She is hungry, but can’t figure out what she wants. She is digging around the lockers when Colt walks in and starts to pour a cup of coffee. She ignores him.

Colt *nervously. He doesn’t want to incite an argument with her*: You… uh… looking for something?

abbey: Yes.

Colt: What? Maybe I could help.

abbey: I don’t know. *looks up at him* You know what were having for dinner tonight?

Colt: No. *she starts going through the lockers again. He notices what she’s wearing. She looks really nice in those short skirts she always seems to have on.* You look… uh… nice today.

abbey merely snorts at him in response and keeps rifling through everything.

Colt: If you can tell me what you are looking for. I can help –

abbey *interrupting him*: I SAID I DON’T KNOW!

Colt *backing up a bit from her*: Just wanted to help.

abbey *pausing, turning to look at him before speaking softly*: I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to snap at you.

Colt: Seems to me that it may be catchy. Saying and doing things you don’t mean.

abbey *as she starts to search the remaining lockers*: I got your note.

Colt: I really am sorry.

abbey: I know. I’m not ready to forgive you yet. Don’t know if I can.

Colt: I figured that.

abbey *slams door of last locker once she doesn’t find anything she wants*: Tā mā de! Don’t we have anything else around here?

Colt: There’s nothing in your shuttle? You usually have some prime stuff there. *abbey gives him a withering look* All I have is some Fruity, Oatey Bars…

abbey *face brightening significantly*: You do? Can I have one?

Colt *moving into the pantry*: I have them hidden up here…

*With some effort, he reaches up and into a hidey hole he found there and pulls out a nearly full box of them. abbey snatches the box from his hand and opens one up, taking a big bite.*

abbey *sighing*: That’s perfect.

Colt: Chow will be in just a little bit. I wouldn’t eat too much.

abbey *ignoring him*: That hits the spot. *she looks up at him and smiles* Thanks, Colt.

Colt smiles back at her and stretches out his hand towards the box abbey is holding. He wants to return them to their hiding spot, but abbey whirls around and exits the galley, taking the whole box with her. Colt looks at her in disbelief.

Colt: Huh.


Thursday, May 29, 2008 7:57 AM


*The crew gathers round the table and begins to eat. Stan is the last to arrive, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.*

I told you we have a job. No surprise Badger is in the slave trade, and the work he has for us has to do with that.

*All but Sky, Brit and I erupt with comments*

Wash: Slaving?

Spots: I didn’t think you abided such things

Oram: I won’t abide it

Abbey: You can’t be serious

Stan: Captain you can’t

Mobbex: Bout time you came around to good paying work.

Everybody settle down. We’re not slaving. We’re liberating.

*The table gets quite*

Badger had a slave ship intercepted by a fella named Tony Siringo. Small time boss trying to break into the big league. Taking what’s Badgers gave him clout. Badger wants us to take that away.
All the credentials are in his office on Newhall.

Sky: Office?

*I shoot her a look.* Small fortress on Newhall. Badger just wants to embarrass Siringo. We take the papers and deliver them to Ezra and the slaves go free.

Sky: And we take a nice piece of change for doing Badger dirty work.

Sky, Brit and I will sneak in and crack the safe.

Mobbex: You’re bringing Moon Brain?

*Brit sticks out her tongue, and I can’t help but wonder why she aint running him through with a gravy spoon. Strange kid. She looks at me and sticks her tongue out again*

Yeah she’s coming. Some of you may have noticed she has a way of seeing things before they happen. She’s going to be our look out. She says we leave everyone drops what there doing and get out.

Abbey: Everyone? I thought you said the three of you were going in.

Going to need all of the crew for this. Oram and Stan will pose as buyers. They keep Siringo out of the …

Abbey: Like hell she will. You know what will happen if your plan goes bad, like they usually do, she’ll be bound into slavery. You all will.

Didn’t say it wasn’t risky. But she will be going. She’s on the crew.

Abbey: She’s the doctor.

And she’s still going.

*Abbey sits back in her seat and crosses her arms. I continue*

Mobbex and Wash you two will cover the front. Once their inside you take out any guards in the area and fall back to Spots. He’ll be…

Abbey: I’ll go

I turn to her.

Abbey: Let me go with them. I can be convincing as a buyer.

Oram: I’ll be fine Abbey. I can do this.

She aint saying you don’t have the brass for it Doc. She’s just saying she has the experience. You sure about this?

Abbey: We’ll keep him distracted.

Abbey your a renter. You can schedule a game.

Abbey: What are you saying? I'm not part of your crew so I can't go. If Oram goes I go.

Ok. Spots you’ll drop Abbey, Oram and Stan, then hang back with the mule. Once Wash and Mobbex have taken out the guards, they’ll link up with you. We’ll signal Stan when we have the goods and they can make an exit. Once they are onboard you pick us up on the north side of the complex.

Sky: It’s a good plan. Everyone does their part, we all come back in one piece.

*I look across at Abbey and hope Sky is right*


Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:37 PM


*After my announcement, most everyone was silent. Luckily, conversation started up again and got more toward normal as dinner progressed. Only abbey seemed to be still apprehensive. She looked a bit pale and just pushed her food around. I finish and go one up to the bridge. She almost gives me a heart attack when she taps me on the shoulder.*

abbey: You can't let her go.


abbey: It's too dangerous. She shouldn't be there.

And you should?

abbey: I don't want to.

Then why are you? I don't want you. I'd feel better if you stayed here.

abbey: If she stays, then so will I.

But then Stan would be out there with no backup. Oram is crew and she said she could do it. Don't argue what's already been decided.

abbey: Then don't argue with what I decided. Should this go wrong, I am a better shot. They'll need me. So don't try to talk me out of it. I am just as stubborn as you.

*She looked really pale.*

Are you OK?

abbey: I'm fine. This whole thing has me on edge. The whole thing just sickens me. And just so you are abundantly clear, I am going with them.

*She whirled around and went back towards her shuttle. I head up to the bridge*

Gorram woman's gonna be the death of me.


Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:51 PM


As she walks towards her shuttle, abbey thinks about the recent announcement Colt gave. Slavers. She can't believe they are about to do anything even remotely connected with them. Doesn't anyone realize how dangerous these people are?

And Oram. She is going along with it. She should know better. Or has she forgotten everything that has happened in the past. Doesn't she know what it is she could be sacrificing? Has she gone crazy?

And Colt. He is OK with this. He knows the risks and is still willing to do it anyway. They could all end up in bonds and sold off to God knows where to do God knows what.

The more she thought about it, the more it didn't sit well with her. When she got back to her shuttle, she vomits in the sink, emptying everything from her stomach that she had eaten before dinner.

After cleaning herself up, she grabs another fruity oatey bar and a large glass of d'Orange and heads back up to the galley, hoping there will be some kind of activity up there that can take her mind off their insane plan.


Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:09 PM


*Stan leans back in his chair, his plate almost spotless. He glances around the room at those of the crew who are still seated or moving about the galley. Mobbex is seated in his chair, shuffling one of the stolen decks of cards.*

Stan: *Matter-of-fact* "You stole those.."

*Mobbex stops shuffling for a moment and looks up, squinting.*

Mobbex: *Confused* "Yeah... so? Whatzit to you?"

Stan: *Slightly defensive* "Nothing. Do you know how to do more than shuffle?"

Mobbex: "What? Yeah. Why?"

Stan: "Want to play?"

*Mobbex stares at Stan for a few moments. Then sets the shuffled deck down on the table, by now those still in the galley are watching the exchange. Abbey walks in carrying a large glass of orange colored liquid and a fruity oatey bar. *

Mobbex: "Yeah... sure. What're we bettin'? Food? Chores? Got any good girlie rags?"

*Stan blinks then picks up the deck. He begins to reshuffle the cards as he speaks*

Stan: "Well it's up to the one betting I guess...."

*Oram sits down in the chair opposite Mobbex.*

Oram: "Deal me in, Stan. Can't play a decent game with only two people."

*Stan gets up and heads to the galley kitchen, returning with two partially used sheets of paper. Tearing them into small pieces he passes them out evenly among them. Abbey walks over and sits next to Oram.*

Abbey: "Don't mind me. I'm just going to watch."

Stan: "Ok write down various chores and duties and we'll use them for betting. Feel free to use real paper money or anything else. Bet what you want, as long anyone else playing doesn't have an issue with it, we'll consider it kosher..."

*They finish writing out chores. Stan piles his neatly in front of him. He grabs the deck, splits out the tall cards and passes them to Mobbex, who shuffles them.*

Stan: "Okay, ante up."

*Everyone places a slip of paper in the pot and Mobbex flips over one tall card. As Stan deals everyone five cards, Abbey moves around the table and peers over Stan's shoulder at his hand. He can smell her drink, orange, with a hint of alcohol.*

*Stan pulls his cards close to his chest and glances at abbey.*

Oram: "I bet, Trash." *She tosses a slip of paper into the pot.*

Stan: "I call."

Mobbex: "Trash... and I raise.. Deck cleanin'."

Oram: "Yeah, I call."

Stan: "Same."

*Mobbex discards three cards and draws three more.*

Oram: "I'll take that tall.."

Stan: "I check."

Mobbex: "I bet Grease Duty"

Oram: *mumbles* "Well.. I fold" * She places her cards on the table.

Stan: "I raise you.. Dishes."

Mobbex: *Grumbling* "Fine." *He matches."

*Stan and Mobbex place they cards face up on the table. Stan's hand is two peach aces and a Phoenix kicker. Mobbex' three apple aces and a Dragon. Mobbex grins and rakes the pot over into a pile in front of him. Stan passes the deck to Mobbex, who passes the tall cards to him.*

Mobbex: "Alrighty, ante up folks."

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Thursday, May 29, 2008 7:01 PM


(Spots finishes dinner quietly and grabs his cello which he left in the common room.. after scaling the ladder into his room stowing the cello over his bed then sits down on his bed and turns on is stereo)

**knocking at the door**

Colt: Hey Spots can we talk

Sure **opening the hatch**

Colt: you seem a little upset about this job

yeah Ive just go a bad feeling about this one

Colt: **sitting down on the bed** well its been a long time sense ive felt good about anything

well i still cant shake this one

Colt: it will be fine when has anything not gone to plan

**spots glares at him**

Colt: Oook... but we are lucky and thats got to count for something

**colt looking around the room for something to change the subject grabbing a book off of Spots' night stand**

Colt:whats this?? **looking at the markings and not recognizing them**

its a quran

Colt: you a Muslim?

no im an student of theological history
**holding up the cross around his neck with a St.Michael Medal on the chain as well**


Capitan I want you to know even though I don't like it I'll do whats needed of me

Colt: well its good to know that your loyal but it will be fine... Trust me**getting up to leave**

thanks capt. I trust you
***as Colt exits the room***


Friday, May 30, 2008 10:20 AM


Mobbex reaches a hand out and yanks the deck out of Stan's grip.

Mobbex: Gimme that, I'll show ya how it's done... *starts to shuffle the cards in an intricate pattern* Nifty trick, huh? 'Picked that one up from a fish vendor back on Lylac... 'think Ainsley was the name. 'Guy was a chipper sort, a real bundle of fun... *gets sidetracked and mishandles the cards, which tumble from his hands and spread across the begrimed floor*

Oram: Yeah... *holds a concealing hand over her yawning mouth* ...a master at work, real' artful.

Mobbex blurts out a run of angry imprecations as he bends over to gather the strewn cards.

Mobbex, speaking in an undertone: Well card stunts are for washouts and posers, anyhow... *plunks himself back onto his seat, bringing about string of pained creaks as the rickety wooden chair strains under his bulk*

Oram: *a sneering smile comes upon her face* What treasures of sagacity...

Mobbex: *stacks the cards in a neat, trim pile and starts passing them around* Shén me shi?

Stan: *coughs to disguise his mirth* I think she was complimenting your wits.

Mobbex: Yeah? Aw, well... thankee.

Oram and Stan share eloquent glances and snort.

Mobbex, not altogether oblivious to the exchange: ...Serious?

Stan: *lays a hand over the tall card decks and turns the topmost card face up* A... -ahem- apples are tall.

Oram: I'll... I'm gonna chance laundry.

Stan: I'll call that...

Mobbex: *raises a dubious eyebrow* Hmmm... I raise dishes.

Oram: *peers thoughtfully at her hand* Gimme two.

Mobbex: *wriggles on his seat, spawning another set of ominous creaking sounds* There ya go... *tosses a pair of cards her way*

Stan: Same for me.

Mobbex: Here... *hands him a couple of cards* ...well, 'guess I'll claim the tall, huh?

Oram: Looks like... *Mobbex shifts on his seat, causing the run-down chair to squeak yet again* ...could you stop fidgeting like that? You look like you have woodworms up your heiniehole or something.

Mobbex: *gives her a big cheesy grin* 'That your definite doctory opinion or do y'wanna run a check?

Stan stifles a quiet laugh; Oram rolls her eyes.

Oram: Well, it's distracting. Plus, 'you keep it up that chair's sure to fall to bits.

Stan: Yeah, you might want to nip that one in the bud, friend. If not I suggest you take a seat on the floor right away, that thing looks like it's just about ready to give way.

Mobbex: An' I suggest you both keep your snoots about y're own business if you're bent on holdin' on to 'em. Now, 'we playin' cards here or not?

Oram, sighing as her fit of pique wears off: Yeah, just... whatever. *drops a pair of paper shred in the pot* I raise hull scouring.

Stan: *furrows his brow pensively* Bold.

Oram: Call it my spunky nature shining through.

Stan: *gives a slight shake of his head* Too bold. I fold.

Oram shifts her gaze back at Mobbex.

Mobbex, looking all manner of assertive: Oh, I'll match that... *casts a handful of paper strips in the pot* ...and then some. Head duty.

Oram: Hmm... *eyes her cards considerately* ...all right, I'll play along.

She matches the wager and slaps her cards down on the table, revealing a full house.

Oram: Show me what you got.

Mobbex: *flashes his emblematic gap-toothed grin and throws down his cards* Five of a kind! I'm takin' it again!

Stan, looking throughly dumbstuck: Huh...

Oram: *shakes her head in defeat* Gee, Mob, if I didn't know any better I'd suspect you were cheating.

Mobbex: *smiles at her contemptuously* It's all skills, doll... *stretches his hands out to collect his wins* ...'am thinkin' we should do that more often.

Secret Agent Stan: The ducks have settled in the coffee shop......


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Saturday, May 31, 2008 4:37 AM


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Saturday, May 31, 2008 5:24 AM


98% of teens have smoked pot, if you are one of the 2% that haven't, copy this into your signature.

Stan: So it was like a car hitting a cow then a wall.


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Saturday, May 31, 2008 12:11 PM


*The game continues into the next hand. Oram deals the cards out after everyone contributes to the pot and the tall card is revealed -orange-. Stan bets, Mobbex matches, Oram calls as well.*

Stan: "So... are we just going to bet chores all night? Or are we going to make this interesting?"

Mobbex: "Waddaya got in mind, huh?"

Stan: "How about food?"

Oram: "Nah, how about some booze?"

*Stan and Mobbex glance at her, then each other. Then they both look at Abbey; Who's leaning against the counter of the galley kitchen, sipping her orange beverage and watching the flow of the game.*

Stan: "I have some food down in my room. Two bundles of individualy wrapped meals. I bet two packs of rice noodles... they have sauce packets."

Mobbex: "I'll match that with this..." *He pulls a very large bar wrapped in bright red plastic, out of his boot. Dark chocolate covered cherry marzipan.*

Mobbex: "Migh' be a lil' mashed up on one end though..."

Oram : "How could I match that?"

Stan: "What do you got?"

*Oram thinks for a moment then grins slightly. Reaching into her pocket she produces a flask.*

Oram: "Bourbon... whiskey, very good stuff." *She sets the flask down in the middle of the pot.*

Stan: *Glancing at Oram then Mobbex.* "I'll take a few new cards... " *He discards three as Oram passes him three new cards from the top of the deck.*

Mobbex: "Check..." *He's watching Oram like she's about to turn into a purple weasel.*

Oram: "Well I guess this tall card is mine..." *She rearranges her hand slightly after adding the tall.*

Stan: "I'll raise two more packs of food..."

Mobbex: "I don't got anything else..." *He tosses three chore slips into the pot. Two dishes and a Filter scrubbing.*

*Oram does the same. They all set they're cards out on the table. Stan has three plums, Mobbex has three apples, all eights and a turtle, and Oram has three peaches, eights as well and a dragon as the kicker.*

Oram: "HAH! Can't beat that. My pot!" *She stacks her winnings neatly beside her hand.*

*Stan shrugs and collects the cards. Mobbex glares at Oram and leans back in his chair, which groans heavily and tips backward, causing the merc to bump his head.*

Mobbex: "Whhaa! Cào!..." *He picks himself back up and kicks the chair.* "Ruttin' chair.

*Stan, shaking his head, gets up and leaves the galley. Abbey grins, amused and continues to just sip her drink and watch.*

Oram: *To Mobbex* "Just get another one."

*Mobbex just mumbles, stands the chair back up and sits in it. Returning with an armful of food packets, Stan hands four to Oram and places the rest on the floor beside his chair. He sits and begins to shuffle the deck.*

Stan: "Alright."

*He gives the tall card deck to Oram and deals everyone five cards each. He eyes his deck carefully.*

Mobbex: "I want new cards." *He tosses three at Stan who gives him three more in return.*

Oram: "Yeah.. me too." *She places two cards in front of Stan, who replaces them from the top of the deck.*

Stan: "Well I bet more Dishes, not a big fan of dishes...."

Mobbex: "I call ya that."

Oram: "I'll raise you Trash." *She tosses the slip into the pot*

Stan: "Sure, why not" *He matches her raise, as does Mobbex.*

Stan: "I check"

Mobbex: "Me too."

Oram: "Well I might as well..."

Stan: "Fine then... dealer gets the tall."

Mobbex: "Haha! Look at 'em and cry..." *He has a straight flush*

*Stan and Oram groan in unison and toss their cards on the table. Mobbex grins cockily, takes the cards and starts the next hand. Abbey walks back over to Stan and glances at his cards.*

Abbey: *In a low whisper* "That's not a bad hand, just get rid of those two peaches.*

*Oram bets Deck washing, Stan get's two new cards and Mobbex raises Laundry and Dishes. Everyone matches. Oram checks.*

Abbey: "Very nice hand... now claim that tall card." *Stan does.*

*Mobbex squints suspiciously at Abbey. He leans forward onto the table and his chair makes a noise like a dying cow.*

Mobbex: "Dammit... BAH! I bet trash."

*The hand ends and Stan reveals his own straight flush. Mobbex swears foully and Oram laughs. Stan claims his pot and the dealership passes to Oram for the next hand.*

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Monday, June 2, 2008 5:35 PM


*Brit is sitting on the floor with a melancholy expression on her face. Her eyes glaze over a bit as she stares down at the floor. She sighs heavily. Flashbacks fill her mind. She feels like she's going crazy again*



*A tall man with a doctor's mask looked over the operating table as a more than bright light shone in Brit's eyes*
Doctor: Brit? Can you understand me?

Brit: *Nods* I can understand you. Is it over now?

Doctor: *He stands up straight and moves the light from her eyes* Well this is just the first series of tests. Later on, when we think we've got it right, we'll send you out.

Brit: Send me out... you mean in the 'verse.

Doctor: Right. How did you know that? *Grins*

Brit: I just... knew.

Doctor: Good. Well you will be meeting with a Blue Sun official in a few. Stay here, okay?

Brit: Okay, but... what will I be meeting with him for? Is it an interview?

Doctor: Once again, you are correct.

Brit: Oh. Okay then.

**End of Flashback**

*Brit's eyes open as she is lying on the ground by now. The lights on the cieling are shining in her eye as the lamp did in her flashback*

Intuition is an understatement... At the least, too debateable.

*Brit stands up & stares like a deer in the headlights. She just stands there until someone decides to come and awaken her from her trance*

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Originally posted by Strangebird:
*Mobbex squints suspiciously at Abbey. He leans forward onto the table and his chair makes a noise like a dying cow.*

Mobbex: "Dammit... BAH! I bet trash."

*The hand ends and Stan reveals his own straight flush. Mobbex swears foully and Oram laughs. Stan claims his pot and the dealership passes to Oram for the next hand.*

A couple of more hands play out. Stan wins most, Oram the others and Mobbex is having a horrible losing streak. If he continues losing, he’ll run out of things to bet soon.

Another hand is dealt.

Abbey *whispering to Stan again*: Fold. Nothing good will come of those cards.

Stan: You sure? *One ‘do you have to ask’ look from abbey and he does as she recommends.* I’m out.

Oram ends up winning the hand, taking a little more of Mobbex’s currency. He looks up at abbey, clearly annoyed.

Mobbex: What do you think you’re doing?

Abbey *sips her drink*: Nothing, just watching the game.

Mobbex: And what’s that you been whispering to Stan about?

Abbey: A little coaching on how to play with the cards he’s dealt.

Mobbex *grousing*: Yeah. Coaching…

Another hand is dealt out. Abbey looks over Stan’s cards and whispers something into his ear. Mobbex is starting to get really annoyed now.

Mobbex: Why don’t we just deal you in if you want to play so badly?

Abbey: I don’t want to play and I wouldn’t even if I wanted to.

Mobbex: And why is that?

Abbey *serious*: It wouldn’t be ethical.

Oram and Stan choke on their drinks before erupting in laughter. Mobbex growls and continues to glare at her.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008 5:49 PM


Mobbex keeps a watchful eye on Abbey as Stan is handing out the cards.

'The hell's she tryin' to fool? he thinks to himself. 'Gal ain't coachin' squat! Hell, she's rulin' on the kid's every move! That just ain't kosher...

Oram: *seizes the Tall Card deck and turns the top card face up* Ladies and kids, cherries are tall.

Mobbex unwittingly tunes out Oram's latest barb as his thoughts are now solely focused on the fiendish vixen standing by Stan's shoulder.

One o' these days I'll just... Aw, I dunno what's stoppin' me from... Oram thwacks him on the arm, derailing his train of thought.

Oram: Hey! *clicks her fingers before his visage, finally earning his attention* You playin' or not?

Mobbex: Huh, yeah... playin'. *reaches for his increasingly diminishing pile of paper strips and tosses one in the pot* Chute hosing.

Oram: *nods appreciatively* Hmm... I raise vent crawling.

Stan: *a look of revulsion comes upon his face* I see you guys are bringing out the big guns... *he pauses as Abbey leans down to whisper something into his ear, then tips his head in agreement* ...I'll call that.

Mobbex gives a low grumble as his face progressively takes on a a brick-red tint.

Mobbex: *unceremoniously throws a pair of card Stan's way* I'ma take two... *adds in an undertone* ...dipstick.

Oram: All righty... *scoops up the Tall card and slips it into her hand* ...cherry's mine.

Stan: *concerts with Abbey for a brief moment (Mobbex twitches at the exchange) before leisurely turning to his opponents again* I'll take one. *discards a card and draws another*

Mobbex: *grudgingly discloses his hand* I've got two pairs.

Oram: Rats! *sighs and leans back into her seat* I knew I should've folded.

Mobbex, seeming to have recovered some of his lost aplomb: Hah! *turns to Stan* An' wha' do you got?

Stan: *grins sheepishly and sets his cards on the table, revealing a threesome of apples* Seems this is my kind of fun, after all.

Oram throws her hands in the air in an unequivocal gesture of exasperation, but keeps mum.

Mobbex, on the other hand, is much more demonstrative in his reaction.

Mobbex: *roars thunderously* Mi tian GOHN ! *gets to his feet and forcefully bashes the table with the flat of his palm* I've had it up here with this dung! *points a stout, callused finger at Abbey* Either y'take a seat an' partake in the game proper or y'push off!

Abbey: *raises her voice to rival his clamorousness* How dare you! I'm as much a part of this crew as anybody else in this room, you have no right to make such demands on me!

Mobbex: Don't you friggin' preach on me now! 'Else I might just blow a lid'n shove you out the door myself! How'd you like that?

Abbey: *lets out a snort of outrage* I don't believe this... are you actually threatening me?

Mobbex: Tag it whatever y' want, a'dun give half a rut! Anyways, you're's dumb as a rock y' think I'm gonna let m'self get stung by some prudish chang fu with airs o' righteous priggery. I ain't havin' this no more!

Abbey, a steely edge creeping into her voice: That's it! I will NOT have you talking to me like this!

Mobbex: *smirks* Wha'? Y' think playin' kissy-face with the captain gets y' some special standing or somesuch? *cackles with laughter at the notion* Think again, duchess. If anythin', you bonkin' about the place with the first willin' bloke that comes along just serves to make all that goody-goody apparatus look a lil' more redundant. *shakes his head wryly* An' to think that one time I mistook ya for a gal of style...

Abbey narrows her eyes at him and is just about ready to return like for like when Oram literally jumps in.

Oram: *leaps out of her chair and gets right in the mercenary's face* HEY! Chill out, already! It's just a ruttin' game, no need to get all riled up over it! Good god! You know you're way more trouble than you're worth? Really I'm scratchin' my head as to how you haven't got yourself spaced out by now! It just... boggles the mind! ARGH! *hurls her cards at him and storms out in a temper*

Abbey shoots him a stony, frigid glare before briskly following suit.

Mobbex shrugs, then glances around the room with an inquiring look on his face. His countenance suddenly brightens with interest as he sets his gaze on the chair recently vacated by Oram.

Mobbex: *sighs elatedly as he plumps himself down on the thick-cushioned seat* Ahhh... *turns to his lone remaining interlocutor* Hey, kiddo, you in for a few more rounds? Night's still young, y'know. What say ye?

Secret Agent Stan: The ducks have settled in the coffee shop......


Tuesday, June 3, 2008 7:53 PM


*Stan watches Abbey as she leaves, then turns to the massive mercenary.*

Stan: "Sure... why the hell not."

*A few more hands play out. Mobbex wins the first but Stan wins the rest. In the end Mobbex is left with one remaining chore slip.*

Stan: *Shuffling the cards before the next hand* "Doesn't look like you have anything left there, man."

Mobbex: "Yeah... yeah..." *He mumbles some insult Stan doesn't quite catch*

Stan: "Well you're going to have to bet something."

Mobbex: *Pulling a wad of paper bills from his pocket* "I got cash, that good 'nuff?"

*Stan nods and begins the next hand. Betting proceeds smoothing. In the end Stan wins again and Mobbex is left with half the money he had at the start.*

Mobbex: *Mumbling* "Ruttin' damn.... pi goh.... "

*The next three rounds go no better. Mobbex bets more wisely but still ends up losing it all. After the last round Stan leans back in his chair and grins.*

"I'm fairly sure Mobbex won't let this end quietly, but I doubt that the big mercenary will do anything too violent. Besides... *He pats the small black case on his hip...*

Stan: "Well... you don't seem to have anything left to bet. We done then?"

Mobbex: "You ruttin' think I'm going to let you walk away with all my cash and leave me with a month worth of work'n?"

Stan: ".... well then what do you got?"

*Mobbex glares at him and stands up quickly, his chair screeching painfully on the floor, for a moment Stan thinks he might be preparing to jump him. He snorts and storms out of the galley, heading off in the direction of his bunk. Stan raises his eyebrow and wonders again what he's got planned. Mobbex returns after a few moments, carrying a sturdy, slightly battered armored vest. He places it roughly onto the table then takes his seat.*

Mobbex: "That good enough for you?"

*Stan eyes the flak vest suspiciously. Then picks it up to examine it more closely. He turns it over and checks the fastenings. Feeling confident that it would not only fit him, but probably stop any low caliber bullet.*

Stan: "Yeah... ok how's this sound? You win the next hand, you get back everything I've won tonight." *Mobbex smirks* " But.. if you lose I win the vest, keep all my winnings... and you have to apologize to Abbey for what you said to her."

*Mobbex squints at him. He seems to take a moment to consider the terms of the deal then nods slowly.*

Mobbex: "Yeah.. fine. Whatever."

*Mobbex shuffles the cards quickly then deals Stan his cards, then his own. He picks them up and stares blankly at them. Stan eyes his own cards, inwardly chuckling as he sees three plums and a Dragon.... the makings of a nice hand.*

Stan: *After some thought* "I'll take one new..." *He slides a card to Mobbex, who deals him a fresh card. Another plum.*

*Mobbex looks over his cards and squints at Stan... then swaps out two of his own cards. He mumbles, then pulls two pills from his pocket and tosses them back dry.*

Stan: "I'll check."

*Mobbex grins smugly and spreads his cards out on the table, four apples and a phoenix. Stan sighs deceptively then sets his own cards out, four plums and a dragon as the kicker. Stan's hand just barely beats what Mobbex has. Mobbex swears with barely contained frustration and anger. He slams his fist on the table. He pushes the vest roughly towards Stan then walks over to the galley wall, where he opens a cabinet and pulls out a bottle of saki... which he chugs about a pint of then returns to it's place. Stan blinks and watches the display.*

Mobbex: *Glaring at him.* "Alrigh' fine... I'll 'pologize ta the lady."

*He turns and heads off towards the direction Abbey had taken much early. Just as he reaches the door she enters.*

Abbey: "I also wanted to let you...."

*Mobbex, standing directly infront of her, barely a foot and a half away, sways slightly then takes on a slightly lighter pallor.*

Abbey: "What are you..."

*He holds his stomach, then with a pained groan vomits a gush of bile and alcohol all over her shoulder and down the front of her expensive looking sleeveless top.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Tuesday, June 3, 2008 9:15 PM


Colt walks into the galley to get a cup of coffee. He sees Mobbex standing next to the cabinet chugging down what looks to be sake.

*under his breath* That’s probably not smart…


Originally posted by Strangebird:
Mobbex: *Glaring at him.* "Alrigh' fine... I'll 'pologize ta the lady."

To the lady? Colt wonders what had gone on in there. He looks up right as abbey walks into the room. Deep Plum shirt with thin straps and that black suede skirt that reminds him of the grav failure… He is forced out of his daydreaming by Mobbex’s next action.


Originally posted by Strangebird:
*He holds his stomach, then with a pained groan vomits a gush of bile and alcohol all over her shoulder and down the front of her expensive looking sleeveless top.*

Colt *to Stan*: Get him to the doc and clean this mess up.

Stan: But Mobbex has this job for the next month… *Colt glares at Stan and he changes his tune.* Sure Captain. Right away.

Colt disappears down the hallway after abbey.

Stan *to Mobbex*: But I’m adding in a couple extra chores to your pile…


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 4:12 AM


*Trying not to gag, she starts walking briskly back to her shuttle.*

abbey *to herself*: He is the most vile creature out there.

*It vaguely registers that someone is following her, but she dismisses it, given her current state. Then the most peculiar sensation began. Where he had vomited on her began to burn as if it was on fire. She stops and looks over at her bare shoulder. It was turning an angry red.*

abbey *grousing *: Even his bodily fluids are toxic.

*The burning sensation spread, engulfing every inch of her skin that has come in contact with the vomit. She lifts her shirt off her skin and notices that the area under her shirt that was soaked is now turning colors as well.*

abbey: What the…

*She starts to see black spots float into her peripheral vision. Her equilibrium falters and she loses her balance. Someone catches her elbow just as she is about to fall.*

Colt: I got you abbey. You OK?

abbey *slightly dazed*: Something’s not right…

*Colt sees her shoulder and winces.*

abbey *knees beginning to weaken*: It burns…

*Colt guides her to the floor as her legs give way. Colt holds her face in his hands and looks into her eyes. Her eyes are slightly glassy.*

Colt *growing more concerned by the moment*: abbey? Darlin’? Can you hear me?

Abbey *faintly*: Don’t feel so well.

*Colt realizes that something is affecting her somehow. In a flash, he remembers that Mobbex had been injured earlier. Oram had probably given him a painkiller… His heart quickened. Panaflex. She is reacting to the Panaflex Mobbex was taking. He knows he has to get it off her as soon as possible. He picks her up and carries her to the crew shower. Once inside, he carefully enters the stall and turns on the cold water. He stands behind her, holding her up underneath the stream of water. After a couple of minutes, he feels her movements becoming stronger and more purposeful.

Colt: abbey? Can you hear me, darlin'? Say something!

abbey *slurring*: Is it raining?

Colt *smiling at her response*: You OK? *she didn’t answer* ABBEY!

She suddenly jolts awake, her body recoiling underneath the icy cold water. She tries to back away, but Colt holds her under the stream of water.

abbey: Gorram it Colt! Let go of me!

She lands an elbow into his gut and he falls backwards into the wall. She turns to face him, eyes blazing. She looks him over. He is completely clothed, but soaked to the skin. They both shiver from the icy water.

Colt *rubbing the spot where she had hit him*: I can see you’re feeling better.

abbey: Feeling better? How in the hell did I get in here? *she folds her arms over her chest and glares at him.*

Colt *standing up*. Mobbex puked on you. He had been taking Panaflex. You were having a reaction. I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

She looks over at her shoulder and sees the mess it is in. He can tell she is searching her mind to fill in the gaps, but is having a bit of trouble.

abbey *faltering*: I don’t… I don’t remember...

Colt: You need to make sure it is all washed off. *He exits the shower and closes the door behind him.* Might as well shower here.

abbey *from inside the shower*: I don’t have anything in here! No soap… No shampoo… NO CLOTHES!

Colt *grabbing his own soap and shampoo from his locker, he holds it over the top of the stall door*: You can use mine. I have a robe here as well.

abbey: Well, feel free to go about your business then.

Colt: Not going to happen. You nearly passed out and you don’t even remember how you got down here. I ain’t leaving you on your own.

abbey: Fine. *as she takes the items he offered to her from his hands* There’d better not be any peeking.

Colt: Promise. I’ll be a perfect gentleman.

abbey snorts from inside the shower stall as she turns on the hot water. He was doing OK, making sure he’s thinking on all manner of gentlemanly things until the clothes she was wearing dropped one by one over the top of the shower door onto the floor…

Colt *under his breath*: Ta ma duh


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 5:29 PM


*Oram has stalked off to her room, once inside she takes a few deep breaths and calms down enough to stop seeing red. With her urge to kill quenched for now, she changes into her PJ’s, purple and black checker boxer shorts and a button down purple t-shirt. She crawls into bed, pulling a thick book out from her bedside draw and reads from where she left off.
Not long into the book, she hears a commotion outside, and realises it's Stan calling for her. She pops her head out of the door*

Oram: What?

Stan: He just vomited all over the place… including Abbey.

Oram: *looking from Mobbex to Stan* That explains the paleness… and the smell. Bring him in.

*They both get Mobbex into the infirmary and sit him on the bed/chair. Oram takes a penlight out and shines it in Mobbex’s eyes, he winces and pushes her hand away, she pauses for a second*

Oram: Have you been drinking?

Mobbex: *defensively* I only took a couple of sips!!

Stan: More like he chugged a pint of sake.

Oram: You what…? You have a concussion, you idiot! You’re on a dose of medication to keep you awake… alcohol is a depressive! *realises who she’s talking to. She then gets a needle ready and injects him quickly* That’ll help the nausea and help your kidneys flush out what you’ve just drank. Look… you’re gonna have to be kept here, can’t risk anything happening or such.

Mobbex: But this bed is mighty uncomfortable, how am I expected to sleep?

Oram: You’re not. You’re expected to sit down, shut up and get better. I'm the one who has to sleep here. You stay awake

Stan: Um… I have a mess to clean up… I'll see you both in the morning.

*Stan leaves and Oram goes about getting pillows and blankets for both her and Mobbex, she hops up on the bench, where the spare bed is and lays on it, staring at the ceiling. It’s silent for a few moments….*

Mobbex: *obviously bored* Soooooo….

*Oram just groans and shuts her eyes tightly*


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 6:13 PM


*Colt found a set of sleep clothes in his locker, happily strips out of his wet ones and puts them on. It was nice to be warm again.*

Abbey *from inside the shower stall*: I think I’m done.

You make sure all that stuff is washed off. Take extra time. Hell, take all the time you need.

Abbey: I’ve been in here 30 minutes already. I’m using up all the hot water, Colt.

Use as much as you need. If anyone has a problem with it, they can talk to me.

Abbey *defiantly*: That’s it. I’m done. *He hears the water shut off*

*Colt is concerned that she didn’t get all the drug washed off of her, but is more worried about how he is going to get a towel, then the robe to her without any… er… “incidents.” He must have been thinking too long, because the shower door opened and she sticks her head out.*

Abbey *annoyed*: A towel would be nice. You expect me to drip dry?

*The mental picture that popped into his head wasn’t anything resembling gentlemanly.*

*Brought out of his thoughts by the intense glare he was receiving* Oh.. Uh… Here..

*She snatched the towel out of his hands, dried off and wrapped it around herself before exiting the shower. She looked in the mirror at herself, leaning on the sink a bit.*

Abbey *fatigued*: You have a comb or a brush?

*Colt is staring at her shoulder. It is mottled and red looking, resembling an actual burn. He could also plainly see the tattoo from where he was standing, it was affected as well.*

Abbey *getting annoyed*: COLT! *his attention snapped back to her face.* A comb or a brush?

*Grabbing a comb from his locker and handing it to her* Err…. Sorry.

*She starts to comb her hair, working out the knots.*

Abbey: What is wrong with you?

*Changing the subject* How do you feel?

Abbey: Still a little woozy. Tired. And like I got the worst sunburn ever.

Can you breathe all right?

Abbey: Yes. No problems there. Probably because I didn’t ingest it direct.

Good. I’ll have the doc check you out thoroughly when you get down to the infirmary.

Abbey: No infirmary. I want to go to my shuttle.

No darlin,’ Oram’s gonna take a look at you.

Abbey *eyebrow raised*: Darling?

*Ignoring her statement* She’s gonna make sure you’re OK? That’s a certainty.

Abbey *leaning tiredly back against the sink as she hands Colt back his comb*: Fine. But she can come to my shuttle. I’m tired and I want to sleep in my own bed.

*Colt puts away his comb, pulls out his robe, hands it to her and turns his back. She changes into it. She starts to walk past Colt towards the door but stumbles. He catches her.*

You OK?

Abbey *nodding*: I just want to lay down and sleep for a few days.

*He puts his arm around her waist to support her* Then let’s get you back.

*Miraculously, they made it back to her shuttle without running into anyone. He was thankful, because trying to explain why he was wearing his sleep clothes and why she was clad only in his bathrobe would have been difficult. When they got there, she went back towards her sleeping area and pulled open a drawer, bringing a sleep set out.*

Do you need any help?

Abbey *rolls eyes*: No, I don’t need any help. *She disappears around the curtain and changes. He hears her wince in pain as she puts on her shirt.*

You OK?

Abbey: Yes.

*He hears her slip into bed and waits a few moments before sticking his head around the curtain. He looks around the room, obviously searching for something.*

You have a chair around here somewhere?

Abbey *yawning, eyes drooping a bit*: A chair? Why does that matter?

I’m staying. You can’t be left alone. I don’t want to chance it.

Abbey: I don’t have a chair in here.

Then I’ll take the floor.

Abbey: You *yawns* don’t have to do that. Floor’s not exactly comfy.

I’ll do what I need to. I’m not taking any chances.

Abbey *seconds from being asleep*: Just sleep on that side of the bed. No touching though.

*Nervously slipping into the bed with her*: No touching. I get it.

*He looks over at her. She is already asleep. He watches her for the longest while, making sure she is breathing and listening for any wheezing. Hours later, he succumbs to sleep as well.*


Thursday, June 5, 2008 1:32 PM



Stan: "Um… I have a mess to clean up… I'll see you both in the morning."

*He heads to the storage closet under the stairway beside the infirmary. Rummaging around he finds two ratty old towels with numerous holes and stains from dozens of various origins. He also grabs a jug of caustic cleaning solution and, with a grumble and a groan, heads back to the galley.*

"Rrrr.... Ruttin' piece of worthless dà nǎo sǐ wáng....."

*Stan arrives in the galley and walks over to the area splattered with his crew mates vomit. As soon as he screws the lid off the cleaning fluid his eyes start to burn. He growls and sets about mopping up the vomit and cleaning the deck-plating. About twenty minutes into the ordeal he hears footsteps on the deck and looks up to see Sky entering the galley. She notices him with a look of suspicion and confusion.*

Sky: "Uh... Stan?"

Stan: Yeah... huh?"

Sky: *Moving past him to the kitchen* "Why are you cleaning what looks to be vomit off the deck... and crying?"

Stan: "What? I am not crying..."

Sky: *Raises and eyebrow and shoots him a skeptical look.* "Looks like crying to me, with tears streaking down your face and all."

Stan: "I'm not crying.. I'm having a reaction to these fuing chemicals. I don't do well with this heavy industrial stuff."

Sky: "Ok... sorry I asked. You gunna be ok? Don't need to go wake the doc or anything?"

Stan: *Still cleaning the deck.* "Nah, I'm fine. I just need to finish this tǎo yàn chore and take a shower."

*Sky sets about making herself a glass of some sort of powdered beverage. When she's finished she passes Stan again on her way out, though she stops shy of leaving.*

Sky: "Who exploded anyway?"

Stan: "That idiot mercenary.... he hasn't an ounce of brain in that oversized head of his."

Sky: *Chuckling* "Yeah... well good night."

Stan: "Heh... good night."

*Stan spends another half hour cleaning the deck. Then, feeling satisfied it couldn't get much cleaner, heads off to drop the towels in the dirty laundry. Taking pleasure in the knowledge that Mobbex will be handling laundry duty next... if he gets on his feet by then. After retrieving his winnings and tossing them in his room, he decides he should take a shower then try to get some sleep.*

*After a refreshing, but somewhat cold and weak, shower.*

*Clean, relaxed and no longer itching, Stan enters his room and lies down on his bunk. Lying on his mattress, trying to fall asleep he looks over and can faintly see the outline of his fathers journal.... maybe sleep won't be so easy.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Friday, June 6, 2008 2:59 AM


Mobbex: *joins his hands behind his head and exhales deeply* Soooooo... basically, y've got to keep me up, right? All night?

Oram's whirls her head toward him, a fierce glower on her face.

Moobex: *gives her a look of utter incomprehension* Wh... what'd I... *frowns as he gets a clue* Hey now, I wasn't hintin' at nothin'... you... Mrghhh!

They stare angrily at each other for a moment, then...

Mobbex and Oram, in flawless synchro: Bah! Forget it.

They lie silent for the next couple of minutes, much to Oram's delight. The low-pitched hum of the ship's engines gradually lulls her into a semblance of sleep as the seconds tick by.

As for Mobbex, he twists and turns restlessly on the smallish couch, hoping to happen on a more or less comfortable position.

His racket seems to disturb Oram's peacefulness as the diminutive doctor shifts on her make-do bed.

Mobbex: Hey, hum... *clears his throat raucously* ...y' mind if I peel down some? These togs stink of barf.

Oram, her voice halfway between a groan and a snort: Just when I thought I'd hit rock bottom... *sighs* ...sure, go ahead.

Mobbex strips down to his boxer shorts, then hurls his noisome attire through the doorway and plunks himself back on the infirmary bed.

Yup, he thinks. Gonna be a long night.

Secret Agent Stan: The ducks have settled in the coffee shop......


Sunday, June 8, 2008 2:07 PM


*Oram listens to Mobbex’s attempts at keeping himself awake, including his attempted conversation. She answers when needed but feels herself slipping into sleep. Next thing she knows she wakes with a jump and finds Mobbex standing over her, holding her wrist*

Oram: Yrrthn… *blinking* Wha’ you doin’?

Mobbex: Ya having night terrors; was getting bored with watching you twitch.

Oram: *rolls her eyes, than says sarcastically* Thanks, you’re concern overwhelms me.

Mobbex: *has obviously missed the sarcasm* Was nothin’… just didn’t want ya to roll off the bench.

Oram: *her head is hurting and she feels ill* Yeah, whatever. Look. I’m gonna go up and make myself a cuppa… I won’t be long.

*She leaves the infirmary heading for the galley*


Sunday, June 8, 2008 2:22 PM


*He woke up in the morning with abbey against his chest, his arm wrapped protectively around her waist. He took a deep breath in, unconsciously tightening his grip around her. She stirred, sighed softly and fell back asleep. He looked down at her. A small smile graced her face. He placed a kiss on her temple and carefully slipped out of bed. It was early, so he managed to get to the galley without notice. Forgetting the mess they had left in the crew shower the night before, he rushed down there to retrieve the evidence. He had another stroke of luck and no one had been there yet. He gathered up everything and wrapped it them up in the towel she had used. He set their boots on the warming grate in his bunk to dry them out and decided to wash their actual garments later on with the rest of his laundry. He couldn’t have abbey touching them, not with the reaction she had. He got dressed and put a spare pair of boots on before starting back towards her shuttle. He came upon Oram on the way.*

Hey doc. Could you go look in on abbey?

Oram *scrunching her eyebrows at him*: Why? She sick?

You heard about Mobbex puking on her last night, right?

Oram *rolling her eyes*: Yes. Got all the gory details when Stan brought Mobbex down to the infirmary last night. *She smiled a bit* That had to be nasty.

*Not smiling* Was Mobbex taking Panaflex?

Oram: I think it’s been helping him out a lot.

Do you think his stomach contents would contain Panaflex in it?

Oram: Yes. Especially if he just took some. *Her eyes widen as she suddenly realizes what Colt was getting at.* Is she OK?

I think so. She insisted on going to the shuttle last night. I stayed… uh… I checked in on her a bunch last night. Seems to be breathing fine.

Oram: Is she burned? *Colt nodded and she turned back towards the infirmary.* Is she asleep?

Yes. I mean… she was the last time I checked.

Oram: She’ll probably sleep for a while. I’ll let her rest some more, then go check on her.

Good. I’ll be up on the bridge. I want an update.

Oram: Yes Captain.

And Oram? Do you think we could get rid of the stuff altogether? I don’t want anything like this happening again.

Oram: My sentiments exactly.


Sunday, June 8, 2008 6:37 PM


*abbey opens her eyes and tries to focus as the room spins just a bit. She groans as she covers her eyes, but it doesn’t help much.*

*She reaches behind her and feels the bed. It is vacant and the sheets are cold. Colt was gone and had been for a while. Her heart falls a little. She woke up twice that night, briefly fighting through the haze to realize he was there with his arms wrapped around her. Even though she hurt and felt like she was drowning in a sea of fatigue, he made her feel safe. It was… nice. She pushes that thought out of her mind.*

abbey: Probably for the better… No need to muck things up right now.

*She feels so tired. Like she could sleep for a week. Her head hurts and her shoulder burns like fire. She reopens her eyes, sits slowly up, buries her face in her hands and leans forward as far as she can. After sitting that way for a bit, she stands up slowly and goes towards the mirror to check the burn out. It is red, like a bad sunburn. She gingerly touches it and winces. She tries to move it, but can only comfortably raise her hand as high as her shoulder.*

*She looks into the mirror and back towards the clock. The room started to spin a bit again. Before she knows it, she is at the sink, retching.*


Monday, June 9, 2008 7:05 PM


*Stan wakes up feeling somewhat congested. He feels around beside his cot for his glasses, which are setting atop the journal resting on the small box that serves as a bedside table.The ship is quiet, besides the low rumble from the engines he can barely discern a light clank of footsteps on the deck. He coughs to clear his throat as he sits up and stretches and rubs his sore neck. He gets up, grabs a clean pair of dull green coveralls, a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt and changes. Dressed and partially awake he heads out of his room and up to the galley to make something to eat.*

*He enters the galley and nods to Spots, who's seated at the table eating a bowl of oatmeal. Stan walks over to the kitchen and boils some water to prepare some instant grits and a cup of strong tea. A few minutes later he takes a seat a couple of chairs down from Spots and begins to eat.*

Spots: "Sleep well last night? Sky told me about the.. incident."

Stan: *Sipping his tea* "News travels fast on this boat. Yeah I slept ok. It's going to take a week before I smell anything but vomit and industrial cleaning agents...."

Spots: *Glancing down at his nearly finished bowl of oatmeal* "Oh well... I'm done."

Stan: "Sorry, have you seen the Captain this morning?"

Spots: "Yeah, I think I saw him heading up to the bridge just after I woke up."

*He gets up and sets his bowl in the sink before heading off towards the aft hallway*

Spots: "Seeya.."

*Stan finishes his tea and bowl of grits quickly and leaves the galley in the direction of the bridge. Going over what he's going to say to Colt before hand. Entering he sees the captain seated in the pilot's chair, nervously fiddling with the communications settings. He doesn't notice Stan as he comes in.*

Stan: "Uh.. Good morning Captain."

Colt: *Turning his head sharply* "Wha..? Oh Stan.. good mornin'."

Stan: "Are you busy with anything? I kinda had some ideas about the job and I wanted to run them by you before I did anything."

Colt: "No.. not really. What about the job?"

Stan: *Taking the right seat.. typically the Captain's seat.* "Well.. I was wondering if we needed anything... like wireless microphones or receivers. Sounds like we'll need to stay in contact with each other and..."

Colt: ".... and hand comms will be a bit obvious. Yeah.... I was thinkin' that, myself."

Stan: "Well I might be able to help. I have a friend, he might know some people."

Colt: "Ok. How good a friend?"

Stan: "You don't have to worry about this guy, sir. I won't tell him all the details, but I'd trust this guy with my life."

Colt: *Staring appraisingly at Stan* "Ok... but don't you tell him anything he don't need to know."

Stan: "Yes sir, do you think we'll need anything else?"

Colt: *After considering a moment* "Well we'll need a boat. For at least six, no more."

Stan: "I think he can help with that too."

Colt: "What's this friends name anyway?"

Stan: "Joey Li, he's practically family."

Colt: "Good 'nuff then. This goes bad, you best run. You and me won't be friendly, 'that happens. I'm trusting you, you're part of my crew. Dong liu ma?"

*Stan nods then stands up*

Stan: "I can send the wave from up here, if you want I can also take your shift. I'd like some more hours flying this old bird."

*Colt looks back at the comm settings, tweaks a dial then gets up from his seat. As he passes Stan he claps him genially on the shoulder.*

Colt: "It's all your's kid... I could really get used to havin' more than one other pilot aboard."

*Stan takes the pilot's chair and runs a check to make note of the current navigational headings as the captain stands staring out the veiwshield for a moment.*

Colt: *Turning around and leaving* "Just keep 'er on this heading, holler over the comm if we get troubles."

*Stan leans back in the chair, gazing out at the blackness of space, marked only by the shimmer of a few small bodies of reflective mass and the pinprick lights of billions of stars. He stays this way for a while, his hands clasped thoughtfully and resting on his chest. After an indeterminable amount of time he leans forward over the control dash and brings up the cortex.*

*Secure Encrypted Wave*
Sender: Stanley Enys #87621-15013-332-21-7
Recipient: Joey Li #87642-16733-321-21-7

Aloha my friend,

Guess you're hearing from me a good bit sooner than expected. I hope you're well. I'm needing some help with something shady. We, my captain, myself and the crew I'm with, need some tech for the next job. Which is, of all places, on Newhall. Nothing serious, or too hard to find, I'd hope. I hate asking you for a favor like this, but I really wanted to show this crew I can be of more use than scrubbing the decks.

We'll need;

Nine sets of wireless microphones and receivers. Preferably something concealable and durable enough to handle the humidity.

A small transport skiff. At least large enough for six people. Even a small fishing boat will suffice I'd imagine, as long as it's seaworthy enough to handle open surf.

I could also use a..... *He glances up out the viewshield thoughtfully before finishing the sentence*

We'll need this stuff by tomorrow. I wish I'd have thought of this sooner to give you more notice. Let me know if you can help.
And tell your Grandma I said Aloha.
Mahalo and keep in touch.

Your Brah,

*Finishing up he sends the wave and goes back to babysitting the ships navigations. He begins to think about the job and any other way he might be able to help out. The Book continues on steadily, moving silently through the vacuum of space.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:47 PM


abbey is sleeping when Oram comes in, so she sits down next to her on the bed and starts going through the contents of her bag, pulling out any items that she knows she will be using. abbey stirs a bit.

abbey *murmuring with a slight smile on her face*: Colt? You staying for a bit?

Oram *smiling*: Nope. Just me. Captain’s on the bridge. His days of having to look in on you in the middle of the night have come to an end.

abbey jolts awake, her heart pounding against her chest. She hadn’t thought about the possibility of anyone else coming into her shuttle. She replays what she just said. She was asking Colt if he was going to stay. Even though she is still angry with him for their blowup about Grayson, she still wanted him to stay. She is immensely grateful that Oram did not read between the lines of her request.

abbey sits up quickly and winces in pain. Oram looks over at her in concern. She can see abbey’s shoulder a lot better now that she is sitting up.

Oram: That looks nasty.

abbey *dryly*: Is that your expert opinion? You learn that at the MedAcad?

Oram *sticking tongue out at abbey*: No. It’s just an observation. I do need to look at it though.

abbey: While you are doing that, could you please tell me how Mobbex puked Panaflex on me? I wasn’t exactly able to get the whole story last night on account of me being half-conscious and burned.

After a thorough examination and explanation, Oram starts putting her stethoscope and other things back in her bag.

abbey: What’s the verdict?

Oram: Your lungs are clear. I didn’t think there would be any problem there, but I know it’s comforting to know for sure.

abbey: Thanks.

Oram: All in all, the burn is not as bad as I thought it would be.

abbey: Not as bad?

Oram: These usually blister or worse and can cause extensive scarring. Yours just seems like a bad sunburn.

abbey: Just a sunburn? Oram, it hurts like hell!

Oram: Big baby.

abbey *getting annoyed*: You have something constructive to say, mei mei?

Oram *as she pulls out a tube of cream*: This is an analgesic cream. It will help with the pain and soothe the affected area. I need you to put it on often.

abbey *sniffing the cream, and wrinkling up her nose*: Wo de tian, Oram. This stuff smells foul!

Oram *taking the cream back and sniffing it*: It does not! *hands it back to abbey who smells it again, this time turning a slight shade of green.* You ok?

abbey puts her hand over her mouth, bolts from the bed and retches into the sink. Oram follows her. Without looking, abbey reaches for a nearby cloth when she is finished and wipes her face. The whole process seems too calculated to Oram.

Oram: Been nauseous? You look a little too… familiar with your sink.

abbey *taking in a deep breath*: A bit.

Oram: You were gonna mention it when?

abbey *standing up*: It’s just nerves.

Oram: Or could be something more.

abbey: Like what?

Oram: I had Mobbex on a cocktail of different things. Since the Panaflex made the area it touched like a big open wound, it wouldn’t be a stretch that to think that some of the other drugs might have been absorbed into your skin.

abbey *a little more concerned*: Like what?

Oram: You were drinking last night weren’t you?

abbey: Yes. Had a couple of glasses of d’Orange.

Oram: Mobbex got sick after he drank. Although he chugged all of his beverage at once, so it came up really fast. Unfortunately, all on you.

abbey: Thank him for me will you?

Oram: You, on the other hand, drank slower and more steadily. One of the drugs I gave him binds itself to alcohol if it’s present and can cause vomiting for a couple of days.

abbey *groans*: The gift that keeps giving.

Oram: That particular drug is supposed to keep you awake for long periods of time.

abbey walked to her bed a tiredly flopped herself back onto it.

abbey: Well, that’s not a problem here.

Oram: The Panaflex overwhelmed that particular function of the drug. *She fishes a couple of pills out of her bag.* Take these. It will help with the nausea.

abbey eagerly takes them from Oram, swallows a couple of them whole and puts the others on her nightstand. Oram picks up the cream and helps abbey put it wherever she can’t reach. abbey is getting tired, so Oram tucks her back into bed.

abbey *yawning*: That cream does make everything feel so much better. Thanks mei mei.

Oram: Well, by the time we have to deal with our upcoming job, this burn should be nothing more than a nuisance.

The thought of slavers dredges up feelings that abbey doesn’t want to remember.

abbey: I can’t believe we’re doing that job.

Oram: I can’t believe you are doing that job.

abbey *eyes drooping*: I have no choice. And I’ve made up my mind. I don’t want to hear any more talk about it.

Oram: But abbey… Maybe I should call Grayson…

abbey *sleepily, but voice suddenly razor sharp*: You even say a single word to him and I will never forgive you.

Oram: Your fight with him that bad? Sounds like there is more there than you’re telling me.

abbey: I don’t want to talk about it. *yawns widely*

Oram: We’ll talk later. You need your rest.

abbey: That I do.

Oram *as she picks up the rest of her items and returns them to her bag*: Well I have to go report to our fearless leader on your condition.

abbey *half asleep*: You do?

Oram: I do.

abbey *barely above a whisper*: Can you tell him I’d like to talk to him later?


Wednesday, June 11, 2008 6:09 AM


*Oram comes across Colt in the galley. He is sitting there, with a cup of coffee in one hand and his head leaning back on the chair. His eyes are closed, so she almost thinks he is asleep.*

Do you need something Doc?

Oram: You look like crap.

*picking his head up and opening his eyes to look at her* You come here just to tell me that?

Oram: You look like you didn’t sleep all night.

Very little.

Oram: Checking in on abbey?

*nodding* I was worried.

Oram: I let her sleep most of the day before going to visit her. She needs the rest. I just got done checking her out.

*sitting up straighter in his chair* How is she?

Oram: Lungs are clear. *He lets out a breath of relief* There wasn’t much of a chance they would be affected, but I checked for sure.

I watched her while she was asleep. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining if I heard a wheeze or not. *He catches himself. He had told her earlier that he had only checked in on her. He changes the subject quickly.* It’s good to know.

*Oram doesn’t seem to notice.*

Oram: The burn is relatively minor. I was surprised.


Oram: It’s just that when things like this happen, it is usually much more serious. Blistering and even loss of layers of skin. Extensive scarring is a very real possibility.

*flinching inwardly at the thought of abbey being scarred* She’s not gonna have that, is she?

Oram: No, like I said, hers is not much more that a bad sunburn.


Oram *pausing and looking at him*: You found her last night? Right after it happened? *Colt nods* What did you do to keep it from getting as bad as it could have been?

*Colt thinks back to the shower. He isn’t sure he could explain it without it coming out misunderstood. He swallows thickly.*

What do you mean?

Oram: What did you do? Short of dumping her in a shower, I don’t see how the Panaflex got off her skin.

That’s what I did. Carried her to the nearest shower and dumped her in there. *he adds the next part quickly * Clothes and all.

Oram: And she was able to stand on her own when you put her in there? *Oram sits down and rubs her head.* That’s odd.

*trying to change the subject* Your head still hurt?

Oram *nodding*: Hurts a bit. *She continues her line of questioning* She was Ok enough to stand?

*knows she isn’t going to stop until he tells her more* No. I turned on the cold water and held her underneath it until she came around.

Oram: It probably saved her from having permanent damage. *chuckling a bit* I bet she liked that. Jolting awake under freezing cold water.

*rubbing the place where she had elbowed him the night before* I know. She packs a good whollop. I didn’t think I was going to be able to pull a decent breath the whole time she was in there showering.

Oram: She showered after then?

*nervously* I was a perfect gentleman, you can ask her. I didn’t… watch… or anything.

Oram *rubbing her head again*: Well, you did a fine job, Captain.

Anything else I should know?

Oram: She’ll be a bit fatigued for a while. She should probably stay in bed. She’s also a bit nauseous. I gave her some medicine for that and the burn. She should be good by the time we have to do the upcoming job.

*Colt tenses up at the thought of abbey putting herself in danger when she doesn’t have to. He has crew for jobs like this. But he knows she has her mind set and short of doping her, she is going to insist on coming. He also knows she is right. She will be able to pose as a buyer easier, plus she is a better shot. He doesn’t have to like it though. Oram’s voice brings him out of his thoughts.*

Oram: I don’t want her to go either.

You know she won’t be persuaded from what she’s decided.

Oram: I know. *she gets up from the table* I’m going to go take a nap myself before dinner comes around. Mobbex kept me up half the night. *Colt gives her a strange look* In the Infirmary!

Just playing with you, Doc. You go get that rest. Dinner’s is an hour or so away.

*Oram heads towards the door. Just as she gets to the door, she turns back to him.*

Oram: Oh! And she was asking for you. Said she’d like to talk to you later. Probably wants to say thanks or something.

Colt: Oh… Well… I’ll find out what she wants later tonight… Let her get some rest.

*Oram nods to him in agreement and disappears through the doorway.*


Wednesday, June 11, 2008 4:22 PM


*She comes out of her slumber to find the curtain between her living area and the cockpit pulled back. Colt is sitting in the pilot’s chair, dozing. She looks down and notices the tray of food he must have brought her. For once, she is feeling hungry and devours everything that is there. When she finishes, she places the tray on her nightstand, sits up in bed and watches him. He looks tired. He stirs, opens his eyes and looks at her.*

abbey: That’s got to be uncomfortable.

Colt *stretching*: That’s an understatement. But I probably should have slept here last night. Instead of…

abbey: It’s OK. I didn’t mind.

Colt: I… uh… I didn’t mean to wake up with you like that.

abbey *thinking about how she woke up a couple of times with him holding her *: It’s OK.

Colt: I know you said no touching…

abbey: I know. I'm sure it wasn’t intentional.

*A silence fills the room. Both of them avoid eye contact. Colt breaks the silence with small talk.*

Colt: You feeling better?

abbey: A lot. Oram gave me some medicine. The pain from the burn is mild. *pause* Thanks for the food, by the way.

Colt *shrugging slightly*: I thought you might be hungry seeing how you missed breakfast and lunch.

*Silence fills the room again. Colt busies himself by taking inventory on the screws along the floor, but he knows this is the best time to try to apologize to her for his behavior the other day. They are alone and not likely to be interrupted. He wants to fix things with her.*

Colt: I wanted to tell you that I jumped the gun about Grayson the other day. I’m sorry about that. I really am. I hope you can forgive me.

abbey: I know, but you should trust me a little more. I didn’t know how long it would be before I forgave you or even if I ever could. *Colt tensed at that comment* But you’ve been extra nice lately. Nothing says ‘I’m sorry’ like saving a girl from permanent scarring. Makes her want to reconsider. *takes in deep breath* I don’t want to be angry with you, I don’t like it.

Colt *smiling*: Really? *I have a chance, he thought.* I don’t like being angry with you either, but…

abbey: You have questions, don’t you?

Colt *shifting in his chair*: Yes.

abbey *stiffening up*: About Grayson?

Colt *trying to tread lightly*: Yes.

abbey *swallowing hard*: OK. Just no yelling or accusations, OK?

Colt: Fair enough.

abbey *taking a deep breath and closing her eyes*: OK. I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be.

Colt: How long have you known him?

abbey: Twelve years.

Colt: And your… thing… was a long time ago?

abbey: Yes. Nine years ago.

Colt: Why’d it end?

abbey: He was a client… It was… unprofessional.

Colt: Did you love him?

abbey: I think both of us knew that it was a short term thing. It was at a low point in both of our lives.

Colt: But did you love him.

abbey: No.

Colt: So now, he really is just an old friend?

abbey: Yes.

Colt *taking in a deep breath of his own*: Why did he act like he owned you? Like he had the right to take over your life?

abbey: I don’t know. He just feels overprotective of me since we…

*They pause for a moment before Colt breaks the silence.*

Colt: Why did he just expect you to leave?

abbey: He did background checks on everyone on the ship. *Colt stiffened at her statement* He didn’t like what he saw, even though he couldn’t find anything concrete. He was just was worried. He tried to convince me to leave, but I turned him down.

Colt *shocked*: You did?

abbey *chuckling a bit*: I actually ditched him. Sneaked out the bathroom window. Left a note telling him it wasn’t going to happen.

Colt: Why?

abbey: Oram is here… And you. *Colt gets a big smile on his face. He really has a chance now.*

Colt: It helps now that we have everything out in the open.

abbey *knows that isn’t the truth, she is still hiding a very large part in her life and isn’t willing to tell him… yet*: I do too.

Colt: Are we OK now?

abbey: Yes.

*Colt crosses over and sits down on the bed next to her, looking deeply into her eyes.*

Colt *softly*: Can I kiss you?

abbey *whispering back*: I was hoping you would.

*Colt leaned over and gently pulled her toward him. He gave her a light kiss, merely brushing her lips. She responded by leaning closer towards him, kissing him back.*

abbey: I’ve *kiss* missed you.

Colt *stopping to look into her eyes*: Me, too.

The kissing continued, becoming more and more passionate.

abbey: Did you lock the door?

Colt *pulling her into a tight embrace*: Checked it twice.


Thursday, June 12, 2008 2:54 PM


*Piloting can be an exciting career, some days. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, this was not one of those days. Stan went about his duty of minding the ships heading, as he has helped to do for the past few weeks. As the day ran on he busied himself with various tasks and checked every hour for any incoming waves. By the end of his original shift, having done both Colt's and his own, he grows weary and starts to drift off at the helm. A faint chime from the ship's communications terminal catches his attention and saves him the trouble he would have gotten in, had he fallen asleep. Leaning forward he finds the wave he'd been waiting for has come.*

*Secure Encrypted Wave*
Sender: Joey Li #87642-16733-321-21-7
Recipient: Stanley Enys #87621-15013-332-21-7


Ya right, I really didn' expect to hear from ya so soon. Figured ya'd be off having fun, living the life of a pirate! Hah! Hope ya's got plenny wahine to keep ya warm in the black. Eh? Any kine, I got what ya need all set up. Kay? I got a contact in Little Port, remember there? It's about two hundred miles south of Vanteel... about three hundred east of Nelumbo. I sent the exact coords tagged onto the wave. Braddah by the name of Coaster, crazy akamai, dun let his face fool ya! I was able to talk him down to sell ya everthin' plenny chang. So not as akamai as they say, maybe? Either way, brah, deals all set out. Don' hesitate to ask me for help, anytime. Family, 'ohana holo'oko'a as my grandma say.

Aloha kāua.

*Stan enters the coordinates tagged onto the wave and makes sure the Book's computer navigations can easily find the small port city. After another hour at the watch, Wash comes in to relieve Stan.*

Wash: "Hey Stan.." *She notes his relaxed state, leaning back with his feet on the control dash* "..tired?"

Stan: "Wah?" *He takes his feet off the dash and sits up.* "Oh.. no, just sorta.. bored."

Wash: "Yeah, let me know if you're ever think you can't stay awake. God knows I've nearly fallen asleep up here myself."

Stan: "Yeah, sure..."

*Stan gets up and lets Wash take the helm. She fiddles with some of the navigational settings and adjusts the heading a smidge.*

Stan: "Good night... big day tomorrow. Let me know if you want me to mind the ship while you get some sleep in the morning. I'm pretty sure I might even be ready to land this bird."

Wash: "Well.... we'll see. G'night."

*Stan leaves the bridge and proceeds to the galley to see if there's anything around to eat. After a small, and late dinner he heads off to find the captain, after twenty minutes of looking about he gives up and walks down to the passenger's head. Deciding against a shower, he brushes his teeth and splashes some water on his face before he goes to his quarters. As he strips out of his coveralls he briefly considers reading a few pages of the journal before sleeping.*

"Nah... that journal will keep me awake for hours if I pick it up. Tomorrow's going to be crazy, and I need at least a couple hours of sleep."

*He turns off the light and tucks in, falling to sleep within moments.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Thursday, June 12, 2008 7:56 PM


*She wakes up in the morning with her head on Colt’s shoulder. His one arm is wrapped around her as he holds her close to him. She usually sleeps so well when he is there, but today she feels exhausted.*

*He stirs, wrapping his other arm around her.*

Colt *contented*: Morning darling.’

abbey *flatly, feeling more tired than before she went to bed*: Morning.

*Colt looks down at her.*

Colt: You OK?

abbey: Just feeling a bit tired.

Colt *running his fingertips lightly down her spine*: You have to be anywhere this morning? I don’t…

abbey *snapping*: Is that all guys think about? I said I was tired.

Colt *recoiling a bit, resuming to just embrace her*: Sorry.

abbey *calming down a bit*: No I should be sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I must be more tired than I thought.

Colt *suggestively as he kissed her neck*: Well, we were up rather late last night…

abbey *smiling*: That we were. Maybe I’ll just sleep in a bit.

Colt: You need anything?

abbey: No. You should probably get going anyway. The crew will be waking up soon.

Colt *exhaling deeply*: I know. I just wanted to stay as long as I could.

*Colt slides out of the bed and dresses himself. He comes around the bed and kisses her softly. She is half asleep already.*

abbey *groggily*: I’ll be out later. Got to have breakfast sometime today.

Colt *stroking her hair*: You get your rest. I’ll see you then.

*abbey closes her eyes and quickly drifts off to sleep.*


Saturday, June 14, 2008 5:57 PM


*Stan gets up, takes a quick shower, dresses and goes about his usual morning routine. Casting a glance around for the captain as he does so. As he's finishing breakfast Colt enters the galley from the forward hallway.*

"Good morning, Captain."

Colt: "G'mornin' Stan."

*Colt continues on through the galley, apparently on his way to someplace aft.*


Colt; *Turning around* "Yeah, Stan?"

"I hear back from my brah.. err friend. Says the deal is a go. Got a contact and a location."

Colt: *Looking confused for a brief moment* "Wha..? Riight, your buddy. He got us the stuff then?"

*Stan nods quickly before explaining further.*

"Found a guy who can sell it to us, muy chang. The communications tech and a sea worthy boat. He didn't give details on the stuff though, just said he set up a meeting and convinced the guy to give us a cut in price."

Colt: "Great, I 'spect you already entered the coords and such into the navigations?"

"Yeah, won't be out of our way at all."

Colt: "Fair enough, you handle the deal. You take Mobbex with you. I won't need him until this job starts, and besides, if this turns out for the worse... won't miss him much."

"You sure, I don't trust Mobbex..."

Colt: "Well I don't quite trust your friend neither. You, you're part of my crew now, but that doesn't mean I'd risk losing a crew member I'd lose much sleep over. We can do this job without either of you, 't'll be a bit harder but we'd manage. Now go take the helm until we get into orbit, let Wash have a few hours sleep."

"Yes sir."

*Stan plunks his bowl down in the sink and heads up to the bridge to take the helm from Wash, thinking along the way how much his days are begining to blend together.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Saturday, June 14, 2008 7:46 PM


**abbey hasn’t come down for breakfast and it is almost 10:45 in the morning. Getting a bit worried, Colt makes his way towards her shuttle and slips in. He finds her in her bed, still sleeping. Colt regards her. He hopes she isn’t getting sick. He’s spent enough time with her lately that getting sick along with her will not go unnoticed. Explaining that could be interesting.*

*He kisses her temple and she stirs.*

Colt: Feeling better?

Abbey *annoyed*: Better? It’s only been a few minutes… I can’t believe you’re waking me up already. I told you I wasn’t in the mood.

*Colt backs away from her.*

Colt: No need to get tetchy. I was just checking on you. *she snorts* Anyway, it’s getting closer to 11:00 am. I got worried.

*abbey sits up quickly, pulls the sheet around her, stands up and checks her clock.*

abbey: Eleven? I have a joint wave with the House at 11:00!

*She starts tearing through her drawers looking for something to wear. The sheet falls to the floor as she starts getting dressed.*

Colt *coyly as he watches her*: If it were up to me, you’d never make it to the cortex. You look quite… enticing.

abbey *half dressed, looking at him with venom*: Get out.

Colt *surprised*: What?

abbey *pushing him towards the door*: GET. OUT.

*She shoves him out of her shuttle and slams the door after him.*

Colt *loudly*: It was a compliment!

*She finishes getting dressed and returns to her calendar to see if there is mention of the topics for the wave, something catches her eye.*

abbey: Jao gao…


Sunday, June 15, 2008 5:51 AM


Earlier that Morning While every one is still asleep

(spots lays in his bunk thrashing around)

Issy.... no come back Issy...ISSY!!!!

(popping up in his bed in a cold sweat)
***breathing heavily** (spots cradles his face in his hands) ^the memory play like an on video in his mind^
(in Otto's hand a paper that reads) Due to the lack of any legal guardian and responsable adult, the Union of Allied Planets here by decrees that Otto and Isabelle Westfall shall be taken into protective custody...

Otto: what does this mean

Lt Col. Bradshaw: it means that you and your rebel family can no longer exist and this land is now property of the UAP.

Otto; you cant do this my mother is still a live we have rights

LtCol.Bradshaw: No boy your mother is a lunatic and is being sent to a facility that can helper and suite her special needs... (to his men) take the girl.. cuff the boy if you have to
(as the men move to execute out Bradshaw's orders young Otto runs and tries to free his sister but is tackled and cuff and hauled off)


Issy: OTTO DON'T GO (as Otto is thrown into the transport)

Spots: I won't give up on you Issy


Sunday, June 15, 2008 5:43 PM


*Lost in thought, abbey wanders the ship with Colt’s box of fruity-oatey bars stuck under her arm. She doesn’t really have a destination in mind, but it is nice to get out of her shuttle, even if she does still feel a bit tired.*

*She unwraps a fruity-oatey bar and starts nibbling on it. She is walking through the passenger dorms when she looks up and spots Brit standing there, staring off into space.*

abbey: Brit? You OK?

*Brit slowly focuses in on abbey’s face. Then down to the box of fruity-oatey bars.*

Brit: Can I have one?

abbey *holding out the half full box to her*: Sure.

*Brit grabs the box from abbey, opens one of the bars up and takes a big bite.*

Brit: Yummmm… *smiles* I’m really hungry… and a bit thirsty too. Thanks abbey!

*abbey smiles back at her and reaches out for the box, but Brit dashes off toward the galley, taking the box with her.*

abbey: Hey!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008 5:26 PM


*Stan arrives on the bridge. Wash is calmly staring out the viewshield, fiddling with some toy dinos. She turns to look at him as he enters.*

Wash: "Hey Stan, it's still my shift... you aren't taking people's shifts again are you? You'll make me look bad. HAH!"

Stan: "Heh.. no, the Captain asked me to let you get some rest."

Wash: "Aw, that's nice of you. But really, I'm fine, only a few hours until we get there. I already got some sleep before my shift started. You go, I can handle this."

Stan: "Really? It's no problem for me.."

Wash: "GO, seriously. No trouble. I love flying this ship, it's all the rest I need."

Stan: "Alright, if you need me I'll be in my room or the cargo hold."

Wash: "Alrighty."

*Stan leaves the bridge and heads down to his quarters, glancing at the journal he decides he'll read a bit before he preps for the job. He closes his door, walks over to his cot and sits down. Picking up the journal he opens it to the spot marked with a scrap of wire...*

_August 12, 2507_

_The ship has taken some damage while being involved in a recent skirmish. Nothing dire, but we'll need to set down on one of the moons of Heinlein for repairs. She told me it wouldn't take long to fix the main thruster, hopefully she's correct..._

_August 15, 2507_

_Evelyn got word from Mary. She wrote about your schooling, and how much you've grown. I sometimes regret having chosen this life. Hopefully this war will be over and we'll be able to return home. Thank god Newhall hasn't seen any battles. The Alliance may not be using caution or foresight in the war. But they cannot be called fools for not bombing the largest and purest source of water in the system._

*Stan reads for only an hour before setting the journal down. Grabbing his satchel and the small black case, he slings the one over his shoulder and straps the other back on his left hip. Leaving his quarters he heads over to the infirmary, thinking he'll find who he's looking for there. As he enters he sees the large gunhand doing pushups on the floor beside the examining chair.*

Mobbex: "1234... 1235... 1236..."

Stan: "Mobbe...."

*As he walks into the room he notices the strong, over-powering smell of sweat, body odor and other scents he wished he couldn't identify.*

Stan: "My god... is this an infirmary or a sweat lodge?"

Mobbex: "1240... 1241.. just a second.. 1242... 1243..."

Stan: "Yeah.. Captain said you... uh.. you need to take a shower. Get cleaned up... ahh.. Are you feeling any better?"

Mobbex: "1252... 1253... 1254..."

*He continues for a few minutes, ignoring Stan. Who, meanwhile, has left the room and waits outside the door.*

Mobbex: "1296... 1297... 1298... 1299... 1300.. OK!"

*Mobbex hops to his feet quickly and leaves the Infirmary. He stops just outside the door and turns to Stan.*

Mobbex: "What's this about the Cap orderin' me to bathe? What's he care 'bout how clean I am?"

*He lifts his muscled arm and sniffs...*

Mobbex: "Hell.. I don't even smell."

Stan: *Looking amused and slightly disgusted* "Apparently... Any kine, the Captain said you're going with me to fetch the boat and comms. There could be trouble."

Mobbex: "Why's the cap'n sending you on that sort of errand?"

Stan: "Well, since I was the one who found the contact, and since he's someone who knows who I am."

Mobbex: "... Oh. Then what's any of this got to do with showerin'?"

Stan: "Never mind, just know we'll be leaving in the shuttle as soon as the Book gets into outer orbit. Might want to be armed and dressed for a warm climate. I stress the armed part. This fence we'll be meeting sounds wonkos."

*Mobbex grunts and heads off towards the galley. Stan glances after him a second then heads down to the cargo hold to clear a big enough space for a boat, and to find the axillary tow cable.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Thursday, June 19, 2008 7:03 AM


*abbey looks for Brit for a while after she had disappeared with the rest of her fruity-oatey bars, but the girl is either too fast or she hides too well.*

abbey *under her breath*: Gorram girl stole my bars. What kind if person would do that? It's rude.

*She wanders around the ship some more thinking and making a half-hearted attempt of finding Brit. Finally she gives up and goes to get something else. She rummages around until she finds what she is looking for, grabs a handful and shoves them in her pocket. She replaces the box to where she found it and returns to her shuttle to hide them away for later.*


Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:40 AM


*By the time he's rearranged the port side of the cargo hold and found the axillary tow cable, Stan has formed the basis of his plan for the first part of the job he's been given. He takes the tow cable, the needed fastening equipment and some spare rope and deposits them in the port shuttle. He also stops in the cockpit and transfers the navigational data for the destination from the Book's main computers.. After he heads up to the gallery, passing Abbey on his way.*

Abbey: "Good morning."

Stan: "G'morning. Are you ok?"

Abbey: "What?"

Stan: "Just wondering how you're feeling. Haven't seen you much since the... occurrence.. the other night."

Abbey: "Oh, yeah I'm fine."

Stan: "Nice to hear...

Abbey: "Seeya later, Stan."

*Stan continues up to the galley where Mobbex is seated at the table, slowly sipping a glass of water and chewing on a piece of bread. He gets up and heads out as Stan walks over to the kitchen nook and washes his hands before making a cup of sweetened, iced tea.*

Mobbex: *Mumbles on his way out* " in my bunk fer a few."

*Leaving his tea to steep and cool Stan walks over to the small observation lounge and sits down in one of the old plush chairs. leaning his head back to look out the circular dome above him. He hears someone enter, shuffle about for a moment then leave, but doesn't pay any attention. He goes over his plan in his head and tries to think of anything else he might need.*

"Oi, this is going to be fun... Coaster.. Isn't he that guy who tried to sell a stolen turtle to the school nurse? Yeah.. between him and Mobbex this is going to be a romp through the nut house."

*The small ding of the timer alerts him that it's time to take the bags out of the tea. A short while later he's walking back down to his dorm, a glass of dark brownish red tea with cubed ice in his hand. He places it on the box/table and pulls the vest from under his cot. Unzipping his coveralls half way he shrugs off the sleeves and pulls on the flak jacket over his t-shirt. The fit is somewhat loose, but after about a half hour of minor adjustments he feels it fits adequately enough. He removes the vest and stows it back under his cot for later. Pulling the top half of the coveralls back on he zips it up most of the way and pulls his data pad out from under his mattress. Checking the battery cells, three quarters charged, he tucks it into the mid-hip pocket. Leaving his room he sips the last of his tea and heads back up to the galley. After quickly washing the glass and putting it away, Stan heads through the door to the port shuttle to shuffle it's contents around and move some of the boxes and crates down to the hold temporarely.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Thursday, June 19, 2008 12:12 PM


WOW, impressive.(prairie dogs!? lmao)


Friday, June 20, 2008 12:36 PM


*Stan spends an hour finishing the preparations, half of that spent moving some of the heavier crates from the port shuttle to the cargo hold. The rest he spends pouring over charts and maps of the region of Newhall where they'll be working. After finding a few viable locations he goes looking for the captain, finding him eating an early lunch in the galley.*

Stan: "Captain?"

Colt: "Hi Stan. How's it goin'."

Stan:" Well, I was looking at some maps of the area where we'll be... found a nice quiet place we can land and leave the ship. It's only a couple dozen miles from the estate."

Colt: "Can I see that?"

*Stan hands him his databook, the small screen showing an enlarged topographical view of a handful of small sandy atolls.*

Colt: *After a few moments studying the map.* "Looks good, no structures or people. Who owns it?"

Stan: "It's owned by a small sub-oceanic mining conglomerate.... not alot of that on Newhall, the laws are very strict about pollution and.. anyway they never use the islands, at least not that I can tell."

Colt: "Alright. What about the goods, this Coaster fellow? You tell Mobbex yet?"

Stan: "Yeah, he wasn't very happy. He said he'd be in his bunk awhile."

*Colt eyes the map a minute longer, nods then passes it back to Stan."

Colt: "Ok, go give the coordinates to Wash so she can set it up."

Stan: "Will do, also.. we'll need to arrange somethings for the pick-up."

*Sky walks in about that moment, walking over to stand beside the captain. Stan glances at her.*

Colt: "Oh? What's that...?"

Stan: "Here's what I was thinking...."

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Friday, June 20, 2008 8:27 PM


Colt sat in his bunk pouring over the blueprints for the estate and the maps that Stan had given him. This whole thing was starting to make him more and more unsettled.

His main concern was that Badger’s intel was wrong. The estate wasn’t on land; it was a gorram floating island. He sighed because he should have known that, since Newhall is a planet covered mostly by water. But he assumed Badger would have had better information since he wanted to teach this guy a lesson. If you went by the saying from Earth-that-Was, that made Colt an ass.

But the money was good and they needed it. Abbey’s deposit for the rent wouldn’t last them forever. The crew needed to be paid and that hadn’t happened for a long while. He promised them some risky ventures that would bring in some high returns, not low paying milk runs.

But his crew was a mix of people of varying experience. He wasn’t worried about himself, Sky, Mobbex or, for some reason, Brit. Wash and Spots could probably handle themselves in a regular fight, but this kind of operation wasn’t their cup of tea. Colt didn’t know Stan all that well yet, but based on the fight on Greenleaf and the job on Whitefall, he wasn’t feeling comfortable about his ability for much hand-to-hand combat. Oram wasn’t a hard core fighter either, but she wasn’t afraid of much and that’s not nothing. That left only abbey.

He closed his eyes and thought about her. She shouldn’t even be going. He didn’t know why he even let her talk him into letting her come. Sure she was a heck of a shot. And she had guts. She’d gone toe-to-toe in a fight with a couple of people since he’d known her (him included), but that was mostly verbal. She had a certain vulnerability underneath that tough exterior of hers that he couldn’t put a finger on. But his main reason was just because it was abbey. His abbey. He smiled when he thought of referring to her that way. He hadn’t felt that way about anyone in a very long time.

This job had the definite potential to go very bad, very quick. He rubbed his eyes in frustration and went back to the plans, wanting to commit every piece of information to memory.


Saturday, June 21, 2008 6:06 PM


*A couple hours later. Book has entered orbit, the port shuttle has left and the crew is preparing for the job.*

Stan: "You didn't take a shower... did you?"

*Stan and Mobbex are in Shuttle No2, in route to the island, and city, of Little Port. Stan is piloting the shuttle while Mobbex sits in the fold down seat, directly behind the pilots chair. Beneath them the deep azure waters of Newhall stretch to the horizon in all directions.*

Mobbex: "Why the hell do you care if I shower or not?"

Stan: "Yeah, I don't care if I have to sit in the cockpit of a shuttle and smell you all the way to, and back from, this stupid deal."

Mobbex: *Under his breath* "Pó pó mā mā de."

Stan: *Turning around* "What? I'd rather do this on my own, but the captain practically ordered me to take you. Seriously, I'm tempted to turn the shuttle around."

"..Or dump your worthless ass out over the ocean..." *He grins evilly so Mobbex cannot see him.*

*Mobbex leans forward, behind Stan, and makes like he's ready to throttle him. He growls, swears silently and thinks better of it. He stands and leaves the cockpit.*

*The shuttle continues on for more than an hour, finally arriving at their destination. A large bustling city covers most of the north half of the main island. After twenty minutes of negotiating a landing zone they set down in the space docks on the west side of the city. Stan banters easily with the local control station comm moniter. Asking him about the location of Coaster, after a long pause the man answers quietly, apparently so he's not overheard by his supervisor. Having the location of a strip bar were the fence might be found, Stan and the burly mercenary head off to find him.*

*A short walk to a slummy section of Little Port, and they've come upon the place. A damaged sign out front identifies the bar as "José’s" and has a neon sign hanging beneath reading "Nude Girls"*

Mobbex: "Maybe this ain't such a bad day.. heh?"

*Stan silently curses his luck and strides ahead of Mobbex to the door.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Sunday, June 22, 2008 3:39 PM


The door squeaks on its hinges as Stan throws it wide. The establishment has all the looks of a typical back alley tavern. A handful of scarce patrons sit with their head stooped over their liquor, apparently impervious to the scent of smoke mixed with various body odors and the suffocating humidity that fill the air. At the far end of the bar, a dozen of run-down wooden crates are arranged into a makeshift podium, which currently lies empty. Mobbex screws up his eyes, trying to peer through the dim lighting and the haze of noxious fumes as he looks for a man matching Coaster's description.

Mobbex: Y'see him? I don't see him...

Stan: Hmm... *runs his gaze across the room* ...nope. He must've gotten held up somewhere.

Mobbex: That, or he's done his homework and rightfully figured that we ain't worth the bother. 'Can't say I'd blame him, we must've gotten ourself one bear-humpin' sucker of a bad rep by now. Anyways, I'm thinkin' I'll just head over there an' grab myself a drink or ten. Like me, follow me...

Stan reaches out a hand and loops it around the mercenary's forearm.

Stan: Hang on a second, the only reason you're here is because I need someone to have my back in case the deal goes south, not so you can have a go at the local brew.

Mobbex: Listen up, kid, I dunno how you got it into your head that y're the one callin' the shots on this leg, but I'm warnin' ya: y' don't cut down on the high an' mighty fèi huà, y'll find yerself short of a chaperon, dong mà?

Stan: And what are you gonna do? Swim all the way back to the ship?

Mobbex: *smiles conceitedly* You'd be surprised how easy it is for a man like me to hitch a ride.

Stan: Be that as it may, you know walking out on me right now isn't gonna fly with the others...

Mobbex: Whoever said anything about heading back to the ship?

Stan raises a dubious eyebrow but fails to think up a viable retort. Mobbex's grin widens.

Mobbex: *jerks his arm out of Stan's withering grip* Now if y'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get my booze on.

Stan stands unmoving as the hulking mercenary strides away.

I just got stumped by an oversized oaf who's grey matter hardly outweighs that of a retarded seagull, he mutters to himself as he grudgingly follows in Mobbex's trail. I suppose there's solace to be found in the fact that this day cannot possibly get any worse.

Secret Agent Stan: The ducks have settled in the coffee shop......


Tuesday, June 24, 2008 2:43 PM


*Stan shakes his head then follows Mobbex over to the greasy bar. After the large man orders whatever beer they have on tap, Stan motions to the bartender, who serves Mobbex then moves down to where Stan is standing and leans forward onto the bar. Stan also leans in.*

Bartender: "E'yeah, what'da need kid?

Stan: "You know of on man named Coaster? Large fellow, dark, crazy hair?"

Bartender: "Wha.. now..? Nope. No moke named Coaster Brenk 'round here, brah."

Stan: "Oh, that's too bad. Though... you know? I never said his last name."

*The bartender swears, walks a ways down the bar and picks up a small hand comm. After a few words spoken quietly, he replaces it under the bar and returns.*

Bartender: "Sorry 'bout that, we gotta rule 'bout our cusmers. You dun look bad, but Coaster dun like bein' 'sturbed. He'll be right out."

*With that the bartender leaves through a door into what is presumably the kitchen. Stan takes a seat at the bar a few stools down from Mobbex, who is now halfway through his first pint of beer. After about four minutes of waiting a door to the left of the makeshift stage opens, and a huge, mocha-skinned man with crazy reddish-blond dreadlocks and thick dark sunglasses enters the room, followed by a tall, leggy blond in a skimpy outfit and a small ratty looking fellow in a moth-eaten coat. The large man lumbers over to stand infront of Stan, eying him suspiciously before clapping him roughly on the shoulder.*

Dreadlocks: "STAN! Wha' da hell ya doin' here?? Las' I hears you been geet'n off this fkin' pss rock!

Stan: "Coaster... You've..."

Coaster: "Yeah, I's got plenny momona o'er da years.. wha' da fk it to you, eh?"

Stan: "No... uh... brah, I meant you've grown the dreads out. They look good."

*Coaster grins widely, reaching up and fiddling with one of the many rings and beads in his insane mess of hair.*

Coaster: "Tank yous, you alway been nice one. Not like the lolo you alway run with, Joey. Him and hee's family, they always tryin' ta fk me up, knows? E'er since I's roach dat shipments of cow sheet from... iny kine... not need a worries about that now, eh? Bidness, Joey give me call. I tol' him a go fk off but hee's got an offer I can't 'ford to inore. Also not you's worries.... you comed here by youself?" *Coaster glances around the room, making note of the one person he isn't familiar with.* "Dat you frin there's? Dee bigs one dere, dinkin'?"

Stan: "I wouldn't call him a friend... no.. but yeah. He's with me."

Coaster: "Fair 'nuff, you two come wit me. We got get you stuff... you got da green right?"

Stan: "Yeah, if you have the stuff. I want to see if first... if that's no issue."

Coaster: *Patting the air with one hand* "Nah nah essue, we go now. Get you man there and come wit... oh an.. dees my 'ssociates, Blossom and Squeaks.. day no bother no ones."

*Stan nudges Mobbex as Coaster and his people leave the building. The mercenary grumbles and glares at him.*

Mobbex: "What? There a problem?"

Stan: "Come on, we're going with them to get the stuff."

Mobbex: "No, I want to stay here and finish my booze."

Stan: "Sorry, no.. we're working. Now come on."

*Mobbex snarls angrily and stands up, taking his recently refilled beer mug with him. The bartender, who has since returned with a crate of mugs, moves to stop him but freezes as the hugely muscled man glares at him threateningly. As if to say "Fair enough" the bartender shrugs, grins weakly, and goes back to placing the freshly "cleaned" mugs on the rack over the bar.*

Mobbex: *Grinning cockily* "Now that's service!"

*He chuckles to himself as they exit the bar. Outside Coaster, the blond and the creepy little man are all sitting in a large but rundown hover transport. Mobbex eyes them suspiciously, but climbs in and sits next to the blond. Stan hops up into the front passenger's seat. A few minutes of travel time and they've arrived at a large warehouse near the docks. It's walls are a patchwork of scrap metal and any of the remaining windows have been boarded over. Mobbex has finished his beer and carelessly chucks the mug over his shoulder before exiting the transport, it shatters noisily on the road. Coaster leads them inside. The place is filled, nearly to the ceiling, with stacks of shipping crates and large shelves full of scrap and battered ship components.*

Coaster: "Well, waddah tink? Dis my shop, we got any kine stuffs you need."

*Stan glances around as Mobbex stands silently, fingering his sidearm.

Stan: "Yeah, it's... nice."

Coaster: "I got you stuff over heres."

*He leads them to the back of the warehouse, to a small enclosed dock with three boats moored to it. The far right is a battered but otherwise seaworthy craft, apparently a small passenger boat converted for use in smuggling or some other sort of shady operations. Setting on a desk on the dock itself is a small, watertight plastic case and a small wooden crate. Coaster walks over to the case and picks it up.*

Coaster: "I got da one ting special orda, it planny hard ta find. And dis da tech stuffs right here. Squeaks here tell me it da best he can gets."

*Coaster hands the case to the little man, who opens it and takes out a pair of tiny round devices. Barely a speck in the palm of his small hand.*

Squeaks: *In a surprisingly deep, well mannered accent.* "These are the real deal, my friends. Anthen's 321 series, the best in... slightly outdated communications technology. Water resistant up to forty yards and with a fully adjustable range of frequencies. You can't do any better than these puppies, for the price anyway."

*He hands one to Stan, who studies it for a few moments. Mobbex is still silently standing to the side, though he's begun to fidget and his gaze constantly returns to the attractive blond woman. Stan, with a nod, hands the devices back to Squeaks, who returns them to their case.*

Stan: "Ok it's a deal. I just need a ride back to our shuttle. I'll bring it over and we can load up. Mobbex, you stay here, alright."

*The gun-hand grunts non-commentaly and sits down on the edge of the desk, his hand resting casually on his gun. Stan and Squeaks leave the warehouse and re-board the transport. Squeaks drives him to the shuttle and leaves him. After being cleared for launch, Stan eases the shuttle off the ground and flies it easily to the warehouse. Setting it down on a large dock just to the east of the structure. He walks back over to the warehouse and meets back up with Coaster. Mobbex, he sees is now holding his hand gun, describing it's features to Blossom, who seems more interested in the gun than the mercenary.*

Coaster: "We go to my office, talk green dere."

*Stan follows Coaster up a flight of stairs to an office suspended from the roof. It's messy and cluttered, with dirty plates and ever dirtier magazines and posters littering the walls, floor and furniture. Coaster takes a seat behind the desk as Stan pulls a small bag of currency out of his pocket and plops it onto the desk. The large, wild-looking man upturns the pouch and quickly counts the coins and bills.*

Coaster: "It do. You need help loading da stuff up?"

Stan: "Wouldn't mind it. That shuttle isn't big enough to load the boat into, we'll have to tow it."

Coaster: "You crazy as lolo... but I 'ave two my mens give you hand. Least I kin do, considering I off de hook with the Li family nows... yeah, dat be what you brah Joey gives me ta help you.

Stan: "... really. Well, I'm glad this works out for you too. Mahalo."

Coaster: "Eh, Mahalo."

*Stan leaves the office and heads back down to the small dock. Coaster arrives a few minutes later with two workers and a pair of keys, he hands the keys to Stan and points to the black boat he noticed earlier.*

Coaster: "It all you's, She my secon' bes' boat. But she wort' what you pay me. Cya 'round Stan."

*With that, Coaster turns and leaves the warehouse, Blossom following him out. Stan grabs the plastic case, opens it and counts the contents, and the small crate before he climbs aboard the small craft and sits in the piloting chair. Mobbex, glancing after Blossom is the last aboard after the two workers, who remain stoic and silent. It's not evident if they're either well trained or just simple. After lining the boat up beside the shuttle and hooking the tow line to it's bow, the workers leave and Mobbex and Stan enter the shuttle and lift off. The going is slow, and low, as the shuttle tows the boat through the surf. All goes well for the first hour, though they are still roughly another hour away from the prearrange rendezvous with the ship.*

Stan: *Calling back to Mobbex* "Can you look out the door, see how the boat looks?"

Mobbex:*From the back* "Fine, sure."

*After a few moments Stan's ears pop and he feels a gust of air. A minute later the airflow and pressure return to normal and Mobbex enters the cockpit.*

Mobbex: "Damn thing looks fine to me. Still there if that's what you're wonderin'."

Stan: "Good enough, we're halfway to the spot where we'll meet up with the rest of the crew."

Mobbex: "Good. I'll be back there, in the... back...."

*Fifty three minutes later the comm beeps and Wash's voice comes in clearly.*

Wash: "This is Firefly Multi-Class Mid bulk Transport Book, Shuttle No2 do you come in?"

Stan: *Tapping the comm switch* "This is shuttle two, howzit goin' Wash?"

Wash: "Nice to hear ya, we're nearly in position at the rendezvous. Standing by for you to dock."

Stan: "We'll be on you in one minute. Shuttle two out."

*Book is arriving at the rendezvous site just within view. Immediately before docking with the hovering ship Stan releases the tow line and the boat. After docking Stan and Mobbex move quickly down to the cargo hold where Sky, Colt and Spots are waiting. Stan, while walking as stripped off his coveralls and wears only a t-shirt and a pair of long swimming shorts. He nods to the captain as he approaches.*

Colt: "I take it the deal went well?"

Stan: "Yes sir, not a problem at all. You might want to keep Coasters number."

*They all walk to the cargo doors and Spots punches the switch to open them.*

Colt: "And why's that?"

Stan: "The guy had a warehouse full of stock. And I have a feeling he's in good standing with the local crime organizations."

Colt: *Seeming mildly interested.* "That so? I'll keep it in mind. Now you ready for the next part of the plan?"

Stan: *Pulling off his shirt* "Yeah, no worries. It's just a short swim. Wash got her low enough?"

Colt: *Over the comm* "Wash? Hold us steady as low as you can safely get."

*As the door fully opens, Stan stuffs the boats keys in the secure flap pocket and dives easily out of the ship, only about a dozen feet to the water. He swims about two hundred yards to the boat and climbs into it. After that it's a very short ride back to the cargo doors where the crew lowers him the wench. He secures it and calls up to them, after he climbs the rope they lower down to him next, he helps the rest haul the boat aboard.*

Colt: *Standing back and eying the boat.* "Looks good to me, nice job Stan. You too Mobbex. Didn't have to shoot anyone, did ya?"

Mobbex: "Unfortunately not yet... but the day ain't over, is it?"

Colt: "Sure ain't. Pretty sure you'll get to before it's done. Hoping on it as a matter of fact."

Mobbex: "t's why I joined this crew. I can't help it I like to shoot me some people, e'ery once'n'awhile."

Colt: "Well here's hoping we can take care of that, 'for you feel the need to shoot someone I pay."

*Mobbex grins wickedly and saunters away. Stan grabs his shirt and coveralls and heads to the shower to wash off the salt. Everyone else gets to work investigating the boat and the communications equipment.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Wednesday, June 25, 2008 1:46 PM


*Out of his peripheral vision, a movement caught his eye. It was abbey, running up the stairs and across the catwalks. Puzzled, he watched her, but was brought back to task when Spots and Sky approach him.*

Sky *sarcastically*: Whatcha' watching?

*Colt gave her a withering look as deflects her attention to the items Stan acquired for the job. He gave the red box containing the comms to her.*

Sky, here is the tech that Stan got from his contact. I’d like you to check them over and make sure they all work. We can’t afford for anyone’s to malfunction while we are on the estate.

Sky *opens the box and looks in*: Not bad, Captain. Looks like some fairly quality stuff.

*She quickly left to inspect the merchandise. Colt looked up again and saw abbey running across the top catwalk, making her way over to the opposite set of stairs. She was obviously working out.*

Spots: Captain?

*Colt is still slightly distracted.*


Spots *as he gave Colt a strange look*: You need me for anything?

*Colt snapped his attention back to Spots.*

Oh! That's the boat that you’ll be driving to get us under the estate. Make sure you are familiar with the controls and that you’ll have room for your gear. I think we’ll have a few minutes once we load up for you to get a test spin. Rather do that then with a full load so you can see how it handles.

Spots *as he watched Colt shift his attention back up to abbey’s activities*: Yes, sir. I’m on it.

*Colt watched her as she made another whole lap. She had an intense look on her face and didn’t seem to notice any of the activity below her. When she passed across the lowest catwalk, he decided to catch up to her.*


Wednesday, June 25, 2008 5:39 PM


*abbey could feel someone running… no clomping… up the stairs behind her. She knew who was because she saw him watching her from the cargo bay floor. She needed to think and didn’t want to be interrupted, so she pressed on, picking up speed. Before she knew it, she was well out in front of him and he had stopped, trying to catch his breath. As she traveled over to the other side of the cargo bay, she looked up and saw that he was no longer there. So she decided to finish up before he came back.*

*She retreated into her shuttle and closed the door. She started to reach for the towel she had laid out, but it was gone.*

Colt *holding the towel and he leaned up against the wall*: Looking for this, darling?

abbey: Darling? *grabs towel out of his hand* What are you doing in here?

Colt: I wanted to talk to you, but you decided to try to avoid me. Which, by and by, I’d like to know why.

abbey: I wasn’t avoiding you. I just wanted to finish up. Running always helps with the nerves…

Colt: Something bothering you? You wanna talk about it?

abbey *looking away from him*: No.

*Colt frowned, but let it go.*

Colt *trying to lighten the mood*: When did you become so freakishly fast?

abbey: Always loved the stairs. I’ve been running like that for years. *smiling* You might not believe me, but I didn’t used to be this thin.

Colt *as he pulled her into his arms*: You were a chubby kid?

abbey: Yes, I was.

*He kissed her, but after a bit, she pulled away.*

abbey: I can’t do this right now.

*He frowned again.*

Colt: You sure you don’t want to talk about it?

abbey *quickly*: No.

Colt: It’s the job isn’t it?

abbey: I’m trying not to think about that.

Colt *leans to kiss her on the forehead*: That’s one of the reasons why I’m here.

abbey: I’m not staying on the ship, so you don’t need to waste your breath.

Colt: Not looking to waste my breath. Just want to keep you safe.

abbey: Like I told you before. Oram goes… I go…

Colt *sighs in frustration*: And as you so often remind me, it’s your “job” to protect her.

abbey: It is.

Colt *looking at her directly*: After we get back, you’ll explain that whole thing to me, dong ma?

*abbey was about to tell him that she wasn’t, when they were thankfully interrupted.*

Wash: Captain, we have landed.

*Colt took in a deep breath.*

Colt: I’ll be expecting everyone up in the galley in a half hour. Need to go over a few things before we get started.

abbey: I’ll be there.

*He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss and then left to go get ready.*






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