The worst Judges, Merchants of Lawfare, worst Rogue Prosecutors, Corrupted Criminal Supporting Lawyers witness intimidation tampering and Corrupted District Attorney in USA? and other Banana republic

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Sunday, April 2, 2023 2:31 PM


Has the USA ever been more screwed in the head

The general obstruction of justice, Jury Tampering, Death threat. Who are the worst Pedophile Judges, Rogue Prosecutors, Demonic Criminal Supporting Lawyers and Corrupt District Attorney in the history of the United States of America? and other Banana republic

You probably have to go back to the Civil War before it was so bad?

NeoCons under the little shurb Bush, Obama radical Lefts.

Pedophile Alan Dershowitz, of course not the first Jewish that guy Louis Brandeis first Jew to sit on the Supreme Court, a proponent of Zionism, Neil Gorsuch, Anthony Kennedy, the Chief Justice John Roberts a Christian he said but loves the War on Terror Patriot Act Torture idiot the recent Alvin Bragg loves criminals tries to rig elections, and maybe most prominent rogue prosecutors are George Gascon in Hell.A city of fallen demons Los Angeles, Chesa Boudin, George Gascón, in San Fran-shit-sicko, Commiefornia Andrew Ganz and Benjamin Mains , Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Josh Shapiro, and Bill McSwain, Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore takes money from gangsters and attacks Police, Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis, and Rachael Rollins in Boston. Attorney General Robert Jackson once wrote, “While the prosecutor at his best is one of the most beneficent forces in our society, when he acts from malice or other base motives, he is one of the worst.”
John Edwards shares his penis
Kamala Harris in San Fran-Shit-Sicko putting her mouth on the penis of Willie Brown
any George Soros-backed officials
Ketanji Brown Jackson is a stupid person who supports pedophiles and islamic terrorists
they ask her a question 'can you define what a woman is'
to which she said 'NO'.

These are not corrupt criminal-ish Lawyers in some sleazy part of a far away poverty ridden cockroach infest town, they literally are the power, they are on tv, run the country and are in control of the United States.


Sunday, April 2, 2023 3:46 PM


a Doctors Without Borders (DWB) hospital bomed in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 12 staff members and at least 10 patients while wounding 37 others.

Dershowitz defended this atrocity and demonstrated complete contempt for the brave medical staff of DWB, claiming it is "is a heavily ideological organization that often favors radical groups over Western democracies and is highly politicized." He additionally sniped that this humanitarian organization should be called "Doctors Without Morals".

Dual citizen Dershowitz himself defended alleged Jewish Defense League terrorists in court on the grounds that their Constitutional rights had been violated

Dershowitz endorsed Crooked Hillary Clinton for president. In 2012, he supported Barack Hussein Obama's re-election. In 2020, he endorsed Joe Biden

Dershowitz has stated the Second Amendment has "no place in modern society."


Sunday, April 2, 2023 10:17 PM


This is Democrats.


Growing up in a Republic was nice... Shame we couldn't keep it.


Monday, April 3, 2023 6:34 AM


It starts with Neo-Cons and the Patriot Act then Marxist Perverts get in under another Admin.
maybe before Neo-Cons corrupting there were old WASP Masons corrupting, that clubs changes and slowly the open doors and more Blacks, Marxist, Jewish, Hindu Street Shitter, Jihadi islamic, and Bolshevik and Catholics and Feminists arrive becoming part of the Brotherhood, Lodges and Sisterhoods.

Maybe Secret Society and Bureaucracy and media sleaze partisan marxist fighting will finally blow up America worse than any atomic bomb ever could?

More often you see corruption headlines

'Former judge Bryant Cochran found guilty of all charges'

Judge At The Wrong End Of A Gavel Bang Gets 5 Years In Federal Prison
Enjoy the schadenfreude when a judge finds himself at the mercy of a court -- when he is accused of abusing his judicial authority.

Before NeoCons it was probably a bunch of old dudes in Pagan Robes with Drink and Drugs and Human Trafficking, the types who were at College Brotherhood parties and Sisterhoods and other University Lodge clubs
Shriners and Jester Pleads Guilty In Prostitution Case

' former fishing tour operator who took 19 Jesters fishing in Brazil for girls over 13.'

include a NY Supreme Court Judge Ron Tills and his law clerk Michael Stebick, who both recently resigned, and a retired police captain, John Trowbridge, who pleaded guilty in federal court

Admitted to and pleaded guilty to a felony charge of unlawfully transporting an illegal alien woman, identified as "Jane Doe No. 1," on October 28, 2005 from Buffalo to a Royal Order of Jesters party

The parties further agree that in the fall of 2006, the same men transported a different woman from New York to Pennsylvania and that prior to the trip, the retired judge had paid this woman to engage in sexual acts with him at the Golden Accupressure massage parlor.

The FBI, the U.S. Border Patrol and members of a human trafficking task force are also investigating other allegations that the Royal Order of Jesters have been using prostitutes at their national or international events, normally called "The Book of the Play."


A retired New York judge is going to prison for procuring prostitutes for his social club.

Ronald H. Tills, 74, of Hamburg, was sentenced Friday in federal court to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty last year to transporting prostitutes across state lines.

Tills is the third man to be sentenced in connection with a federal prostitution sting involving local massage parlors.

Two other defendants — retired Lockport Police Captain John Trowbridge, 62, and Tills' former law clerk, Michael Stebick, 61 — had previously been sentenced.

Trowbridge received two years’ probation, and Stebick was given four months home confinement.

The men were all members of the Royal Order of Jesters, an international fraternal society.

The Royal Order of Jesters is a 501c10 non profit fraternity, with 23,500 members organized into 191 chapters. Their members include high profile public servants like former judge Ron Tills, as well as Duval County, Florida, Circuit Court Judge, David M. Gooding.

So with a system so corrupted

Why is Porny Daniels suddenly so important?

Before Democrats it was Neocons and then you have Jews like Dershowtiz, then just wait and it will be like Africa, Europe and Asia where islamic Sharia Law types like Rashida Tlaib and others slowly take over the system. The so called Conservative Republican Rogue Prosecutors at least they are not as destructive as those Neo Democrats.

Alvin Bragg's soft-on-crime policies destroying NYC

Alvin Bragg: Who is the New York prosecutor who got Trump indicted?


Saturday, April 8, 2023 9:46 AM


Kamala Harris Hired Fake Masonry Cops?


David Henry creates a fake Masonic Police Department in 2015.

Fake Police Officers gets arrested and David Henry dies from a Pulmonary Embolism a day after court begins, they were also tied in with Maxine Waters.

Kamala Harris, at the time of this incident, was the Democratic front-runner to replace Barbara Boxer (D-California) in 2016. Her office declined to comment to the Times but said Kiel had been placed on administrative leave.

dies only hours before he is to appear before a judge regarding his initial charges.

Tonette Hayes was the wife of "Illuminati Grandmaster Henry X," and Brandon Kiel was married to Hayes' daughter.

David Beltran, a spokesman for the state DOJ, said Kiel was placed on paid leave

Maxine Waters with "Illuminati Henry."

The exact structure of their "police department" is unclear.

This wasn't the first time an aide to Kamala Harris was charged with impersonating a member of law enforcement.

charged with unlawful use of a badge and impersonating a public officer.

It is unclear if the Masonic Fraternal Police Department is still active. Their website is still up.

A Documentary called 'The Largest Street Gang in America ~ 4/6' rarely stays on u tube ...maybe it can be found on other sites?

and then rogue DA

Daniel Perry was working as an Uber driver in Austin, TX when he found himself in the middle of a BLM mob.

A guy came up to his car and pointed an AK-47 at him and he fired back in self defense.

He was indicted for murder by a Soros-funded DA and was just found guilty.


The lead detective in the case concluded it was a justifiable homicide.

So did the Austin police department.

Yet Soros-funded Travis County DA Jose Garza indicted him anyway and was accused by the detective of withholding evidence from the grand jury and witness tampering

Meanwhile, the guy Daniel Perry fatally shot had a history of threatening people with rifles at BLM protests.

24 sets of fingerprints were also found on Perry's car showing that the mob was being anything but friendly.

and Kamala Harris
now VP
Hired Fake Masonic Cops?


Saturday, April 8, 2023 11:14 AM


House GOP's attempt to shut down Alvin Bragg is unlikely to save Trump but could serve despots in training, say oversight experts

John Yoo, the lawyer who wrote Bush's 'torture memos,' confirms he's helping the Trump administration find ways to skirt Congress and impose his own policies

Plan for Replacing Certain United States Attorneys

New U.S. attorneys come from Bush's inner circle


Thursday, June 22, 2023 10:16 AM


Is it Jack or John, a Liar or Lawyer?

Jack Smith aka John Luman, The Hague tasked with investigating and prosecuting war crimes in the Kosovo War. Smith was named to a four-year term as chief prosecutor for the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague, investigating war crimes committed in the Kosovo War, including the case of Salih Mustafa, stepping down in November 2022.

Smith attended Harvard Law School. Trump called Smith a "deranged lunatic" and a "raging and uncontrolled Trump hater" Smith married Katy Gale Chevigny an American documentary filmmaker, known for Becoming, a 2020 documentary about Michelle Obama. They almost became paranoid Dutch potheads and smoked drugs in the Netherlands Holland from 2018 before moving to the other corrupted heart of the beast Washington, D.C. in December 2022 directed one of six segments of Hard Earned, which aired on allah hu ackbars Al Jazeera America in 2015 and won an Alfred I pedophile Robert Richards perverted duPont Award.


Saturday, June 24, 2023 2:24 PM


Buying the Left or Buying Up the Right?

Watchdog warns of 'shady trial lawyer pipeline' pumping public money to left-wing causes


Monday, July 3, 2023 2:37 PM


Florida lawyer is deported back to the US and put under 24-hour house arrest awaiting federal trial after he 'paid to rape four children' while in Cambodia

Now being kept under house arrest in Tampa, 42-year-old Rugh James Cline is facing 170 years in prison for his alleged crimes, which happened abroad in 2019


Friday, July 21, 2023 7:29 PM


Pro Transexual pervert Judge blocks Arizona law banning transexualled athletes from girls' sports teams

The judge in Tucson granted a preliminary injunction to allow processing of a lawsuit filed on behalf of two man transgender dude girls against the state’s “Save Women’s Sports Act,” which was passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature last year. The lawsuit argues the law violates federal Title IX, the law barring sex discrimination in schools receiving federal funds, and the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, who is a defendant in the case, said the decision will be appealed. “This will ultimately be decided by the United States Supreme Court, and they will rule in our favor,” Horne said in a statement.

Arizona is one of several states and some school districts that have passed laws limiting access to school sports teams or other facilities to students on the basis of the sex they were assigned at birth rather than their confused drug induced mental sickness werido gender identity.


Monday, August 7, 2023 1:18 PM


Second candidate joining race to replace Kim Foxx as Cook County state’s attorney

Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr an American politician and lawyer who serves as the New York County District Attorney, covering Manhattan.

Jose Alba, a 61-year-old bodega clerk, was attacked by customer Austin Simon in a dispute over a bag of potato chips. Alba attempted to de-escalate, but after being cornered behind the counter and being shoved into a wall, defended himself with a knife, killing the assailant. Police who investigated the incident described Alba's actions as self defense. Bragg, in his prosecutorial discretion, charged Alba with murder and requested bail at $500,000. The judge initially set bail at $250,000, before lowering it to $50,000. The dead attacker's girlfriend also stabbed Alba with her own knife, after attempting to turn Alba's knife back on him. Bragg declined to charge her. After backlash, including from Mayor Eric Adams who said Alba was acting in self defense, Bragg ultimately dropped the charges against Alba, noting that "a homicide case against Alba could not be proven at trial beyond a reasonable doubt"


Thursday, August 10, 2023 9:34 AM


Beryl Howell? She got more radical globalist Leftwing, hated Trump for a while she from Schulte Roth & Zabel. Walls for Israel but Open Borders for America proudly 'Jewish' is happy to hear when guys bite the foreskins off babies. she supervised federal grand juries in the District, including for the Mueller special counsel investigation into Russian Pissgate Russia Urine RussiaRussia Pissgate story of interference in the 2016 United States elections and investigations into attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election. Howell teaches ethics at the Heart of the Masonic Blackmail Beast, in American University's Washington College of Law, she is married into big media and non profit, the executive producer at National Geographic Television & Films, she helped NeoCons as she pushed for creation of the USA PATRIOT Act...You are either with us or with the Terrorists.

Why Rudy Giuliani's 'no contest' strategy is likely doomed


Tuesday, August 29, 2023 10:13 AM


Judge: "I've seen many cases delayed because the defendant lacks adequate representation. That is not the case here"
TRIAL is MARCH 4, 2024


Tuesday, August 29, 2023 12:33 PM


Tanya Chutkan, Comes from Family of Communist Revolutionaries


“People gathered all over the country last year to protest the violent murder by the police of an unarmed man. Some of those protesters became violent,” Chutkan wrote about the BLM protests in October 2021.

“But to compare the actions of people protesting, mostly peacefully, for civil rights, to those of a violent mob seeking to overthrow the lawfully elected government is a false equivalency and ignores a very real danger that the January 6 riot posed to the foundation of our democracy,” she said.

The BLM riots led to over twenty deaths, while the January 6 protesters did not provably kill anyone. Despite her obvious partisan bias, the judge has nonetheless been given free reign to decide January 6 cases. She now holds the fate of a presidential election in her hands.

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, appointed by President Obama, is the grandchild of Frank Hill. Hill was a communist revolutionary in Jamaica who, along with his brother Ken, was briefly incarcerated by the British governor of the island during WWII due to suspicions of “subversive activities,” the report notes.

Frank Hill is the father of Noelle Hill, who is Judge Chutkan’s mother, according to public records. Frank and his brother Ken were ousted from the People’s National Party of Jamaica for their communist beliefs, as reported by Jamaican media outlets.

Ken was described as “more pragmatic and less concerned with political theory” by Richard Hart in his 1999 book, “Towards Decolonisation: Political, Labour and Economic Developments in Jamaica 1938–1945.”

“Ken Hill, by far the most influential, was more pragmatic and less concerned with political theory than most members of the left. He probably began to consider himself a communist both as a result of the influence of his brother Frank and also his observation of the course of world events,” Hart wrote of the brothers.

Judge Chutkan has faced accusations from conservatives, who allege that she demonstrates political bias in her role. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, for example, recently introduced a resolution seeking to censure and investigate the judge for “open bias and partisanship in the conduct of her official duties,” referencing her past remarks in support of Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020.

“Tanya Chutkan was appointed as a district judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia by President Barack Obama after donating thousands of dollars to get him elected,” a statement from Gaetz said.

According to official documents, Chutkan donated $1,500 to Obama’s campaign between 2008 and 2009.


Monday, April 22, 2024 2:56 AM


Michael Avenatti an American former attorney and convicted felon, currently incarcerated in federal prison at FCI Terminal Island, best known for his legal representation of pornography smut human trafficked hooker adult film actress Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against then U.S. President Donald Trump, and his multiple convictions for attempting to extort sports apparel company Nike and defrauding and embezzling settlement money from a series of other clients

and without doubt Trump is corrupt but is he worse than Bush jnr, the Clintons or Obama or Biden?

lots of sleaze

Stormy Daniels, E Jean Carroll, Fani Willis: The women trying to take down Trump

Cobb County Democratic Committee hosts fundraiser, Fani Willis honored


Monday, May 20, 2024 7:24 AM


Lawfare and a society of open border child molesters?

Fani Willis suffers new blow as Georgia court allows Donald Trump's appeal to remove the Fulton County DA

Michael Avenatti says he’s talking to Trump’s legal team — and would testify for the ex-prez
Disgraced Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti has been in contact with former President Trump’s legal defense team and is ready and willing to testify
representation of singer Christina Aguilera, Pepsi where's my jet, the Eagles group, Paris Hilton
... now he's know for extortion, tax evasion, fraud.

currently incarcerated in federal prison for felony fraud and extortion. He is best known for his legal representation of adult film actress Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against then U.S. President Donald Trump, and his multiple convictions for attempting to extort sports apparel company Nike and defrauding and embezzling

St. Croix a suit for facilitating Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking

Wisconsin pedophile judge was a Satanist who ran LGBT group, supported drag queen story time, arrested on charges of possessing child pornography

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson supprots terrorists can't define what a man or woman is


Tuesday, May 21, 2024 4:16 PM


Most of P Diddy's Laywer aka Lairs who defend the Rapper it seems they are possibly pedophiles or part of a drug running gang

They’re back: Cohen and Avenatti return to spotlight at Trump trial

on his birthday, the justice department is not politically weaponnized?

Rudy Giuliani’s birthday bash ends in chaos as guests scream and cry when he’s served papers for AZ ‘fake electors case’

Judge threatens to mute Giuliani during arraignment in Arizona fake electors case

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, several allies of former President Donald Trump and alleged fake electors pleaded not guilty in Maricopa County court Tuesday for their alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Arizona.
Former Trump lawyer Christina Bobb, Arizona state Sen. Anthony Kern, former Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward, and her husband Michael Ward were also among those arraigned today.
Giuliani appeared virtually after being served with notice of his indictment after his 80th birthday party on Friday night – and after boasting on social media that he had avoided being served.
The judge granted the prosecution's motion for Giuliani's release conditions to require the former mayor to show up in person in Arizona to be booked within 30 days, as well as a $10,000 secured appearance bond, after the state detailed to the court how Giuliani has "shown no intent to comply with legal process" after avoiding accepting service of the indictment.
Prosecutors notably asked for a cash bond, but the judge allowed Giuliani to provide a secured one.
Giuliani responded over Zoom to prosecutors, who described him as "uncooperative" and saying he was aware of the indictment, by saying, "I haven't been hiding from anyone." He blamed the difficultly for accepting service because of the threats he's faced. Giuliani called the indictment a "complete embarrassment."

Rudy Giuliani and 10 others plead not guilty to charges of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Arizona

In asking for a $10,000 cash bond along with the requirement that Giuliani appear in Arizona within a month to be processed, prosecutor Nicholas Klingerman told the judge that Giuliani “has failed to reach out or be cooperative in this process.”

“We actually had two agents in Florida, at the time, who were sitting outside the party waiting to see if he would leave” in order to serve him, Klingerman said of Giuliani’s birthday party.

That evening, Giuliani posted a tweet saying that “if Arizona authorities can’t find me by tomorrow morning” they would have to dismiss the indictment. An hour after the post, Klingerman said, agents saw him leave the party and served him.

“I haven’t been hiding from anyone,” Giuliani told the judge during Tuesday’s hearing.

“I have a fair number of threats … and I don’t have security any longer since I’ve been in bankruptcy. So I have very specific rules,” Giuliani said, explaining why agents were unable to serve him at this New York apartment.

Giuliani claimed there had been attempted hits on him in France and the Netherlands and said a cash bond “would be totally punitive.”

“I do consider this indictment a complete embarrassment to the American legal system. But I’ve shown no tenancy not to comply,” Giuliani said, adding that he has been sued many times “by a very similar movement to this one, which is the ‘let’s see what we can do to destroy Donald Trump’ movement.”


Thursday, May 23, 2024 5:24 AM


some get ousted

Centrist challenger ousts progressive prosecutor in DA race in Portland, Oregon

end of CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ

CHOP Plunged Seattle into a Long Identity Crisis

playing with politics before border crime

A U.S. judge temporarily blocked part of a Florida law on Wednesday that imposes criminal penalties for willfully transporting people who lack legal immigration status into the state. The law, which took effect in 2023, amended the crime of human smuggling to classify such cases as felonies.


Saturday, June 1, 2024 4:38 PM


Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson warns of the Oval Office turning into a 'crime center' if Trump gets the sweeping immunity he wants


Saturday, June 1, 2024 5:04 PM



Originally posted by JAYNEZTOWN:
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson warns of the Oval Office turning into a 'crime center' if Trump gets the sweeping immunity he wants

Did Wakanda ever figure out what a woman is?


Trump will be fine.
He will also be your next President.


Monday, June 3, 2024 4:35 AM


Supreme Court rejects Michael Avenatti’s appeal of criminal conviction

U.S. Lawyers Are Foreign Kleptocrats’ Best Friends
How the United States’ legal community became global oligarchs’ most useful enablers.

Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench

Martin Thomas Manton politically nominated by President Woodrow Wilson, died 1946, in Fayetteville, New York, where he had moved following his release from prison

writes the decision for the court finding in favor of the party that fattened his bank account.

“merchant of justice,” who systematically abused his judicial office for private gain


Monday, June 3, 2024 10:18 AM


Wife of Texas judge accused of killing nephew during fight about overstaying welcome
Bob Wolfe is typically responsible for upholding the law inside the courtroom, but he was absent Friday

Mei Wolfe fatally shot the recent college grad? Mei Wolfe, 48, wife of Harris County justice of the peace Bob Wolfe, 72

Political Leaders?

Corrupt "Super Mayor" Goes FULL Dictator

DISTURBING allegations made against Dolton mayor and elected village trustee

Babylon is falling?

There will always be a story for HarperCollins Publishers LLC is an Anglo-American publishing company that is considered to be one of the "Big Five" English-language publishers, Sales and Cash tracked by First Republic Bank a commercial bank and provider of wealth management services headquartered in San Fran shit sicko Commiefornia, First Republic had been closed and sold to JPMorgan.

Keith M. Davidson an attorney in Commiefornia, Davidson has represented clients who sought nondisclosure agreement including the pervert Charlie Sheen, Tila Tequila alleged that Davidson threatened to market a sex tape of her and her former boyfriend, claiming that she would receive a share of the proceeds if she consented to its release. However, Tequila had no interest in the videos distribution

just after Trump won the 2016 Republican nomination for president, another former Playmate, Carrie Stevens named McDougal and several other Playmates who had had affairs with Donald Trump, on her Twitter feed. McDougal had no intention of publicly sharing the details of the affair; however, a friend urged her to, "get out in front of it," so she hired Davidson to negotiate her story with interested media outlets


Friday, June 7, 2024 4:12 PM


Witness tampering Roger Stone?

How Roger Stone got Atlantic City to make its harbor deeper so Donald Trump could moor his mega-yacht The Trump Princess he bought from Jamal Khashoggi's Saudi arms dealer uncle

Before Roger Stone advised Donald Trump the presidential candidate, he pulled a number of levers for Donald Trump the businessman early in his lobbying career.






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