Most Folk Don't Like Being Told What To Do...

UPDATED: Saturday, January 22, 2022 00:08
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Friday, January 21, 2022 10:03 PM


I think a few paragraphs hidden in this article explaining why 2021 went so bad in off-year elections in Pennsylvania for Democrats explain everything.


Youngstown State University professor Paul Sracic said it is pretty unprecedented for a party to fall this far from grace in just one year. “This big party shift just doesn’t ever happen, and these numbers are just stunning.”

Sracic speculates the numbers just have to make Democratic strategists sick to the stomach. “It is hard to think of a worse-case scenario,” he said.

The former two-time Fulbright Scholar, an expert in modern American populism, said it is also fascinating that these voters are moving away from Democrats despite a tremendous amount of cultural pressure. “And that is an important nuance to include at looking at this historic shift.”

Sracic said the political and cultural messages from the Democratic Party are more often than not echoed by the entities that have outsize power in our culture, “such as Big Tech, academia, corporations, national sports organizations, the national news media, unions, and Hollywood. And these voters aren’t just pushing back from that pressure, they are rejecting it.”

These results are based on aggregated data from all U.S. Gallup telephone surveys in 2021, which included interviews with more than 12,000 randomly sampled U.S. adults. It is the same survey I watched carefully in 2016 in trying to calculate whether anecdotal reporting was reflected in the data available during that year’s presidential election.

These voters didn’t tell many how they were voting the 2016 cycle or in 2020 because of the cultural pressure that came from all of the entities Sracic mentioned. Former President Donald Trump won in 2016 in part because few saw it coming. He won more votes than anyone expected in 2020 for the same reason. Now, however, with him off the national stage, voters are less timid about saying how they feel.

“There is an underlying anger for a lot of voters that they can't say things that are considered taboo among the media and the ruling class, that they aren’t allowed to debate things like mandates, school choice, crime, etc. because when they do, a label is attached to them,” he said. "And I think what you are seeing is that breakthrough in this survey."

There are people skeptical of both sides, often referred to as swing voters, who were not in love with Republicans or Democrats but were willing to give Democrats a chance last year. When the Democrats were given that chance, they answered to a group of liberals, and that is forcing both centrist Democrats and swing voters to pick Republicans instead.

We're done being polite. We are fed up with people who try to win every argument by throwing out baseless claims of racism or sexism. We're over being cancelled.

Democrats have overplayed their hand, and The People will not abide it any longer.


Friday, January 21, 2022 10:09 PM


It's this shit right here that is going to bury the Democrats going forward.

Y'all are fuckin' done.

You should have at least been a little more selective when choosing which hills to die on, because by not calling out the crazy bullshit when you see it, anybody who attaches a (D) to their identity comes off like a fucking lunatic in 2022 now that this is all finally coming to light and the normies get to see you for what you really are.


Vaccinated People: "You need to get muh vaccination shots that don't work because I got muh vaccination shots that don't work and I'm afraid of people that didn't get muh vaccination shots that don't work because muh vaccination shots that don't work don't work."


Friday, January 21, 2022 11:18 PM


Sure. But, like Stalin said, it does not matter how many people vote, it only matters who COUNTS the votes.

Following their idol's template, Demoncrats just faked the count to steal Election 2020.

So how are the majority vote getters going to win, when the loser vote counts are going to be reported higher?


Friday, January 21, 2022 11:44 PM


Well, first...

The mood of the nation was a hell of a lot different in November of 2020 leading into 2021 than it is right now.

That goes for both sides, and everybody in between.

And even the Legacy Media knows full well that Democrats are about to be destroyed this November.

None of this bullshit is going to go away by then. The only thing that works in Democrat's favor is the short memory span of most humans and a lot of them aren't going to remember this winter's high heating bills and won't get that reminder again until after the election is over.


Vaccinated People: "You need to get muh vaccination shots that don't work because I got muh vaccination shots that don't work and I'm afraid of people that didn't get muh vaccination shots that don't work because muh vaccination shots that don't work don't work."


Saturday, January 22, 2022 12:08 AM


Before election, all those summer travel plans are gonna get cancelled by gas prices.






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