The Trailer for JESUS FISH and Press Release

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Monday, December 3, 2007 6:39 PM


This is the link for the trailer of a film I am producing. I've also included our press release. If you know any Browncoats in the Tulsa area I do believe they would enjoy this fracked up piece of cinema. - Rob

Gritty Independent Feature Film "Jesus Fish" Hits Below The Bible Belt

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Bucking the current trend of family-friendly Christian films this collection of stories about a Bible study group is not afraid to get it's hands or mouth dirty. Jackson Productions in association with The Right Guy Productions presents Jesus Fish for one night only at the Riverwalk Theater in Jenks. The Red Carpet Invitational Screening will be at 7:00 PM on January 10th followed by a Q & A session with cast & crew hosted by the Oklahoma Movie Makers.

While telling a tale of faith & redemption “Jesus Fish” embraces the intense and visceral feel of modern cinema. Two young men have just hit someone on a deserted road. Three young ladies have befriended a tough but troubled hooker and soon find themselves trapped in the home of a cruel and lecherous meth dealer. And one young man falls into despair when everything in his life comes crashing down around him….then he finds a shotgun. With a fist in the face of "religious" Christianity “Jesus Fish” is a dark comedy, with a light at the end of the tunnel.

The feature length film which will be entered in the South By Southwest and Bare Bones Film Festivals was shot entirely in the Tulsa area. It’s all-Oklahoma cast includes Matt Lord and Jennifer Abels (appearing in the upcoming horror movie “Please Don't Feed The Zombies”), veteran stage actors Rob Harris (seen recently in Sapulpa Community Theatre’s Arsenic & Old Lace), Chrissy Lewis (from Muskogee Little Theatre’s staging of “The Full Monty”), Starr Hardgrove (who appeared in the Heller Theater’s production of “Rocket Man”), Allison Kirkpatrick (seen in the Nightingale Theatre’s run of “Proof”), Amy Harris (who last appeared in the Oklahoma film “Hookers”), and Cevin Behe (who will be seen in the upcoming film “Dark Lineage”. All of the cast and crew members donated their time and talent for this production.

The soundtrack consists largely of local artists including Wendy Nichol, Fly Me Anywhere, Standing Ape Count, The Afterglow, Chuk Cooley & The Demon Hammers, Janet Mayson, Ronnie Deane and James Pesch. Original score was composed and performed by Lydia Ashton and Matt Lord.

“Jesus Fish” was written by Titus Jackson and Matt Lord. Titus Jackson the director & editor is a local free-lance artist who grew up in Harlem, New York and at the age of 13 was moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Together Jackson, Lord, and Rob Harris set out to produce a film based on the idea of "taking the characters in The Omega Code and dropping them in the middle of Reservoir Dogs." Kyle Claney, a long time friend of Jackson and Lord, with an eye for the edgy and artistic is the Director of Photography.

Tickets for the screening are available for 6$ by e-mail request to Press are welcome to attend, but are encouraged to RSVP as seating is limited. Those under 17 are not permitted without an adult

For more information or press opportunities, contact Robert Harris at (981-806-6136) or Titus Jackson at (918-384-8657) or e-mail correspondence to or visit the website at

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