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Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:57 PM


Needy, that was... fantastic!!

Good to see you again April, but then I'm one to talk. I've been away a while. Too many projects all at once and the one I liked the most is the one that suffered... this thread.

"Got a headful of lightning
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I'd never do it again
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Sunday, February 3, 2008 4:14 AM


Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Wisp clumsily hobbled down the cargo ramp while Vixen walked a step behind and to the left of him. Whenever he slipped a little bit she didnt even flinch just offered encouragment like

"Cant you walk straight cripple?"

Wisp breathed deep when he reached the very last step. The fresh air, the sunlight, it was an intoxicant to his space deprived senses. As he smelt the air he noticed an odd smell: was that sulphur?

"Where do you think your going there Soldier???" Boomed Safes voice from across the hangar.

"Fresh air to do me good. Doctors orders" well technically it was against doctors orders but he didnt know.

"You sure you feel up to it??"

"Im goin stir crazy in the medbay, Id crawl out here if i had to"

Safe walked towards them and looked at Vixen. "You sure you need the piece?" he pointed to the pistol on Vixens hip.

"Uh-hu Doctors orders" He voice cut like a razor of sarcasm over Safe's face as she grinned sadistically at him.

"Lose it, or put it in a shoulder we dont want everyone here thinking were bandits"

Vixen attempted to stare Safe down but even she couldnt break him down. begrudgingly she removed her belt and jacket. With a few strap alterations her hip holster had become a shoulder which she hid under a small red denim jacket. She then lay on an overly cheesy grin of disdain and walked off into the world.

"Take care" Safe said turning to leave but Wisp shouted after him.

"Boss, one more thing" Safe turned back "theres a sulphur smell coming from the port side, we could have burnt out the stabilising cables on entry"

Safe laughed. Hes on crutches and still try to fix the ship "Ill get somebody on it, You enjoy your walk"

"will do" He strutted towards Vixen then headed into town.


Monday, February 4, 2008 3:25 PM


Safe watched them go with a mixture of regret and admiration.

So young to have been put on this path and yet... the conviction he showed was uncharacteristic of one his age.

Safe chuckled again and mentally added the port thruster to his list of things to do.

He turned his attention skywards and tried to will his eyes to see past the atmosphere, catch a glimpse of something he knew wasn't there.

A futile effort, he knew. The Dagger and Destiny were miles from here. He couldn't speak for the crew of the Destiny but he knew his old crew, the first sign of the Alliance and they had left for safer skies to wait until things settled.

Pushing aside wistful thinking, Safe walked up the gangplank and almost right into Seryn.

Her head was down as she studied the clipboard in her hand. She was on a mission.

"Whoa... where's the fire?" Safe smiled at Seryn, but quickly swallowed that smile under her whithering glare.

"Looks like a requisition list." He quickly added.

"Mr. perception..."

Safe cleared his throat, "Ok, I deserved that. Wisp said something about..."

"Sulphur smell from the port side? Ya, it's on the list." Seryn finished and stalked off.

"Ok... I'll find Soul and find out what he got from the 'passenger', and then check on Needy..." Safe called after Seryn.

Safe turned and stalked the rest of the way up the gangplank. "Yeesh, everyone's so touchy..."

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


Thursday, February 7, 2008 7:21 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions


Originally posted by Aprilise:
I'm still not sure where the kids are or I'd try...I haven't been keeping up with this thread unfortunately.

OOC: At the minute, all the kids are safe and sound on the Epsilon (possibly being watched over by Sykes). Currently, both The Epsilon and The Dwarf are parked in a landing yard on Santos.

Hope that helps

I'm gonna try and update the guide, kinda left it hanging, and try and post an update of events for the thread

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Sunday, February 10, 2008 9:31 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: LOL, great stuff, loving the character interaction... with all the action stuff, seems like ages since we've had some good old fashioned snarkiness
Btw, sorry if this post is rather long. But figured its about time we knew a bit more about who "The Weapon" is.

Seven Years Ago:

The young man sat quietly in the lab, waiting patiently for Styx to return. He remained still on the gurney, wearing nothing but his assigned grey trousers, whilst his shirt, socks and boots sat across the room by an empty chair.
Fifteen was his name now. He was nothing but a number. An operative chosen for a special mission. A weapon.

Fifteen looked at his body and smiled. Even now he still struggled to believe that it was his own. He'd come a long way from being the weak little kid in school.
He was well built but he wasn't a giant, his muscles were well-toned but not bulging. He was intended to blend in, but he could take care of himself if need be. A few years ago and he couldn't take care of his pet rabbit, but that was then, and this was now. Things had changed. He had changed

Fifteen looked at his arm and studied it. On his upper right shoulder sat three silver pimples forming the shape of a triangle on his skin, like little bulbarians that had been fired into his arm - the result of the final injection he had been given three days earlier.
The tests were finally complete and he was now well qualified and prepared for the task at hand.
Infiltration was the name of the game, a game he had played all too often, only this time it was long term. Three years was a long time to spend undercover but he was ready for it. He was determined to get it done.
This mission was the only one that mattered -Styx had told him as much - and he truly believed he was the man for the job.
The Expendables were doing important work, they wanted to change the verse, and Fifteen was about to make that a reality.

Just then two men entered the room. Styx, followed by another man - a face he'd never seen before. The man was significantly taller than his superior and younger too, looking to be in his late twenties, early thirties. He was serious though, and his eyes looked as though they had witnessed more than was possible for a man his age.

Fifteen jumped from the gurney and saluted.

"At ease soldier" Styx said as Fifteen lowered his hand. Meanwhile, the younger man stepped from behind Styx and held out his hand to the young operative.
Fifteen stared at the hand for a brief second but soon grasped it with his own, shaking it, despite the feeling that it was strange for an superior to introduce himself this way.

"Operative Blackout," the man said "it is an honour to meet you. I've heard a great deal about you and your success."
Fifteen hesitated upon hearing his new name, all too often his name had changed from mission to mission and all to often he was the last to know exactly what his new name would be.

"Thank you sir but the success is not due to my own talents, but those which you have given me."

"Truer words have never been spoken" Styx laughed, patting Fifteen/Blackout on his shoulder.

"Don't sell yourself short now" the man replied, "it takes courage to do what you're doing."

"With all due respect sir, any fool can be courageous, this job requires faith. And I truly believe The Expendables are doing good work"

"That they are my boy, that they are" Styx smiled and continued to laugh, proud of the loyal agent he has created.

The other man smiled softly, feigning a showy display of pride in the operative's faith, but in reality, the words he spoke chilled him. If the organisation could create such willing warriors, then truly they were a force to be reckoned with.

Marshall smiled and saluted, reciting the group's motto "For the greater good"

"For the greater good" Fifteen/Blackout saluted back.



Soul approached the door to the scorched room on The Dwarf once more, his hand hovering over the handle as he recalled his first meeting with the individual inside. It may have felt like a lifetime ago for Soul, but it had only been a mere seven years. Still, a lot had happened in the intervening years to both individuals involved. It might has well have been a lifetime ago.
As Soul opened the door slowly and stepped in, he spotted The Weapon sitting as expected on the chair inside, waiting patiently as always

"Blackout" Soul called softly to the man.

"That's not my name anymore, I told you" the man responded, his head buried in his hands

"I'm sorry. What would you like me to call you?"

"I dunno. I honestly don't remember. Not that it matters anymore. Soon as the job's done, it will just be a distant memory."

"You can't be serious" Soul responded "What you're trying to do, if you succeed. Everybody will want to remember you"

"Why do I get the feeling that that's a bad thing" he said, with a hint of irony in his voice.

"You can change the world, change all the worlds. This is good work" Soul reassured him.

"I've done good work before. Remember?"

"No but..." Soul started before he was interrupted.

"I know. Deep down I know its the right thing to do. I mean honestly I wouldn't have come this far if I didn't. These people have to pay. They have to. They need to be exposed for the monsters that they are. I just... I'm afraid it will all be for nothng"

"It won't be" Soul tells him

"And how do you know that?" the weapon replies, raising his head to look at his former superior officer.

"Because I will make sure of it. The Expendables, The Alliance... both of them. Their time is over."

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 7:25 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: I've decided to go back to the Special Branch Guide, hoping to update it and realised how much story we have written.
Aprilise, I've written a brief summary for the Carson children (though its incomplete) but have included where they are currently
I'll try to stay on top of this, but gotta re-read the other threads first so I can recall what's happened.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 9:02 AM


Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Wisp hobbled into town with Vixen at his side. It was busy but not crowded. People walked the streets at lesiurley pace, Shopkeepers chatted to customers, dogs peed on lamposts. It was a Town that didnt see a lot of trade but just enough throughfare for a man on crutches to escape all attention.

"hey lets do some shopping" Wisp said freely as he turned to face Vixen "my wardrobe is looking a little too bullet ridden for my liking"


"Im sorry what was that?"

"Shops are too dangerous right now. We're probably on several government watch lists and we'll be retina scanned if we enter a shop. Besides the streets give us a better line of sight" Her voice was methodical and cold. Although she didnt say it she was also looking at all the dark allyways nearby and all the wealthy people that could be tempted into them and mugged. Wisp also knew what she was thinking but put it to the back of his mind. He was happy to be outside again.

Real air was just one of those things. You can be cooped up in space for 6 months just wishing for a lungfull, then as soon as you get it your ready to get right back up there for 6 more months.

The pair of them trotted round in silence, Wisp trying to relax and look normal while Vixen peered at every doorway with suspicon. As they were turning one street corner a startled horse bolted from a nearby bar. It ran crazily across the street in a zigzag rearing up at every surface. Wisp dove for cover off the road his head spinning at the sudden altitude loss. Vixen however watched its motion and pattern and with a smooth movment grabbed its reigns as it charged past. She half held, half let it slide past but the horse halted without restraint. As soon as it was stationary she left it and dragged Wisp off the floor.

"How the chuff?" Wisp asked in awe as he was frog marched away from the scene.

"Fight of flight reaction" She replied casually "it can be averted by instilling normality"

"Where did you learn that?" He was the smart one, how did she know all these fancy psychological terms

"Oh you know" Without changing tone "Prison"


Coded signal

Source Santos

Sparrow has been spotted in flock

2 Barrels loaded

Shots at dawn



Tuesday, February 19, 2008 7:31 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: Ooh, ooh ooh. Got me excited WYSB!


How do you track a tracker? A man with such great expertise in his line of work that he knows better than to leave a trail of his own.

Clayton Payne contemplated this as he sat quietly, out of sight, on the bridge of this vessel, watching his hired pilot punch in keys on the computer.

The bounty hunter that had taken an interest in Needy and the crew of rebels had left him in quite the predicament. This hunter, a man known simply as Kurren hadn't got much from the reporter, but he'd got enough. Now Clayton feared that the life of his former partner Kyra McTaggert was in danger, that she would be used to get to the companion turned fugitive.

Clayton was left in the dirt, with seemingly no means to track the hunter after he left.
At least, that's what Kurren would have thought.
But Clayton, being the obsessive reporter that he was, was always prepared.

"This is it" the pilot uttered in a monotone.
Clayton stood up from his chair and walked to the window
"You sure?"
"Damn sure, if that locater is as reliable as you claim it is"
Clayton looked at the planet below. There appeared to be no ships flying nearby. It was as he feared, Kurren had already reached his destination. He only hoped that he hadn't made his move yet.
"Where are we?" the reporter asked his dazed pilot.
Looking at his computer once more, he punched a key on the pad bringing up on the screen details of the planet below.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 3:29 PM


If Safe had been a man of faith or even one that put stock in psychic abilities, maybe he, or any of the rest of the crew, would be forewarned. Maybe they would have a premonition of the things to come, but as it was, he was blissfully unaware of the storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

He had always prided himself on his clarity of vision, his common sense, his instinct during battles. These traits had accelerated him through the ranks, had kept him alive and, to his bewilderment, inspired loyalty in others. He was never one to seek attention or higher status, much to the chagrin of his ex-wife. He just did his job to the best of his ability.

To him it was a simple matter of assessing the situation and being prepared even for the unexpected. Nothing ever went as it should nor as it was supposed to go. The best course of action was to accept that fact. Roll with the punches.

Finding Soul was part of that process, gathering facts, assessing the situation.

“... both of them. Their time is over.”

Safe approached the burnt-out room on the Dwarf where Soul leaned against the doorframe.

“Whose time is over?”

Soul and the ‘weapon’ look at Safe, identical guarded expressions molded their features.

Safe felt like he was being measured. Even though he counted Soul as a friend, he supposed he couldn’t blame them, it was something that came with the territory for every Alliance soldier or officer. And he was, after all, an ex-Alliance officer, hell, for that matter he was an ex-cop, an ex-pilot an ex-husband… seemed he was ex-everything.

To be truthful, there were Alliance soldiers and officers that deserved the publics mistrust, and then there were those like Safe and Jack that were just doing a job. Who, maybe, had a rose-coloured perspective of the Alliances original ideals.

Safe stared back unflinching; waiting for an answer.

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:36 AM


It was dusk when the Bounty Baby managed to finish docking procedures at one of Santos' major cities. Kurren didn't mind the wait, he knew that the intel he intended to get would be good. Weaving through the streets he made his way to a brothel aptly named 'The Wanton Missus'. He circles around to the side of the building and ascends the staircase. A lone guard halts Kurren's progress at the top of the stairs.

"Don't no one come through this door unless they show me the boss' approval."
Kurren ignores the guard and moves toward the door but is roughly shoved away. The guard stands between Kurren and the door with his hand against Kurren's chest.
"You deaf? Show me your brand or get lost!"
Kurren's reply is swift, he grabs the oppressing arm by the wrist with his right hand and pulls the arm over his shoulder while the left shoulder dips in between the guards' legs. Before the guard can protest, Kurren hurls him down the stairs.
A nervous stick of a man enters a room of pre grandeur. Armed guards are posted at several doorways, scantily-clad women dance for threemen in the center of the room. The nervous man walks hurriedly to the back where a single man studies several screens and hesitantly calls his attention. "Boss?"
Irritated about the disturbance the man replies sharply, "What?"
"T-theres a fella outside says he needs to talk with you."
In a condescending tone the boss asked,"Did you happen to find out why I should consider talking to him?"
"he s-s-ssaid that his tattoo of a skull with a jester cap on a diamond background would be reason enough." The boss became visibly shaken and his face flushed. He grabbed the messenger by the collar and shook him.
"That ruttin' pup is here?! Don't let him in here!"
A voice came from the opposite side of the room, "Too late."
"Kurren!" the boss clapped his hands three times. The dancers and their three patrons left the room, the guards remained ready to remove the unexpected visitor.
"What brings you to my humble little establishment?"
Kurren chuckles as he closes the gap between him and the boss. "Why else would I come Percy? I want information and I know that you can give it to me."
"Could you please not call me that infront of my men?" Percy whines.
"Why not? It's the only name I've known you as."
"I have other names, and a fantastic title. They call me 'The Lord of the Borough' in these parts."
"You'll still be Percy to me" Kurren grins. Percy's face flushes again.
"Have you noticed my guards? I could have you killed."
"We both know I could end your life and that of two of your guards before they even unholster their guns." Kurren states.
"But there is no bounty on me."
"I'd consider it a Public Service." Kurren's tone suggested to Percy to end the current dialogue. Percy offers a smile and raises his hands in mock surrender.
"What do you want?"
"I'm looking for a ship."
OOC: How great it is to be back! Man! I lost my train of thought for this story but when I started writing it just came out. hah! I was trying to write about a fireman's carry when Kurren threw the guard down the steps, I hope it was clear enough.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 1:22 AM


Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

"You want what??" maxine asked incredulously. Never in all her years as a medic had she heard anything like it.

"Stem cells" Wisp repeated quite calmly "I was looking through the Epsilons manifest and they have any emergencey Organ repair kit which contains stem cells"

"Ok but would do i do with them?"

"You dont do anything with them but ill need a sample of my bone marrow DNA inorder to specify the cells for my body. I need you to take a bone marrow sample"

Maxine paused for a moment in thought "so thats why you walked in here with that strange needle and a power drill?"

"Yup, you need to drill a hole in my shoulder, pull out some bonemarrow, then you inject that into the IV bag and by tommorrow i should be walking again...or riddled with cancer"

"Is this safe?? Like at all?"

Wisp laid down on the bed and removed his tshirt. "safe is such a vague word. Nobodys ever died from this procedure before. But then again nobodys ever attempted this procedure before"

Maxine gulped heavily as she began to sedate Wisp.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:03 AM


The road to Hel is paved with good intentions


Originally posted by safeat2nd:

“... both of them. Their time is over.”

Safe approached the burnt-out room on the Dwarf where Soul leaned against the doorframe.

“Whose time is over?”

Soul and the ‘weapon’ look at Safe, identical guarded expressions molded their features.


Safe stared back unflinching; waiting for an answer.

Soul looked at "the weapon" then back at Safe, clearly ill-prepared for such an intrusion.
Walking up to his fellow crewmember he whispers to him "Look I'll explain everything, you've just got to give me a minute"

The Weapon watched from a distance, unable to discern what was being spoken. Marshall, or Soul, whatever name he was going by now, had his back to him. The weapon could no more read his lips than he could his mind. The voice in his head that told him not to trust the ex-agent was now more trustworthy than ever - and the secret meeting these two men were now engaged in did nothing to bolster his confidence and trust in the crew.

Safe looked over at the weapon as Soul made his request, the stowaway was looking blankly at them both. Safe couldn't read him and he didn't feel comfortable in relying on his instincts in this case.
Sadly, he felt he couldn't fully trust Soul either. So much had happened and the fact of the matter was, Soul had been involved with the woman responsible for this mess. Who was to say he could be trusted? Maybe he was more involved than any of them dare imagine.

"No, you're going to tell me now." Safe said loudly, this time The Weapon could here the conversation loud and clear, but was it a ruse, solely for his benefit?

"What is this? I want the truth!" Safe demanded, his voice echoing down the hallways

Soul stepped back a bit, quite surprised by Safe's outburst. He knew he was capable of it, but it did seem out of character. Clearly, the crew's elected leader had had enough of the lies.

Soul prepared himself to divulge what he knew, but he was too slow. The Weapon, this man that had got by many names and had seen so much, was also tired. Tired of being kept in the dark, shutaway from the rest of the civilisation.
If the ship's captain wanted a story, then he was sure going to give him one. The whole bloody epic tale.

"Fine. You want to know the truth?" The weapon stated, taking Soul by surprise. "I'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you everything."

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Monday, April 7, 2008 6:05 AM


Who we are depends on the outcome of the struggle between who we were and who we want to be

OOC: its a bit of a long post, hope you dont mind


Originally posted by NEEDY:

Clayton was left in the dirt, with seemingly no means to track the hunter after he left.
At least, that's what Kurren would have thought.
But Clayton, being the obsessive reporter that he was, was always prepared.

"I need your help" Clayton uttered quickly as soon as Robert Wu had opened the door to his modest but respectable downtown apartment.
The words "What are you doing here?" were on the tip of Robert's mouth but he never actually spoke them. Not that it would contribute to much anyway, Clayton knew full well what the man was thinking even though, unlike his friend, he was devoid of any "special abilites."
He knew that what he was doing was against the rules, but the rules didn't apply anymore, or at least not right now, and one man's privacy was worth less than a two-bit sparrow, especially when lives were at stake.
"I made a mistake" Clayton confessed walking into the heart of the man's home - the large space wherein the man often attempted to find some peace.
Robert pushed the door shut after the unwanted guest and slowly followed him into the living space.
"You didn't use the bug?" he asked
"Yeah, I used it" Clayton answered. The Bug in question was a chemical imprint, usually rubbed on a surface using the palm of one's hand. Kurren had denied a handshake during their meeting together but their minor scuffle had been enough for the reporter to mark the hunter's clothes. The Bug, like a lot of the resistance's technology, had been taken from the Blue Sun corporation itself. It wasn't available to the public of course, but the resistance had their sources, and Clayton had Robert.
"Then what's the problem?" Robert asked, his mind already distracted by another unspoken concern.
"You're the problem." Clayton snapped "The man's gone and I don't have transportation. You said you'd be there at Rollins'"
Rollins, of course. Robert had been distracted, so distracted that he had completely forgotten about their arrangement.
"Sorry Payne but there's been developments" Robert said, without a hint of actual genuine repentance in his statement. He was far too busy scanning his own room.
"What sort of developments?!" Clayton replied, his tone still excited over his own situation.
Behind the man, a thin brown briefcase sits open on the armchair, beside which lay printed documents. Robert rushes over to them, seemingly ignoring the reporters question.
Clayton turns, following the man with his eyes as he spots the papers and the strange devices housed in the open case.
"What sort of developments?" Clayton repeats, only now he fears that his own problems may be insignificant to a greater worry.
"Special Branch" Robert replies, shutting the case carefully and handing him a dozen or so sheets of the documents.
Names listed in random order, followed by serial numbers and a small barcode fill the papers, page after page.
"What is this?"
"You were right. It wasn't just the one team. They were hacked. All of them"
"What are y... Special Branch?" Clayton looked at the list, names he didn't recognise, but each and every one important to the furtherance of the resistance movement.
"When the Alliance raided the facility it wasn't a lucky break, it was the beginning of the end. Now they've got them all under lock and key, and it's only a matter of time til that sword of Damocles falls"
Clayton continues to scan the pages, hundreds of names, hundreds of heroes that had selflessly risked their own necks in the hopes of a better verse.
"Why now? I told you before we should have done something"
"A plan hadn't been formulated" Robert stated simply
"And now?" Clayton asked
"Now is the time. Now we move"
"No, this is crazy" Clayton objected "Now isn't the time! There's a bounty hunter and he's going to..."
"What?" Robert asked
"I think he's going to kill them. I think he'd kill her... if it meant getting his bounty"
"I'm sorry Payne but I can't help you, not based on "if's" and "maybe's". Good people will die unless we move on this plan now"
"Then I need you to get me a ship. Get me a pilot. I need to track this Kurren character before we lose his scent altogether. You said the Bug only reaches so far"
Robert sighs "This is not an official assignment, they're off the grid"
"You're right, it's not oficial. It's personal" Clayton answers
"Look I can get you a ship, we can get you a ship. But a pilot? All our operatives are busy, and hired ones aren't the most loyal of folk."
"Then force one to take me. Do your thing. Whatever it takes. I can't afford to lose him"
"You expect me to brainwash you a chauffeur?"
"Sure. It's the least you could do"
"It could be dangerous. If he was to regain his own will he would turn on you in an instant."
"I'll take my chances" Clayton Payne answered without hesitation "Now, gorramit where's that ship"

Originally posted by NEEDY:

"This is it" the pilot uttered in a monotone.
Clayton stood up from his chair and walked to the window
"You sure?"
"Damn sure, if that locater is as reliable as you claim it is"
Clayton looked at the planet below. There appeared to be no ships flying nearby. It was as he feared, Kurren had already reached his destination. He only hoped that he hadn't made his move yet.
"Where are we?" the reporter asked his dazed pilot.
Looking at his computer once more, he punched a key on the pad bringing up on the screen details of the planet below.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008 6:31 AM


OOC: HOLY S***!! Needy, that is fantastic!!
I know I haven't contributed much lately, but I am still around and haven't forgotten.

Nice posts by WSYB and Jazef as well!!

I will try to add something soon.

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Do you know how wonderful it is to tie your shoe laces? I mean the feeling of bending one knee lowering your back and having the dexterity in your fingers to tie a double bow in some string?

Wisp would have told the maker himself that it was better than sex with 3 girls at once (an experience he had actually had) that day. After serious brain damaged, haemorage, and skull fractures he woke up and was fine. Better than fine actually he didnt have a scratch on him, the straight out of the shop look. His radical stem cell treatment had done exactly what he intended and he was ready to get back in the swing of things. That was as soon as Maxine actually let him leave.

"Im fine honest" Wisp interjected as He was poked proded and probed as he tried to dress.

"I dont care how perfect you think you feel yesterday you could barely walk and today your in perfect health" she flustered around him checking his bone density with a handheld recorder which she kept jabbing him with.

"look youve scanned me 18 zillion times with that thing, youve run blood cultures and a neural scan and everything says im fine"

"yea well im not trusting that neural scan, according to that you have double the normal brain activity of anyone, the machine must be broken"

Wisp looked down at his feet admiring his handywork. A smirk travelled across his face, It quickly disappated when maxine forced herself into his eyeline

"Im telling you, you should get at LEAST another days bed rest"

"Look im not going far" He took his worn brown flying jacket off the hook in the corner. It had sat there teasing him for days as he lay in bed. He embraced the feeling of the denim as it brushed over his skin and flexed his fingers in the air. "Im going for a walk round the ship. I might sit on the ramp and get some fresh air. Im not going outside i dont need an escort"

He took hold of the door handle to leave the med bay. How long had it been since he opened a door? It would have been when He got on the Dwarf. The simple things in life give the most pleasure. He opened it and stepped into the hall.

"I promise ill come back for another check-up before i get in my bunk"

She crossed her arms and huffed as he wandered off down the hall.

'That is one stubborn young man.' she thought to herself 'just 19 and he cures himself of a Broken head and wanders off round the ship'

"Wait a second, his bunks on the other ship and he said he wouldnt go outside! The lying little..." She banged her probe down on the sideboard and began cleaning with liquid frustration.


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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

"Surveillance reports call for the plan to be redesigned" 63 said as he entered the Abandoned Warehouse. What he meant by surveillance is what he just saw with his own to eyes, But Phase II's didnt think like that. They were sort of programmed in stage II. Project:Einstein stage I's were given the first level of Neural advancment to see how theyd cope, but Phase II's were put through rigorous training. They were more like machines than people. They had no social life, they didnt feel the need for luxuries, they didnt love or hate. The experts told the politicans they didnt feel fear either but that was a lie. They just called it a different name.

Odds. Statistics. Chance. They evaluated their own worth as a cost to the alliance so avoided death that way.

"Explain" 27 was tall with short dark hair and bland pale features. 63 could be described exactly the same. They were given make overs and surgery to appear generic. They couldnt stand out even if they tried.

"Target's injuries are completely healed. Current plans invalid" They both had IQ's double even the smartest scientist so they had lost the use of basic grammar structures in favour of more efficent speach. Like a computer.

"Frontal assault too dangerous. Chance of injury to target too high"

"Federal law enforcment presence. Chance of injury to target too high"

"Wait for opportune moment. Chance of success High. Risk to target Low. Risk to strike team medium"

The two of them then picked up their single rucksacks and headed out the door. 27 lit a flare and placed it in a pre-arranged flammable location. The two of them disappeared into the night, and an abandoned warehouse burnt down.

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The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

OOC: Excellent posts WYSB, can't wait to see how the story of Project:Einstein pans out
Think I might entitle the next thread Special Projects, what do you think?

Well without further ado, lets get back to the story


"I wasn't looking for attention. And I didn’t have any grand plans of infamy. I did this because I truly thought it was the right thing to do”

“And what’s that?” Safe asked without hesitation.

“I volunteered”

“For what?” Safe said, staring into the man’s eyes, willing to see past the façade of a poor stowaway, and the truth that hid underneath, some deep dark secret no doubt.

The man laughed and shook his head. “You don’t get it, I’m not who they say I am”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Safe replied whilst Soul looked on in silence. “Why don’t you tell me who you are, what you’re doing here. Then I’ll decide where we take it from there.”

The man shook his head again. “Well I’m certianly not like you. Alliance right? Or at least you were. You certainly look the part, standing tall with your head held high as if you’ve nothing to be ashamed of, meanwhile you’re standing on the very rug that you just swept your dirt under.”
Safe bit his tongue, he’d let the man have this little dig at him, he was ignorant, didn’t know the first thing about him, his past, nor his former dealings with the alliance.
“I was nothing special, didn’t have a military background – my mother was a priest and my dad spent most of his time working down at Eavesdown. I thought I was gonna turn out to be a mechanic just like him, didn’t have any aspirations otherwise. But I was chosen. Chosen for the training program that the group offered me.”

“What group?” Safe asked

“The Expendables” Soul muttered to his friend, whilst The Weapon nodded his head.

Safe glared at Soul and clenched his teeth. He wanted to draw his weapon and hold it point blank against The Weapon’s forehead. The group were dangerous and one of their agents – Ciaran – had just killed one of their passengers, whilst leaving another in a critical state. But Soul had also been one. He didn’t know if that should make him want to give the stowaway the benefit of the doubt or whether he should just throw both him and Soul overboard.

“Don’t worry, I’m not with them anymore, and you can trust me on that”

Safe didn’t care what the man said, he wasn’t putting blind faith in anyone anymore

“But I believed, hell in a way I still do, that they’re not all bad. That they do have our best intentions at heart. They are trying to do good work. They are trying to improve the verse, trying to take that power the Alliance so mercilessly holds over everybody else, and turn it against them. It's only then that things can change.”

“Okay,” Safe butts in “first of all, The Alliance are doing good things too, or at least they're trying to. Maybe I do look at them differently to the rest of you but it doesn't mean I'm not right. They’re in over their heads, for sure, but they are not the evil corporation you make them out to be. And without that government in place, the human race probably would have destroyed itself years ago.”

Silence descended upon the group of three, each giving thought to their own standing on the matter.

“Maybe you’re right” The Weapon broke the silence “but it was The Alliance, not The Expendables that did this to me”

“I was trained to be the best” he continued “until it got to the point where I was the ultimate soldier. But others were doing their own experimentation, experiments on innocent civilians. These ones weren’t chosen or asked if they wanted to take part, they were dragged off the streets. I don’t know how many died before we even got wind of the news, but when they wanted to send an operative in, I made sure I was on the front line. I volunteered for that. To shut them down, once and for all.
Only... I failed. They found me out and before long I was subjected to the same experiments. I became their soldier. It didn’t matter what I wanted. I had no control. No say so. I carried out their assignments like a drone, a zombie, controlled not by free will nor conscience but by pre-programmed directives.
Let me tell you it was a godsend when I was captured. Being thrown in prison was no picnic but at least I had control of my senses. Feeling the pain of torture... it was the worst thing I ever felt. But at least I knew I was alive, that I was me again”

“Then what is it you’re trying to achieve? Why are you here?” Safe asked in a calmer tone, evidently the tale the man had told had opened his eyes to what was truly going on.

“We’re trying to make sure that these inhumane experiments don’t happen again. That these monsters don't get away with it. I’m the proof! Don’t you understand? We’re going to expose them both.”


“The Expendables too. Yes, I believe in the beginning their motives were pure, but things have changed. Leadership has changed. I’m afraid that now they’re no more different that the Alliance themselves. In that they’re doing whatever is necessary to achieve their means. Their soldiers may be in control to an extent, but still they’re only there because they've been conditioned to think as they think. How is that any different to being a zombie.”

Safe turned his head to the side, staring at the blackened walls, deep in thought.

“Safe?” Soul asked. “What are you thinking?”

The man didn’t answer the question, not directly, instead he replied “Get them together. The crew. All of them. We’re gonna figure this out, together."

"You're going to put it to a vote?" Soul asked

"We're going to come to a decision." Safe answered. "And there's not gonna be any more secrets between us.”

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Who we are depends on the outcome of the struggle between who we were and who we want to be

Kyra woke suddenly in her chair, her body jolting from the empty gurney upon which she had rested her head.
The room was coloured an Alliance blue, cold and disconnected. Upon the walls sat white cabinets, each containing a variety of tablets, glass beakers covered with warning labels and several vials containing what looked like blood. Meanwhile, aseptic surgical instruments sat placed atop the metal trolley, close to where she sat.
“Bernie” she muttered under her breath, still attempting to discern her surroundings.
“Yes” a voice replied.
Her vision blurred and then came into focus again, whilst she stared at the figure standing before her in the doorway.
“Bernie” she called out again “you’re okay?”
Her voice sounded slightly different in her head, as if she was listening to the words playback to her on a recording. She certainly felt disconnected from reality but she ignored it, choosing instead to focus on the miraculous recovery of her lover.

“You need to help me” the silhouette of the man stated in a calm and collected manner.
“What are you talking about” her own voice uttered in reply.
The man may have had his back to her and she was still clearly “out of it” but she knew it was him.
“Remember. You need to help me. Before it’s too late”
“Too late?” she replied, standing up slowly from her chair “Too late for what?”
“What?” she asks walking towards him, her steps seemingly taking a lifetime to complete

“Master of man of beast and of monster, traveller of stars and walker of skies…” Needy began to utter. The meaning of the words were lost on her but he continued anyway, rattling them off in a monotone. “...Devourer of hearts, making mischief of mistletoe, murdering man with deception and lies”
“Bernie” the young woman called out as she finally reached him, placing her hand on his shoulder.
In an instant and with no discernable act of turning, the man was all of a sudden now facing her, grabbing a firm hold of her hand without warning.

Kyra gasped as she looked up at the man’s face in horror. The sight churned her stomach but she could not look away. The man she loved was barely recognisable from the form that stood before her. Needy’s face was that of death – his features had long since deteriorated so that barely any flesh remained attached. His face was that of blackened meat burnt to a cinder. His eyes were sunken whilst his open mouth revealed his tongue to be sliced down the middle.

Kyra wanted to scream but the power to speak had been stolen from her.

Instead the voice that had uttered nonsensical phrases now spoke once more. It was Needy’s voice, but the lips of his deformed mouth did not move. “He’s coming” it announced, once again in a monotone.
Kyra tried to pull away but it had her in its grasp.

Then, something changed.

The dark lifeless eyes glimmered with hope and his mouth moved as if to say something. And say something they did. The inflection had changed and the words sounded muffled, but it was without a doubt Needy’s voice – his true voice, and not some monotone mumbling. His mouth slurred and the words rolled off his disfigured tongue “Help me”
A tear rolled down Kyra’s cheek, one last tear and then suddenly she felt the life drain from her.
She collapsed to the floor in a heap, unable to move. She tried to lift up her head but she couldn't even do that. Couldn't even look at the man that was standing there by her feet – but she knew he was still there. And worst still, somehow she knew the man inside him had departed again. There was nothing left there but a husk, devoid of all humanity.

As she struggled to move her arms, her legs, anything that would respond, a loud screeching bellowed forth from the man’s mouth. It wasn’t human, it was barely recognisable as an animal’s scream, but she couldn’t shut it out, couldn’t cover her ears. The man’s pain became hers, and just when she thought she couldn’t handle anymore…

Kyra woke up.
Her eyes were bloodshot and somehow her ears were still ringing.
Her lover still slept beside her in the gurney, dead to the world, but breathing nonetheless.
Water ran down the young woman’s cheeks as she stared wide eyed at the body before her, and with that she broke down, cries of grief echoing loudly down the corridors of the ship.

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OOC: Sorry, I’ve been neck deep in research for a new story I'm going to write. The more research I do, the more complex the story gets. Suffice it to say the summer of 1816 in Geneva is more than a huge influence. And that's all the hint you get until I get something substantial down, sorry, you'll just have to wait...
As a further update, I heard from two more contests in which I did not so much as place. bunch of hack judges What do they know anyway?

Safe walked down the loading ramp of the ISSCP, cup of steaming coffee in hand.

He paused as he watched the beginnings of todays planetary traffic start to arrive, silhouetted by the rising sun.

It had been a long day yesterday. Old friendships tested, new info come to light and a plan set in place for the upcoming days. It was the vote scheduled for this afternoon that troubled him the most.

It wasn't so much the information that was to be revealed, as it was how the impact said information was going to affect the crew that troubled him.

He kinda suspected contents the information, how the others would react was the wild card, and he didn't like gambling.

He was surprised to see Needy sitting on a crate at the base of the ramp, also silently studying the sunrise. Almost too intently, like it was going to offer up answers to some questions Safe wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Safe took a sip of his coffee and cleared his throat, trying to get Needy's attention.

Needy never moved nor even acknowledged his presence.

Safe descended the gangplank and walked right into Needy's line of sight, nodding. " That's a sight I never get tired of, the sunrise that is."

Needy continued to stare off into nothing.

"Listen, I've been meaning to talk to you." Safe took a swallow of his coffee. "Everything alright? You've been a bit... distant lately."

Still no response.

"to tell the truth, we've all been a bit different lately. What with Soul seeing his deceased wife and Seryn wanting to find a quiet space for her wee one. I suppose everyone gets a bit space crazy after a while."

Safe takes another sip of coffee before continuing, "Hell, I haven't seen Wisp since we landed. I hope he can handle that girl of his..."

He looked back to the crate where Needy had been sitting only to find the spot vacant.

"It figures..."

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
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OOC: I saw a post here briefly by Needy before the crash and it hasn't reappeared.

Just wanted to throw out an idea here. Seems this story may have run its course, sadly. Do you all think maybe we can develop a proper ending for it? Doesn't seem right to leave such a great story unfinished.

I know, I know, I'm guilty of not being around much and I have nothing to say in my defence except excuses. I have kept tabs on this site but RW has had a way of... how shall I say... taking precedent.

I'm back off to school in Sept. to further hone my writing capabilities. (night courses) And hopefully will be submitting more stuff to contests and such.

This is some of the best stuff I've read in a long time, seriously, and if it ends here, well then it ends and I have to thank all of you for the experience.

Please keep me in mind if you all plan on starting another story along these lines or continuing this one.

Thanks again.

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


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"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


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Who we are depends on the outcome of the struggle between who we were and who we want to be

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been fairly busy and to be honest writing has been put on the backburner.
I hope this isn't the end of the thread because, like you said Safe, it's been really great.
It was my hope that this thread would see a resurgence in the story, taking the cahracters in different directions but like has been said, things seem to have run out of steam.
I'm up for keeping the story going, if others want to just throw some ideas in here - I know both Jazaf and Wisp seem to have a bigger story they want to unleash, it'd be a shame if it just got lost.

If it does all come to a head then I personally would still like to continue Needys story in fanfic form, but what I loved was what everybody else contributed - most of what I wrote was inspired by other people's posts

If it is a matter of finding time, then perhaps one final thread for everyone to sum up their stories would be in order... but its my hope that we could go on further than that

... my two cents


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Seryn straightened, grimaced at the clicks all the way up her back and then grimaced again at the sight of her oil stained arms and clothes. In a sensible, practical space in her head she knew that it was time to eat, to sleep more than an hour together then to face what had to be faced... including the fate of her son. This was no life for a child, she'd proved that he wasn't safe here. But for Sykes...
Speak of the devil. Though she wasn't surprised, he'd been turning up every hour she'd been working, Fin in his arms, eyebrow raised. He'd witnessed her adrenalin fueled burst into the quiet room. And her pause in front of Fins' makeshift crib.
Space - Special Branch as she guessed she was becoming - was no life, not for a baby. Picking him up, continuing to form a bond would just reinforce something that shouldn't exist. Sykes had pressed her, but apart from the odd oath as she helped him reset his shoulder she'd said nothing. What she was trying to do was form a request for him to take Fin, and any of the other children as wanted and find them a new life on Santos. It seemed like the best thing.

Sykes cocked a hip and leaned against the bulkhead, his his tall skinny frame and weathered skin jarring with the soft pastel baby blanket.
"You are an idiot"
"Sugaring the pill just a little there aren't you? Don't hold back darling - I tan take it"
"you are a f****** moron then. You virtually chewed down the walls of a ship, ordered everyone about including the captain of the ship and possibly one of the most dangerous men who ever lived and now your too chicken to risk getting attached to him? Moron"
"Its not fear, its... what, its practicality! Do you want him to end up like you? Like me? fugitive, broken, scarred and bitter?" Great, I'll keep him, and you can make a nice video diary of just how badly we screw him over!"
Sykes grinned "you grew up a cosseted pampered spoiled little rich girl - you married your prince and you lived in a world literally of your own! And you're still a twisted old cow. According to that logic keep him here and peaceful bliss is assured! You don't know how this will turn out, take him, do you best and see what comes."
Seryn raised her hand, palm in his face the most basic sign that she wasn't interested. Annoyed at he walking away from him, Sykes pushed away form the wall, stumbled and started to pitch forward, Fin rolling down and out of his arms...
Instinct driving her movements Seryn dived and rolled, catching the bundle and rolling onto her back, cradling the child against he chest. Fin giggled softly, and Sykes, balance perfectly recovered, snorted. " You're telling me you can't look after him?"
He started to walk away, smugness carrying his every step. Seryn twisted herself round, scissored his legs and flipped him on to his back in the door way "Jackass".
Fin giggled again, a soft bubbly sound, a clean smell wafted up to her and she watched his tiny hand explore out and clutch at her jacket. So he was staying now, she knew it. staying and she just had to do her best.

Right now her best was a shower, changes of clothes and several hours sleep. After that, this meeting would tell them all what the score was - they would find out what was happening, and they would do something about it.

I can't believe its been a year since i last posted regularly. I'm really sorry for dumping you all like that, As i said last time i had a rough time of it. my mind just wasn't in the right place for anything, Its not been so bad lately though, and i'm hoping that i'll be here regularly in the future. Its been great reading everything, thank you all for the great handling of Seryn and Sykes while i was away - in one way i'm glad you all had writers block as it meant i was able to get reasonably up to speed!
I really hope you're all going to continue, i'd like to see what does happen.
What I would suggest is that we streamline it a little though, it was quite fatiguing keeping up with all the characters! I've decided i'm going to drop Seryns back story, but if we do want the secret hideaway story device i'm happy to include it as a way to get some down time. What i had envisioned it as was the secret rendezvous of a late uncle of hers, a randy old bugger who instead of taking up fishing built an entire complx to go to (with or without his mistresses) to escape from his wife. so it was left in secret to her, no-one else even in her family knowing about it, and its entirely subterranean - reached through a canyon wall entrance by small ship only (all the better to not be spotted by air.)
Its everyone's for the taking.
But for now, other than that, i'm not giving Seryn much to do, she's (mostly) dealt with the baby issues, she got support in the form of Sykes (who i will develop in quiet periods or when needed) and she's basically all about the job - guns on wheels.
Hi again, H x


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Nice to see you again Seryn!! Excellent post too.

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


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The road to Hel is paved with good intentions

Seryn! It's great to have you back, and what an excellent post to come back with.
Sorry you've not been having a great time of late but glad to know things are looking up somewhat. Hope thing are a lot better soon enough

As for your story, well I know you've been meaning to introduce your secret hideaway for a while now and I think it's a great idea - the introduction of "the randy uncle" could certainly lighten things up.

I'd agree that maybe there's been too many characters to keep track of of late (I was hoping the introduction of this new crew could spark off new stories, but it seems to have only confused matters)
I'd like to suggest streamlining things in the next thread too. Seryn's backstory wouldn't be much of a problem, but certainly focussing less on peripheral characters and more on the main crew might help in bringing focus to the story, at least for the time being.

So, any other ideas for the next thread people?

I thought we could, along with Seryn's suggestion, also focus more on Project Einstein (if WYSB is up for it) and what affect it has on both Wisp and Vixen. And also there's also the little matter of Kurren and his quest.

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Marked. Post to follow.... (Needy's input no credit to me

Safe walked briskly through the halls of his ship, well aware that his announcement on the comms that he was holding a meeting in a few minute had been largely ignored.
In all honesty, the crew had become a lot larger than he'd ever imagined, and it was difficult to keep track of them all at the best of times. Certain ones, he'd have to admit, he hadn't spoken to properly in weeks. He'd seen them in passing, sure, but he had no idea how they were doing, or even where they were at this given time.
It had bothered him, slightly, but he couldn't dwell on it. After all there were more important things needing to be dealt with right now.

“Citizen!” Safe called out, entering the room of his less-than-reliable pilot. The man was sitting on the floor, his back propped up against his bunk – his body still and lifeless.
“God.” The captain cursed to himself as he rushed over to where the man lay unconscious and immediately pressed his fingers against Citizen’s neck, checking for a pulse. Safe breathed a huge sigh of relief as he felt the gentle rhythmic beat coursing through his veins. “You’re okay” he uttered, relieved of the fact.
The man remained still and unresponsive, prompting the captain to at least attempt to stir him. “Citizen” he said, gently patting his cheek. “Hey”
Safe checked the back of the former pilot’s head, and briefly scanned the rest of his body. There appeared to be no major injury and it was his impression that at the very worst, Citizen had suffered a minor concussion. But he was not a qualified doctor, and there was no telling if there were any internal injuries.
“Sykes” Safe said clearly into the octagonal device he’d unclipped from his belt.
After a few seconds, a voice called back over the communicator “Yes, Mr Safe.”
“I need you in Citizen’s room as soon as you can” the captain instructed
“I’ll be right over” Sykes called back.
Safe placed the device on the floor as he continued to kneel next to his crewmember. As he did so, he felt a cold liquid soak his fingertips. Just as he was about to turn his attention to the floor, Citizen let out a soft groan.
Immediately, Safe called out his name again, examining the man’s condition. Apart from being unkempt, with growing stubble and scruffy hair, Citizen didn’t appear to have any major injuries. But then the man’s lips parted ever so slightly. It was as if he was about to speak and Safe waited intently for such an answer. But no words followed. No declaration. But instead what proceeded out of the man’s mouth was a sudden and unwelcome belch.
The captain flinched back as the gaseous contents of the man’s stomach was unleashed upon him. And just then, he turned his attention to where he had been kneeling and the liquid that now soaked his knee.
Feelings of anger rising up in him, Safe reached his hand under the bed and pulled out the cause of Citizen’s fall from grace – an almost empty bottle of Brown’s Smooth Whisky.
"HEY!" he called out, louder this time, waking the inebriated pilot instantly.
"Yeah" he slurred
Safe rolled his eyes. "So much for that new years resolution"

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


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Who we are depends on the outcome of the struggle between who we were and who we want to be

Seth Franklin had never wanted this command. It had never been his goal to captain a ship like this, one made up of a eclectic mix of people, each with their own history and all too apparent problems.
But he'd accepted the responsiblity nonetheless, and now he had to gather his crew together, hoping that as a unit, as a team, as a dysfunctional family, they could perhaps come to a decision regarding their current situation.
They all had a voice, even the young children who, he'd have to admit he hadn't spent much time with of late.
As far as he was concerned, they all contributed something to the group. Well, most of them at least.

Kyra McTaggert strolled down the corridor with a determination in her face he'd not seen before. If he was to be brutally honest, he never particularly warmed to her. Maybe it was because despite living under his roof, she'd barely said two words to him, or any of the other members of the crew, with the exception of Milton and Needy of course.
But now she walked towards him in a manner like she owned the place.

"No doubt you've heard, but we're meeting at The Dwarf in 5 minutes" Safe spoke before she had a chance to.

"Not interested" she replied instantly, intent on passing him without saying another word.

"It's not optional" he replied simply, all warmth drained from his voice.

Kyra stopped in her tracks. Her eyes were still red from crying and she couldn't shake the memory of her nightmare. The truth was she couldn't remember what the nightmare was about, only that when she woke, she knew she had to help him. Had to save Needy, just as he saved her from herself.
"What do you want from me?" she said all of a sudden, her back to him.

"What do I want?" Safe repeated the question

"Look I'm not of you" she snapped, turning to face him. "I'm not one of your crew, never have been, and I'm tired of you pretending that I am or ever was"

Safe remained reserved and controlled himself from snapping back. "Where are you going Kyra?"

The young reporter's eyes glazed over and she had to force herself to remain cool. "I'm going to help Needy" she said, her voice faltering ever so slightly, then with a firmer tone she repeated "I'm going to find someone that can help him"

"So you're going to go out there" Safe responds "but what if trouble comes for us? What if we need to leave right away and you're not here? We will have to leave, you know that. There's kids aboard..."
"And you don't want to put them in danger," Kyra interrupts, finishing his thought. Then she adds "You've been putting them in danger every minute you had them under your care"
"Listen..." Safe starts but Kyra won't let him finish.
"No, you listen! You can't get up and leave. You can't take him away from me, not again"

"This is my ship" Safe declares
"And we're what, you're slaves?" she retorts quickly
"You're here for one r..."
"Yeah I know," she stops him. "I'm here because Needy wanted me here. And you know what? Now he needs our help. If you are in charge here then he needs you as his captain and his so-called friend to do something about it. To help him!"

"Don't you think I've tried?" Safe argues
"No. I don't"
"We've got more urgent matters at hand here" He reasons

"Fine." She answers, calming her tone somewhat. "I can understand that, maybe. But there's always something else isn't there? Don't you understand I'm not leaving on a personal vendetta here. Its for Needy, for your friend. I'm doing it cos nobody else seems willing to"

"We have tried" Safe sighs
"Fine, you've tried," she says "But that doesnt mean you've tried everything."
Safe lowers his head, all to aware that for once, maybe she's right.
"You must know that I need to do this. I need to help him" she says earnestly.
What can Safe do but merely nod?
"Then you know that you can't leave me here just for trying" she says, reaching out to him.
She's right, Safe thinks to himself, nodding his head once more as he begins to understand this woman for the first time.

"And if we do have to leave in a hurry?" he asks solemnly

"I dunno," she answers honestly "Stall? Find somewhere else on this rock to hide? But don't take him from me, not again. I can help him. We can help him"

"I hope you're right" Safe answers in all truthfulness.
Whilst Kyra forces herself to calm down now, Safe does something he never thought he'd ever do. He puts his hand on her shoulder and speaks consolingly: "Okay, we won't leave without you. I promise"

Kyra looks up, her eyes redder than usual and her cheeks glazed with dried tears. "Thank you"

"But for God's sake," he says, changing the tone so that he sounds more like a concerned parent than anything "Don't drag you're feet and don't get yourself into trouble. We can't afford it right now. We need to stay under the radar"

"Believe me i know" Kyra nods and with that she starts to walk away.
"Good luck" Safe calls out as she shrinks into the distance.

Kyra can't help but smile to herself, before calling back "You too"


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New Thread:

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."






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