The Sereni-Tree and the Next Big Thing

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:38 PM


This is Thread 56 of the adventures of the Sereni-Tree!

For “The Guide to the Clubhouse / Treehouse / Sereni-Tree Threads”, telling our story and providing links to all such threads:

Following this post is a very long post containing “TheRealMe’s Guide to the Sereni-Tree, V7,” which is a detailed description of our spaceship. Following that is another post detailing the crew and passengers.

Following is a summary of our previous thread, located at:

The Sereni-Tree is still in orbit (or has it landed on) the planet Zanzibar, colonized long ago by new age mystics, fantasy role-players, and Renaissance Faire enthusiasts. The great war with the Immortals is over. However, we lost Mai! She sort of vanished.

Thanks to the extra-dimensional portal superpowers of TheRealMe, a group of Our Heroes went off to search for Mai. She had ended up in a strange American Old West setting, circa 1885, except that there was an evil lawman who had magical powers, including that of creating zombies. Mai died for a time, existing as both a ghost and a creepy zombie. However, our resourceful crew managed to get her back to normal. And a good thing, too, considering our “no dying” rule.

TheRealMe ensured that everyone was accounted for and returned to Sereni-Tree and then closed the dimensional portal to Westworld.

Now, all we need to do is figure out what the Next Big Thing is!

Meanwhile, there are newcomers aboard Sereni-Tree!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:42 PM



Hello! I am TheRealMe. I will provide another tour of the Sereni-Tree, my seventh. I have paid careful attention over time, and I believe that this layout is consistent with all the stories that have occurred in the Sereni-Tree to date.

WARNING: This post is very long.

The Sereni-Tree’s Past

The Sereni-Tree is our home. Originally, it took the form of a tree house built by Ebonezer, and this is the image it has on our flag, the Flag That Shw Made, an interpretation of which can be found among ThatWeirdGirl’s Blue Sun items. The tree house was the immediate successor to “The Forgotten Not a Guy/Girl Clubhouse”. Later, PsychicRiver and a few others, including myself, modified the tree house to make it an air-ship, floating through the sky on numerous butterfly-shaped reactionless thrusters. In this form, the converted tree house was named and christened “Sereni-Tree” by Mal-licious, and we left the actual Tree behind as we flew off. Later, TheGreyJedi made even more modifications, and the Sereni-Tree became a starship. We have since been traveling the ‘verse, leaving the destroyed planets of Rukus and Black Diamond in our wake (we REALLY have to stop that). We returned to Earth-That-Still-Is to fight the Evil / Enemy Invaders and to face our own dark selves. After relaxing among dandelions and facing some Reavers, we boarded the nightmare ship Arkham. After that, we recovered ThatWeirdGirl and went on a second Mai-Quest where we befriended pirates. Then we got all caught up in the Boros Incident, where the Sereni-Tree was heavily damaged in a battle with two Alliance cruisers. We faced a lot of peril on the planet Garrison and its moon Commerce, and held our Second Gala Pageant. Next we went to deal with the Immortal magicians and the Knights of the Octagonal Order. Finally, we have just returned from Mai-Quest 3 to a setting in the American Wild West.

The Sereni-Tree on the Inside

The Sereni-Tree is a structure much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside, thanks to my ability to fold space-time in higher dimensions. On the outside, the Sereni-Tree is perhaps the size of a modest two-story house. On the inside, it is larger. MUCH larger.

The Common Room

The Common Room is the center of life in the Sereni-Tree. It is a huge cylindrical room perhaps 20 yards/meters across and three levels high. There are two encircling balconies, one above the other, around the Common Room. Equally spaced around the Common Room’s curving walls are the exits to the North, East, South, and West Wings. While it is true that the Sereni-Tree can move about and adopt any orientation, the names are traditional, coming from the time it was still a stationary tree house. There will be more about the Wings later.

In the center of the Common Room sits the pool table. In many ways, it is the critical nerve center of the ship, and battles have been waged for its possession. Underneath the pool table is the nest of Commodore Ebonezer, where she used to pile her stuff. The Commodore has a designated room in one of the Wings, but that room has rarely been used. The top of the pool table is where the Commodore sometimes climbs to address the crew, but mostly she is absent, stopping by every nine or ten threads to see how we are. Rat had once traded the pool table’s 8-ball for more Spam, but TheRealMe acquired a replacement. The pool table’s cue-ball is still stained purple from travel through the purple dimension. Above the pool table is an anti-gravity chandelier. Also, there is some kind of device to switch out the pool table for a snooker table (it being a game for “true gentleman”). There might be a retractable dancing pole over the pool table for Needy’s use.

On the wall between the North and East Wings (and in that general area) is the game arcade. We have many pinball and video game consoles. A favorite is the Whack-a-Fox-Executive game, a device of my own invention. It’s similar to a Whack-a-Mole game, but much more satisfying. Beyond the arcade area is a door in the wall of the Common Room that provides access to the room beyond, a lounge / party room / mess area / lecture hall with enough tables and chairs to seat perhaps 40 people. The balconies above this area give access to the Bridge.

On the wall between the East and South Wings is the bar run by Trey/Bride3. It is finely constructed of a dark, polished wood, with barstools lined along it, several tables out in front, and a place behind it for Trey to work some alcoholic magic. On the wall directly behind the bar are a large mirror (unfortunately cracked in several places) and our carefully arrayed bottles of booze. Above the mirror is a sign: “Trey’s Bar, where every hour is a happy hour!” As you face the bar, a door to its right leads to our personal micro-brewery, with vats of beer (and root-beer?), under the watchful eye of our brewer, Jadehand. A door to the left of the bar leads to our fully equipped kitchen and pantry, with an enormous walk-in freezer, all the domain of our elvish cook, Kelly (though she has been absent for some time, now). The balconies above the bar provide access to conference rooms and various offices on the upper levels, including at least offices of the Captain, First Officer, Cruise Director, and Security Chief with attached brig (this last on the lower balcony).

On the wall between the South and West Wings are a huge plasma television, an impressive sound system, and a DVD player complete with racks of all Whedonverse DVD sets, as well as complete Doctor Who, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Farscape, Babylon 5, Twilight Zone, old and new Battlestar Galactica, all the Stargates, Highlanders, X-Files, the live-action and animated Tick, the Predator, Alien, and Star Wars cycles, Lord of the Rings (super-extended editions), The Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Abyss, and many other science fiction and fantasy television series and movies. In front of this television sits a large (96” by 40”) comfortable leather-covered couch, a couple of love seats, recliners, and some tables for holding munchies and drinks. To the right of the television as you face it is a doorway to the multi-level Infirmary of Doctor SimonWho, which has an operating theater with overhead viewing area, convalescent ward, examination rooms, supply rooms, a cryogenic freezing chamber, and medical offices (the upper levels of the Infirmary connect to the balconies above the Common Room). To the left of the television, as you are facing it, is a hatch to a major airlock. This placement allows us to drag wounded into the Infirmary from the airlock after a failed ground expedition (the airlock also connects directly to the Infirmary), or from the vehicle bay in the South Wing. On a wall in the main airlock, hanging among vac-suits and space tools, is a fishing pole for retrieving Rat on those occasions when he had been spaced. There is an armory near or as part of this airlock, where one can requisition all sorts of odd gear, including space-suits, Spamguns, and jetpacks. The balconies above this area give access to a plasma cannon turret on the side of the ship.

On the wall between the West and North Wings are public bathrooms with showers and lockers (the women’s bathroom at that location apparently has a odd device/ride called a “potty-go-round”), and beyond is access to the Sereni-Tree’s water park. The water park includes an Olympic sized swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi (which can be turned into a chocolate / vodka jacuzzi with a flip of a switch), a floor-to-ceiling blue fishie aquarium, a pair of water slides that extends up three floors, and (floating in mid-air) a large zero-G blob of the same breathable fluid featured in the movie “The Abyss” (this last courtesy of SimonWho). The balconies above this area lead to platforms at various levels near the top of the water slides, and to the diving platform. There is talk of a “kissie pool”, where one could jump in among those charming affectionate creatures, but it has not been installed yet.

The Bridge

The Bridge and related structures are reached from the upper balcony to the northeast, and jut out from the side of the ship high over the lounge / mess hall. The main level of the bridge has a number of view screens and three main control stations, any of which can be configured for any ship function. Climbing a ladder up and forward from the main Bridge level gets you to the pilot dome, which is dominated by a cramped cockpit. From here, the pilot has an excellent view, though this is easily supplemented by holographic images. From the Bridge, one has control over the ship’s functions of command, maneuver, FTL drives, navigation, sensors, computer, communication, weaponry, engineering, ship system status, security systems, and just about anything else. This control is shared by Main Engineering. Just off the Bridge are ladders leading up and down to the dorsal and ventral gunnery stations. These access ways are not nearly so long as one would expect from the apparent height of the ship. On either side of the Bridge are mounted the twin-linked plasma cannons for the pilot’s use.

The Rest of the Central Core of the Ship

On the roof of the Sereni-Tree, above the Common Room, were once mounted MaRTHA and BERTHA, a catapult and high-powered gun both devised by TheGreyJedi, though he later removed the gun and mounted it upon his mecha, Aegis, to deal with a perceived invasion of the planet Rukus (sadly, Aegis has since been lost in a singularity accident). Also on top of the Sereni-Tree is a dorsal quad-laser emplacement and gunnery station, an observatory dome that splits open to reveal a high-powered telescope, and an observation lounge in a transparent enclosure that offers a stunning view (the remains of Serenity’s nest might still be here). This observation lounge is perhaps located on the spot once occupied by TheGreyJedi’s lawn chair back when it was merely the roof of the tree house. Somewhere in this general area is a combined gunnery station for a small group of people, from where all weapons on the ship can be operated.

Below the Common Room is the Main Cargo Bay. The Cargo Bay is a huge place, with a number of levels of vaults and subdivided compartments for various goods. There is a massive hatch that allows easy loading access from outside the ship. One of the compartments holds CallMeSerenity’s extensive greenhouse garden, usually kept under lock. There is also a space in the cargo area that has been greatly expanded through other dimensions to contain the pifflepony ranch. Near the piffleranch is a small forest where KellyofLuthien has magically grown the Mallorn tree she lives in with Piffle, Shadow, and Ghost. In addition to our herd of piffleponies, we also house some horses and a corral of kissies. Another compartment holds a very large snow park where the Yeti have gone to live.

Below the Cargo Area is Main Engineering, the realm of TheGreyJedi (who has recently returned), Jet/Bride4, and ScorpionRegent. To enter, one must pass through a huge vault door. All sorts of arcane techno-magic occur in this place, and most ship functions can be controlled from here, in addition to the Bridge. Grey built a command chair that seems to hover anywhere the operator needs to go. There are power plants and spacedrives of almost every description, including a console for the highly experimental quad-locked Grav Drive (aka Ether Drive). The life support systems are no doubt in this section as well. Off of Main Engineering are Grey’s quarters (which had recently been occupied by ScorpionRegent) and a series of lockers and a bathroom. Somewhere, the Sereni-Tree must store its fuel, so perhaps fuel tanks are near Main Engineering as well. Or perhaps the ship requires so little fuel that its storage is not an issue. There are extensive workshops on the various Engineering decks.

In the days of the Sereni-Tree airship, Main Engineering was merely the boiler room, though it has since been upgraded significantly. However, the old boiler room had a permanent dimensional portal that connected to Zoid’s Pub at the Bottom of the Tree. This device is still operational, and can be used to access the original “Forgotten Not a Guy/Girl Clubhouse, recovered from Earth-That-Still-Is and put up into the Tree as the new Treehouse. Also in the old boiler room used to be the Big Red Button for enabling Real World Physics. TheRealMe has used warning signs, locks, titanium bulkheads, and duct tape to seal this away from Rat’s prying hands so THAT HE COULD NEVER MESS WITH IT AGAIN.

There is a ventral quad laser emplacement underneath the Sereni-Tree.

ScorpionRegent has developed some additional, lower tech weapons for the ship.

The Sereni-Tree is equipped with grappler arms, huge mechanical arms that can be used to hold or manipulate items, or even other ships. These are operated from any reconfigurable control station on the Bridge or in Main Engineering.

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Sereni-Tree is the secret cryogenic freezing chamber of the Insidious Doctor Rat. Inside are stored former crewmembers that have neglected to post in a long time and the remains of the FemaleReaver (who may be resurrected when plots really slow down and we actually NEED a little peril).

The Wings

The North, East, South, and West Wings of the Sereni-Tree all have identical floor plans, mostly because they are, in fact, the same exact space folded twice through higher dimensions. This has worked well, except for the time that Rat re-asserted real-world physics and the Wings all collapsed back down to just three dimensions. That got confusing. And crowded!

The Wings are entered off of the Common Room through four doors placed at the cardinal points. There are additional doors above these, one on each encircling balcony per Wing. On the left side of each of these doors is access to an elevator. On the right side of each is access to a stairway. These access ways run through all the decks of the ship, from the roof structures down through the Common Room, Cargo Bay, and Main Engineering, to the ventral lasers.

The Wings have three floors each. The bottom two are for living quarters, with ten modest apartments on each floor, five on each side of a central corridor.

The West Wing lower floor contains the apartment of TheRealMe, the apartment once used as the FemaleReaver Containment Area, the apartment temporarily expanded to hold the population of Black Diamond and once used by the Yeti, and Needleseye’s old apartment. The Real Me has one of the two apartments at the end of the corridor with windows giving a nice view of space. SimonWho’s apartment is also in the West Wing, probably on the middle floor, to be near both the Infirmary and the zero-G blob of “Abyss” fluid that he provided. XanderLHarris/Ash lives somewhere in the West Wing.

The middle level of the South Wing contains individual apartments for the long-missing MontanaGirl (with easy access to the Hanger Bay so she can practice sliding over the hood of the General Lee), SoulofSerenity, and Jadehand (who has an end room). The Brides all have rooms in the lower floor of the South Wing, which is referred to as Brideland.

The lower level of the North Wing was once Cloneland. River-clone’s old room was given to Washie, but now River-clone is back and Washie is gone, so she has likely reclaimed it. The individual apartments of CallMeAth, Mai (who has an end room) and the room Static once shared with ThatWeirdGirl are on the middle floor of the North Wing.

The East Wing contains the quarters of ThatWeirdGirl and her future son, PsychicRiver (though both have been absent for some time), as well as CageyBee’s old quarters and Cozen’s ‘Stockholm Suite’. It seems that Cozen relocated his Pleasurable Torture Chamber, including “the Chair” from below the pool table to this five-star suite of rooms.

Some folks don’t sleep in the Wings. CallMeSerenity has a nest in the observation lounge, though since the birth of her baby Seraphina she may have moved; Piffle, Kelly, Shadow, and Ghost lived in the Piffleranch Forest in a Mallorn tree; Seryn has a hammock in the Hanger Bay as well as quarters somewhere where she keeps her bunnies; and ScorpionRegent is in TheGreyJedi’s old quarters off of Main Engineering, but has offered to vacate them now that Grey has returned.

I don’t know about anyone else, but feel free to pick a spot.

In addition to the two levels of living quarters, each Wing has a third floor with an extra-high ceiling containing something special:

The North Wing third floor contains the “This Land” game preserve / mini-theme park / miniature golf course, where we usually keep Mai’s pet dinosaur, Frederick, the cage of butterfly thrusters, and a petting zoo.

The East Wing third floor contains a recording studio, stage, and dance floor (with disco ball!) for our band, “the Fireflies”.

The South Wing third floor contains the Hanger Bay for our various small craft, including: the stolen Alliance fighter Nandi; the unnamed shuttle stolen from the Alliance cruiser Tripoli by TWG, Soul, and others; Jadehand’s stealth shuttle Ocean Cloud, the shuttles General Lee for Southerners or Dukes of Hazard fans, the Admiral Nelson for Brits, and the Napoleon Bonaparte for French Browncoats (the General Grant for Yankees was lost during the Boros Incident). There are also two remaining EVA pods from the half-dozen we once had. TheGreyJedi’s mecha “Megadeus” might be here, as well as Emma’s shrunken ship when Rat is not carrying it in his pocket, and perhaps SimonWho’s Blue Box when he doesn’t have it with him. The Hanger Bay has massive doors above which open up, other doors that open from its end, and a special force field to hold in air but allow shuttles to slip by. As mentioned earlier, Seryn seems to have strung up a hammock and made the hanger her home.

The West Wing third floor has the magnificent floor-to-ceiling Willy-Wonka-esque Dream Machine created long ago by ManiacNumberOne, where one’s mind can be played with. The West Wing also has a gym with showers, lockers, mats, weights, treadmills, stair-masters, etc. There is a sports room with table tennis. Who knows, we might even have a full tennis / basketball court, and a ring for UNPROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! Maybe we have a bowling alley, too, or a firing range.

The Sereni-Tree! Who needs to visit a pleasure planet?

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:43 PM



Hello! Under active crew I have put everyone who has posted something in the last two threads (about the last three months). I shuffled others off to the MIA list.

If I have missed crew or if anyone would like to change my one-line description of them, let me know. There is always the possibility that some missing folks have just been sleeping in their quarters for the last dozen threads, or perhaps they have been placed in the secret cryogenic freezing chamber of the Insidious Doctor Rat. CageyBee? CosmicFugitive? BadgersHat? Apple? ManiacNumberOne? KaySky? Knibblet? Aramina? ImEarly? GreekToomey? PyreFX? Superpup? Witchy? See also the ‘missing in action’ section of the crew list.

The Active Crew and Passengers of the Sereni-Tree

Bluefishie: Often just wanders around. Has pet blue fishies. Power: “Magic” marker.

Browncoat2007: A 5'6" brown haired, brown eyed college kid, joined at the very end of Mai-Quest3. A merc. Powers: Calling forth his dufflebag from thin air; rapid regeneration; "Browncoat fury".

CallMeSerenity aka Serenity aka Bride8 (Gardener): Ath’s sister; built greenhouse in cargo bay; Parent of baby angel Seraphina (with husband Soul); Skilled with katanas. Power: flight via blue-white angelic wings.

Citizen: A businessman of Boros brought to the Sereni-Tree after the Boros Incident. Has connections and an impressive armory. Recently found in Westworld during Mai-Quest 3.

Cozen aka The Infinite Goof: Kidnaps women and subjects them to pleasurable torture; Power: insect and clone creation / control. Has pet llama, Schwartz.

Finn: Seryn’s recently born son.

Jadehand aka BlackJackRackham aka EVERYBODY! (Brewer and Gunner) : Power: nametags of shapeshifting, which allows him to become anyone, at a price! Brought aboard after Mai-Quest 2.

Jake7 (Gunner): Volunteers for all the hard missions; enjoys a game of pool. Power: gadget that projects force fields and grants night vision.

Jazaf aka Sir Jazaf of the Octagonal Order aka the Immortal Jazaf the Metal Beast: Master swordsman, mystery man, Sensei to Bride2; has once mutated arm that MIGHT be fixed now; Powers: metal-shaping. Immortality.

JonnyQuest: Newcomer, joined at the very end of Mai-quest3, or at least peeked in at us.

LightMeDark aka LMD aka Elemdee (Animal Handler): Tends to remain drunk; Powers: banana powers?? Understands speech and writing of all creatures. Joined just before Mai-Quest 2.

Mai (Cruise Director / Tour Guide): Not an attack-and-kill kind of girl; has pet dinosaur Frederick; sometimes disappears and has to be quested for. Power: light generation.

McQ, aka “Modified Combat Quarters” and once Alliance soldier Patrick McQwertz: A cyborg, formerly an Alliance experiment. Not big on people skills. Powers: impressive guns, a jet pack with wings that flip out, durable armor, infra-red vision, and other cyborg-ish gadgets. Joined during the Boros Incident.

PsychicRiver (Security Deputy): Son of TWG and SimonWho from the future. Just a little crazy; knits. Once took his dad’s TARDIS out for a spin, but has since returned. Powers: telepathy, precognition, telekinesis. Powers are GREATLY enhanced for a time after consuming blood from an Eldritch Horror from the Purple Dimension.

River-clone: River-clone seems to be back from the dead after a part-ghostly existence. Powers: a mind-reading genius with a leaky brainpan.

ScorpionRegent (Engineer): Red-headed pirate formerly with Nell’s crew. Very competent fighter and sniper. An engineer. Friendly with Jet. Getting romantic with Seryn. Powers: Appears and disappears from nowhere with time shifts throughout the multiverse; Piratey Angst. Joined around the time of Mai-Quest 2.

Seraphina aka Sera: Baby daughter of Soul and Serenity. Has cute little angel wings.

Seryn aka VoodooNell (Nandi and Bonaparte pilot; hanger mechanic?): Restored the Nandi to full operation. Recently gave birth to Finn, assisted by the Faeries. Has bag of holding and trained attack bunnies. Power: Shapeshifting. Joined us during Mai-Quest2.

Shadow and Ghost: Orphans and stow-aways. A rather young pair of sisters picked up from Boros. Grew up in a bad home situation.

SimonWho (Physician): Helpful, friendly, annoys women he likes; In the future, he and ThatWeirdGirl are the parents of PsychicRiver. Power: Timelord; blue box; can destroy an entire planet (but only an ENTIRE planet, all or nothing).

SoulofSerenity aka Soul aka Groom8? (Security Chief): Willing to sacrifice self for friends. Archer with trick arrows. Parent of baby angel Seraphina (with wife Serenity); Power: Desolidification.

TheGreyJedi aka TGJ aka Grey (Chief Engineer): Loner tech-priest; Powers: MacGuyver-like scrounging / inventing; angelic Jedi powers. Recently returned after more than a dozen threads away. Has a big mecha.

TheRealMe aka TRM (Captain): Level-headed, reliable; Powers: inventor, dimensional portals, and space-folding. Rarely, he shows Jedi powers.

WashsYoungerSexierBrother aka Wisp: Young sexy fellow picked up from Garrison. Very driven tough guy. Brought along Doris the Talking Goat.

The Brides

Bride1 aka Ace: Blonde assassin with katana. “Reaverized” by FemaleReaver, slain by Needleseye, cloned and brought back by Doctor SimonWho.

Bride2 aka Deuce: Red hair, freckles; impulsive, temperamental; strong, athletic, and tomboy-ish; acrobat. Has pair of katanas. Student of Jazaf. Youngest Bride.

Bride3 aka Trey (Bartender): Tall woman of African descent. Practical, wise. Looks out for the others. Mixes drinks and deals cards. Eldest Bride.

Bride4 aka Jet (Engineer): Small of stature, dark hair, brave and intelligent, wears glasses. An excellent engineer. Usually keeps to herself down in Main Engineering.

Bride5 aka Quincey aka Quin aka Mei-ling Kuin (Pilot): Beautiful woman of Asian descent; long straight black hair; affects the “glamorous” look; adept at vamping men to get what she wants, fashion conscious. Likes piloting. Has father who is connected with Chinese Tongs and trying to arrange her marriage.

Bride6 aka Bobbie Sue aka Roberta: Giggly and excitable blonde with curly hair; not overburdened with intelligence; does nails; likes frilly and lacy dresses. Barbie collector. A gun nut after spending some time with Jayne-clone2.

Bride7: Blushing psychotic bride with sarcastic, cutting remarks; files nails; avoids work; good cook; possibly cannibalistic.

Bride8: **See entry under CallMeSerenity.**

The Fairies

The Olympic synchronized flying team of pint-sized fairies, including: Luna, May, Fauna, Merle, Amber, Orla and Tiffany. They wear gowns they make themselves, out of spider silk and faerie glamour.

The Black Diamond Creatures

Yeti: Assan, Corbin (who recently gave birth), Ervin, Hewitt, Lichna, and SimonYeti (Corbin’s baby, named after our good doctor).

Windmill Giants: A few shrunken giants might still be around, including Rat’s friend Wendel.

Mechanical, Natural, and Magical Servants, Friends, and Pets of the Sereni-Tree

Aluminum: TRM’s white horse, for when he’s playing at being Sheriff of Serenity County.

Attack Bunnies: Archie and Esme and their ever-expanding brood, pets or companions of Seryn, but being handed out to whoever wants them.

Automops: A modern convenience devised by Mai.

Baby3000 aka CallMeCharles aka CallMeCharlise aka CallMeChucky: Evil robotic “practice baby” once acquired by Serenity and Soul. Hopefully destroyed (again!) Pieces are currently in the possession of Hewitt the Yeti.

The Black Ribbon: MontanaGirl’s magical protective black ribbon kept in a glass of Pepsi.

Blue Fishies: Pets of Bluefishie.

Cats: PsychicRiver’s cat Annabelle and Mai’s cats.

Dale, the Intimidator Ferret: Montanagirl’s friend, who takes revenge on those who disparage NASCAR. Probably wherever Montanagirl is.

DRDs: An unknown number of programmable Diagnostic Repair Drones, presumably built long ago by TheGreyJedi.

Doris the Goat: A talking goat brought aboard by Wisp.

The Ebo Golem: The Effigy of Ebo, magically animated by TRM; lost an arm after the Boros Incident. Very strong, but not sentient. Sort of falling apart, now.

Frederick the Dinosaur: A pet brontosaurus picked up in the Land of the Lost by Mai during Mai-Quest1.

Kissies: Numerous pokemon-ish emoticon creatures which spread affection everywhere; also they have medicinal properties.

MollytheParrot: The cutest baby parrot ever! A creature cloned from Cozen’s one-time mouthpiece, Black Jack Silver.

Nugget, the Meteor Troll: Emma’s friend, a large and brutish creature with some affection for TRM.

Piffleponies: Everyone wants a pifflepony, deep down. Piffleponies include: Patience, Prudence, Penitence, Ororo, Shadowfax, two mothers, four foals, among others.

The Pillow CageyBee: The golem created by CageyBee of fabric and stuffing; not seen lately.

Schwartz the Llama: Cozen’s pet or companion.

Shadow: NoSkillz's tiger companion, not to be confused with the little girl from Boros. Probably with NoSkillz.

Snarky: A robot built by ScorpionRegent, stronger than Sparky; takes the Three Laws of Robotics as guidelines only.

Sparky, The Mechana-Cabana-Boy 3000, Mark II: a robot built by TRM. Follows the Three Laws of Robotics too precisely.

On Ice (known to have been put into cryogenic suspension):

FemaleReaver: Very dangerous, very intelligent, very clever, very persuasive, very good combat skills. Accidentally created by TRM via a magical wish-granting plank. Escaped on Black Diamond, hurt lots of people, caused the Yeti there to rise in rebellion. She was finally hunted down and squished.

Krysten Renae: An Alliance soldier who fell in combat during the Boros Incident. McQ’s love from when he was fully human. Put on ice by River-clone during the confusion of that time.

Departed, Missing In Action, Stored in Cryo, Occasional Visitors, Treehouse Dwellers, and the Unknown

13: Thirteenth out of the twenty-one chicken-men chimeras created by the Immortal Alatariel the Lurker; has lots of outlandish gadgets of magical nature. Rides a pegasus. Not known to be currently on board our ship.

CallMeAth aka Ath (Pilot): Brother of CallMeSerenity. With Lissa, creator of the kissies; Powers: pyro-kinesis, predictive parrying, and bat wings. Rarely, he shows Jedi powers (but then he usually turns into his dark alter ego, Darth Ath).

Ebonezer aka Ebo (Commodore): Exuberant, impulsive; nest under the pool table where she is often in hibernation; Power: speaks to any creature. Drops in every nine or ten threads to see how we are doing.

Elwoodmom (Mom): Knows what is best for us; occasionally stops by to give advice; Powers: eyes in the back of her head and other “Mom” powers.

Emma: Space-going entrepreneur (thief). Owns (stolen) spherical spaceship. Faints at the slightest danger. Missing for a very long time (20+ threads).

ItsAWash aka Wash aka Washie (Ship’s Counselor): Empathetic and protective of others. Powers: taps into psychic powers of her room mate, River-clone. Seemingly evaporated one day.

Sir Kei of the Octagonal Order: Cheerful, amazingly strong and tough monster-slayer of Zanzibar; not too bright. Perhaps under the control of the Luc-Monster.

KellyofLuthien (Cook): Red-headed Elf woman. Pleasant, helpful. Powers: Immortality, Elvish magic; wielder of the Ring of Fire Narya and the magic sword Nardol.

Lissa: With Ath, creator of the kissies; tends to prefer the calmer times (and jacuzzi parties).

Malicious aka Mal-licious (Mistress Most High): Regal and self-assured Goddess-Queen; Powers: thread-jacking, charisma, and beauty. Two-time judge and two-time winner of the Sereni-tree’sGala Pageant.

Monkeytail: Former cabana boy of the Forgotten Not A Guy/Girl Clubhouse. Admits to being a bit lazy. Powers: Jedi powers.

MontanaGirl (MedAssistant and Vet); Likes Cozen’s kidnapping methods. Likes things to go boom! NASCAR fan. Has ferret friend Dale.

Needleseye (Assistant Engineer): Aquatic carnivorous faerie creature; shapeshifts to monster; creates flowers. Once ate Bride1 when she (Bride1) became too Reaverish.

Needy (Companion): A confused boy whore who sometimes talks to angels only he can see. Power: Indestructible.

Needy’s Angel: Angelic figure resembling Serenity that only Needy can see and hear.

NoSkillz (Security Deputy): A gunslinger. Has a pet tiger Shadow (not to be confused with the girl from Boros).

The Phantom: A ghostly being wandering unseen among the crew. Evaporated during game of pantsless Twister before it could do any evil. But it might still be around!

Piffle101: Breeder of piffleponies. Shared Piffleranch Mallorn tree with Kelly, Ghost and Shadow.

Rat (Acquisitions Officer / Lee pilot): Troublemaker; messes with things; Powers: inventor, weather prediction, elemental blasts. Missing for some time, but once seen climbing out of the cryo tanks.

Safeat2nd: A pilot and former Alliance officer who objected to certain brutal orders from his superiors. Departed Sereni-Tree with Dagger’s crew to look for his old buddy CastIronJack. Took ISSCV dropship with him. Currently absent from Sereni-Tree.

Static (Former Pilot): No-nonsense guy; Gunslinger; Powers: piloting; combat with blade and gun.

ThatWeirdGirl aka TWG aka the pirate Mad Anne Rackham aka Wildigstart (Former First Lieutenant and Nelson pilot): Playful and weird; Pepsimilk proponent; Had something of a once and future romance with SimonWho. Power: Confusion; also shorts out electronics. Departed after the Time of Too Much Peril.

TheManInBlack aka Roberts: Has teleported in and out on occasion, but never stayed long.

XanderLHarris aka Xander aka Ash (Security Deputy): Powers: two heads; Shindig goddess.

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 8:31 PM


*holds his head*
"Wow... what an... interesting crew ya got here TRM, I'll take a bunk, any bunk, I'm non too picky, now, I see ya have a pool table, a weight room, and a pool..."
*random flashing colors appear behind him and with a large CRACK a large duffel bag shows up behind him, pulls out a pair of gym shorts, a pair of wakeboareder trunks, and a towel*
"I'll be in the gym or the pool, if anyones interested in a game of pool later, well, I'll be around"
*goes off to lock his weapons up in the equipment locker*


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 8:43 PM


*hands over a resume for TRM to look over*

Name: BrownCoat2007

Look: 5'6" shaggy shoulder leangth brown hair, Dark Brown eyes, martial artists build

Powers: Phase shifting (can call forth a duffel bag with whatever he needs at the time, occasionally able to transport self), Empathic (almost psychic), fast healing (neigh on immortal, he can survive damn near anything, given the proper medical attention), Hunters Furry (if angered during a fight, his pupils dialate, his range of vision increases to nearly 360 degrees, and he can track people by body heat, heartbeat, and scent, his heartrate speeds up along with his reaction time, and his strength and endurance sky rocket... think a semi-controlled Reaver)

Skills: 3rd degree black belt in multipule martial arts, highly skilled with his weapons of choice (both short and long blades), good marksman (most small arms), can play a mean electric, accustic, or bass guitar

"Not gunna try and be pretty about it, I'm an all around merc, I'll take any job, so long as the pays good or I deem it a good cause"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:08 PM


Bluefishie walks around, searching for people, holding her fishie bowl to her chest. As the echoes of her feet hitting the metal floor fly up and down the hall, she adopts a confused look on her face.

"Where the hell am I?"

More echoes.

"I hate echoes!"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:26 PM


*bumps into someone while walking down the hall*

"Whoa there... *catches fishbowl in one arm and throws the other around the young womans waist* hello there, sorry 'bout that, kinda in awe of this ship here... You'd be... Bluefishie, right? Kinda assuming 'cause of this fishbowl and all the little blue fish in it..."


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:35 PM


Looks at the arm around her waist and the other around her fishie bowl. Then grabs the fishie bowl and runs the opposite way down the hallway.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:39 PM


*blinks at the sudden dissaperance*
"Uhhhh... bye?"
*offered lamely to the empty hall, BC'07 shudders at the dull, metalic echo from the hall*
"I gorram hate echos..."
*heads towards the weight room, this time keeping an eye out for people*
"wow.... shiney gym here"
*sets up a bench and sits, beginning his reps*


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:44 PM


Follows 2007 to the weightroom, not making any echoes on the floor. Peeking in.

"What'cha doin' that for?"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:56 PM


*BC'07 damn near drops the bar on his cheast*
*Places the bar back carefully and sits up*
"But you DO like to sneak around don't ya!? I'm doing this, 'cause... well... I always do this kinda thing... gotta be strong to stay alive, in my line of work..."
"Hey, sorry if I, uh, hurt or scared you in any way back there, I wasn't paying much attention and I kinda almost knocked you down... kinda thought you wouldn't want to fall on that metal grating, and felt that the fish would probably enjoy being in their bowl as opposed to the floor"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:02 PM


"They're happy for it. And the fishies aren't scared of you, so you're okay I guess."

Pulling out a marker, Bluefishie begins looking for something to write on.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:04 PM


"Hmmmm... magic marker, ey?"
*Offers his arm, feeling a little... relaxed around Fishie*
"Hope this won't... melt my arm or anything..."


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:06 PM


"Nope. No drawing on living things. Doesn't work that way."

*walks over to a bench with padding on it, writing peanut butter sandwich on it, eating the sandwich when it comes out of the bench, leaving a hole behind*



Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:09 PM


"Uhhhh... that's pretty cool!!! You DO realize, however, that you took a hunk outta one of these mighty fine exercise benches?"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:12 PM



"I don't use them. There's metal everywhere here. A bit of missing padding probably won't discourage a bunch of strong men from trying to get stronger will it?"

*puts her fingers and hand into the fishie bowl, petting the small bluefishies*

"It's not like there was enough padding for much comfort anyways..."


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:16 PM


"try and sleep on one or something? Also, whats wrong with metal? I personally prefer wood and stone, but metal isn't bad..."


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:20 PM


"I like water more. If you can't tell."

*feeds blue fishies the remains of the peanut butter sandwich*

"You can get strong by swimming you know."



Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:23 PM


*smiles back*
"Yeah, I know that, I enjoy swimming, but I generally do a bit of lifting first, then cool down with a swim when possible... Was just finishing up in here, if you would care to join me for a few laps?"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:25 PM


"I haven't been around here much lately. And with all the changes, I'm afraid I don't really remember my way around much. There's a swimming pool onboard?"


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:29 PM


"looks as such, least when I got the tour with the Captain, or TRM if ya don't call him that, I saw a HUGE body of water on board... *shrugs, half teasing* Now, I haven't been to a pool in a while, but if I remember correctly, thats what a pool appears to be..."


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:34 PM


*looks sad*

"I'm feeling a mite bit sleepy. I think I'm going to go look for my big fishie tank so I can put my fishies in there and sleep next to it. You can follow if you want to get a better view of some parts of the ship as I wander."

*yawns and leaves the room*


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:36 PM


*wonders out after Fishie, snagging his gym bag as he walks*


Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:48 PM


*after following Fishie for a while, then getting lost for a while more, BC'07 finds the pool, with Fishie laying on the floor near a massive floor to cealing aquarium filled with little blue fishies*

"Hey there little guys, I'm just gunna make Fishie a bit more comfortable..."

*reaches into his bag of requierment and pulls out a big, fluffy, ocean blue blanket and a pillow, gently raising Fishies head, BC slides the pillow under it, then carefully drapes the blanket around her sleeping form*

"you guys keep an eye on her, ok?"

*stifilying a yawn, he wanders back to his bunk*


Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:50 AM


*waves to the new victi... errm uh, passengers.

Hi. Nice to see new faces. Sorry we'll have to chat later. I've got important ship-like things to do.

*runs off and continues hiding


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:18 AM


TheRealMe takes a quick look at BC07's resume. "Okay, very good. Welcome aboard. There should still be plenty of empty rooms. Just pick one."

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:31 AM


The Man They Call Soul...

Soul makes his way into the bowels of the ship, passing by long forgotten rooms, until he reaches a door that is cold to the touch. He takes a moment, and then phases, passing through the door.

He finds himself in a large room, filled with rows of cryobeds, and he makes his way over to the closest one, brushing ice away from the glass. Inside, the rather smushed body of the femalereaver lies frozen. Inside the next one, another woman, this one in better shape. She seems to be the woman McQ was so focused on when the SereniTREE was invaded not too long ago.

He walks past rows of cryobeds, seeing faces that he hasn't seen in a long time.

"Rat has been busy down here."

He turns and calls out. "Rat! You down here?"

He gets no response. Sighing, he turns to leave, when he hears a creaking sound coming from one of the front cryobeds. He makes his way slowly towards the front of the room, wishing he had brought a weapon. Finally, he sees one of the cryobeds standing open, and his heart drops when he realizes which one it was.

Then there is a hiss behind him, and he phases his body just as the FemaleReaver dives through him. Instead of turning around to fight him, though, she races for the wall, and climbs up into the ductwork before Soul can even move.

"What in the hell?!?"

He runs over to the open cryobed, and notices a large green button the he had apparently pressed when he was wiping off the ice. Above the green button, a flashing dialog box reads: Rapid Regeneration Complete.

Soul pulls out his comm box.

"Me, we have a slight problem..."

OOC: Sorry!! I was in the mood for a bit of peril, but with the FemaleReaver, we can still have fun with it. I hope no one minds!!


Soul, Security Chief of the Sereni-Tree, Captain of Destiny.

Mantichorus: "So is there a reason they call you 'Soul'?"
Soul (after a long pause): "Yeah. Because I have one."

I'm blogging about the novel I'm writing! Stay informed, and keep me inspired! Please!


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:47 AM


*Serenity heads into the common room to find her little Serra. She finds her playing happily with a pile of blocks on the floor. Dr. Whom is asleep on the couch, Trey is snoring slightly on a squashy armchair. The common rooms looks like it was recently attacked by a Baby Toy Tornado. Stuffed animals, board books and little chew toys lay everywhere.*

Come on, my little butterfly, let's let them sleep.

*She picks Serra up and carries her away.*

President of The Juggled Gosling Chatroom
Wielder of the Magic Frying Pan of Sleep


Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:09 AM


*BC'07 hears the overhead message and jerks awake, instantly in battle mode, he rushes to the weapons locker and pulls out his gun belt, the katana, the wicked looking 12" Reaver produced knife for his hip, the two wrist mounted throwing knives, and the other 12" Reaver knife that goes on his back... punching a 'com unit near the weapons locker he yells into it*

"Whats goin' on? What kinda situation we got??"

*he starts to pull on his reactive armor as he waits for a reply*


Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:58 AM


SR back from the land of undead cowpunchers and in need of a proper drink walks into the bar and discovers that though the bar is stocked to the rafters there is nothing there that calls to him. He goes down to engineering and tidies up and helps Jet for several hours and yet he is still nagged by a thirst for something special. He tries a sip the latest generation of warp core distilled Starshine, but it isn't to his liking. He realises that there are now at least twenty cases of Starshine sitting around and with more being made every day. This will not do. He takes three cases up to the bar for the crew and passengers. He drops off a single bottle in sickbay for Simonwho to use for "medicinal" purposes. He returns to engineering to find that Snarky has bottled up the latest batch of Starshine and combined with the old stock there are still eighteen cases. He realises that eventually they will run out of ingredients and yet they are all but swimming in booze. He decides it's time to share the wealth, or at the very least redistribute it. He places a call to TRM on his commlink, and gets a busy signal. This is not a surprise, TRM is a busy man. SR decides to leave a V-message, "This is SR if we aren't leaveing orbit any time soon I would like to take one of the shuttles down to Zanzibar for maybe three days. If I don't hear back from you in six hours I figure it won't be a problem to leave."

In the mean time SR takes the remaining eighteen cases of Starshine and loads them into a shuttle along with a lot of other assorted things. Not having heard from TRM yet and with four hours to kill he returns to engineering and makes himself useful.

Scorpion Regent


Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:03 AM


*BC begins to wander the halls, still armed, and stops by the pool to check on BlueFishie, who is still sleeping, wandering on, he finds his way to the engine room*
"Huh, haven't seen this room yet... oh, hello there..."


Thursday, March 29, 2007 8:51 AM


*sleeps on*


Thursday, March 29, 2007 10:37 AM


*wakes up*

Wzzaa? Whuh. Och, that was a nice nap, now down to business....

*scans room*

Um... Serra? Cooee! Where are you hiding little girl?

*realises that sounds a bit sinister in a British accent*

Okay, let me see...

*fiddles with device emitting a blue light*

There you are! And with your mother too. Well, I guess I can go back to sleep then. I'll just set my alarm to wake me in case of urgent peril on board.


Oh dear.


Thursday, March 29, 2007 1:22 PM


After hours of hiding with no seeker in sight, Mai gets bored and falls asleep under a console panel in the engine room.


Thursday, March 29, 2007 1:45 PM


on board the serenitree, Finn has managed to teach Seryn to swim, and is now attempting longer and longer forays into the blue, the problem being that when mummy attempts to swim out ahead to catch him at the other side, she keeps creating a current that turns him round. After a little while of swimming in circles, Finn gets bored and decided that having a good cry is more fun.

getting out and drying him off, Seryn plays with his toes, dresses him in a babygrow complete with bunny ears and a fluffy tail, and sets off to find somebody to amuse them both.

"So, who's good at amusing small infants and tired mums? Who shall we pick on hey?"

*returns just before leaving the pool wing to put her own normal clothes on - swimsuits being a tad chilly*

Isn't sanity really a one trick pony, anyway? I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking! But when you're good and crazy...ooh hoo hoo hoo... the skys the limit!


Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:01 PM



Originally posted by mai:
After hours of hiding with no seeker in sight, Mai gets bored and falls asleep under a console panel in the engine room.

SR rolls Mai onto some foam rubber, throws a blanket over her and hangs a sign on her reading, "do not disturb, genius at work."

Scorpion Regent


Thursday, March 29, 2007 2:07 PM


Hello Seryn! Hello Mr. Finn!

Sera and I were just going to go play in This Land, would you care to go with us?

President of The Juggled Gosling Chatroom
Wielder of the Magic Frying Pan of Sleep


Thursday, March 29, 2007 3:47 PM


BC'07 pokes at the foam rubber, blakented "genious" then looks around, pulls a permanent marker out of his bag and gets to work...


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:18 PM


Sereni-Tree’s Main Engineering:

As BrownCoat2007 walks inside, he sees a voluminous room, with a variety of super-tech devices of every description, some of them reaching from the floor to ceiling. There are glowing lights of different colors everywhere, and a low humming that pervades the vast chamber. The view would not be out of place in any Star Trek engine room.

Nearby, a rather short, petite woman in rumpled grey coveralls is bending over a control panel. She has dark hair tied back in a ponytail. She taps at the keyboard before her, then examines the responses from a variety of ship system readouts arrayed around her. She frowns, and makes another adjustment. Lights flash on the displays as they settle into some new configuration, imparting some meaning to her. She stands up straight, closes her eyes, and stretches. Then she sighs, removes her glasses, and starts cleaning them with a rag.


BrownCoat2007 wrote:
"Huh, haven't seen this room yet... oh, hello there..."

The small woman looks up, startled. She has a rather pretty face. She jams her glasses back on and takes a step back. “Who are you!? How did you get down here?” She stares past BrownCoat2007. “Oh, did Warren or Snarky forget to close the door?” She reaches down to the console to touch a control, and a great, ponderous vault door begins to slowly swing shut. “We have to take precautions if that FemaleReaver is really running loose!”

She looks up and seems to consider him. “You must be that new guy. Hi, I’m Jet.” She reaches out to shake his hand.

About a dozen of the cockroach-shaped robotic devices mill about the area.

The great vault door slams shut with a dull clang, and numerous locking bolts can be heard securing it.

This sound causes Mai to stir, and Jet notices her for the first time. Also, ScorpionRegent decides to see what is going on.

Jet smiles as SR approaches. “Oh, hi, Warren. I didn’t know that you were still down here.”

Jet, Bride4


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:20 PM


Yes, ScorpionRegent, of course you may borrow a shuttle. I think that the Napoleon Bonaparte is fueled and ready to go.

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:23 PM


Later, in the Sereni-Tree’s briefing room:

TheRealMe paces back and forth, obviously uneasy. Images thrown up on a viewscreen behind him show an attractive young woman demonstrating remarkable speed, agility, and strength as she effortlessly takes down multiple opponents in close combat, including SimonWho and TheRealMe. This sequence ends with a knife imbedded in TheRealMe’s thigh, and the woman performing multiple somersaults as she launches herself through the air to enter the door of SimonWho’s Blue Box. The Blue Box then phases out of existence.

TheRealMe pauses the image. He winces as he looks at this scene, remembering the event. “With the possible exception of the Dark Soul, this is the most dangerous single foe that we’ve ever had to face. The FemaleReaver is fast, athletic, and strong, a master of close combat.

“She is also a master of disguise.” He flips another switch on his com-link. “Here you see her all furry as Rat, during the First Gala Pageant. And here is an image of the actual Rat. See, virtually indistinguishable, aside from wearing the feather boa. That was her only mistake.

“She has a keen criminal mind with an intellect far surpassing that of most people. Her understanding of human psychology is such that by simply talking to her guard, Bride1, she was able to completely Reaverize her and turn Bride1 against us. With the supposedly safe compounds we allowed her in her containment area, she was able to fashion an explosive device that severely injured Bride2 and Bride3. Her knowledge of magic is sufficient that she knew exactly how to deactivate the Ebo Golem. Also, as you saw in this image, she stole SimonWho’s dimension-hopping Blue Box, but got off of it somehow before it arrived at its destination. I assure you that this is quite impossible, but somehow she managed it.

“Rat, Jake7, Needleseye, and myself chased her halfway across the planet of Black Diamond, where we found her in the far north, addressing the local Yeti population, convincing them to rise up to kill all the humans on the planet.”

At this comment, a huge, furry, white shape rises up in the audience. “Assan sorry. Assan sorry for army thing. But seemed like good idea, then!” Assan sits.

TheRealMe nods at the Yeti, then continues. “So, she has the speed and combat ability to be in a Jet Li martial arts action movie, the endurance and durability to be some Jason-like character in a psycho-killer slash flick, and the brilliant but twisted mind of Hannibal Lector. All of this in the body of a supermodel. Any questions?”

Trey, Bride3, raises her hand. “What does she want?”

TheRealMe sighs. “Me. She wants to kill me most of all, and make me suffer. It is what she was created for. But getting anyone else along the way would be fine for her.”

Bobbie Sue, Bride6, stands and pouts. “I don’t remember anything about her!”

Sitting next to her, Bride7 scowls. “That’s because you’re stupid, and have the attention span of a hummingbird!”

TheRealMe answers, “These events occurred on Black Diamond, around Thread 20, back when Cozen was still a star cluster. It’s been a while.”

Bobbie Sue asks, “How did you stop her back then?”

TheRealMe nods. “Right. FemaleReaver had distracted us with a diversion, and then she ran off to menace ThatWeirdGirl. ThatWeirdGirl had at that time befriended some Yeti and returned with them to the Black Diamond Ski Resort.” He fiddles with his com-link some more and a different image is displayed on the viewscreen. “Static and I followed them up into the hills.”

The next scene shows TheRealMe on the ground, thoroughly beat up, with FemaleReaver standing above him. ThatWeirdGirl is nearby. From the other side of the image, Static aims his matching pistols and shoots off both the FemaleReaver’s earrings. Then he covers her with the weapons, warning her to not move. She turns to face him, evil glare in her eyes. Her body tenses, and she seems about to spring forward….

When suddenly, a gigantic hand comes down from the sky. Its index finger squishes the FemaleReaver, leaving a deep and messy hole where she once stood and narrowly missing TheRealMe’s prone form.

“TheGreyJedi used his giant robot to eliminate her as a threat. Any other questions?”

Trey looks about. “Where is Ace?”

With concern on his face, TheRealMe surveys each face in the briefing room. “Bride1? Are you here?”

Bobbie Sue squeals in terror.

Deuce, Bride2, sighs. “Do you think she’s turned Ace AGAIN?”

TheRealMe shakes his head. "No, as I understand it, Doctor SimonWHo cut out all that bad DNA before he cloned her."

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:14 PM


Sereni-Tree's Main Engineering:


Originally posted by BrownCoat2007:
BC'07 pokes at the foam rubber, blakented "genious" then looks around, pulls a permanent marker out of his bag and gets to work...

Jet smiles slyly at BC07. "Say, what are you doing with that marker?"

Jet, Bride4


Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:42 PM



Originally posted by TheRealMe:
Yes, ScorpionRegent, of course you may borrow a shuttle. I think that the Napoleon Bonaparte is fueled and ready to go.

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree

"Coool! I'm planetbound! Jet can I get you anything dirtside?"

SR turns to Snarky, "Snarky can you please watch over the lady Seryn and her child. She is quite capable of defending herself, but she has a child now and that might throw her off her game so you could please help her I would truly appreciate it." Snarky makes his way toward "This Land"

SR suddenly realises there's a stranger standing in engineering talking to Jet. He ducks back in to his quarters and activates his comm-link, "SR to TRM and or Soul, we have a stranger in engineering, well not much stranger than most, but he is armed to the teeth. He's talking to Jet at the moment, and seems calm enough. Has he been properly vetted yet or should I escort him up to the brig at gun point? If the later then please send McQ on down, I might need back up. If the former I suppose some one should give the guy the guided tour."

Scorpion Regent


Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:45 PM


*wakes up, deciding to leave the fishies behind today, and gathers the pillow and blanket left behind by BC'07*

"What am I gonna do with these?"

*gathers the bedding under her arm, pulls her marker out of her pocket and uncaps it with her mouth, walking out of the room drawing a line on the wall so she can find her way back later*


Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:55 PM


TheRealMe answers his com-link call. "ScorpionRegent, yes, I've seen the fellow. I wouldn't worry too much about him, though you might want to introduce yourself. And don't be concerned about Jet. She can handle herself. By now, she's probably programmed half a dozen of her DRDs to come to her aid, if necessary."

TheRealMe, Captain of the Sereni-Tree


Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:28 PM



Jet smiles slyly at BC07. "Say, what are you doing with that marker?"

Jet, Bride4

blinks and swiftly hides the marker, trying to keep himself between Mai and Jet, he is also trying to supress a smirk
"Nothing... uh... yeah... nothing, just be going now..."
Winks and walks away from Mai, leaving her face open for view, he had drawn a gotee and a fu manchu 'stach on Mai's face while she was asleep


Thursday, March 29, 2007 7:30 PM



"Coool! I'm planetbound! Jet can I get you anything dirtside?"

SR turns to Snarky, "Snarky can you please watch over the lady Seryn and her child. She is quite capable of defending herself, but she has a child now and that might throw her off her game so you could please help her I would truly appreciate it." Snarky makes his way toward "This Land"

SR suddenly realises there's a stranger standing in engineering talking to Jet. He ducks back in to his quarters and activates his comm-link, "SR to TRM and or Soul, we have a stranger in engineering, well not much stranger than most, but he is armed to the teeth. He's talking to Jet at the moment, and seems calm enough. Has he been properly vetted yet or should I escort him up to the brig at gun point? If the later then please send McQ on down, I might need back up. If the former I suppose some one should give the guy the guided tour."

Scorpion Regent

Walks up to Scorpion Regent and holds out his hand
"Hello there, I'm BrownCoat2007, you can call me BC, 2007 or BC'07, how ya doing? Oh, yeah, one quick question for you, what in the 'verse was with that alarm this morning? Woke me up and no-one's really told me whats going on yet..."


Thursday, March 29, 2007 8:39 PM



TheRealMe answers his com-link call. "ScorpionRegent, yes, I've seen the fellow. I wouldn't worry too much about him, though you might want to introduce yourself. And don't be concerned about Jet. She can handle herself. By now, she's probably programmed half a dozen of her DRDs to come to her aid, if necessary."

"I wasn't so much worried about Jet, more the "I'm a sharp young buck, full of juice and I wanna play with my guns in the middle of engineering syndrome." Well you say he's okay then I'll take your word for it." SR signs off and steps back out of his quarters.


Originally posted by BrownCoat2007:

Walks up to Scorpion Regent and holds out his hand
"Hello there, I'm BrownCoat2007, you can call me BC, 2007 or BC'07, how ya doing? "

SR takes the proffered hand and squeezes down as he looks BrownCoat2007 straight in the eye. He holds the shake a heartbeat longer that usual.

"Scorpion Regent,"

The man is not so much tall as large, he might be 6' but he's stocky and he has the muscles of a man who has worked hard for living. He's got sharp eyes and a face that might be handsome if he shaved off his full beard and smiled.


Oh, yeah, one quick question for you, what in the 'verse was with that alarm this morning? Woke me up and no-one's really told me whats going on yet..."

"Alarm, I didn't hear any alarm." SR turns to Jet. "Did you hear alarm?"
Jet shakes her head no.
SR turns back to BrownCoat2007, "Not a good sign for your first day on the tree to be hearing things. You're not on any medications we should be aware of?"

BrownCoat2007 is taken aback "No,"

"Would you like to be?" SR face suddenly cracks into a huge grin and he lets out roar of laugh.

Jet covers her face with her to hide her smile though her body shakes with stifled laughter.

SR settles down and adopts a more relaxed posture, "Seriously, we didn't hear any alarm, but this is a strange ship, not haunted per se, but odd things happen here, so if you say you heard a alarm then maybe you did. If it was anything serious though they would have anounced it on the ship-wide PA."

(Out of Character: a person to person message is not a alarm. The devil is is the details, ignore them at your peril.)

Scorpion Regent


Thursday, March 29, 2007 8:49 PM


"huh... musta been the empathy kicking in... so, Jet said something about... a Reaver?! Shouldn't we be, well, looking for it? I heard a kid crying last night, so I do know there may be a few children on board, and even if it IS just one Reaver, in a ship this, well, massive, there are WAY to many places for it to hide..."


Thursday, March 29, 2007 9:08 PM


"Actually Warren, Femalereaver is loose on the ship." Jet says indicating the sealed bulkhead.

"Well then I guess we had better be double careful. Seven if you are going to stick around best stay alert. Now no shooting in here, to many things in here don't react well to bullets. I am heading down dirtside, but it looks like you have things well in hand. I'm just going back into my cave to change then I'll be on my way. If things were really bad TRM would have asked me to stick around."

SR goes back into his quarters and changes from his work clothes to loose pants, calf boots, a peasants shirt, a leather jerkin and a cloak. He straps his cutlass to his waist along with several belt pouches. He then emerges out into main engineering and has Jet open the vault door just long enough for him to leave. He makes his way uneventfully to the shuttle bay where he preflights the Napoleon. The board is all green when he opens up a channel on his com-link to the bridge,

"Bridge this is SR in the Napoleon B requesting permission to depart."

Scorpion Regent






Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Status
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Special Branch XIII: Soulless
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Hollywood star whackers, Dave Chapelle: 'I was paid $50-million by for gay sex'
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What happened to music?
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Marvel comics continues the long march to destroying an industry. ( Get work, go broke )
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Ghosts exist, yes or no? On the fence?
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This is one countdown I'm actually eager to see play out.
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Why is almost everything literally being retconned ?
Fri, March 17, 2023 08:35 - 39 posts
New Scifi/Fantasy comic series you guys might like
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Lying Schiffhead Won't Comply With Congressional Subpeonaes
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Roman Polanski
Sun, November 27, 2022 11:08 - 8 posts