Serenity's Story- Part 6
Thursday, March 2, 2006

A story with the perspective of the 10th character, Serenity.


Here, is Part 6. Sorry it took a bit 'a time to post. I like to let stuff simmer before I post it. Make sure nothin' needs changin'.

Here are links to the past ones, if you haven't read them:

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*Joss is the greatest. I just borrow his awesomeness of Serenity/Firefly.


Serenity never much liked landing’, but this particular planet made her more ‘n a little nervous. She knew it would only be a few hours; Mal and Zoë had gone to drop off some cargo. And probably pick up some more. She had kept telling herself that they‘d be back soon and he’d get her off ’a this poor excuse for a planet. Finally, Serenity saw some movement. She hoped it was Mal and Zoë, otherwise there was going to be trouble. Wash and Kaylee were making some routine checks and wouldn’t really stand much of a chance. Luckily, she made out their figures in the back of a hover craft. When the craft got there, Mal shook the driver’s hand. “Thanks for the lift, Baker. I imagine these containers being a mite troublesome without some manner ‘a transportation.” “Not a problem, least I could do.”

Zoë began to pull down the first container. Baker gave her an interesting look which Zoë returned by grabbing another container in her second hand. Mal grabbed the last one and smiled at Baker, who nodded at him and climbed into the craft. It’s engine slowly faded into the distance. “I’ll get these stowed away, sir.” Zoë pulled up the grating on the left side of the cargo bay.

“Ok, I’ll tell Wash to get ‘er started, you sure you don’t wanna tell him?”

Zoë raised an eyebrow at Mal, then pushed the first container into the little nook of the ship.

“Suit yourself.” Mal said as he ascended the stairs. He smiled to himself and wondered how long Zoë would put up with his pokin’ fun at her.

Zoë was about to seal the airlock when she spotted a rather large vehicle speeding towards the ship. And behind that was a smaller one. Without the engine running in about 30 seconds, they would have to greet these ‘visitors’. Zoë grabbed the com, which was still strapped loyally to her belt, and spoke into it.

“Sir, we’ve got two incoming vehicles that look none too friendly.”

“Well seal her up, we’re outta here in about…well, soon.”

Zoë pushed a button on the control panel to close the airlock, nothing happened. She pushed it once more with some aggravation. Nothing happened still. The vehicles were well within spittin’ distance now and were slowing down. Zoë’s mind swore as she informed Mal.

“Soon ain’t going to be enough time sir. Door won’t close.”

After some colorful swearing , Mal told her he was on his way down. Before he left the cockpit, he told Wash to power down the engine and wait. Wash faithfully passed this message onto Kaylee.

The vehicles had stopped. Zoë had her gun aimed at the first man who got out. “You best think twice about those odds little lady.” Said the short driver, as another, bigger, man exited on the passenger’s side, and a man with an excess of facial hair exited the second vehicle.

Zoë didn’t know what she disliked more: the odds, being at gunpoint, or the words “little lady.” Her gaze shifted to each of the men. The bigger man wore a stupid grin she wanted to smack off. Recognizing her lack of backup at the moment, she carefully placed her weapon on the ground, never breaking eye contact. All three men had dirt and oil smeared all over their sweaty faces. Their features were sharp and Zoë wondered if their minds were. She was glad she was standing a good distance away from them as they all appeared to be in terrible need of a good rinse off.

“Good. Now put your hands in the air and call your captain on down here.” Said the shorter man.

Mal’s accidental timing was perfect as he entered the cargo bay at that time. He immediately saw the three men, each with a gun pointed at Zoë.

“What can I do for you fine gentlemen?” Mal asked sarcastically as he stopped just to the left of Zoë. “For starters, lose that-” as he pointed his weapon at Mal’s trusty pistol.

“-and don’t be callin’ us no gentlemen.” said the big one, a cigar between his clenched teeth. Mal slowly un-holstered his gun and tossed it into the pale desert sand. When he stood back up, he addressed the short man, who, ironically, seemed to be the one in charge.

“Ok, well let’s us un-gentlemen be reasonable about this.”

“Reason. He’s gunna talk about reason now,” said the short one. Boy he was feisty, Mal thought.

“Ya. that’s a joke.” The big one added.

“Which one u figured tracked us?” Asked Mal. True: they were the only people in the middle of the desert. But there were only a few people that knew they were comin’. “The ugly one sir.” Zoë replied, respectfully as always.

“Could you be more specific?”

The short man didn’t like Mal’s condescending tone.

Serenity could only watch as the conversation progressed. She was more than a little upset by the fact that the most important door she had, wouldn’t close. Not to mention half of her crew was at gunpoint. Serenity knew there was hope though. She still had Kaylee, that girl had a mighty flair for fixin’ things. Kaylee would tinker around for several hours each day with Serenity’s engine. And Serenity swore that she worked a little better each day too. “You want I should shoot ‘em now Marco?” Asked the big one. That comment re-captured Serenity’s immediate attention.

Serenity didn’t want to think about their deaths. What would become of her? They’d probably kill Wash and Kaylee too. She’d end up stranded again, without anything or anyone, except some carcasses and more than likely some wildlife for a while. Serenity didn’t want to watch them die, so she quietly ignored the situation. Instead, she focused on what Kaylee and Wash were doing. Though, they weren’t doin’ too much. Wash was in the cockpit, waiting. And Kaylee sat in the engine room, waiting. Their worried in unison. It had only been a few minutes when the com in the engine room flicked to life. It was Mal’s voice. “Kaylee, I need you in the cargo bay. Ma shong.”

She didn’t bother to answer as she rushed down the hallway. Kaylee arrived to see a man lyin’ on the ground, yellin’ all manner of profanities, a strange burly man standin’ by him, and of course Zoë and Mal.

“Need you to fix the door, it’s jammed, and we got company on the way, unfriendly, unreasonable company.” She couldn’t take her eyes off the man on the ground. He was bleedin’ and she’d never seen that much blood.

“Kaylee,” Mal tried again, eager to get her attention. She was really the only one who could fix the door in a timely manner. He blocked her view of the wounded man and placed his hands on her shoulders, and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Kaylee, I need you to fix the door, so we can get offa this planet. Dong ma?” His tone was understanding, yet firm enough to snap her into action. She walked over to the control panel and told Mal what tools she needed to open it. Serenity watched as Kaylee re-wired part of the control panel. She worked quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, the burly man had taken the wounded man’s weapons, and moved him closer to the small vehicle. Mal had gone to tell Wash to fire up the engines. And Zoë was left to keep a watchful eye on the burly man. Kaylee finally replaced the top of the panel and secured it in place.

“Should be fixed.” She announced.

“Let’s hope so.” Zoë said, as she watched several vehicles make their way towards the boat. The dust cloud in their wake blew lazily into the bright blue sky.

Mal walked back into the cargo bay.

“We good?” He asked, looking at the burly man. Then his glance moved to Kaylee. The burly man answered by walking onto the ship and Kaylee nodded. She made her way back into the engine room.

Zoë pushed the button on the control panel, and the door emitted a tiny groan as it raised itself up and sealed them from the heat of the sun. Mal went for the com.

“Wash, feel free to get us the Hell outta here.”

On cue, Wash lifted Serenity into the air. The engine blew hot dust into the eyes of the men in the vehicles below. Soon, she broke atmo and floated dreamily into the welcoming black.


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Saturday, April 15, 2006 6:30 AM


yay!!! it's good to know serenity cares about our heroes as much as we do. also good to know there's some jayne about the place *wink*



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