Kaylee and her Baby
Sunday, January 29, 2006

First "finished" drawing I've done in about four years. Was going to go with ink instead of pencils, but my ink technique's not quite up to spec anymore. (At least, I seem remember having an inking technique...)Anyway, there's a whole lot of rustiness trying to come out of this, so be gentle :P



Sunday, January 29, 2006 10:09 AM


be gentle?

no need its fantastic...

and kaylee's baby in da backround, very nice

Sunday, January 29, 2006 10:55 AM


I really like this. Even though it's not exactly a flawless depiction of her facial characteristics, it captures the expression and emotion so well that it seems perfect. An "artistic interpretation" of Kaylee, so to speak. Really beautiful.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 12:40 PM


Is it just me, or does the hair and the eyes combined give her a sort of "ready to pounce" look? Seriously, her eyes look like my cat's!
Also, nice touch with the engine actually being in the background.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 3:42 PM


awwwwwwwww.. I love kaylee!!

Monday, January 30, 2006 2:07 AM


You've got the nose and cheekbones PERFECTLY right!


Monday, January 30, 2006 1:46 PM


How did you do the out-of-focus background? Is that a photoshop effect? It gives a very nice sense of depth.

Monday, January 30, 2006 1:50 PM


I can't afford Photoshop atm, so I'm using the open-source GIMP software for the digital stuff (don't have a link, but I found mine through Google pretty quick). Unfocused the background with a gaussian blur.

Also, much thanks for the comments. :P


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My Firefly Lunchbox
Uhm... I'm not a terribly good photographer anyways, and my digi-cam is fairly outdated. So this picture doesn't really do it justice. But the gorramn thing is finally finished. (Or, well... I'm sorta considering this one the prototype I guess. :)

Didn't wanna take up space with a bunch of bad photos here, so I put up some more pics of it here:
(It's just a crappy free website I'm using to host some files, lol. So ignore the go-se web design. Photobucket, etc wouldn't let me upload files that big without paying money, so this was cheaper :)

The source files for the stickers I made are there, too, if you want them. Also posted a thread in the blue sun section about how to make your own if you wanna. (Just scroll through my ramblings in the beginning. :)

Anyways, as you can see. It's done! :)

Kaylee Collage
Uhm... this started out as a composition that I'd scrapped from an earlier work, but still wanted to use. Kinda been working on it off an on between trying to finish some other stuff. Originally was going to just be a simple wallpaper, and... grew into something a bit more, well, complicated :) I guess I should say there's an underlying message here. But if I could put it into words, I suppose I'd be submitting a fanfic instead of this :) Anyways, thought I'd post it here while I'm finishing up some other stuff. Image sources from and Digital work with GIMP.

Lunchbox Back: First Trial
What I've got so far for the back piece of my Firefly lunchbox. My new paper will be arriving sometime next week hopefully, and I guess I'm getting cold feet. I think I'm fairly happy with this one, but something just feels kind of off somehow. Almost didn't post this, not the least of which was 'cause Ghostrider43 did a very similar composition to this a couple days ago. I swear to Buddha I'm not trying to rip it off, and we must have been working on these at the times or something. Great minds must think alike, though I don't where that puts me :) Anyways, I promise this is the last one I post before the actual finished product. ('Bout time I get this gorramn box finished up, and out of my head :)

Lunchbox Sides (Rough)
My third of fourth attempt at getting the art together for the left and right sides of my lunchbox. (The front panel follows a similar theme, but with Mal and Inara and a broader view of everyone seated at the table... didn't want to hog too much bandwith.)

Could really use some constructive criticism before I make final adjustments. Still a bit of inking to do, but wanted to wait and make sure nothing else has to change. I've been looking at it too long to stay objective anymore, so any help would be... well, helpful ;p I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the gory details. :)

If my luck holds, I'll have some shots of a finished lunchbox ready to upload sometime next week.

Lunchbox First Draft
Seeing as how I've seen a notable of a Firefly lunchbox, I've sort of become obsessed with making my own. This is my first attempt at getting the artwork together for the top piece. Figured it might be best if I could solicit some constructive criticism before I go ahead with the final product. Nothing terribly original here, but I wanted something iconic. Went through a very roundabout and bass-ackward way to deconstruct tweak all the elements and come up with what is still essentially the US DVD cover with slightly different proportions. ;p Regardless, any criticism would be most helpful.

Candid Snapshots: The Tams
Well, here goes. First "idea" I've had in about fours years, so I'm planning on running with it, see where it takes me. Thinking of doing a series of these, get a sort of "gestalt" element. Still doesn't feel finished to me, but I suppose it never will ;p

For posterity: Pencil and Ink blended together on the computer. Massive amounts of digital effects courtesy of GIMP 2.2. Photos from, and my own collection. (Minor disclaimer: if there's any purists out there, the initial gesture stage of this was sorta traced from a photo manipulation... but that actually led to a ton more problems... :)

Kaylee and her Baby
First "finished" drawing I've done in about four years. Was going to go with ink instead of pencils, but my ink technique's not quite up to spec anymore. (At least, I seem remember having an inking technique...)Anyway, there's a whole lot of rustiness trying to come out of this, so be gentle :P

Sepia-Tone Crew Photo
My first image submission. :) Had a couple sketches I wanted to put out, but my scanner's busted. This one's from messing around on the computer. Nothing special, just an idea I was messing around with tying into the Wild West influnce. I won't even try to compete with some of the amazing talent I've come across on this site. :P

Photo-manipulation with the GIMP software. Image source from Orbiting Lights (