Love's a River
Monday, January 2, 2006

When Mal sets up a job for the crew on a couples cruise an Jayne and River pair up on board the Love Boat. A Rayne AKA River Jayne Shipper.


While Jayne Cobb sat at the table in the dining area with his feet up and his eyes closed River Tam sat on the other side a few seats over drawing a picture. “You know you might be able to fall asleep if you didn’t think about so many things.” She suggested without picking her head up. “Quit it. Don’t go reading my mind again. I have a way I do things.” He said angrily without even looking at her. “You enjoy feeling this way? Making yourself miserable?” she asked finally putting her pencil down when Jayne opened his eyes. “River, it ain’t none your business, now leave me alone.” Closing them again. She got up from her seat and went for the corridor. “I was only making conversation.” Se said on her way out. As she walked the halls to her room she bumped into Kaylee. “Oh, River, have you-.” “-Seen Jayne? Yeah, commons, watch out he’s in a bad mood.” “River, you should know by now Jayne’s always in a bad mood!” She shouted to her as she continued to walk away.

When Kaylee entered the commons Jayne was sure enough where River had said he would be. “Jayne, what’d you say to River?” Kaylee asked when she entered. He picked his head up and looked at her in shock. “What’d I say? She’s the reader ain’t me! Crazy woman, both of you, going and thinkin’ it was me done the sayin’. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be pissy if she went fingering through your brain while you’re tryin’ to nap.” He gestured flaying his fingers around his face. “River’s just getting her life back together. Starting to understand the things she hears in others heads.” She smiled. “Yeah, well she ain’t botherin’ me no less.” “Well neither is the Captain, he wants to see you on the bridge, got a new job for us.”

“I know we haven’t had a job in a while so I got us a good one. Gonna include all of us on it. It’s Alliance, and it’ll set us away for a spell. There’s a cruise ship leaving a port on Ariel, its ten days and a couples cruise on top of that. For the better part I think we all know who’s bunkin’ with who. Zoe’s gonna stay with the ship on a count we have an odd number. Jayne, River, you two are gonna have to pull off being together, which means not goin’ at each others throats, got it?” Mal asked. “Ah Hell Mal, can’t I just stay on board with Zoe?” Jayne made a face. “Threes less conspicuous then two.” Mal said without a beat. “Now then goods are gonna be in the cargo bay and pursers safe. In the cargo we’ve got meds and protein bars galore. The pursers safe jewels, not really are speciality but with all three we could take a vacation worth thousands of credits. Ships layouts gonna be sent on a wave two days time. Any questions?” No one said anything. “Right, let’s get started.” Mal ordered leaving the bridge. Inara was right on his heels. “Do you really think that’s such a good idea? Leaving River and Jayne together.” Inara asked. “It’s not about what’s good its about what needs to be done, didn’t you hear what I told Jayne back there?” Mal stopped and turned to look at her. “Its just, Jayne, knows how to make a scene and well River still isn’t all there.” Inara argued. “Making them the perfect couple. What you want me to stick you with Jayne, or Kaylee? Why do you always have to question everything I say?” He asked frustrated. “It’s just my way.” She smiled. “Yeah, well on my ship it’s my way.” He smiled back then continued down the corridor. “Don’t forget what day it is! Talk to Zoe!” She called after him. “I won’t.” He hollered back.


Monday, January 2, 2006 2:02 PM


It's a good start to this story, Forbiddenkiss!!

I like the way that you've set up Jayne & River, pretending to be couple for 10 whole days!! Yikes!!!! And you've introduced the tension of Jayne getting annoyed at River reading his mind.

Can't wait to read where you're going to go with this. Please don't go too NC-17. I like fanfics that are romantic rather than porn based.

PLEASE say that you're going to continue with this. Pretty Please!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2006 5:52 PM


Me too, I want to see you finish this. And agree with the Anonymous person above on seeing this as an episode.

Friday, January 6, 2006 8:12 AM


*chants* complete it! complete it!



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Love's a River
When Mal sets up a job for the crew on a couples cruise an Jayne and River pair up on board the Love Boat. A Rayne AKA River Jayne Shipper.