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Friday, December 30, 2005

Thorwald's History of the Galactic Civil War: "It is with sadness that the Alliance now admits that some 'troubles' happened in regard to the operations on New Russia. However, even today, the top levels of the Government will not admit that a 'final solution' to the New Russian problem was ever an official practice.


Sun Tzu- “Therefore, a general who understands warfare is the guardian of people's lives, and the ruler of the nation's security.”

Katerina and Dmitri slipped off into the trees as soon as they were able. Alone, they came together in a hard embrace. Katerina stood on tiptoes to kiss Dmitri and her kissed her back with equal abandon. In moments they had tore off each others’ uniforms and spread them out onto the ground. They were always in a rush to complete the act that they called love. Too little time was allowed to them to be together and these stolen moments were all that they could call their own. Even then, when the seconds counted as hours there was never enough time. Love, if that is indeed what it was, never burned with such passion as this between two scared soldiers in an already lost war. The two dropped down to the earth and Dmitri fell back pulling Katerina down atop him. She slid across his body and straddled his waist. Katerina reached down and gripping Dmitri’s erection guided it into her. She settled down taking him completely inside her. Dmitri thrust up meeting her hips. She leaned over and he leaned forward taking her hardened nipple into his mouth. The stubble on his chin scratched and added to the thrills coursing though Katerina’s body. She grabbed his head and held it tightly to her breast, as he suckled she ground her body down against his. He held her tightly about the waist and pulled her down harder against him. Katerina moaned and bit her bottom lip as Dmitri thrust up into her again and again. She felt herself cumming as Dmitri exploded his seed into her. Too soon it was over. They lay together as the light passed though the leaves of the trees casting shadowed patterns across their bare skin. Neither spoke, neither needed to. There were no words to express what they wanted to say. Silence…even with the violence all around them…was one more thing they could share.

Arkadii sat in the Company CP and waited for Captain Donilov to return. The Captain had left shortly after the Counter-Intel Major drove off back to where ever such creatures existed. Arkadii didn’t dwell on such things. For one thing it never did any good, and for another he had enough daemons haunting him that looking for more seemed the off side of common sense. “Senior Sergeant,” Arkadii looked up as Captian Donilov entered the house, ”Please join me in the Operations room.

Arkadii stood and followed the Captain into the other room. “Operations room, “thought Arkadii to himself, “It’s the Yebannii living room.” In a corner of the room a radio played a current hit sweeping the New Russians fighting the Alliance. Donilov droned on about the upcoming mission and Arkadii nodded his head at the pauses but his mind heard the words being sung.

“The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold my night The truth at the end of time Losing faith makes a crime I wish for this night-time to last for a lifetime The darkness around me Shores of a solar sea Oh how I wish to go down with the sun Sleeping Weeping With you I wish for this night-time to last for a lifetime The darkness around me Shores of a solar sea Oh how I wish to go down with the sun Sleeping Weeping With you”

“Renko,” Donilov didn’t shout but his voice carried into Arkadii’s mind, “Are you listening to me?” “Of course, Captain. I was thinking on what you said.” Donilov frowned then continued talking. Arkadii thought back to the missions preparations. Donilov wasn’t much of a military tactician, but he had to be listened to as he was an officer. New Russia’s caste system was firmly established after 300 years of monarchal rule. Arkadii was a worker. Donilov was landed gentry. One didn’t upstage your betters. After a few more minutes Donilov was finished and Arkadii stood up to leave. Donilov reached out and put his hand on Arkadii’s arm. Renko stiffened. Donilov quickly pulled back at Arkadii’s scowl. “Ah…er…Renko…be safe this time, ok?” Without a word Arkadii walked out of the room and out of the house.

Arkadii muttered to himself as he walked back to the Platoon’s area, ‘What the Fuy blyad was the little guy going on about. Be safe? What kind of bullshit was that?” He spit into the dirt. “Pizdyuk.” He walked on woth his head down, barely missing Dmitri and Katerina duck back into the trees as he passed. “Something isn’t right about this mission,” Arkadii thought. “The little shit-head has never acted concerned about us before.” “Maybe he’s changed.” Arkadii didn’t bother to answer the voice but turned to look at the man walking beside him. “People change, brother.” ‘Don’t call me brother.” Arkadii walked faster, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Arkasha…Look, we’ve had our differences, but I’ve changed.” Arkadii closed his eyes and shook his head. “You’re dead.” He whispered. He opened his eyes and he was standing alone.

A voice called out to Arkadii as he stood along the trail. “Did you clear the plan with the little guy?” Dmitri walked up the trail to where Arkadii stood. Arkadii just stood for a second staring into nothing before speaking. “Yes. I did.” Dmitri looked puzzled, “Are you ok?” Snapping out of the dream Arkadii was living in he suddenly looked at Dmitri. He frowned. “Yes, of course. Why?” Dmitri put his hand on Arkadii’s shoulder, “Oh, nothing. Let’s get back to the Platoon.’ He turned Arkadii around and walked him back to the little house. Katerina slipped out of the trees and went around the trail the other way.

A short while later as the rest of the platoon was working to prepare for the move to the river Dmitri called Vasily off to the side. “I’m worried about Arkasha.” “Why Dima? What’s wrong?” Dmitri looked over his shoulder. “He’s been acting strange for a couple of days is all.” Dmitri shugged, ”You haven’t noticed anything?” “Maybe.” Vasily answered, “He’s been mumbling to himself a lot.” Dmitri nodded. “I think it started after that last raid, the one on the prison camp.” Dmitri put his arm around Vasily and whispered into his ear, “Don’t tell anyone I told you this. Arkasha found someone he knew there.” Vasily’s eyes opened wide, “Oh, my God.” Dmitri nodded. “Were they…”, he wasn’t sure what to call it, none of the prisoners were…well. He’d never seen anything like it or could have imagined it. The prisoners were in such bad shape they looked like living skeletons. At least there were a few alive. Thousands lay dead in huge ditches half covered in lime. It was like walking in hell to be in that place. No words could give the picture of horror they found. Worse, there was nothing they could do to help these poor people. They couldn’t take them away for they had no transportation. They had to leave them there. They didn’t leave them to suffer, however. The thought of it still made him sick. Dmitri shook his head. “They guy he knew. He was a guard.” Vasily was stunned. “A Guard?” Dmitri looked at the ground, “A fucking guard! Jesu Christos!” Vasily crossed himself, “What did Arkasha do?” “He killed him.” “Yob vas.” Vasily shook his head in disbelief. “One of our own people was doing that. I mean I knew that some of those behind the lines were traitors but that…place…,” he shuddered. “I can’t believe our own people…” “Yeah. A lot of the guards were our people. We took care of them too.” Dmitri glanced over at the other soldiers in the platoon. “Let’s keep this to ourselves, ok?” “No shit.” Vasily spat, “These kids are scared shitless as it is. I’m not about to tell them their Platoon Sergeant is fucking loosing it.” “He’s not loosing it. He’s just tired is all.” “Sure, Dima.” Vasily turned to walk away, “You just watch him on this one, ok?” “Yeah, sure. Ok.” Arkadii walked out of the little house and came over to where Dmitri stood. “Is everything going well?” “Sure, boss. Not a fucking care in the world.” “Good. We leave for the river in two hours.”



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Joseph Stalin- A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.
Adolf Hitler- Any Alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.

Gotterdammerung 1.3.0
Thorwald's History of the Galactic Civil War: "It is with sadness that the Alliance now admits that some 'troubles' happened in regard to the operations on New Russia. However, even today, the top levels of the Government will not admit that a 'final solution' to the New Russian problem was ever an official practice.

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Chin’s Encyclopedia: New Russia, Planet in the Decari system settled by Russian Royalists after their defeat in the Russo-Sino war. Later annexed by the Alliance. See also Czarina Alexandra, Battle of St. Ivan, and Stellar Gulag.

(This story is set during the Great War between the Alliance and the Independent Forces. It focuses on the history of the 8th Guards Regiment of New Russia and its final battles before the end of hostilities.)