Bedlam: Part 11
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mal/Inara. Zoe/Wash. Simon/Kaylee. In the wake of the BDM, Serenity’s crew is still trying to find its way. There’s also drinkin’. Serenity *spoilers.*


Bedlam: Part 11 By Kaynara

Mal/Inara. Zoe/Wash. In the wake of the BDM, Serenity’s crew is still trying to find its way. There’s also drinkin’. Serenity *spoilers.*

*** The water spouted hot enough to steam but Zoe was cold. Blood red rose petals stuck to her skin, leeched on to her arms and legs. A morbidly romantic bath for one. She slid deeper into the water, feeling the bubbles rise over her breasts, the tops of her shoulders, inching up to brush her chin. So close to the bottom now. She had only to push herself under, let the bubbles and love flowers gather, form a covering on the surface above her head. She took a hard breath and sunk. Oh, the relief. She felt the promise of rest, peace. She felt something akin to hope. Then she felt fingers fisting in her hair, tugging her up by the thick bundle of curls she’d piled atop her head. Though the stinging soap, her eyes made out Mal glaring down at her, his hand still clutching her hair. “Gorramit, Zoe. What the hell you think you’re doin’?” “Looking for her,” she told him, not bothering to be ashamed of her nakedness. “Looking for serenity.” “That where she is, Zoe? Serenity in death?” “No way of knowing, sir.” He slid his free hand down her wet body, spread his fingers over the bump that grew more prominent each day. “And her? She gotta go down with the ship?” Zoe had forgotten. She put her hand on top of Mal’s, felt the roundness that was still so unfamiliar, so foreign. Beneath both their hands, something shifted, shrunk, flattened until there was nothing at all. “No. Sir, no!” “I ain’t the one responsible,” Mal protested. “You’re the one courtin’ death.” Zoe closed her eyes, covered her ears. “Go away,” she whispered weakly. “Baby?” She was hallucinating--only explanation. “Not so, Baby. Could a hallucination do this?” And suddenly he was kneeling between her legs in the warm water--for it was warm again--and pressing kisses to her face. “Time to wake up, Zoe.” “Wash?” She knew before she opened her eyes. She could feel his skin, slippery like nostalgia against her own. She smelled his soap, the spiciness of his aftershave. His hair was wet against her chest. “Husband.” She used her hand to lock his head there against her breast, fisted her fingers in the damp gold strands. “I guess we get that bath after all.” “Nope.” Sighing, he lifted his head, kissed her on the nose. “Though, if you ask me, we shoulda said to hell with Mal and took a ruttin’ vacation.” “You’re here now.” “Not really.” He stepped out of the steaming water, sat on the edge of the claw foot tub. “Ghosts don’t exactly attract a lotta dirt, Baby. But the living? Hell, we both know they get dirty, don’t we?” He chuckled. “You’re mad.” “Oh, hell. I’m not mad, lambykins. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m joyous. I’m not actually skipping for joy at the thought of the lad inside you. But I’m not mad.” “Don’t change nothin’. Meant what I said by your grave. That truth ain’t gonna change just ‘cuz I let someone other ‘n you in my bed.” “A lifetime’s a lot of misery, sweetie. Not sure you can deliver it.” “I ain’t a liar, Husband.” He kissed her lips, coaxed them open and made love to her mouth till she ached. “Get out of the bath, Zo. You’ll catch your death.” She woke up sweating in her bed. *** They’d made their decision. Funny that she’d thought it would be hers in the end. Inara looked at her lap, the manicure of her fingers. These hands could pilot a shuttle and help Simon prepare dinner. She could use them to smooth River’s forehead, brush Kaylee’s hair till it shined, punch Jayne in the arm when he said, well, anything. She could feel Zoe’s baby kick, gentle flutters against her fingers. She could stroke Mal’s face, the stubble tickling her fingers before he grabbed her hands, held them at her sides and ravaged her. But that wasn’t their true purpose. Her hands had been taught to please and tease and pleasure strangers. They were meant to serve tea, offer up comfort and companionship for hire. Now, a single finger pressed the button ending her conversation with the House Priestess, ending it all, really. “Mei, mei.” The older woman, who was called Milana, had seemed genuinely contrite, her violet-blue eyes clouded. “Truly, I didn’t want this. Perhaps if you’d been here, home with the sisters, things would have been different.” “I remember a time when they called me sister,” Inara said quietly. “Now they just remember that you left.” Inara breathed in, waited to speak until she could guarantee her voice. “They made their decision rather fast. I hadn’t expected to hear from you so soon.” Milana hesitated, her lashes sweeping across her cheeks. “Inara, my darling. You know the Guild hasn’t the power to go up against the unified governments. Without Alliance support, we’d be shut down. Isn’t it better that we follow this path, protect our registered sisters, the young girls entrusted to our care? You were such a girl once, Inara.” “I remember, Milana. I remember you teaching me to dance, showing me the proper way to pour tea, paint my face, kiss a man. But most vividly of all, I remember what I saw on that planet.” “You found a recording, mei mei. A terrible, disturbing recording of events long past.” “I saw the bodies, Milana. Hundreds of them.” She still saw them in her dreams some nights, men and women and children compelled to lay down and die. And others, men made to act as animals. “I’m concerned for you, Inara,” Milana was saying. “The Alliance is scheduled to make its second official statement sometime this week. I fear they’ll come after the man you fly with, come after you. I wish you’d leave them, child.” “I’m not a child anymore.” Inara fashioned her lips in a smile, just as the priestess had taught her. “I appreciate you contacting me personally, Milana.” “Inara...I’d hoped for you to sit in my chair one day.” “We don’t always know our true paths.” “I suppose you speak truth, my sister.” Milana hesitated. “You have the right to appeal their decision. If you choose to come to Sihnon, I’ll arrange a summit.” “Thank you, Milana, but I’ve made my choice. I suppose I made it long ago.” “Bless you, my darling.” “Bless us all,” Inara murmured quietly now. She would have to tell him. It had been nearly a week since she informed him of the suspension. She’d murmured something about the shuttle, what she had in savings. He’d brushed it off, said they should wait till things were more final-like. Now it was final. But, tian de ma, she didn’t want to tell him. The man had a talent for infuriating, and just now she wasn’t entirely sure she could refrain from spilling a cup of tea in his lap. Hot tea. Still, she wasn’t the only one affected by the Guild’s decision. Whether or not he was willing to admit it, Mal relied on her rent payments to keep Serenity flying, keep the crew fed and clothed. The situation had changed, and he had the right to know the truth, plan accordingly. But wo de tian, she didn’t want to see him now. Not after the events of the previous night. She’d invited him to her shuttle after supper. In her favorite dress, a smooth column of peach satin, Inara poured tea, offered him a serving in bone-china. She’d watched, amused, as Mal tried to maneuver the delicate cup with his big hands. He set his tea cup in the saucer, somewhat alarmed when it rocked. He leaned back against her sofa, apparently deciding his hands were safer in his lap. He wrinkled his nose. “You wearin’ new perfume?” “It’s incense, Mal. Lavender and sandalwood. They’re very calming.” “Why, do I seem tense?” She smiled. “Incense cleanses the air, soothes the mind. I wanted to burn some while I give you a massage.” “A massage?” He stretched his hands up behind his neck, crossed and uncrossed his legs. “With fancy smellin’ oils?” “I don’t have to use oils, Mal. That’s personal preference.” She set down her tea and went to kneel beside him, unlacing his boots. She lifted his socks-clad feet out one at a time, stroking the arches with her index finger, kneading the heel. “Have you ever had a real massage before?” “Well,no. Not the, uh, naked kind.” Smiling, she rose, motioned for him to join her. She unbuttoned his shirt, slid it from his shoulders. Then she pushed the undershirt up over his head, letting her hands linger on the muscles of his abdomen. Automatically, his hands reached for her face, tried to curl in her hair. “Wait,” she entreated softly, bringing his hands back to his sides. “Maybe you’ve observed I ain’t the most patient of men.” “This will feel good, Mal. I promise.” She’d led him to the bed, sat on the edge and motioned for him to do the same. “Inara. You ain’t gots to expend all this effort for my sake. Hell, you barely gots to look at me, and I....” His voice trailed off, his eyes lost in hers. “Is something wrong, Mal? “ ‘Course not. Everythin’s shiny.” He found her lips, brushing his against them softly, almost hesitant. She pulled away. “You know, Mal,” she said finally. “You’re allowed to enjoy this. It’s sort of the point. There’s no reason for you to feel awkward or embarrassed--i certainly don’t. In fact, you’re even allowed to tell me what you like, what pleases you.” She smiled encouragingly. “This ain’t a job, Inara. You don’t gots to spend the whole time worryin’ ‘bout pleasin’ me. You ain’t required to take orders.” She stood up, a few seconds late in hiding the hurt. She veiled her eyes, reigning in the pain, covering with anger. i “I’m well aware i don’t have to ‘service’ you, Mal. i’m a big girl, perfectly capable of making a distinction between my job and...and....” “And?” “And whatever this is!” “You ever had call to make that distinction before?” Mal asked quietly. “I-that...that’s personal, Mal.” He was silent a moment, and when he spoke again his tone was low. “Seems like whatever we got goin’ is pretty personal, Inara.” For a long moment, neither spoke. “Ta ma de, I didn’t mean...I never meant for this, whatever we....” He rose to his feet, hastily buttoning his shirt. “I should go. Got some captainy business can’t wait till morning.” “I’m sure you do.” She kept her voice cool, even. “So i’ll just see you later then.” She’d waited till she heard his footsteps receding before she started to cry. It took her far too long to stop. No, she really didn’t want to see Mal tonight. Damn him.

*** “I’m really not sure how I feel. This is all I know how to do...all I’ve ever done.” They sat at the kitchen table, talking over the low-burning lamp in muted tones. Mal ran a thumb over her wrist, feeling the pulse jump. “If its any consolation, I can say truthfully you got decent criminal potential. Did mighty fine bailin’ me and Zoe outta trouble on the train job. Had some nice play with Yosafbridge too.” She looked up. “You still think I kissed her, don’t you?” Mal raised a brow. “What I’m thinkin’s you could use a drink. How’s ‘bout I dig up some of Kaylee’s fine fermented grog?” She lay her head on her arm. “You have anything stronger?” “See what I can do.” He returned with a bottle of something amber. The first shot burned on its way down, as did the second. The third, which they took in unison, slid like a silky fire into her belly. “Hey, guys.” Jayne appeared in the doorway, workout towel still strewn over his shoulders, protein bar in hand. “What y’all doin?” “Well, Jayne, looks like we’re gettin’ all manner o’ drunk,” Mal told him. Jayne tossed the rest of his bar in the trash. “Hell, I’m in.” *** “My turn!” Kaylee raised her coffee mug--they were out of shot glasses--and pounded the table for attention. “I propose a toast to my sickeningly-beautiful best friend, Nara. Honey, it’s their loss!” They all clinked their assorted cups, spilling sticky liquid on their fingers, the table. “Someone get her to quit makin’ toasts,” Jayne muttered, pulling his hat low over his eyes. “It’s been her turn for the past hour.” “Hey!” Kaylee filled her cup and Simon’s, leaned shakily across the table to do Mal, Inara and Jayne. “I’m not finished up yet.” “Kaylee, you been finished for goin’ on an hour. I’m shocked you’re still standin’ my own self.” “Cap’n, I don’t got to listen to you. You’re drunk,” Kaylee said, slurring just slightly. “None o’ you never listen to me dead sober,” he muttered, downing another shot. “Jayne, what is this go se?” “Dunno, Mal. Got it free from some guy back on Silverhold.” “They actually give this fine spirit away? No!” “Doc, I ain’t so drunk as to keep me from introducin’ my face to your fist.” “Oh, God, I’m too intoxicated to correct him.” Simon put his head on the table. “Why are we doing this again?” “For Nara, silly!” Kaylee poured each another portion of amber mystery ale. “I’m not sure how us winding up with hangovers helps Inara get her job back.” Simon glanced up apologetically. “If you want it back, that is. I didn’t mean to imply-” “Here’s to the doc stickin’ his foot in it!” Mal raised his glass, and they all drank. “Hey, Nara, you wanna make a toast?” Kaylee asked. She smiled, struggled to keep her vision from going blurry. “No, I’m comfy. You’re all doing so well.” “Shiny, so my turn again.” Jayne rolled his eyes. “Here’s to what comes next.” Kaylee leaned across the table, planted a friendly kiss smack on Inara’s lips. “I know it’ll be fabulous, honey.” Mal grinned at the doctor’s slightly wide-eyed expression, reached for the bottle to distribute the last drops. “Hey, I got one,” Jayne said when Mal finished pouring. “Kaylee and I aren’t going to kiss again,” Inara said before he could open his mouth. “Ain’t ‘bout that...though I wouldn’t object.” Jayne raised his glass, the wolf-grin fading. “To Wash, wherever you are. Little man, somethin’ tells me this party woulda been better with you at it.” For a moment no one spoke. Then Mal raised his glass, clinked Jayne’s. “To Wash,” he said firmly. They all drank. *** Breakfast the next morning was a somber affair. They’d overdone it, even Jayne who always overdid it had overdone it the previous night. One good thing about the Black, Mal thought, face huddled over his coffee mug. There was no sunshine to burn holes in your head night after you tied one on good and hard. ‘Course that didn’t stop the nausea. Coffee, he needed. Lots of black coffee. “Morning.” Zoe poured herself a cup of tea, sat across from Mal at the table. She raised her eyebrows, appraising him. “You look like hell, sir.” “Well, least I look better ‘n I feel.” He raised his mug in mock-salute. “You’re lucky bein’ all knocked up and unable to get tanked with the rest of us,” Jayne told Zoe after a big gulp of homemade hangover healer. He was still in his pajamas, wool hat pulled low over his head. “Spent damn near an hour with my head over the can this mornin’.” Zoe raised a brow, took a sip of tea. “You ever heard of morning sickness, Jayne?” “Can someone change the subject?” Mal looked up, eyes pleading. “Any other topic?” “Somebody please shoot me.” Simon stumbled into the kitchen, wearing those silly sunglasses of his and a pained expression. “Ask nice,” Jayne muttered, going for his holster. “Jayne,” Mal warned. “Anyone gets to shoot the doc outta his misery, should be me. I am the captain o’ this boat, after all.” “I think my brain is bleeding.” Simon sat beside Kaylee who leaned over to smooth his hair. “Aw, my poor baby. How ‘bout we take a nice shower after breakfast? We can let the water run all hot and steamy. I’ll rub your...head.” She kissed his cheek. Mal glared at Kaylee over his cup. “Seriously, I’m gonna be sick here.” “Really? Think I’m feelin’ a mite better.” Jayne winked at her. “Wait,” Simon said, pointedly ignoring Jayne. “The rest of us can barely hold our heads up, yet you seem oddly unaffected.” “Me?” Kaylee shrugged. “I never get hungover. Good genes I guess.” “Somebody stick her in the cargo hold,” Mal muttered. “Morning everyone!” “Oh, ruttin’ God, make it stop.” Jayne put his hands over his ears. “Hey, Lil’ Albatross.” Mal pulled out the chair beside him. “Let’s take it down an octave, huh? Fun as it’d be seein’ Jayne’s head explode, I don’t feel like cleanin’ up the brains.” “Not like there’d be a whole lot,” Simon murmured, still face-down on the table. “Little boys should play nice, get along.” River pushed Mal’s hair from his face, studied his bloodshot eyes. “Daddy’s too sick to discipline you.” “What she said,” Mal muttered, tugging on her braid. Inara watched their interaction from the doorway, not wanting to interrupt. She liked seeing him with River. He let the girl get closer than any of the others. Maybe it was because he didn’t have a choice, because, even if he resisted, she’d steal inside him anyway. Maybe that helpless acquiescence was freeing in a way. For once he hadn’t cause to fear, to hide his true feelings beneath veiled eyes. There was simply no point. When he looked at her, his eyes were never that open. She wondered if they ever could be. “Mal.” “Hey, Nara--” Wo de ma, she was wearin’ pants. Mal wasn’t entirely sure he’d ever seen her in pants. But she was wearin’ ‘em now, ‘haps in deference to the hangover. She had on white ones that cupped her curves, flared out at the ankle. Her hair was clipped back from her face, for once free of paints, polishes. Had he run into her on the street, Mal woulda pegged her age at eighteen. Realizing he was staring, he turned guiltily back to his coffee. “Sit on down and hook up to the caffeine drip.” “Mal, I just received a wave.” A favor from one of the few friends she could still claim at the Guild. “The Alliance is about to make a statement.” *** “I can assure you that powerful individuals within the government are making it their highest priority to uncover the truth behind the so-called Miranda scandal. As the Allied governments promised, a task force has been assembled, a special team entrusted with the investigation of this highly-sensitve matter. I’d like to thank Emperors Chou and Bradford for bestowing upon me the awesome responsibility of leading said team. I’m confident that the truth will soon be uncovered and the situation resolved. I have time for a few questions, though I’m afraid I won’t be able to address everyone’s concerns personally. My team and I leave for Miranda this evening.” “Agent Gray! Do you have any leads as to the whereabouts of those responsible for finding and broadcasting the recording?” “That’s classified, I’m afraid. At this time, all I’m able to say is that it’s highly unlikely the individuals obtained a recording of this nature on Miranda. Government records indicate that the planet has been uninhabitable since an accident in terra forming.” “Agent Gray, is it true that Allied troops had the men responsible for the broadcast in their custody? Why weren’t they brought in for questioning?” “That, I’m afraid, was an error in judgment. The situation was...mishandled by the individual in charge. I can assure you it’s a mistake I don’t intend to replicate.” “Mr. Gray? What about the man in the recording? The one who’d desecrated his flesh? Is it true that such creatures exist, perhaps thousands of them?” “Truly, ma’am, I cannot speak to that matter until we’ve completed our investigation. However, I believe such things to be the stuff of myth. Horror tales, propagated by anxious children.” “So there’s no such thing as a rea-ver, Agent Gray?” “I wouldn’t worry about one crashing your next dinner party, ma’am.” Laughter. “I appreciate your time today, citizens of Osiris, all the citizens of the Allied planets. Today I make a promise to you that, with the help of the Allied governments, the truth will emerge.” “One final question, Agent Gray. The individuals who broadcast the tape--do you suspect they’re government renegades? Former Independents, perhaps?” “That’s all purely speculative at the moment, sir. I will say that I look forward to meeting this individual. I suspect he and I will have much to discuss.” Mal turned off the cortex. “You wanna meet me, you son of a bitch? Well, come find me in the Black.” He kicked the wall, making Kaylee jump beside him. “BUN tyen-shung duh dway ro.” “Kept sayin’ ‘men’ responsible.” Jayne scratched his chin. “Hell, that’s kinda sexist.” Simon shot him an oh-my-god-did-you, Jayne Cobb-actually-just-say-that look, but the others didn’t seem to be paying attention. He was just glad he’d convinced River not to watch the broadcast. Zoe took the opportunity to walk quietly from the helm. “Well, Cap’n, ain’t much different from their first statement. Said the same things, promisin’ to conduct a big investigative hoop-lah. And nobody done come after us then.” “What you’re sayin’s true, Kaylee.” “ ‘Haps the whole thing’ll all blow over.” “And ‘haps I’ll grow another--” “Jayne.” Mal silenced him with a look. “Kaylee has a point, could all blow over. The Operative’s a powerful man, and he deemed it right to let us go. Still, could go another way. If any o’ you don’t wanna wait it out, I won’t condemn no one for takin’ his or her leave.” He glanced at Inara. “That goes for you, too. Could turn her around and put you down on Sihnon, if that’s what you’re wanting.” “The Guild intends to issue a statement later today. They’ll be pledging support to the Alliance in its never-ending quest to better civilization as a whole.” “They weren’t there on that planet, Inara. Didn’t see it with their own eyes like you and me. Makes a difference.” “Since when do you jump to defend a house full o’ whores, Mal?” Jayne asked curiously. Since he started sleeping with one, Inara thought dizzily. “I told them,” she said quietly, chin raised. “I waved the House Priestess myself.” Mal met her eyes then looked away, said nothing. Kaylee put her arm around Inara’s shoulders. “Honey,” she murmured softly, hugging Inara to her. You can’t leave again, Kaylee wanted to say. I need you here with me. River’s River and Zoe...Kaylee hated herself for thinking it, but sometimes it was like Zoe died in that cockpit with Wash. “So what now, Mal?” Jayne asked, leaning back in the pilot’s chair. “So nothin’. Got a job on Boros, that’s where we go.” *** Later, River crept into his room, feet conforming to the floor. She could be silent, move sleek like the ship. Or she could roar like the water for which she was named, babble like the maddest brook. They all thought her crazy. Sometimes she thought so too. “Lunch is on the table,” she said brightly. “Soup today.” “Good God, girl! Can’t you see a man’s nekkid here?” Jayne jumped, grabbed up a pillow to block her view of his undershorts. It was too gorram early for her to be screwin’ about. “I don’t mind,” she said sweetly and sat on his bed. “Didn’t ask if you minded, fruitcake. Asked you to get the gorram hell outta my bunk.” “Didn’t ask her to leave. Asked if she saw you were naked. But you aren’t.” “Ain’t I what?” “Naked. Not naked. Muddled.” She smiled sweetly. “Precision of speech is important.” “Aw, ruttin’ hell.” Seeing he was getting exactly no where, Jayne threw the pillow back on the bed and reached for his pants. He tugged them up over his hips, started hunting for a shirt. “Can’t you go creep out some other folk? Like Mal maybe?” “He’s busy. Too many thoughts.” “What’s he so thoughtful ‘bout?” Jayne asked, forgetting for a moment he couldn’t stand the little witch. “Inara.” Jayne raised a brow, ran his tongue along the inside of his teeth. “Well, I’ll be a ruttin’ son of a bitch. You sure, girl?” “Nothing’s certain. The path is poorly-lit, constantly winding between trees. Snow blocks out the sun, whiteness blinds.” “Don’t reckon we’ll have a white Christmas out here,” he said, strangely pleased when that seemed to soothe her. “Black as always.” “Dark’s comin’ closer.” She spoke fast, the words joining together. “Black bites at your toes, nibbles like snow, like ice. Chomps off the happy little toes. You’re gonna try to stop it, Jayne Cobb, but it can’t be stopped. Blackness flows unfettered, free like the river. Snaps like turtles at tiny toes.” Jayne watched her, shirt halted halfway down his torso. “You try to bite me, little crazy, and i’ll knock those teeth right outta your jaw.” River smiled. “You’re very literal-minded, Jayne Cobb. Jayne’s a girl’s name. Hindu name. Means victorious. Cobb is from the Norse. Means lump. A large lump of a man. In the end, Jayne Cobb, which one will you be?” She stood and walked to the center of the room, stretched up a hand to touch his face. “It’s coming.” She padded soundlessly out of the room, leaving him alone with his ripping hangover and a powerful feeling of uncertainty. *** TBC in 12A and 12B, my attempt at a two-part season finale. Sorry, Joss, know you like to write those yourself.... Leave me feedback!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005 11:11 PM


Goodness, gotta love those cliff-hanger endings! Also, loved the crew's little drinking party, especially Jayne's toast, that was very sweet and unexpected :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005 1:20 AM


Oh Wow, methinks they are all going to *diyu* in a handbasket! I want to see Inara and Mal together - hangovers and secrets notwithstanding. Want to see Zoe smiling a time or two without pain and all manner of good things coming out of the bad with those lying *tamade hundan* shown up for what they truly are. Woah, good myth! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, December 15, 2005 4:13 AM


This was certainly worth waiting for!
Can't wait to read the finale!

Thursday, December 15, 2005 5:29 AM


LMAO at:

#1. Simon's reaction to Kaylee and Inara's kiss
#2. Kaylee drinking as much as them and not getting a hangover... loved that!
#3. Kaylee's suggestion to cure Simons hangover... I laughed so hard!

Thursday, December 15, 2005 8:28 AM


"Get out of the bath, Zo. You’ll catch your death."

Go ahead and break my heart. *g* You have such a perfect hand with Zoe and Wash here... Ouch. Pain. Lovely.

Then everything else. I love plot taking shape! Inara and Mal still excell at un-talking... Kaylee is the cutest drunk ever and then the whole Miranda business, swept under a big Alliance rug, at the very best. Ouch.

The conversation between River and Jayne was great. The perfect person to make her predictions for, really, since he is the one most likely to either misunderstand or completely take them to heart.

Squee! I'm sooo looking forward to the season finale!

Thursday, December 15, 2005 8:50 AM


Fantastic Jayne-River interaction...

and the plot thickens...dun dun dun...

look forward to more :-P

Thursday, December 15, 2005 5:09 PM


Yay! Just what I needed to drag my head out of this flu induced fog I'm in! Normally I would say something much more relevant and supportive, but I'm too stuffed up to make it work, sorry!

But let's pretend I've just said something relevant and supportive, and twice that! <g>
Can't wait for more!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005 7:17 PM


me agree with EggplanTyrant, just can't say it as eloquently. Anxiously await the ending. It's bad enough I leave work an hour early because i want to see if you've posted something new!

Saturday, December 17, 2005 12:33 PM


"Oh ruttin' God, make it stop"


Sunday, December 18, 2005 10:53 AM


Hehe, I love it!
Can't wait to read 12A (which I'm gonna do right now!)
Keep up the good work!


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