Bedlam: Part 9
Thursday, December 8, 2005

The morning after. Of course the crew didn’t stay out of trouble while Mal and Inara were, um, occupied. Rish, I'm guessing.


Bedlam: Part 9 By Kaynara

*** Inara woke up to find the sheets pooled on the floor and Mal clutching her like a life-sized teddy bear. She tried to move but found herself stuck, vice-like in his arms, his breath warm and steady on the back of her neck. In Inara’s experience, the male morning-after response pattern tended to follow one of two trends. Embarassment was the first. Men who acted like animals the night before became shy, shameful, as though the morning sun revealed their sins. They turned aloof and stammering, hurrying into their trousers, rushing to show her the door. Then there were the sweet ones, the clients who pampered her first, pouring her wine, filling the bath with rose petals. After the act, they turned confident, arrogant. They’d had her once and believed themselves mighty, entitled. They turned into bastards. Inara knew she couldn’t handle either response from Mal. She lifted a hand to touch her hair, felt the wild waves stream out in all directions. She needed a shower, lots of hot water. She imagined slipping into a robe, lighting incense. And coffee, coffee was a must. She started to wiggle down, slide through the space between his arms. And found herself pinned underneath him. Oh, yes. He was up now, no mistaking it. “Where you think you’re goin’?” he murmured sleepily into the curve of her neck. “I was planning on getting dressed,” she answered, amused. “I get a say in this?” He was starting to wake up. Hell, this wasn’t half bad, finding her in his bed, all warm and sleep-tousled. A fella could get used to this sorta thing. He moved his head down her chest, trailing lazy, open-mouthed kisses over her skin. “I hardly thought you were one for lying around in the nude all day.” She felt his tongue slide around her nipple, his mouth a warm contrast to the cool morning air. “Nude, no. Naked, though....” He slid down her body, nibbling at her hip bone. “Naked’s got all sorts of possibilities.” “I--what about the crew?” What was wrong with her? Why was she trying to stop him? Because she was lost. She, the trained companion, had somehow forgotten her lines. Unscripted, she didn’t know what to say, how to react. She didn’t know what to do when his lips grazed her tummy, his tongue swirling over the ruby she wore in her belly button. “Which crew? My crew? Hell, they’re not as helpless as they look. Least half of ‘em bound to find their way back some time or ‘nother.” He raised an eyebrow, sat up. “So you was just gonna sidle off without sayin’ nothin’? I’m hurt, Nara.” “That’s a little dramatic, Mal. I just wanted to take a shower.” “My that bad? Knew I was a little rusty, but--” “Alright! You win.” He made her laugh--dammit, he was good at that. She tugged him down beside her, cuddling against his chest. His arms went around her, so easy she almost sighed. “You can stop making me feel guilty now. What do you want?” He nuzzled her neck. “Could put on a shiny apron and make me breakfast.” “Oh, can I?!” She started to sit up but he grabbed her wrist, pulled her back against him. “Oh, don’t go gettin’ all touchy, I’m mostly kidding. Anyways, think you had a mighty fine idea.” “What was that?” “Part about the shower.” He scopped her up under the knees and carried her shrieking, giggling into the bathroom. *** There was a lot of celebrating to be done, and it went on most of the night. “Kaylee. Stop giggling.” “I’m t-trying!” she’d protested, practically sobbing. “I want to kiss you.” “So k-k-kiss me.” “I can’t.” Simon smiled. “You laugh with your mouth open.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be--you’re beautiful when you laugh. Actually, you’re always beautiful.” “Why, Doctor Tam--anyone ever tell you you got a way with the ladies?” “Surprisingly, no,” Simon said dryly. “Well, that’s just ruttin’ stupid.” Kaylee giggled. “If you ask me--” “Kaylee. I very much want to make love to you under those trees.” Kaylee closed her mouth, cutting off another round of giggles. “Ohhh,” she said softly. Around three Simon had found them an empty tent, one of the many Parsons had his men pitch in the clearing. They slept on a blanket on the ground, Kaylee curled on top of him like a cat.

*** One good thing about the crew spending a night off-ship--plenty of hot water. They were sobbing wet, the air warm and steamy. Mal shut off whatever part of his brain ususally called the shots. He was acting on impulse, and impulse said to kiss her long and slow under the shower spray. Impulse dictated that he lift her up against the wall, slide inside her when her legs clamped tight around his hips. “Honey.” Impulse also had him call her honey. “’Haps we oughta move this to drier ground ‘fore someone breaks a leg. After all, no tellin’ when the doc’ll be back.” She wasn’t really listening. She’d thrown her head back, exposing her neck to his lips, moving her hips in time with his thrusts. Taking that as a yes, he carried her back to his bed, laid her out all warm and wet on the top sheet. He lay beside her, rubbed lightly at her lips. The sensible part of his brain, the one he was ignoring, began to shout all sorts of warnings. Impulse spoke louder, had him cupping her cheek, stroking a hand over her wet hair. He started to move over her, but she nudged him back down, climbed astride his hips. This time he let her do as she wished, let her set the pace, take them both to the edge and topple them off it. After, she lay with her head on his chest, their arms and legs tangled. He stroked her hair and wondered how long the sensible part of his brain would be silent.

*** The morning sunshine poured in through the flaps of the tent, crept up to press at her eyelids, warm her hands and feet. She snuggled up against Simon, felt his arm slide beneath the blanket, reach under her shirt in sleep and curl possessively around her belly. Kaylee kept her eyes closed, knowing she’d have a hell of a hangover when she opened ‘em. The events of the previous night had left her drowsy, lethargic. She was content to sleep in, maybe make lazy love when Simon woke. She was just drifting back into a dream when a shadow fell across her face, blocking out the sunlight. She decided to keep her eyes closed, hoping whomever it was would go away. For several seconds she listened in silence. Maybe they were about to give up. Then she heard the click, felt cool metal brush her temple. She opened her eyes and gasped. Beside her, Simon woke with a start. “Don’’t say a word, Doctor, lest you fancy the girl with a few more holes in her.” Simon swallowed, but remained silent. “Stand up, real slow-like.” Simon glanced at Kaylee, rose slowly to his feet. “You too, Ms. Tam.” Huh, he thought they was married, Kaylee thought sleepily, her mind still fuzzy with Everlift. Wincing against the bright sun, she stood as well, shifting closer to Simon. “Good girl. There’s a mule outside a few paces to the west. Move.” “Simon,” Kaylee whispered, head still foggy. “We’re bein’ kidnapped.” “Judging by the man with the gun, I’d say you’re right. It doesn’t make sense though, who would be after us now?” The man gestured with his gun, motioning them on board. “You try any funny stuff, River Tam, and you’re brother gets a bullet in the heart, you hear?” “River? You think I’m--?” “No!” As though hearing her own name, River appeared from a cluster of trees. She started forward, her dress flying about her legs, and tugged at the gunman’s arm. “I’m River!” “She’s lying!” Kaylee realized what was going on, turned to the man holding her wrist. “I’m River! She’s just the ship’s mechanic. I’m the psychic genius!” “Sweet Kaylee.” River sighed, shook her head as another man grabbed her around the waist, hauled her on to the mule with the others. “No more lies, Kaylee,” she said softly. “If you’s River Tam,” the man asked Kaylee suspiciously, “how come you was all curled up with your own brother?” “That didn’t occur to you before?” Simon muttered. “Gorram liu mang....” “We’re a close family,” Kaylee protested. She leaned against Simon, ran a hand up his chest. “Real tight-knit.” “Hell,” the gunman declared, keeping the weapon trained on Simon’s chest. “Gorramit, take ‘em all.” Kaylee sat on the floor of the mule as it whipped over the landscape, felt the wintery air sting her eyes. “I don’t understand,” Simon protested. “We’re on some luh suh moon in a tiny rutting township. How did they find us here?” “The warrior told them where to look.” River closed her eyes dreamily. “He closed me out tight, no peeking behind his eyes.” “Oh, guay! Gideon! I let him use the cortex, said he wanted to wave his folks, tell ‘em he was comin’ home. Oh, God, the Cap’n’s gonna kill me when he finds out. I’m such a moon brain!” “I’ll say it was my fault.” River squeezed her hand. “Gonna be okay.” “Aw, honey, you don’t have to do that. Was my mistake, if the Cap’n’s gonna be skinnin’ anyone, oughta be--” “I’m sorry, ladies? I don’t mean to interrupt all the...cute, but perhaps Mal isn’t the one we should be worrying about just now. Perhaps we could concentrate on the gun-wielding kidnappers and worry about what the Captain will say, oh, i don’t know, never?” River smiled knowingly at Kaylee. “He’s always snippy when we get snatched,” she explained and rested her head on her brother’s shoulder.

*** Inara lay sprawled over Mal, wearing his shirt like a robe. She traced a faint white line on his calf. “Where did you get this one?” “The war.” She found a pink circular mark on his thigh. “And this one?” “War.” “What about--” “Inara. This has the potential to be a long game.” She lowered her lips to a zig zag line on his chest, traced it with her tongue. “Am I boring you, Captain?” He sucked in a breath, and she felt his body shudder beneath her. “Good game,” he said mildly. “I got another one” She kissed the spot he was pointing to, even though there was no scar. Her lips slid over his inner thigh, before moving back up his stomach. “What about this one?” she asked, touching a mark on his upper arm near the elbow. “That was a present from Zoe. During the war.” “Zoe gave you that? What’d you do?” “Ta ma de, Nara, why’s you got to assume I did somethin’ to deserve it?” “Only because you usually do,” she answered with amusement. “That’s it.” He grabbed her by the shoulders and rolled on top, pinning her to the mattress. “You’ve pushed me too far, woman.” “Mal, tickling is completely unfair.” She giggled, tried to squirm out of his clutches. “Why?” “Mainly because you outweigh me.” “Callin’ me fat’s not gonna make me go easier on ya.” “Mal!” “You give up?” “No.” She shrieked when he attacked again. “Yes! Yes!” “Say, ‘Mal’s King of Londinium.’” “Highly unlikely.” “Little brat.” He kissed her mouth lightly, changed his mind and began coaxing her lips apart. “Where were we?” “You were about to tell me why Zoe hit you,” she said, a little breathless as he sucked at her throat just under the ear. “Takin’ that one to my grave, darlin’.” He sat up. “Anyway, think it’s my turn nowabouts.” “I don’t have any scars. Well, just the one.” Inara pushed his shirt up over her thigh, showed him a thin white line just above her kneecap. “When I was three, I tripped over the dog while playing in my mother’s garden. Fell right into a rock.” “Mean you weren’t always graceful? I knew it! But that ain’t what I was gonna ask.” She leaned close, kissed his neck, his lips. “What did you want to know?” “Why’d you leave the Guild House, Inara?” If he’d shocked her, she hid it well. She smiled coyly, kissed his neck again. “That’s not how the game works, Mal.” “Game’s about scars, ain’t it?” She met his eyes, parted her lips slightly as though unsure whether or not she intended to speak. They both turned at the voice, Jayne’s to be exact. “Mal! You down there, Mal? Doc’s gone and got hisself snatched ‘gain!” *** “Some of the mayor’s men saw ‘em gettin’ taken,” Jayne explained as they readied the mule. “Couldn’t get to ‘em in time, but said they went north. Maybe headed for a cabin ‘bout two miles that a’way.” He forked his thumb to gesture. “Why would they stay so close?” Mal asked. Jayne squinted at Mal through his hangover. “Why was you sleepin’ so late? Why’d you disappear so early last night?” “Why you askin’ so many gorram questions? Get the hell in.” “Inara?” Mal buzzed his own room over the ‘com. “Zoe’s on her way back. Ship’s yours till she gets here.” “The ship’s mine? Mal, how many of the others were kidnapped?” “Inara.” She sighed. “Go. Zhen ta ma yao ming. Zhu yi.” “I try to watch my back, I’’m like to fall flat on my face. First sign of trouble, you take Serenity and get outta here.” He lowered his voice, turned away from Jayne. “Last night...well, I just want you to--” “Mal!” Jayne stood up in the mule. “We goin’ or what?” “Gorram impatient...we’re leavin’, Inara. Don’t get off the boat.” Inara heard the ‘com fall to the floor of the cargo bay. She sat in the center of Mal’s bed, still wearing his shirt. “I wonder if he knows I can’t get her off the ground,” she mused before letting her head fall forward into her hands. *** The mule shuddered to a stop in front of a log cabin. The gunman jerked his head around. “Will you get them girls to quit yappin’?” Simon blinked. “I’m sorry, were you adressing me?” “Ruttin’ shut ‘em up. They’s hurtin’ my brain with all that gorram chatter.” “Girls.” Kaylee and River glanced up from their conversation. “Girls, please be quiet. You’re giving the nice kidnapper a headache.” “Yous all gorram crazy. Get the hell inside.” He motioned with his gun. “River.” Kaylee clutched the girl’s arm as the gunman motioned them into the cabin. “Honey, not to be pushy or nothin’...but can’t you do that thing where you go all amazon and kick their asses?” she whispered. “They don’t see. Don’t see the light, and so neither did I. Starting to understand.” River slid her hand through Kaylee’s. “No more lies. Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Tam.” Kaylee and Simon jerked their heads up in unison. “Mother?” Simon whispered. “Simon? River?” A middle-aged woman took a shaky step forward. “Wo de ma, I can’t believe its truly you.” “Y-you’re Simon’s mama? Simon!” Kaylee whacked him in the chest. “You didn’t tell me we was gonna meet your parents!” Blushing, she tried to straighten her clothes. Oh, boy, did she wish she hadn’t smoked quite so much Everlift last night. Her head was still all kinds of blurry. Had they been kidnapped? Or did the Tam’s invite ‘em for brunch. “Apparently, it was a surprise,” Simon said dryly, rubbing his chest where she’d smacked him. “The kind with guns. And thugs.” Simon’s mother frowned, her delicate forehead crinkling. “And you are...?” “Hi!” Kaylee stretched out her hand, pumped the older woman’s up and down. “I’m Kaylee, and I just wanna say you did a real shiny job with him.” “She did.” River wandered over, smiled shyly. “Boy came out clean and bright. Shame the girl’s twisted.” The older woman tried to grasp her in a hug, but River shrieked and pulled away. “River...darling, what’s happened to you?” “They rutting bled her!” She sighed and sat on the sofa, looked up at her father. “How’s the business, Mr. Tam?”

*** They found the cabin without a great deal of trouble. Hell, outside the Brandywine township, it was the only building within a five mile radius. “What’s the plan, Cap’n?” Jayne asked, loading his gun. Mal gave him a funny look, made a mental note to find out why Jayne was actin’ so eager to rescue people he’d just as soon see kicked out the airlock. For the moment, it’d have to wait. He had some damned-inconvenient kidnappers to pummel. “Be rude to bust in uninvited. I say we knock.” Jayne raised an eyebrow. “Knock?” Mal pounded on the door with his first. “Anybody the hell home? This rescue dragged me away from somethin’ a hell of a lot better’n...this rescue. Now my associate and I, we both got guns.” “And I got grenades!” “Man likes his grenades. So I suggest you open the door before he--” The door opened. “Hi, Cap’n.” “Kaylee.” Mal looked her over real quick, didn’t see any bruises. “River kill ‘em all?” “Mal?” Simon turned curiously. River beamed and skipped across the room. She jumped up and grabbed Mal’s shoulders, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Daddy’s come for us.” River smiled into his eyes. “Take us home?” “Jayne said you all was kidnapped.” He glanced around the furnished cabin, took in the middle-aged couple sitting in easy chairs, clearly in a state of shock. Uneasily, he set River down. “This some kinda joke? ‘Cuz if you three ain’t been kidnapped, I’m gonna start yellin’ at folk. And I’m gonna start with you,” Mal said, glaring at Simon. The older man stood, seemed to recover his voice. “Who are you and what the guay are you doing in my house with guns?” Mal noted the platter of baked goods, the aroma of brewing coffee. “Malcom Reynolds. Captain Malcom Reynolds. I’m sorry, did you snatch my crew or invite ‘em over for breakfast?” “How could I kidnap my own children, Mr. Reynolds?” Mal raised a brow, slid his gun back in the holster. He kicked Jayne, who did the same. “That’s a mighty valid point, Mr. Tam. ‘Haps we should let Jayne field this one. Jayne?” “I, uh, well. Hell, Mal.” Jayne scratched the back of his head. “The man ape’s not least not this time. My father hired men to take River and me home, Captain. Hired nice men with guns to rouse us out of bed in the middle of the night--” “Simon.” Kaylee, who’d just spent the past several minutes trying to smooth her sleep-tumbled hair, tugged at his arm. “Was more like nine. Just felt early on account of we was up so late having all the...tea,” she ammended quickly. “Fine, hired men to rouse us out of bed at...nine...and drag us back here like animals.” “Simon, what’s happened to you? They say they found you sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods, half-dressed and smelling of illegal narcotics.” His mother whispered the last word. “I understand you have needs son, but surely a doctor can do better than some, some forest whore.” “Uh, Missus Tam?” Mal decided he ought to interject, ‘fore things got “Kaylee here’s my mechanic. That’s not a euphemism for nothing! Just services my ship, nothin’ else. Anyway, she and the doc are sorta...well, makin’ me a bit sick, if you wanna know the truth of it. But they’s always half-dressed, so I wouldn’t blame the, uh, narcotics for that bit. Personally, I find it all a might stomach-turning but, crazy kids in love, you know how they’s bound to be.” “I understand that my son’s lost his good sense. And dragged his sister down with him.” Mr. Tam took a step forward. “I understand that you stole a young girl away from the protection of her school and stowed her away on your flying heap of go suh at my son’s request. “Actually,” Mal clarified, “Boy never really asked.” “My children have made grave errors in judgement, Mr. Reynolds.” “Nice of you to hire some local boys to straighten ‘em out. That what they call tough love in your parts?” “But, I don’t understand.” Kaylee’s high was starting to fade. The headache pulsed behind her eyelids. “Why would you go and do that to ‘em? After all they’s been through these past years?” “He doesn’t believe it, Kaylee.” Simon looked very tired. “He chooses not to believe his own children.” “Hell, she’s crazy as can be. Don’t take a psychic genius to see that,” Jayne muttered. “Ask me, doc’s not much better.” “No one would have hurt River and Simon. Simon, dear, we’ve worked so long to find you. We hired Gideon to track you down, to bring you home to us!” His mother stroked his hair, tried to make him meet her eyes. “Finally, he sent word that you were coming here, to Silverhold. Your father and I came as quickly as possible.” “Oh, wait just a gorram minute. I’m getting the uncomfortable inkling we’ve had a mole on board these past weeks.” “Very perceptive, Captain.” Simon jerked away from his mother, sat on the arm of the couch. “I’m feelin’ a good deal like killin’ somebody,” Mal muttered to River. “Gonna start with your brother if he keeps up the wisecrackin’.” “This ain’t funny, Cap’n.” Kaylee’s eyes were blazing. “They don’t got one clue what the alliance did to her.” “There was nothing wrong with my daughter,” Mr. Tam said quietly. “At least not until my son risked both their lives and fell in with petty criminals.” “Hey, now, no need for the name-callin’. Criminals would suffice.” “Captain Reynolds, I think it’s time for you to take your associate and leave my property.” “Sure, soon as you hand over my crew.” “They won’t be going with you, Captain.” Mrs. Tam stood, approached River. “They’re home now. Darling, you’re home, do you hear me?” “You know what? I’m bored. And hungry.” He eyed the pastries. “Think we can settle this real simple-like. You wanna stay here with your folk or come back to Serenity, Lil Albatross?” River slid her hand in the Captain’s. “Doc, suppose you can come too, if Kaylee insists on it.” River smiled at Simon, eyes bright and shining. “Daddy’s come to take us home.” “Can’t you see she’s sick?” The elder Tam stepped forward. “Simon’s lost all touch with reality, and my little girl needs her parents. It would be a crime for you to take them with you.” “Ain’t it lucky they stowed away with criminals then.” Mal turned back to Mr. Tam. “Keep your friends the hell off my boat, lest you wanna find out what real trouble is.”

*** Mal slung an arm around Kaylee and pulled her back against him in a hug. “Was a real brave thing you did sayin’ you was River, Lil’ Kaylee. And don’t think I won’t put you over my knee, you do anythin’ so ruttin’ stupid again.” “You’re nothin’ but a big tease, Cap’n.” But she let him hug her, twisted her head to kiss his cheek. “Hey, speakin’ o’ teasin’, where’s Nara?” “In her shuttle, I ‘spects.” Mal pulled away, went back to securing the mule. “Why you askin’ me? Not like I’m the lady’s keeper or nothin’.” Kaylee rolled her eyes, swatted lightly at Mal’s backside and skipped off to find Inara. Inara met her at the shuttle door, pulled Kaylee into an embrace. “Mei mei. i was so frightened for you. You’re truly alright?” “Aw, I’m shiny, Nara.” Kaylee saw the red streaks in her friend’s eyes, hugged her again guiltily. “Didn’t mean to make you worry so much.” Kaylee led Inara inside, pulled her down on the sofa and made herself comfortable, legs tucked beneath her. “Sooo?” Kaylee asked expectantly. “So what?” Inara teased. “In-nara!” Inara laughed. “I’m just playing, sweetie. happened.” “Eeeee! I knew it! Was it wonderful? Was the Cap’n good? Were you--well, of course you were good. Did he do that thing? Oh, and what was he like after? Did he hold you? What were you wearing--one of your pretties? Inara--you gotta tell me everything!” Inara smiled but her eyes seemed pained. “I will. Or most everything, at least.” “What’s wrong, Nara?” Kaylee grabbed her hand. “You’re sad, I can tell. Did the Cap’n say something mean? I knew he was gonna mess it up, the yu ben de --” “Kaylee, sweetie, calm down.” Inara smiled, leaned forward to stroke her hair. “It’s nothing Mal did. The Guild sent me a wave, just before you returned. They’ve suspended my license, pending an investigation. Apparently, word of my extracurricular activities made its way back to my superiors.” “Extracurricular?” “Petty crime, acts of treason against the goverment. Not to mention my questionable choice of associates.” Inara smiled. “Present company excluded, of course.” “That’s go suh, total luh suh. You’re an amazing companion, and they’d be crazy to let you go.” Inara sighed, wandered over to her dressing table. “It’s not as though I’ve been doing a great deal of companioning these past couple months anyway.” She selected a bottle of lotion, rubbed a dollop into her hands. “Well, that’s just ‘cuz you’re been busy. Killing reavers and helpin’ out with Serenity and kissin’ the Cap’’n--oh, but that’s part of the problem, ain’t it?” “It’s something of a complication,” Inara agreed. “It’s gonna be fine, Nara. Cap’n’ll make sure of it. Don’t he always take care of us?” “I’m not worried, mei mei. Go be with Simon. I’m sure he’s missing you right now.” Kaylee shrugged “Simon’s a little mad at me for gettin’ myself snatched.” “I imagine you can persuade him to forgive you.” “You sure you’re shiny, Nara? I can stay if you need me, or if you just don’t feel like bein’ alone....” Inara squeezed her hand. “We’ll have plenty of time for talking later. Kaylee?” Kaylee hesitated at the door, turned back. Inara twisted her hands. “Don’t tell Mal, okay? Not...not yet.”


TBC in Part 10. Leave feedback!


Thursday, December 8, 2005 9:14 PM


I loved the morning-after-Mal. He and Inarya are so good together, and you write them both wonderfully!

Friday, December 9, 2005 1:33 AM


<contented sigh>
I just love this story... your Mal and Inara are wonderful, and I love her uncertainties and honest reactions to Mal... and so troubling, the guild revoking her licence... the choice taken from her will be a lot harder to deal with than making the decision herself, I'm thinking... such mixed emotions, and I can totally see her not telling Mal yet... she has to find out how she even feels about it, and he would feel a strange mix of emotions too, I'd bet, satisfaction, or relief that she can't work, but a whole lot of guilt for being, as I'm sure he'd see it, the cause of her gettin' in trouble... and it will be very difficult for him to understand exactly what she's feeling too, I'll bet... ahh, but enough rambling! I'll find in in the next part, I'm sure <g> Great story, keep it up!

Friday, December 9, 2005 7:56 AM


secrets? from Mal? yikes, not fun..well, reading it is fun but theres gotta be a backlash somewhere

love mornin-after Mal as well, just all cuddly.

Friday, December 9, 2005 8:51 AM


That was really good. Youve got these characters down i cant wait for more.

Friday, December 9, 2005 8:58 AM


Simon and River's parents have an unmitigated cheek to hire armed thugs to snatch them then accuse their children of falling in with criminals! Huh, kettle, pot, black? At least with the crew of Serenity they have a family that loves them and will fight for them and that ain't nothin'. Love Mal and Inara getting closer and showing their feelings more, just hope Inara isn't going to screw it all up by trying to get back into the Guild good books. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, December 9, 2005 5:36 PM


happy happy happy happy! thank you! i luv this alot! i will surely tune in next time!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 2:00 AM


the whole tickling conversation was just SO funny!!! think i need a captain to tickle me...



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