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Okay...back to being serious.... Jayne and Sonja get a little closer but Jayne makes a horrible mistake with her.... Gets a little deep towards the end. Apologies to anyone if it makes them uncomfortable...gotta have some kind steam to the story!!!


“Please, please tell me he didn’t slobber all over you or anything like that.” Inara glanced at the ugly wool coat laying on the red velvet couch and shook her head. Great…now I’m going to have to disinfect everything that thing has touched! I swear if that thing has any sticky residue on it…Inara thought to her self. “Inara…honestly…we had a lovely conversation this early morning…and it helped me get to sleep afterwards.” Sonja replied, giggling a bit. “Neanderthals have conversation?” Inara retorted. Picking up the silver hairbrush in front of her, Sonja started running it through her thick mane a few times, taking care to make sure the brush missed nothing. “Besides duh…shoot gun…duh…woman…if he even knows how to say woman…Jayne’s vocabulary doesn’t extend much past that.” Inara added, breaking into her best impersonation of Jayne, deep husky voice and all. Eyeing the coat with another disgusted look, Inara said, “You don’t even know where that coat has been…or the things he’s done while wearing it.” “What about the captain and you? What is it that you see in him?” Sonja said suddenly. “Mal is human…Jayne is a force of nature…there’s no comparing the two.” Inara shot back. “Oh really?” Fiddling with her fingers, touching her nails with her thumb, Inara replied, “Yes, really.” It had been a long blessed friendship. Sonja had always thanked her lucky stars for having Inara. She was the sister she had never had. It was a bond between them both, a familiar strength that enclosed around them both…but sometimes Inara forgot…forgot that Sonja knew her well. Too well. “Besides,” Inara quickly said, putting her hands behind her back. “We’re not talking about Mal and I.” “How about I put the coat somewhere where you don’t have to see it, okay?” Sonja said. “You mean in the trash?” Hitting her playfully in the arm, Sonja let out another girlish giggle. “It’s not going in the trash.” * * * * * A hurried knock on his door. “You alive down there?” Snapping his eyes open, Jayne sat up and listened. “You ain’t doin’ anythin’ in there I don’t wanna know about now are you?” Mal’s voice…agitated, as always…Jayne could always tell when it was going to be a good day by how many times he saw the hairs on the back of Mal’s neck stand up. “Whadda need?” Jayne hurriedly yelled back, stumbling out of his bed, trying to grab the nearest pair of pants lying on the floor. With all the shit piling up, it was a wonder he ever managed to find anything to wear in the first place. “Couple of heating pipes needin’ to be tightened in the engine room…Kaylee’s trying to fix em’ but she can’t get em’ sealed off tight enough…could really use your muscle right now.” “Yeah…I’ll be right there! Jus’ give me a quick sec…” Jayne yelled back. And when he finally got down to the engine room, all he could see was misty smoke billowing out with a high pitch whistling sound that drove deep into his eardrum. Quickly, Jayne grabbed the torque wrench from Kaylee’s hands. “All six of them …I tried wrenching the tops but it isn’t working.” Kaylee yelled out as she tried covering her ears from the horrible ruckus coming from the pipes. “Jayne, get the tops…I’ll get the bottoms.” Mal said then. Putting the wrench over the socket, Jayne gripped it with his hands and tightened pipe #1 down, the whistling sound fading some. Click. Nothing to it. #2, click. #3, #4, #5, click, click, click. “Okay, that last one don’t…” Kaylee shouted. Too late. With one swift tug, Jayne felt the socket give and then release, bursting the pipe even further. Whoosh…from all the pressure built up inside, the steam came out with a fury, catching Jayne off guard, knocking him backwards. “…tighten too hard.” Kaylee finished, her voice small. “Zhou ma zhi!” Jayne shouted, holding his right arm. “Gees, ya could’ve said something before the pipe decided to try and burn my damn arm off!” Finishing the last pipe, Mal cranked it shut and then got up to survey the damage. Couldn’t he have just one day…just one frickin’ day without anything breaking apart or off the ship? Why it hadn’t even been a week since that dang old drive cluster broke off into space…was it so much to ask to have everything work all at once for more than 48 hours at a time? “What do ya think?” Mal asked. “What do I think? I think that my arm is hurtin’, that’s what I think!” Jayne spat at him. Turning to Kaylee, Mal waited for her answer, purposely ignoring Jayne. “Well, we definitely need that thermostat coil…tightening everything down will work for a bit…until the pressure builds up again and then the next time…the pipes will probably burst for good and you’ll end up having to replace those too.” Kaylee said simply, walking over to pipe #6 and pointing to it. “Well we ain’t hittin’ Lanai for another two days…ain’t no two ways bout’ that…think it’ll hold til then?” Mal asked. “Don’t know, Catp’n…maybe if I turned the pressure running through the ship down…but it’s probably gonna get pretty chilly in here.” Kaylee replied. “Ain’t no more nippy that what it was last night.” Jayne commented. “Jayne…ain’t you goin’ to the infirmry yet to have that burn attended to?” Mal asked him, crossing his harms over his chest. “All I’m sayin is that some people on this boat were cold last night.” Jayne added sheepishly. “Go.” Mal told him pointing to the doorway. “And what was up with you sleeping straight through lunch?” “Yeah, Jayne…how’s come you didn’t make it? We were all wonderin’ where the heck you were.”” Kaylee piped up. “Didn’t get much sleep,” Jayne mumbled back. * * * * * If Jayne never had to deal Simon Tam again, it would’ve been the most wonderful, bittersweet experience of his whole existence. The kid just rubbed him the wrong way…something to him, the stiff way he carried himself, like he was just too good but doing a shitty job at trying to hide it. And as Jayne turned the corner to the infirmary, he was so wrapped up in what smart ass comment he could whip up to say to Simon that he didn’t even notice Sonja brushing past him. “I’m sorry…parden me.” She said to him. Stopping dead in his tracks, Jayne inhaled deep, taking in the scent of her. He towered over her easily, and when he looked down, he got the most beautiful bird’s eye view of her breasts that were being pushed together by the plunging neckline of the plum colored dress she had on. Sonja walked up to him. Gently, she ran her hand up his muscular arm stopping where the burn was, her fingers rubbing around it in a circular motion. “That doesn’t look good.” She murmured softly to him. “Glad someone cares.” Jayne mumbled back to her. He was going to contain him self…he was going to be a good big man and contain his rotten fingers of wanting to take her hands and put them somewhere else on his body that needed examining…. Peering around the corner into the infirmiry, a frown crossed over Sonja then. “I don’t think Simon’s in there…I’ve got some ointment I could put on it…if you don’t mind…I know Simon is a real doctor…but,” “Hey, let’s go…I’m always up for new things!” Jayne quipped up enthusiastically. It was wickedly sly of him but to be with her again…alone of all things and not have to deal with that stuffy rich kid? Oh the absolute joy this day was bringing him! “What happened?” Sonja asked. “Pipe busted in the engine room.” Jayne replied. “Is everything okay? There isn’t any danger, is there?” Sonja asked, her eyes wide. Jayne shook his head no, waving a hand at her. “Naw…everything’s fine…it’s just gonna get a little cold in here.” “Lucky for me I have such a fine crafted piece of garment to keep me warm then, huh?” Sonja said then, her eyes glistening. Jayne could feel the flush of warmth hitting his cheeks. It was crazy. He couldn’t ever recall being this flustered around a woman…oh sure he had been horny enough, grabbing this or putting a finger in that…but this? This was absolutely ridiculous! “You didn’t make it to lunch…” Sonja said then as they hit the catwalk overlooking the cargo bay. “I had hoped I would see you…did you sleep well?” “I would say so.” Jayne nodded casually. “Must’ve been the tea.” Sonja replied, smiling up at him. Walking down the stairs, Jayne saw why Simon wasn’t in the infirmiry. Kaylee, River, and him were playing dodgeball with a ball that looked like it had seen better days, the stitching in the leather coming undone. “Hurry get it! We can’t let him get it!” Kaylee squealed to River who picked up the ball at her feet and hurled it at her big brother as hard as she could, laughing all the while. Finally seeing what she needed, Sonja walked over to a huge black trunk nestled up against the wall. And as she knelt down to unlock it, all Jayne could see was her breasts pushing against the material she was wearing, covering up what he could only imagine would feel like sweet heaven to touch…they were so perfect…beautiful, round hills on a body that Jayne wanted so badly to explore and satisfy. “Here it is!” Sonja said, standing up, a little glass bottle in her hands. And as she stood in front of him to put the ointment on, Jayne had totally forgotten about being burned at all. * * * * * “It’s probably gonna be chilly for the next couple of days so just bear with it.” Mal told Inara. They were standing on the catwalk above the cargo bay hearing the shrill muffled voices of Kaylee and River echoing off the walls. Mal looked down and smiled. Maybe this was the start of it. River seemed to be getting a little better and it always made him happy to see her so at ease. She was just a kid. And the more she got to act like a kid was probably good for her as far as Mal was concerned. “Everyone is more than welcome to come and stay on my shuttle if it gets really bad.” Inara said. “Oh, I doubt it will…but thanks for the invite…” Mal replied. “I meant everyone else but you.” Inara replied sharply, her eyes smiling mischievously at him. “Of course…wouldn’t have thought about it any other way.” Mal agreed. Peering down to have a quick look to see who was winning at the dodgeball game, Mal spotted something else that caught his eye, something that was an odd sight, if not a once in a lifetime shot. Was Mal really seeing it right? Or did the mist that had burned Jayne earlier gotten into Mal’s eyes as well? “Well…seems Jayne has taken to…making new friends.” Mal commented. Following his glaze, Inara looked over and saw Sonja sitting with Jayne on a black trunk, putting something on his arm, laughing and smiling. She watched them for a minute, her face filling with disgust. “I’d say Jayne has himself a little crush on your friend there.” Mal said. “That’s not funny…Sonja’s just being polite.” Inara quickly said. “That may be on her part…but for Jayne to sit there that long with someone, showing that much of his pearly whites…and not be getting paid or doing anythin’ that involves guns, killin’ or mayhem…I’d say he’s a little captivated.” Mal said, watching Inara squirm. “Oh please! By tomorrow she’ll have realized how he is and you’ll never see her go anywhere near him again.” Inara responded. That’s how it’s supposed to go, at least…Inara told herself. * * * * * Chilly wasn’t the word for it. Downright frickin’ teeth chattering cold was what it was. Kaylee, River, and Simon had all holed themselves in Inara’s shuttle for the night, not acclimating well with the climate change. Zoe and Wash had each other and that was enough to light a whole planet. Book had said he was comfortable where he was at and Mal…well…the whole thought of knowing what Mal did to keep himself warm just sent creepy shivers down Jayne’s spine that no man should ever feel. Heading through the narrow corridor past the dinning area, Jayne pulled his green canvas coat up around him, blowing his breath on his fingers to try and warm them up, the hat his ma knitted for him sitting cockeyed on his head. He wondered if she might’ve run out of yarn on the one side because he could never get it to sit anything but lopsided for one reason or another. And as Jayne turned to head to his bunk for the night, he saw her, lying on the couch in the little living area Kaylee had fixed up, his coat covering her beautifully. “Hey…you’re still up?” Sonja said to him, pulling herself up. “Just about to head to my bunk, actually. Inara kicked you out?” Jayne asked her with a chuckle. “Or did all them crazies start getting’ to ya?…River…man…she’ll mess with your mind if ya ain’t careful…be tellin’ ya bout’ your future and crap like that…it weirds me out.” Letting out a slight laugh, Sonja shook her head no. “Just wanted to be alone.” “Oh,” Jayne said, dismayed. “I’ll let you be then…bein’ you want to be alone.” “You don’t have to go Jayne…it’s okay.” Sonja assured him. Taking a seat next to her, Jayne made sure to sit his body a little forward, putting a huge space in between them. “How’s the burn on your arm?” she asked. “It’s fine…don’t hurt a bit…not with that stuff you put on it.” Jayne replied. “Is that the hat? The hat you were telling me about last night?” Sonja asked, pointing. He had forgotten for a minute that he even had it on. Feeling the soft wool on the sides, Jayne nodded. “Yeah…what ya think?” Sonja giggled and then nodded with approval. “Just like you said, pretty cunning for sure, Jayne! Your mom did a wonderful job!” Scooching herself closer over to him, Sonja reached her hand out, touching Jayne’s hat, letting her fingertips brush over the softness of the yarn. Jayne grabbed the hat off his head. “Here,” Jayne said to her. “Try it on.” Sonja shook her head no, laughing. “I can’t do that Jayne! Your mom made that hat for you...I already have your coat!” she exclaimed. Swiftly, before she could say another word, Jayne placed the hat gently on her head. Putting her shoulders back, Sonja sat up perfectly straight. The ghastly bright color did nothing to go with the dress she was wearing and Jayne couldn’t help but to break down into a fit of laughter. “How does it look?” Sonja asked him. “Not as good as it looks on me!” Jayne smirked. Taking the hat off, Sonja playfully flung it at Jayne. Bursting into giggles, she smiled flirtatiously at him. How could one woman make him nervous, frantic and high as a kite all at the same time? And before Jayne knew it, before he could even begin to stop himself, his hands had made their way to her face, stroking her cheek, his thumb lazily caressing her chin. God, he just wanted to breathe her in…lose himself to everything she had…drink her in and let the intoxication slowly drip through his body. The giggles from Sonja stopped. Slowly, Jayne put his face up close to her’s, caressing her cheek with his fingers…should he dare even try it? He was scared…scared out of his mind, like a child frightened by the nighttime shadows that lurked behind the walls. After all the killin’, all the thievin’…Jayne couldn’t remember emotion…real, unfaltering emotion. It was always screw em and leave em…because it was better that way…with no strings attached and no room for any kind of hurt being served to you on a platter. Leaning in, Jayne felt his lips meet hers, her mouth quivering as his tongue found hers. Oh the taste! She was exquisite…an island of remarkable, remote beauty… With the adrenaline kicking his body into overdrive, Jayne ran his hands further down Sonja’s neck, stopping at her breasts, cupping them urgently…she was even more splendid that what his dreams could’ve ever showed, his breaths coming short and heavy. Pushing her down onto her back, Jayne laid himself on top of her, his weight holding her down with ease. Why wasn’t she kissing or touching him in return? Jayne wondered. “Jayne…” Sonja murmed in his ear. His hands…they were running down the side of her leg…searching… “Please…wai…,” Sonja murmured again, trying to grab Jayne’s hand from going any further. Purple dress…hand made silk dress…almost up to her thigh…and his hands…pushing her legs apart even further. “Don’t...,” Exquisite…and her scent…all of it…scrumptious…wonder how she tasted there… in that spot that could make a woman cum all damn night if he did it right… “Please…stop…,” Sonja cried out louder. “Please!” Her breaths…surrounding him…like a cool breeze blowing on a hot summer’s day… “No!” Sonja pleaded. “Jayne…please.” Suddenly, Jayne’s eyes met hers. He had put the fear of Jayne into many a man and a few women (who deserved it). To know he could instill that much fear into someone made him proud as all hell. But as Jayne’s eyes locked with Sonja’s, all he saw was horrible panic…a sickening fear spread throughout her face as if she thought he was going to rip her very soul out and leave her for dead afterwards. Jayne sat up then, his heart fluttering wildly, his body feeling nothing of the chilliness in the air. Everything…it had happened so fast…he had heard her, in the back of his mind…but…he wasn’t trying to hurt her…not like that…just wanted to feel her…that was all…wanted to take all of her in...should’ve never even thought about touching her lips like that…Sonja…she wasn’t his type…not by far…should’ve just let the girl be…should’ve never let anything cloud his mind…should’ve just went about his merry way… Numb…that’s how Jayne felt…his body…his legs...they wouldn’t move. His mouth opened part way, but his brain wasn’t setting up the words for him quite right…God, why couldn’t he think? Just say anything…something! Quickly, Sonja got up and scurried away, trying to fix her dress…her heels making a rapid click, click on the floor. Farther and farther away she was drifting until only her muffled footsteps could be heard from a far. Jayne…he wanted to stop her…tell her he was sorry…Oh dear God, he was so sorry… Sitting on the couch, Jayne leaned forward, burying his head in his hands.



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Very very good! Can't wait to see what happens next. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, October 28, 2005 7:17 PM


This fic is even better than the first installment! I love this Sonja and what she does to Jayne. 'Bout time our boy gets some love. And I'm liking how you're leading up to it slow-like, the best way to get it in real life too. Shiny, shiny stuff here. Nice tone, great characterization, Jayne's befuddled by Sonja in all the right places. Fun image of the crew playing dodgeball in the cargo bay. Nice bit at the beginning about Inara giving Sonja grief about Jayne's scruffy coat. Gorram fine writing!


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This installment is leading up to the next one, the final conclusion of this series...

"Now, Jayne knew the meaning of it…caring…caring for someone more than himself and now he was aching all over…for her touch, for her kindness…for her."

A moment of truth....."Worlds colliding, coming undone, right there on Serenity that very night…two people in need of something so very bad…shelter from the storm…a saving grace that was lighting both on fire…"

Jayne gets a little worked up...and River adds her insight...

Sonja reveals a shocking truth from her past and Jayne learns the meaning behind the meaning of mistake...

Mal giving some insight...

Jayne and his marvelous thoughts...well lack of maybe....

Depending on how well this goes, my intent for this particular set of fanfic is to have each of the characters talk from their own points of view through 9 different journal entries for each memeber of the crew...this one is Book's talking about how he feels about River right before Jubal Early made his appearence on board....

Okay...back to being serious....
Jayne and Sonja get a little closer but Jayne makes a horrible mistake with her....
Gets a little deep towards the end. Apologies to anyone if it makes them uncomfortable...gotta have some kind steam to the story!!!

Gettin Jiggy w/ Kaylee
Ever wonder what Jayne really thinks bout' Kaylee???
I think I'm having a little too much fun w/ this whole fanfic thing....

poem for Jaylee fans...