Manga Firefly - Inara, Part II
Monday, April 18, 2005

I like this pic much better than the last. I could add some lush colors to make it more sensual, but I'm being lazy again. Opinions, please?



Monday, April 18, 2005 7:07 PM


The hands are somewhat BIG :) and I`m still not sure on the hair stylying. The body and dress is superb though, very glam & fitting.

Darin (Zol.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10:45 AM


I LOVE it! I love them all! Your style is awesome, and I think the big hands and feet are cute. :) I think I like Wash the best. You need to do the rest of the crew now, ya hear?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10:48 AM


Oops.. now that I've scrolled all the way down, I see the rest of the crew.. derr..


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Manga Firefly - River Tam
This is the last pic in my series of manga-inspired Firefly character images. I also tried to do Jubal Early and Saffron (after all, what are Big Damn Heroes without Big Damn Villains?), but I had trouble getting them just right. In any event, the series is now concluded, and I shall now devote some time to writing fanfic. Whaddya think?

Manga Firefly - The Man They Call Jayne
Here's everyone's favorite gun-for-hire, done in pencil, in my own manga-esque-like comic style.

Manga Firefly - Wash the Pilot
This manga image is inspired by ironcladotter's OUTSTANDING ink portrait. Cocky, relaxed, and ready for action all at once. The Japanese symbol on his sleeve means "sky," and the one on his helmet means "free." Can't you just picture him going, "You can't take the sky from me..."

Manga Firefly - First Mate Zoe
Zoe is the shizzle (translation for the Snoop-impaired: "Zoe is a great character"). I think Gina Torres would look even more bad-ass with dreads. Not that she isn't already (!)

Manga Firefly - Preacher Book
I decided to let Book's hair down. I like the look because it's less severe and just as sage. It probably clashes with the cleric's outfit, though. (Personally, I've always wondered what he'd look like bald.)

Manga Firefly - Inara, Part II
I like this pic much better than the last. I could add some lush colors to make it more sensual, but I'm being lazy again. Opinions, please?

Manga Firefly - Dr Simon Tam
A Manga-style image inspired by Simon's first appearance on the show, as he boards Serenity on Persephone. Again, I've taken liberties with the costume. I wish the suit were black, but darkening stuff with pencil takes time and I'm too lazy for that. :P Anyway, I'll have the rest of the crew up soon.

Manga Firefly - Kaylee the Mechanic
This one actually started out as a picture of Saffron. When I'd finished the face and hair, I decided it fit Kaylee better. The kanji on her leg patch and cap mean "heart" and "enthusiam." Maybe I'll do color versions of these later on.

Manga Firefly - Inara Serra
Another manga-style character. I actually like this pic the least; I don't do Morena justice, and the costume isn't nearly as detailed or intricate as one Inara's character would wear. I like the pose, though. The Japanese characters on her scarf, if you can make them out, stand for "beauty," "strength," and "wisdom." Tell me what y'all think.

Manga Firefly - Capt Mal Reynolds
The first of a series of pencil sketches done manga-style. I've taken some artistic liberties with the costuming; nothing major, but nickpickers will know the difference. I originally envisioned giving him a cowboy hat or fedora, but thought that would be over-the-top (too much like an Indiana Jones wannabe). Tell me what y'all think.