Valentine's Day: Book
Friday, February 18, 2005

Want to know what Book did on Valentine's Day? Read this.


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Characters: Book

Summary: Book’s Valentine’s Day

Author’s Notes: So far all the other stories in this series have went down the smutty angle, so I apologize if ya’ll get disappointed when you read this one and find out it’s only a PG rating.

Valentine’s Day: Book By KaySky

On his way to the kitchen for breakfast, he noticed the quiet. He allocated most of that towards Valentine’s Day. The pilot and the first mate probably wouldn’t be seen until tomorrow. The recent love that had blossomed between the medic and the mechanic was sure to keep them occupied today as well. As for the rest, he couldn’t explain it, he didn’t try. He just enjoyed the quiet.

He prepared his breakfast and sat down at the table. “Good morning.” He said as River walked into the kitchen.

“Good is an overstatement.” She was irritated.

Lately River and he had seemed to be building up some sort of rapport. “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” He’d become quite fond of his little conversations with her.

“The idea of a ‘wrong side’ of the bed is preposterous.” She grabbed an apple and joined him at the table.

“Well then, River, what seems to be troubling you?”


“Is someone onboard being selfish?” He asked concerned.

“The poison apple is powerful. Snow White will take a bite and fall under the curse, but the Prince will not come” She eyeballed the piece of fruit in her hand as if she was searching for the perfect place to inject some poison. “It’s the apple’s job to make sure of it.” She took a bite out of her apple. “The apple cannot fail, all will be lost. Snow White is selfish. She’d keep the Prince all to herself and his townsmen would see him no more.”

“River, is this story about your brother and Kaylee?”

“It’s a fairytale from the earth-that-was.” She rolled her eyes.

“Perhaps we’ve just heard different versions of the tale. In the one I recall, Snow White is not selfish. She’s very loving.”

She was upset. “Wrong, all wrong! Snow White casts a spell of love over The Prince. The spell consumes him. He belongs to her and all others are forgotten.”

“I believe we see this differently. A spell of love could never be possible. Temporarily a spell might be able to cloud a person’s mind, but true love is something of permanence. True love is somewhat of a rarity. A man could spend his whole life searching the ‘verse and never find it. When a man does find true love, there isn’t a spell powerful enough to overcome it. Likewise there isn’t a spell powerful enough to mimic it.”

“True love is powerful. Powerful enough to make the Prince forget.”

“River, love is a very complicated matter.”


“Simply speaking, there are three types of love. First, there is the love we give to all. This type of love is unconditional and unselfish. The Prince shares this love with his townspeople. He cares for his townspeople and seeks nothing in return. Another type of love is more selective. It is reserved for those whom we admire and desire to spend time with because it is very pleasurable. The Prince shares this love with his family and friends. Finally, there is the type of love that needs another. We long for this love, we even desire this love. This love involves romance. While the other two loves are more giving, this one can be about taking, too.”

Book had just proven her case. “Snow White has the third love. She will take him.”

“The Snow White I recall felt all three loves for the Prince.”

“A combination?” The look on her face indicated she was performing calculations in her mind, searching for how this could be possible.

“Each type of love on its own is just a type of love, but if the three are combined, you will find true love. To Snow White the Prince is her friend and her lover and the unconditional love she feels for him keeps them together when times are bad.” He paused. The look on River’s face indicated he needed to continue. “The Prince will love Snow White, but he will still love his family, his friends, and his townsmen. True love is not selfish, it is a blessing. True love makes people happy and their happiness will spread onto the others in their lives.”

“So no one will be forgotten?”

“No one.” He gave River a reassuring smile.

* * * *

After breakfast and his conversation with River, Book decided to take advantage of the quiet and enjoy a nice nap in the lounge.

His conversation with River seeped into his dreams. He was in a land far, far away. A land where Inara was Snow White and Mal was Prince Charming. Inara had seven wonderful friends. There was Kaylee who was Happy and Bashful and Simon who was Doc. Wash was Dopey and Zoe was Sneezy. Jayne was Grumpy and River was Sleepy. And he was the Magic Mirror on the wall, looking over them all.

* * * *

He woke up hungry. Images from his dream replayed in his mind as he made his way to the kitchen. As he walked through the doorway and saw Mal sitting at the table He couldn’t help but remember how happy Mal had looked in his dream, Inara by his side.

“The ship seems mighty empty today. I guess everyone’s keeping to themselves.”

Mal’s response was somewhat gloomy. Perhaps River wasn’t the only one confused by love.

“Something troubling you, son?” He sat down across from Mal, hoping he’d be able to offer some advice.

* * * *

He’d worked up quite an appetite over the day. He only had a small breakfast and his lunch was lost in an effort to help Mal come to terms with his feelings for Inara. By the time dinner came around, River was the only one to be found. He tried inviting Jayne to dinner, but didn’t get any response. He was a bit surprised. Jayne didn’t usually pass on meals. Whatever the reason, it did not matter. He was hoping the crew’s absence was a sign all was well in the ‘verse of love.

So as dinner ended and the night began to expire, he walked the halls of Serenity. He thought about his dream. He thought about how he was the Magic Mirror on the wall. As he walked passed the passengers dorms and past the crew corridors, he couldn’t help but relate to the Magic Mirror. He saw them all. Mal and Inara would both have to make sacrifices to make their relationship work. Neither would be willing. Wash and Zoe would need to leave Serenity to start a family. Kaylee would be heartbroken when the Alliance finally came and took the Tams’ away. Jayne and Kaylee would hide in each other, both too afraid to face the fear of being all alone. That’s what he saw. He wished he didn’t.

Whatever precious time he had left with them before their worlds would start to shatter, he would make right. He would look over them, make sure they were happy. He’d look over them until it wasn’t his time to look over them anymore.

The End. (Loved it? Hate it? The only way I'll know is if you leave me feedback.)


Friday, February 18, 2005 2:33 PM


This was a really interesting take on Snow White and I loved River. You write her so well! Amused as *diyu* at Book being the Magic Mirror. I liked him wanting to help everyone but do not think his vision of the likely outcome is the correct one. And that dream of his of Snow White and Prince Charming? Why did I keep seeing images of Shrek in my head? And no I am not telling you who the donkey was even if Jayne did come to mind. Shiny, Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, February 18, 2005 6:06 PM


Loved how you used Snow White as a metaphor for the various kinds of love. While the first three were great erotically, and the Jayne story was good comedy, this is a good story that engages the reader intellectually and spiritually.

Don't get how Kaylee's two of the dwarfs, and that Zoe is Sneezy (never struck me as such)

A perfect wrap-up to one of the most intriguing series.

Saturday, February 19, 2005 8:11 AM


In response to reginaroadie, it was sort of a numbers game and I thought if anyone could be two dwarfs, it would be Kaylee. As for Zoe being Sneezy, well it was pretty much a process of elimination. I didn't really see her as any of the dwarfs, so I paired everyone else off and Sneezy and Zoe were left. =o)

Oh and the series isn't over, River's story ends the series. Hopefully, I'll have it posted soon.

Monday, February 21, 2005 5:47 AM


Great job here! I loved the way you used Snow White to help Book explain love to River. I'm looking forward to how River spent her Valentines Day.

- Soul


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