Past, Present, & Future: Part 1
Sunday, February 13, 2005

This story takes place a few weeks after “The Trunk”. Hopefully it will clear up some unanswered questions from the original story in the series, “Right and Wrong”.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Firefly characters or am in any way connected to the show.

Characters: The Whole Gang

Summary: This story takes place a few weeks after “The Trunk”. Hopefully it will clear up some unanswered questions from the original story in the series, “Right and Wrong”.

Author’s Notes: I know there was some concern that “The Trunk” ending was too short. I totally agree. I was having major writer’s block. I knew how I wanted it to end (Simon getting the gift), but other than that my creativity was lost. But the reason I wanted it to end at that point is because of where I wanted this next story to begin.

Past, Present, & Future By KaySky Part One

The job had paid more then he ever expected. When Holden Blake added the bonus, a celebration was called for. Mal wanted to do something nice for the crew. Some rest and relaxation planet side seemed like the nicest reward. He just had to think of a planet. He was so proud of Kaylee for being brave when the crew of The Dorjan had come aboard Serenity. She hadn’t seen her family in nearly six months. A little visit to her home planet seemed just like the thing to do.

Being at home again was wonderful. Kaylee was in the kitchen with her mom and sisters preparing a vast supper for all her family and crew.

“Guess I’ll be the first to ask it.” Emma Frye said. Emma is the older of Kaylee’s two sisters. Even though she and Kaylee are three years apart, people were always mistaking the one for the other. Kaylee’s mom use to joke about how she always wanted twins and she was so happy she had them, she just didn’t expect them three years apart with another baby in between. “Yer letters never went into any of the details. All they said was Simon and you were finally more than just friends, so exactly how much more are you?” Around town Emma was known as the gossip queen.

Kaylee blushed as her sisters and even mother couldn’t help but laugh. “Girls, Kaylee doesn’t have to tell us anything if she doesn’t want to.” There is no question Kaylee gets at least some of her sunny personality from her mother, Katie Frye. They both have such a glow about them that always makes people smile.

Mom to the rescue, Kaylee thought. She smiled, relieved for her mom’s concern, but she loved gushing about Simon. “He’s got quite an eye for detail, always very thorough.”

“Don’t doctors have to be thorough in their work? Not sure they’d get any patients if they weren’t.” Laney is a year older than Kaylee. The two sisters spent the majority of their childhood competing with each other. No one’s really sure the competition has ever ended.

“Wasn’t referrin’ to his doctorin’.” Kaylee grinned, Emma laughed, and Laney blushed.

* * * *

No matter how long Simon stays in the black, living a fugitive life, he’ll always remember the proper way of doing things. For most things he’s put properness behind him. He was actually surprised by how comfortable he became. But this was different. This wasn’t putting his elbows on the table or swearing. This was something important. He has the opportunity of doing this the proper way. He wants to do this the proper way. He’s just afraid of what the captain and her father might say. What if they said no?

Cole Frye was a simple man. His family was his life. One of the hardest days in his life was watching his little Kaylee step aboard Serenity. He was thankful Mal was honest to his word about keeping her safe. If anything, Mal made his little girl even happier. She shined the brightest when she spoke of the ship and its crew.

Cole and Mal were talking in the barn when Simon joined them.

“Enjoying yourself, Simon?” Cole asked. He didn’t know Simon too well. The only other time they had met, Simon was distant. It was understandable. His sister was having a rough time. He was concentrated on her. He had been the most polite boy he’d ever met. After seeing all the looks his daughter was giving Simon, he was glad he was so proper. He noticed how he’d look at her, too. Mostly while she wasn’t looking back, he could tell he really did care for his daughter.

“Yes, thank you. It’s nice being back here again.” He was nervous. He didn’t quite know how to bring up the subject. “How are things with you?”

“Life’s been treatin’ an old guy like me pretty good. No complaints.” Simon’s uneasy behavior was a clear sign he’d come to the barn for a reason. “Somethin’ on your mind, son?”

It was now or never. “Yes, I wanted to speak to both of you actually, because well, you’re her father and you, well you are her captain, and…”

Cole and Mal started chuckling. “So this is about my little Kaylee?”

“Yes, Kaylee, she’s a wonderful girl and… I mean she’s special… She and I have gotten close… And I wanted to know if… Because we’ve gotten so close and…” He knew he should have rehearsed this.

“Exactly how close have you gotten to my daughter?” The once amused smile on Cole’s face transformed into an evil scowl.

His angry eyes starring down at Simon made him want to run away. “I meant close emotionally…not… well yeah, but… my intentions…ah…”

Cole thought the boy suffered enough. Mal was right. It was entertaining to watch him squirm. “Ya know if you want to be my son-in-law your gonna have to learn to be intimidating. Kaylee’s brothers will walk right over you otherwise.”

The words ‘son-in-law’ bounced around his brain. Cole knew what he came here to ask. “So…” He was a bit more relaxed, not much.

“Just havin’ a bit of fun with ya, is all.” Cole gave him a reassuring smile.

“And you know how I feel ‘bout shipboard romances, but nobody ever listens to the captain, so might as well just make it official.” Mal said.

Simon felt like a hundred pounds had been lifted off his shoulders. “Thank you. This means a lot to me. I will treat her right.”

“I know you will, son.” Cole placed his hands firmly on Simon’s shoulders. “If ya ever hurt her, you’d have one angry father, three angry brothers, and one angry captain after you. I think we’d do more harm than the Alliance ever could.” His ruthless stare only added to Simon’s discomfort as he squeezed his shoulders. A minute later Cole and Mal burst into laughter.

Simon hated being such an easy mark.

* * * *

Simon wanted everything to go smoothly. He wanted everything to go even better than smoothly. He would usually go to Inara for advice, but he was afraid she was too close to Kaylee and Kaylee might suspect something. With no other option, he called in reinforcements.

“When I sent you a wave, I didn’t expect you to make a trip out here.” Simon was glad she did though. “I just need some advice.”

“Hey you saved me life, it’s the least I could do. Besides, I’m a hopeless romantic who lives vicariously through her work.” Danielle Erin Blake was excited when she got Simon’s wave. “And I don’t trust a man to do anything right.” She grinned.

Simon smiled back. Danielle was a big help. Simon wanted to purpose by the lake. He had heard Kaylee reference it several times. She always loved going there as a child. Danielle had brought everything from flowers to fabric. She was decorating a little spot underneath the big elm tree. It would be perfect for a proposal. “I never got to thank you either, for the ring.”

“When Kaylee says yes and see ring on her finger and the happiness on her face that will be all the thanks I need.”

He never thought about it, Kaylee saying yes. What if she didn’t? What if she said no? What would he do? How could he live without her? His whole world would come crashing down. The negative thoughts were flooding his mind.

“Don’t worry, Simon. She’s going to say yes.”

“How did you know I was…?”

“Just a feeling you were thinking that. It’s natural for a man to get nervous beforehand.” She took a deep breath. Thoughts were private. She needed to stop eavesdropping.

* * * *

It was a perfect evening. The Frye girls really knew how to make a delicious meal. After supper, Simon asked Kaylee to go on a walk. Of course she agreed.

Hand in hand, he walked her to the lake. The glimmering rays of moonlight were shinning down on top the water, which was sparkling back up at the moon. Simon couldn’t have asked for a more romantic setting. When they got close enough to the elm tree, Kaylee stopped in her tracks, squeezing his hand.

“Simon…” She squealed excitedly. Her eyes were widened, focusing underneath the tree where a blanket laid. The blanket was surrounded by roses. On top sat a picnic basket. “Is this for me?”

Her bright smile settled his nerves. “Of course, Baobei, who else would it be for?” He helped Kaylee take a seat on the blanket. “Now, I’ve got three surprises for you tonight.”

“Ain’t this the surprise?” She was happier than a child on Christmas morning. She couldn’t believe there was more.

He sat between Kaylee and the picnic basket. “This is just the setting.” He grinned. “What’s in the basket is the surprise.”

Her hazel eyes twinkled in the moonlight as Simon pulled out the first item, a bottle of wine. “I thought you might like to try some of the Core’s finest.” He pulled out two wine glasses from the basket and began pouring.

She was blushing. “Simon, where’d you get that?”

“I made a quick stop on Noble.” He handed her the first glass.

“You told the Captain you got lost.” She giggled.

“I did get lost. I didn’t get very good directions to the liquor store. I walked around nearly a half hour before I finally found it.” He finished pouring his glass and placed the bottle back into the basket. “Shall we toast?”

Kaylee was beyond Cloud Nine. In her mind this must at least be Cloud Twenty-two. “What shall we toast to?”

“To us. To our past. Where we started a wonderful friendship and after I finally got a clue, where we started a wonderful courtship. To our present—where we are now. Under the beautiful moonlight, sipping wine, being in love. And to our future. Where no matter what happens, it will always be bright because we will be together.”

“To us—past, present, and future.” Kaylee replied.

After they took a sip of wine, Simon leaned in for a kiss. Kaylee was in the mood. She tried deepening the kiss, pulling him in for something more, but he slowly pulled away. “Surprises come first.” His eyes were gazing into hers.

He reached into the basket and pulled out a small container filled with strawberries. “I thought you might like some dessert.” He held a strawberry up to her mouth and she took a bite. The strawberry juices squirted over her lips.

“Mmm…” She mumbled as she leaned in for another bite.

Soon the strawberries were devoured and Kaylee laid in Simons arms underneath the big elm tree. “This night has been real shiny.” Her head was nuzzled underneath his chin. Her arm was draped across his chest. She was comfortable. Maybe too comfortable, she yawned.

“Hey!” Simon said. “You can’t fall asleep, the nights not over.”

She sat up, intrigued. “Surprise number three?”

Simon sat up, eye level with her. “Kaylee almost every day I get to experience one of the best feelings in the world. When I see you wake up next to me… it’s indescribable. It feels so unbelievably good and I want to feel that way every morning for the rest of my life.” He reaches into the basket and pulls out the small black box. “Kaylee Frye you shine so bright. You shine a light onto everything. You shined a light onto me. You shined a light onto my heart. You’ve already made be the happiest man in ‘verse, but I was hoping you could make me the happiest, happiest man in the ‘verse. Will you be my wife?”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her smile lighted up the night’s sky. “Simon Tam, its ‘bout time you asked me!”

He opened up the box and placed the engagement ring on her finger. “So is that a yes?” He smiled.

“Course, it’s a yes, silly!” Her eyes dazzled a minute at the ring before leaning in and giving her fiancé a gentle kiss.

* * * *

Katie and Laney Frye had made breakfast for their guests. Almost everyone was sitting around the breakfast table. There were two empty chairs.

“Cole, you’d think after twenty years, just once, that daughter of ours wouldn’t be late for breakfast.”

“Katie, dear, I think she might actually have an excuse for runnin’ a bit late to this one.” Cole winked at his beloved wife.

“Cole Frye, do you know something the rest of us don’t?” She smiled back at her husband.

Before he responded, Kaylee and Simon came walking through the kitchen door.

“Well good morning, children.” Mrs. Frye said. “Glad to see your back into your old habit of running late to breakfast, Kaylee.”

“Simon, Kaylee ain’t that what you two was wearin’ yesterday?” Mal couldn’t get enough of making Simon squirm.

Neither could Wash. “Simon, now you wouldn’t have been seducing our little Kaylee, would you?”

“I don’t take to kindly to boys keepin’ my baby sis out all night.” Mac Frye joined in tormenting Simon. “Maybe we should step outside.”

“Mac!” Kaylee slugged her brother in the arm. “Ain’t any of you gonna be doing a thing. We just fell asleep at the lake, is all.”

“Oh my god?” Laney Frye screamed. She noticed Kaylee’s ring. “She’s getting married before me?” She got up from the table, slamming her chair against the floor. “I so don’t think so!” She went running in tears out of the kitchen.

For a minute Simon was concerned the rest of Kaylee’s family and the crew might feel that way. “What my little sister was trying to say is, welcome to the family.” Kaylee’s oldest brother Mac got up from his seat and pulled Simon and Kaylee into a big hug. “Now, if you ever hurt my baby sister, I am gonna have to take you outside.”

* * * *

The past has a way of sneaking up on people. Just when you’ve forgotten about it, it finds you. It sneaks up behind you, grabs you, gags you, blindfolds you, and drags you inside.

That’s pretty much how it happened to Kaylee anyways. Or rather should have happened to Kaylee. The past was confused. It mistook Emma for Kaylee.

To be continued…

I hope you enjoyed the start of this story. As always, feedback is appreciated. =o)


Sunday, February 13, 2005 3:03 PM


I loved this, Simon proposing to Kaylee was perfect and I loved how her father, Mal, brothers, sisters etc all had a little fun teasing them too. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, February 13, 2005 6:20 PM


>>>...other than that my creativity was lost. But the reason I wanted it to end at that point is because of where I wanted this next story to begin.<<<

All is forgiven. Sneakin up, eh? Soon come I hope.

Monday, February 14, 2005 10:14 AM


Ooh, a great proposal by Simon, but then even more mystery instroduced, leaving us hanging...


- Soul

Saturday, September 17, 2005 6:16 AM


OOH!!! *big shining eyes* you are too evil!!! you HAVE to stop endin' with 'hangers!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:30 PM


Omg, SHINY!!!!!! I knew something was gonna happen with the Kaylee Emma resemblance!


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