Valentine's Day
Friday, February 11, 2005

Kaylee and Simon have their first lover's spat. NC-17


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Firefly characters or am in any way connected to the show.

Characters: Kaylee, Simon

Summary: Kaylee and Simon have their first lover’s spat. NC-17

Authors Notes: I’d like to thank Oldfan45 for giving me the idea to write a fic about Kaylee and Simon’s first blow up. I’d also like to thank Ragdoll and Mar for giving me some ideas as to what the fight should be about. Also, towards the end this gets a bit smutty. I haven’t written smut before, so if it sucks, hopefully I’ll do better next time. Feedback is always appreciated. If you have anymore ideas for K/S stories you’d like me to give a try at writing let me know.

Valentine’s Day By KaySky

She knows she comes second. She knows she will always come second. Even though she knows this, she is hoping today will be different. She is hoping today will be the one day, out of the three hundred and sixty-five a year, that she will come first. She’s nervous. She has made plans for today. She has made plans for tonight. She wants everything to be perfect.

She wakes up early and makes coffee. She takes it to his room. She thinks he looks adorable while he’s sleeping. She stands there looking at him for a few minutes, enjoying the moment, until the moment comes to a screaming end.

He jumps out of bed, bumps into her, coffee spills on her hand. He doesn’t notice. He has already made it to his sister’s room. A sigh of disappointment escapes her lips. So the morning wouldn’t be perfect. She will still make the rest of the day perfect. Her eyes start to water. Not because she is saddened by the events of this morning, but because her hand is throbbing in pain. The coffee was really hot.

She walks to River’s room. He is holding his sister, comforting her. He strokes her hair as he tells her everything is going to be okay. He doesn’t notice her. She wants to walk on by, but the burning sensation in her hand won’t let her.

“Simon…” She says his name softly. She doesn’t want to interrupt, but she needs a doctor. He looks up at her and smiles weakly. His sister’s nightmares leave an after affect on him, too. “Is there somethin’ I can put on my hand to make it stop hurtin’?” She holds up her hand for him to see. He kisses his sister gently on the top of her head. She has quieted down now. He tells her he will be right back. He walks Kaylee to the infirmary.

She hops up on the table as he searches through the drawers looking for a specific cream.

“Sorry, I had to take ya away from River.” She still speaks quietly. “If it didn’t hurt so much I woulda let it be.”

“Kaylee, you really burned yourself.” He found the appropriate cream and pulled up a stool in front of her. “You need to come to me when you get hurt. Even if you don’t think much of it.” He starts spreading the cream over the burned area. She winces in pain. “Sometimes the littlest of injuries can lead to the worst of problems.”

“Okay.” Her voice is high pitched. The cream hadn’t begun soothing away her pain yet.

He finishes doctoring her hand. He looks into her eyes as he brushes one hand against her cheek. “Baobei, I don’t like seeing you hurt. I wish I could keep you safe from ever getting hurt.” He kisses her gently on the lips. Any sadness or pain she is feeling is swept away.

His kisses are always warm and inviting. They show her what his words cannot say. She feels the passion and she craves more. Since they have been sweeties, they have yet to lead off second base. Second base was nice and all, but her body aches for more. He wanted to take things slowly and at first she didn’t mind. She was indulging herself in the pleasures of the first two bases. But then, every time things seemed like they were heading towards third and possibly even home, his sister got in the way. His sister comes first. She knows this. She is fine with this.

He also craves the feeling of sliding into home. Last week he lost all track of things. He couldn’t stop touching, he couldn’t stop tasting, but he did stop. He heard River calling. He tended to his sister and later found Kaylee in her bunk. The mood was lost. He promised her that this special day, Valentine’s Day, she would be all his. Excited by the romance of it all, Kaylee squealed happily. Valentines Day would be the day her and Simon finally showed their full appreciation for one another.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Their kisses are getting more intense. He has hopped up onto the examining table and is laying on top of her. One hand nestles in her hair as the other makes its way underneath her shirt, delighted to find no bra. His hands are so soft. She moans with delight as he takes a breast in hand and massages it. Her hands are searching, too. They roam up underneath his tee-shirt. His back is so smooth. She wishes he would not have bandaged her hand so she could feel even more of his hard, toned body. Their tongues love dancing together, but the dance comes to a halt. Simon sees River standing in the doorway.

“Meimei…” He gets off of Kaylee, adjusts his clothes.

“You said you were coming right back.” Angry eyes starred at her brother.

“Meimei, I’m so sorry. I’m coming back now.” He doesn’t turn around to look at Kaylee. He leaves the room with his sister.

* * * *

She’s convinced the afternoon will go along smoothly. She’s fixed him a lunch and heads to the common area where she finds him reading his notes on the couch.

“Hungry?” She smiles, holding up the plate of food.

“Mmm…what do you have?” His stomach rumbles at the smell.

She sits down next to him. “A lovely assortment of protein.” She laughs and places a piece in his mouth.

He grins and happily chews. Somehow a conversation about Simon’s college days came about. She smiles, laughing at his tales. There relationship is still so new, so fresh. He hasn’t quite learned to think before he speaks yet.

“Sometimes I’d give anything to go back. Those were the good days.”

Strike one. His words hurt. She tires not to think about it. She’s unsuccessful. Her mother always said she spoke what was on her mind. “So you’d give me back?”

The smile on his face erased. He knew he’d done it again. “No, no baobei. I just meant those were the good days. It’s nice to remembering how happy I was.”

Strike two. “So nothing here makes you happy?” Her eyes fill with tears.

He hates how bad he is at talking. “No, no you are reading this all wrong. I was just trying to say how it was nice having a normal life. Not being a fugitive and constantly worrying about getting caught and having my sister taken away. That’s all I was trying to say.”

Strike three. “Well as long as yer only worried ‘bout losing River.” She wants to hear no more. She wipes away the tears and heads out of the room. He calls for her to come back. She doesn’t come and he doesn’t follow.

* * * *

She’s still a little hurt by his words, but tonight is Valentine’s Night. She has plans. They have plans. She finds him in his room.

“Hey Simon.”

“Hey…” He smiles back, confused. “I thought you were mad at me.”

“Nah, I could never be mad at you, Simon. Just a little hurt, was all. I’m better now.” She walks closer to him. “Seems like tonight would never get here.”

“It has been a long day. I’m glad it’s almost over.”

Those words hurt more than any of the others. “You wish today was over?”

“It’s been a bad day. River is having a bad day. You burned your hand and we got into a fight. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Anger flows through her veins. Tears pour out of her eyes. He forgot. “Simon Tam…” She wants to stop talking, but she can’t. Her feelings need to be heard. “I don’t mind takin’ a back seat to your sister. I knew that was part of ‘us’. I don’t mind you sayin’ something stupid every now and again even though it hurts. I DO mind when you forget somethin’ that meant more to me than anything else ever has.” Her cheeks are red, her voice is mean, and her eyes never looked so hurt. “I may not be all schooled and proper like you, but I can tell when things ain’t gonna work.” She turns around, heading for the door. “If you miss havin’ a normal life so much you should go look for one, ELSEWHERE!” She slams the screen door to his room shut. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” She yells as she runs down the hall.

The thought occurred to him. Today was Valentine’s Day.

* * * *

Kaylee lies in the hammock of the engine room, tears rolling down her cheeks. She hopes the soothing noise of Serenity’s engines will ease her pain.

“My fault.” River walks into the engine room and stands in front of Kaylee. “I made him forget. I purposely stopped him from getting too close, spending too much time. I didn’t want to lose my brother.” River is troubled by Kaylee’s hurt. She feels guilty.

“Don’t have ta worry ‘bout that. He ain’t mine no more. Don’t think he ever really was.” She turns to face the wall.

“Thought you’d be selfish. Thought he’d be selfish. Thought I’d be all alone.”

“Never wanted him all to myself. Just a few hours here and there.” She sniffles. “He’d never leave you. He loves you.” Kaylee turns back around to face River. She doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“He loves you, too.” She kneels in front of the hammock, wrapping her arms around Kaylee, squeezing her for a hug. “You won’t be selfish. Now I know. I want to fix it.”

“Sweetie, Simon and me got into a little squabble, ain’t none of it was your fault.”

“He ripped your heart.” Kaylee’s body absorbed her small sobs. “He can sew it up. He was the top three percent.”

Kaylee sighs. River has such an innocence about her, thinking everything can be fixed that easily. She assures River she’s not to blame and forgives her even though there is nothing to forgive. After a short while River seems comforted and leaves Kaylee alone in the engine room.

* * * *

He remembered the promise he made for Valentine’s Day. He was looking forward to Valentine’s Day. He just didn’t realize today was Valentine’s Day. He makes a mental note to pick up a calendar the next time they are planet side.

Two hours are left in the night before Valentine’s Day is officially over. He has plans to use the remaining hours to show her how much he cares. To show her how sorry he is. He tells Kaylee he needs to change the bandage on her hand. Reluctantly, she follows him. He doesn’t lead her to the infirmary. He leads her to his room. He says he needs to get his med kit. He asks her to come in with him while he finds it.

She’s in shock. His room is filled with strawberry scented candles. Sweet love songs are playing in the background. On his bed sits a little pink box with a red bow on it.

“I think we’ve established I’m a boob.” He turns to her, takes her hands in his. “I’m not so much a boob who forgets, I’m more of a boob who says stupid things and doesn’t own a calendar.” He leads her over to his bed. “Had I not been a boob and realized today was Valentine’s Day, I would have had you come to my room much sooner.” He kisses her cheek. “I’m sorry, Kaylee. Please, give me a chance to make things work?”

A few tears fill her eyes once again. Happy tears this time. He didn’t forget. He just needs a calendar. “Simon, I’m sorry ‘bout all the stuff I said.”

He places a finger over her lips, silencing her. “No, I’m sorry for neglecting you. Here I am the luckiest guy in the world because a smart, young, pretty mechanic is interested in me. And all I seem to do is spend time with my sister or when I do spend time with this girl, I say really stupid things.” He replaces his finger with his lips. He’s tentative at first, afraid his advances might be rejected.

It’s only been since this morning when his lips have last touched hers, but it feels like an eternity. She desperately kisses back. Her aggression causes him to pull back. “Are we okay?” His eyes gaze into hers, longing for her answer, hoping it’s an answer he wants to hear.

“I don’t need to be your priority. I just need to know I make you happy. I need to know I’m good enough. I can’t ever be like the girls yer use ta, but…”

“Shh, Shh.” He places his finger over her lips once again. “Kaywinnit Lee Frye, you are so much better than any girl I’ve ever known. You are sweet, honest, and real. You shine a light onto everything. Everything includes me. Being in college was generally happy, but being with you now is amazingly happy.” He’s not sure if he’s saying the right things. He continues, hoping for the best. “The happiest feeling I’ve ever felt is love. I’d give up anything if I’d be able to feel in love forever.” He moves his finger from her lips and cups her chin into his hand. He leans down and whispers into his ear. “I love you, Kaylee Frye. You’re the only one I’ve ever loved.”

He kisses her softly, she returns the kiss. She wraps her arms over his shoulders as he wraps his around her waist. His kisses move from her lips to her collar bone. Her moans drive him crazy. They make him crave her even more.

She pulls herself closer to him. She feels his erection through his pants. She blushes. She brings his lips back to hers. Their tongues intertwine as she tries wrapping her legs around him. The blood rushing to her head has caused her coordination to fail. He knows what she was trying to do. He picks her up, her legs wrap around his waist, he pins her against the wall.

He swears the hundreds of candles throughout the room must have started a fire because he was burning up. He wants to take off his shirt. He doesn’t want to pull his lips away from Kaylee.

“Simon…” She manages to say his name between their kisses. She’s half convinced she is dreaming. But her dreams didn’t usually feel this good.

He pulls his head away. He looks into her eyes. “Yes?” He licks his lips. The taste of her is still in his mouth.

“Can we…” She doesn’t know why she is blushing. She’s done this so many times before. It’s just never been with someone she’s loved. “…ah…clothes?” Her sweet smile looks up at him.

“Off?” He asks with a devilish grin. She nods her head yes. He lets her legs stand back on the ground. He slowly pulls off her shirt. His mouth presses up against hers as his fingers work at unhooking the clasp of her bra. Her fingers are busy working the zipper to his pants. In unison both obstacles are defeated.

As his pants fall to his ankles, she is busy releasing his erection from the confinements of his boxers. As she takes it into her hand, she is very pleased. She pushes Simon back so she has room to kneel down. She lowers his boxers. She kisses the head and swivels her tongue around it, teasing it. She takes long licks up and down his shaft. Eventually she takes it into her mouth. Her hand grips his lower shaft and works in harmony with her mouth. She starts moving up and down slowly, but quickly picks up the pace. His moans make her feel alive. They make her want to make him want her.

“Kay…” He can’t even get out all of her name. He’s in a world of pleasure. He pulls her off of him. Her eyes look up at him. “I’m supposed to be the one who’s…” His brain was not functioning. He struggles trying to remember what he’s wanting to say.

In the most innocent voice, she asks, “doing the pleasuring?”

He grins. She is still kneeling on the floor. He picks her up and places her on the bed. He pulls off her overalls, tosses them to the floor. He sees the wetness through her panties. He begins the kisses at her lips and makes sure he covers all areas of her body above her waist. She arches her hips. She’s begging for him to go inside. His hand finds its way south and he rubs her overtop her panties. She’s moaning uncontrollably. He thinks she’s been teased enough. He lets his hand slip underneath her panties. Two fingers slide into the heat of her while his thumb massages that special place. She’s losing control. She’s close to the edge. He stops, taking the time to slide off her panties. Mission accomplished. He slides in a third finger and thrusts quickly, his thumb rubbing circles around her nub. She cries out his name as she comes. He lowers his head in between her thighs. He tastes her. He likes it. He licks her slowly, aware of the over sensitiveness of her. He licks her faster. Up and down and he swirls his tongue around her overly sensitive core until she cries his name out once again.

He smiles. His erection is hard and aching to feel the insides of her. He slides it in. The amount of pleasure soaring through him from the initial entrance was colossal. She feels so good. As he begins to thrust, he leans down and kisses her. She takes the opportunity to roll herself on top of him. It was her turn to take him for a ride.

He wants the moment to last forever. She wants the moment to last forever. You don’t always get what you want. As she arches her hips, he thrusts deeper inside her. The forgone look on her face is a clear sign he’s reached her G-spot. He thrusts faster, harder. She comes for a third time, crying out his name. A few more thrusts and he comes inside her. She collapses on his chest. She’s exhausted. He’s exhausted.

He turns his head to the side. The small pink box with the red bow catches his eye. “I did this all wrong.”

“If that’s how you do it wrong, I’d hate to see how you do it right.” She kisses his chest.

“No, that was…wow.” He blushes. “I rehearsed this. I was supposed to give you the gift first and then…”

“Seduce me?” She giggled.

“Something tells me no matter what I think, you’ll always be the one doing the seducing.”

“So what’s in the box?” She asks. Her curiosity has been tweaked.

“Unfortunately, you’d have to get off me so I can get it.” He grins. “I’m not letting you go just yet.” He pulls her lips to his as she mutters, “Happy Valentine’s Day to me, in deed.”

The End. (Did you like it? Did you hate it? The only way I'll know is if you leave me feedback.)


Saturday, February 12, 2005 1:51 AM


I liked the way River confesses to Kaylee that she deliberately kept Simon from her out of fear of being left alone. That is so in keeping with something she would do and Kaylee being so forgiving of Simon is right on the button. Thank goodness there were still two hours left of Valentine's Day! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Saturday, February 12, 2005 8:09 AM


That was fucking awesome. Erotic lit is so much better when it's better developed and you have an emotional attachment to the characters. And the way you do it was perfect. Keep it up, you're doing great. Maybe you can make this a series. I'd like to see what happened to Wash/Zoe and Mal/Inara on that day. Multiple narratives are cool.

You did good.

Saturday, February 12, 2005 6:37 PM


^_^You welcome, happyy you liked the idea.

I liked it very much, I was feeling very sorry for Kaylee, then I felt sorry for Simon and finally for River. I liked the way you made her look all sad and sorry.

Sunday, February 13, 2005 7:11 AM


Pretty damn shexney!! (shiny and sexy)

Keep up the awsome work!

Sunday, February 13, 2005 8:06 AM


Gee >blushes, scrapes boot toe in dust< I said somethin' that made you do this good thing? Gosh >further blushing<

>>>She knows she comes second. She knows she will always come second. Even though she knows this, she is hoping today will be different.<<<

According to both my ex-wives this is the lot of Woman in love with male being of any species. I think it's a super shiny way to say it.

And ReginaRoadie has an excellent point, your erotically charged bit is far mor fun since we're already invested in this couple's ahppiness. I also like the idea of a Valentine's Day series featuring each pairing, plus the single men's thoughts on the day. ***NOTE that I do not advocate any Book/Jayne slash, the idea creeps me out.***

What would River make of all this...erm, activity? Genius she is, but emotionally she's still a child far younger than her teen years one minute, a wise old crone the next. Remember how she responded to Wash and Zoe's necking session in OiS?

Sunday, February 13, 2005 9:12 AM


All right, I've been persuaded. Once I finish my first chapter of my latest story, I will write V-day stories for the rest of the crew.
Don't worry about any Book/Jayne slash coming from me. I don't want any mental images of that. Ick!

Sunday, February 13, 2005 8:51 PM


Hmm. . . Book/Jayne slash, now that's an underrepresented market and could explain why Book never married.

But on a more serious note, this was beautiful. As my V-Day series might hint I'm not a big fan of a holiday that celebrates some poor bastard getting his head cut off by giving chocolate. That having been this almost made me a fan. It was beautifully written and very tender, even the smutty parts. Kaylee having the triple orgasim, who knew Simon had it in him. Maybe we should start referring to him as Dr. Love.

Monday, February 14, 2005 7:33 AM


Go Dr. Love!

Really good story, KaySky! I agree with the common consensus that there needs to be a story for every couple.

- Soul

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 3:14 PM


I'm the anonymous guy that posted above.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 7:26 PM


That's funny. The only person I could picture Jayne spending Valentine's Day with was his hand,

I'd also like to add to my "Ick" list. So far it's just Jayne/Book, but after reading the above comment, I have to agree and Book/River has been added to that list.

You'll find no grandpa sex writing from me!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 9:23 AM


YOW!!! words fail... can i spend next valentine's on serenity?

Friday, November 4, 2005 12:00 PM


Finally gotten around to read this! I *love*!!!


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