If Only They Knew- Pt 3
Friday, February 11, 2005

He had known


Once again i thank you for your patience and apoplogize for the huge gap between chapters. This time my writers block was coupled by a small mistake with our internet connection, which rendered our internet useless. Final installment in the series, but i will hopefully come up with an epilogue. Rated PG for strong violence Sorry it's so short.

Disclaimer- As much as I wish, I am not connected in any way to Joss Whedon or Mutant Enemy, who owns Firefly.

* * * * * * If Only They Knew

He had known. The crew of Serenity could taste the danger in the air. They were confronted by their worst nightmare- the people that hated them the most had joined together to make a very deadly team- workng together find and hurt the crew. Mal understood why Niska, Early and even YoSaffBridge hated them, but he was slightly confused as to Badgers grudge. They had only ever had a strictly business-like relationship. But Mal didn’t have time to dwell on his thoughts. There was no speech exchanged. Just action. Once the door had closed fully, Early walked forward and grabbed Kaylee by the hair, pulling her forward so that the whole crew could see the fear and pain displayed on her face. She whimpered, and Mal saw the horror in her eyes as he held a knife to her neck. “Cap’n?” “It’ll be ok li’l Kaylee” Mal tried to sound reassuring, and copped a back hander from one of the goons. “Say goodbye to everything you ever knew” Early said it to both Kaylee and to the crew Tears rolled down Kaylee’s cheeks as she looked longingly at each of the crew, eyes lingering a little longer on Simon. She knew what was going to happen “Goodbye” The word had barely left her mouth before Early ran the blade along her throat. Arterial spatter covered the floor and railings. Early placed a kiss on a dead Kaylee’s forehead, before he let her limp body fall to the ground. “Damn waste of a perfectly good body, you ask me.” “It was necessary. Now our debts are partly repaid.” Niska said “Hey, I just want to kill Malcolm, and probably the whore too. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of the smell of a dumpster?” YoSaffBridge said, glaring at a non responsive Inara. “Same here, though remember, I mostly just want the reward from the government.” Badger said, voicing for the first time his motive in this situation. “Still, I could have done some interesting things with her” At this comment Mal, who hadn’t been able to do anything except stare at his beloved mechanic, jumped in to action. Mad with rage, he lunged at Early, aiming to grab the murderer’s gun. He missed, and despite giving Early a good knock in the gut, he had done no harm to the man who had killed his dear sweet mei-mei. They struggled for a while, mostly rolling on the floor, until Mal had Early pinned down, and was trying as hard as he might to suffocate the life out of this cruel, heartless man. But Early still had his gun. His used his strangulation as almost a distraction as he grabbed his weapon. Without thinking or feeling, he shot the Captain in the chest, leaving a gaping wound in Mal’s upper body. Early rolled out from underneath the dead man’s body. Captain Malcolm Reynolds lay beside the body of mechanic Kaywinnit Lee Frye, and felt his life slowly drain out of him. All his life seemed to replay before him- quiet childhood on Shadow, followed by the harsh realities of war, and the pleasant years aboard his treasured Serenity. His chance at life had now caused his death. Just as he had always known it would. Of course he had known.


Yes, I know- I am evil. Please R+R xoxox-fredikayllow-xoxox


Friday, February 11, 2005 7:21 AM


You're gonna end it here?!?!?!?!?!?


I hope there's an epilogue to this. Great little depart from the typical fic. I gotta say, I didn't see all that coming.

- Soul

Friday, February 11, 2005 9:18 AM


Holly crap! You killed Kaylee and Mal...

Okay there has GOT TO BE an epilouge to this!

Friday, February 11, 2005 2:25 PM


Okay, so whose nightmare is this? And yes, you *are* evil but then you already knew that :~)
Ali D
"You can't take the sky from me"

Saturday, February 19, 2005 12:53 AM


Argh you crazy chickabee. You actually killed 'em. Have to say didn't expect it- but love it nonetheless.

AWW. It's so sad. Very different

Keep up the good work

"Some people juggle geese"

Saturday, February 19, 2005 1:24 AM


Okay this is the part where who evers nightmare this is wakes up. You can not kill Mal! I know IdiotChild told you to have tragedy and what not, but you can not kill Mal! How will IC marry him if you do that?!

Actually makes me glad you don't have control in the Jossverse, if that's the kind of horrid thing you'll do to the characters ;)

Seriously though Fredikayllow, good beginning. (And hey! I want royalties every time you use that name!) Like someone said, you might want to look at putting a little more action into it. Were the rest of the crew just watching as Kaylee and Mal got massacred? Coz' somehow, methinks not. No way would Zoe sit by and watch.

Keep it up,


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