Right and Wrong (Part 5)
Monday, January 24, 2005

This is another short chapter. It is mostly a flasback to Kaylee and Anya when they were fifteen. There is a twist at the end.


Disclaimer: As much as I'd love to say I know Joss, I don't. Neither do I have any connection to any of his work. =o(

Authors Notes: I feel like I rushed the last chapter. I wished I had included a bit more. (see my own comments from Part 4 if you'd like details) Anywho, this chapter is suppose to do two things. First, hopefully give reasoning behind Kaylee snapping at Simon in the last chapter and secondly, fill you with suspense. Let me know how I do on accomplishing those! Thanks!

Right and Wrong By KaySky Part Five

Kaylee laid underneath Serenity crying. She knew she was wrong for lashing out at Simon. Simon just didn’t know their history. He didn’t understand why the thought of Anya being anything other than completely honest with her was obscene. Kaylee put her wrench down and leaned against the wall letting her mind wander.

It wasn’t that Kaylee liked getting in trouble. Trouble just had a way of finding her. It was a great summer. She was fifteen and independent. Most of her time she was helping her daddy out at the shop, but once the sign turned to close Kaylee was running out the door to meet Anya. Like clockwork, they would always meet deep in the woods by the creek. It was there secret spot. Nice and quiet. No one was around for miles.

When Anya showed up that Friday afternoon she was surprised to see Kaylee had brought a boy. Boys weren’t allowed. The spot was supposed to be private. Anya was mad, but she wasn’t going to hold it against Kaylee. Boys like Billy Jackson had a way of playing with girls hearts. She remembered hearing someone once say love made people do stupid things. She’d let this stupid thing of Kaylee’s slide by. The second stupid thing… Now that was a whole different story.

At the end of August, the town always had a festival saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Cleverly named, it was called the, Summer Fall Ball. Every year since they were five Kaylee and Anya had gone together. Anya was a little hurt when Kaylee told her Billy asked her to go, but she understood. Things were different. They were teenagers now. Boys were no longer icky. They were actually kind of fun. So, Anya said they would do a double date. She asked Teddy Noggin to go with her. He was more than pleased.

Of course, teenagers will be teenagers. Billy had brought several bottles of homemade brew to the festival. None of them wanted to get caught drinking and hearing a lecture from their folks, so they snuck off.

Billy was the mastermind behind the idea of breaking into the mayor’s home and hanging out there. The Mayor’s family would be at the festival for several more hours. No one would ever know. Anya was hesitant, but Kaylee really liked Billy and didn’t want to disappoint him.

Love makes people do stupid things. About two hours had past and Kaylee was more than a little tipsy. Billy and Teddy were the drunkest people Anya had ever seen in her life. She had a few drinks. Not enough to sway her judgment.

She and Teddy were snuggling together on the couch when she heard Kaylee’s scream come from upstairs. “Fire, Fire!” She heard a loud crashing noise and Billy came running down the stairs, right out the front door. “Where’s Kaylee?” Anya yelled, but he didn’t answer. The smoke started filling the downstairs. There was still no sign of Kaylee. Teddy tried to convince Anya to get out, but she couldn’t leave Kaylee.

As Teddy went running out the front door, she went running up the staircase into the smoke. She found Kaylee lying on the floor of the Mayor’s bedroom. She wasn’t breathing. Anya didn’t feel like she was in her own body anymore. There was no thinking…just action. She pulled Kaylee out of the room and dragged her down the stairs the best she could. The flames were following quickly behind them. She could feel the heat burning her skin by the time she reached the last step. She needed to get them out fast. She took hold of Kaylee’s arms and pulled as hard as she could.

They made it outside. There was no sign of the boys. She learned CPR a few years ago from her mom. She thought she’d never need to know any of it. She was glad she remembered it. Within minutes Kaylee had a pulse. It was too late to run. A large crowd had already gathered, watching the house burn in flames.

The sheriff saw the girls. Neither of them had been in any real trouble before. Kaylee woke up while he was questioning Anya. “Kaylee, what happened in there?” He said. “I…” Tears rolled down her eyes. Her whole body was trembling. She was guilty. She started the fire. On accident of course, but she was still to blame.

Anya always thought Kaylee had something special about her. She would go places and be somebody where Anya was just going to go places. She couldn’t let Kaylee confess. After the sheriff was done with her, her daddy would never let her leave the house again…never trust her again. That couldn’t happen. Kaylee’s family meant the world to her. She’d be heart broken if they lost their faith in her. “Sheriff, it was my fault. I dragged Kaylee into the house and… I started the fire. Kaylee tried talking me out of it, but I didn’t listen." The sheriff could smell the alcohol on Anya’s breath as she spoke. Kaylee’s breath had been overcome by the smoke that had filled her lungs. Her drunken behavior was attributed to her brush between life and death. No one ever second guessed Anya’s confession.

Kaylee never felt right about letting Anya do what she did. She tried talking to her about it. She wanted to tell the truth and let the town know Anya wasn’t a troublemaker. “Kaylee, you’re my best friend. Just because some boy made you a bit moonbeamed for a few weeks doesn’t mean I became less of a friend. We’ve never lied to each other. We will never lye to each other. We can tell each other anything. We will always tell each other everything. We would do anything for each other. We will always keep each other safe. We’re friends for life.”

“We can tell each other anything. She’d have no reason to lye. No matter how bad the truth I still woulda helped her. She knows that. Simon just doesn’t know that. He’s just being concerned like he always is.” Kaylee was speaking to herself out loud. She had to talk to Simon. She felt guilty about leaving things the way she did.

She wiped the tears away and was about to scoot out from underneath the engine when she heard a thump. Her head jumped up, hitting the engine. A small stream up blood trickled down her face. She was paralyzed when she saw two muddy brown boots. They weren’t Mals’. They weren’t Jaynes’. They weren’t Simons’. They weren’t Washs’ or Books’. Not even Zoes’. Someone else was in the engine room. That someone was pulling her out from beneath the engine.

“Oh my god…” Those were the only words she managed to say before he shoved his bandanna in her mouth, silencing her.

To be continued… (Don’t ya’ll love how I end a Chapter right before you find out something good? *evil laugh*)


Tuesday, January 25, 2005 3:06 AM


Ooooh, evil cliffhanger but so very shiny! Liked the backstory with Anya, but am having real bad vibes about those Big Bad Boots... Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 6:05 AM


Hey, I thought I was supposed to be the king of cliffhangers! Nice ending! More!

- Soul

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Sunday, May 21, 2006 4:07 AM


Hello :)

Sunday, July 9, 2006 10:21 AM


Excellent story so far!! I rated you at 10 a couple of times, but it didn't seem to move your rating up at all. Sorry. This story really shouldn't be rated at a 1 though, even if it is spams fault.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 4:42 AM


Wow, the spamm kinda really sucks.

Oh goody, an angsty cliffhanger. :)


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