Right and Wrong (Part 4)
Monday, January 24, 2005

The crew shares their thoughts of Anya's story.


Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Firefly. Wish I was, but unfortunately I'm not that lucky.

Authors Notes: This is a short chapter containing the crews reactions to Anya's story. The big action packed scenes begin in Part 5. Hope you enjoy!

Right and Wrong By KaySky Part Four

“Raped?” Kaylee could barely say the word, “That guy raped you?” Simon pulled Kaylee against his chest, comforting her.

“Yeah…” Just like Kaylee does when she is nervous, scared or lying, she bit her bottom lip. “It wasn’t a big deal…a few bruises and cuts here and there. What happened next…” She struggled trying to get words to come out. “What happened next is why I am on the run.”

“What did happen next?” Zoe had no compassion for Anya. Something about her just wasn’t right…she didn’t trust her.

“After I shot him…Vincent walked in. I thought… Well, it doesn’t matter what my thoughts were. Vincent was angry, so angry. He wasn’t angry at the bastard for rapping me, but angry at me for killing his client. He said I would pay for this. When word got around that his buyer was dead, he was going to use me to pay off the debt.”

“Use you?” Tears were streaming down Kaylee’s face. Her heart was breaking at the thought of Anya having to go through something so tragic only to have her husband turn on her.

“The client’s associates would be highly upset by the events. Therefore, he was going to sell me to make up for it.”

“He wouldn’t a sold you, he loved you…”

“Lies, all lies.” Her voice was cold. “The men came for me…two of them. Vincent was there to. The things they said they would use me for…” The pillow she had been clutching ever so tightly was soaked with tears. “I couldn’t let it happen. So, I took care of it.”

“Took care of it?” Mal didn’t know what to think. On one hand she was Kaylee’s friend, but on the other hand, something didn’t feel right about her story. The tears, the facial expressions…they all seemed a bit overplayed.

“Dead…all dead. I killed them…at the time I didn’t know who those people worked for…that their boss had a reputation…now he is after me. He was at the bar the other night.”

“Who did these men work for?” Mal was concerned. If these men did work for a real somebody, the crew might be in a swarm of trouble for helping her out.

“A fellow named Niska.”

Mal was stunned. From his own personal experiences with Niska he knew if Anya’s story was the truth she was in danger. They were all in danger. She’d have a right to be so scared…so terrified. “Anya, you said Niska was at the bar the other night?”

“The day before you arrived I saw him after closing. I was wiping down the tables and there he was just staring at me through the windows. I thought that was it…I was a goner, but…but he walked away.” It wasn’t the whole truth. True, she saw someone outside the window…a dark figure….not necessarily Niska.

* * * *

The crew disbursed throughout Serenity. Each had their own thoughts and opinions about Anya.

“Sir, I don’t like her.” Zoe, Wash, and Mal were sharing their thoughts in the cockpit. “Something just isn’t right.”

“Well…I was too busy flying the ship to hear her story…”

Mal had a bad habit of ignoring Wash. “I know. It was like she was trying to…”

“To play us, sir?”

“Yeah. If everything she said is true, she has one damn good reason for wantin’ to leave and being so terrified, but…”

“Maybe she seems a bit too terrified?” Mal and Zoe had been together for so long they were always finishing each other’s sentences. “I’ll give her credit. She can put on one hell of a show. Most people probably wouldn’t even notice she was overacting.”

“We need to find out more. I ain’t about to hurt Kaylee by throwing her friend outta her unless we have proof she is lying.”

* * * *

Shepard was spotting Jayne as he worked out.

“Poor girl, she has been through a lot.”

“Shepard, that girl has been through a hell of a lot. I guarantee she ain’t all sweet and innocent.”

“Jayne, just because a woman looks a certain way…”

“It ain’t got nuttin’ to do with looks. I don’t like her. Sumtin’ just ain’t right.”

“Why would you assume that?”

“If Niska was there he woulda done somethin’. That girl woulda been dead by the time we got there.”

“It took Niska awhile before took revenge on Mal.”

“We’re in a ship. Why fly around. That girl was stationary.” Jayne did one last rep and put the barbell back on the rack. “A girl like that…Niska woulda had his fun with her. He wouldn’t wait.”

Shepard always considered himself a good judge of character. There were holes in Anya’s story, but living through such traumas of rape and murder could account for the gaps. He wasn’t ready to judge her…not yet. He needed to find out more. Until he could, she was in his prayers.

* * * *

“Three Musketeers will be back together again soon.” River had stayed in Inara’s shuttle most of the day and night. The crew thought it was best she be kept hidden under the circumstances.

“River, sweetie, what are you trying to say?”

“Soon there will be the Sole Musketeer.”

“River, sweetie, please stop these ramblings. They really upset Kaylee last time.” Inara wasn’t just worried about Kaylee. She had selfish reasons for asking River to stop. She didn’t want to think about her rambles. She didn’t want to believe anything might be or might not be true about them. She just wanted them to stop.

“Sole Musketeer loses a friend and someone who was more.” River was crying. All Inara could do was hold her tight, trying to comfort her. River didn’t see the tears falling down Inara’s cheeks, but she was sure she knew.

* * * *

“Well, she’s tucked in.” Kaylee plopped down on Simon’s bed. “Hopefully, she will be able to sleep better tonight now that she’s safe.”

Simon loved that Kaylee had such a good heart. She always thought the best of everyone. Which is why he knew, before he even said it, that she was going to get mad at him. “Kaylee, how do you know she is telling the truth?”

The bright smile on Kaylee’s face dimmed. “Simon, she’s my friend.” Her tone had a mixture of anger and hurt.

“I know, baobei.” He sat down next to her on the bed. “Sometimes, the people we love lie to us.” He tried to pull her close, but she resisted and scooted farther away.

“So you lie to me?”

He was caught off guard. He knew she was going to get mad at him for questioning Anya, but he didn’t think she was going to get mad at him in relation to him. “Not that I can think of.” As the words rolled off his tongue he knew he said something stupid.

“Not that you can think of?” Kaylee turned to look him in the eyes. Her usual twinkle was replaced with a hurtful glare. “Simon, if you asked me had I ever lied to you I woulda said ‘no’. Ain’t any other way of thinking ‘bout it. You on the other hand, apparently just can’t think of any lies you had told me off the top of your head.”

“You’re putting words into my mouth.”

“You put them there. I’m just reacting to them.” Tears began rolling down her cheeks. Her face was flushed and she felt like she was going to explode. “I think I better leave before you tell me anymore lies.”

Simon grabbed her arm as she tried to leave. “I thought after so many bad nights lately you wanted to stay here with me.” He tried to brush her tears away, but she wouldn’t let him.

“I’d appreciate it if you removed your hand.” He did as she asked. “As far as the bad night thing goes, seein’ how tonight you are the actual cause for me havin’ one, I think its best I stay in my own bunk.” Without hesitating she walked out of his room.

Her words were hurtful. He knew it was his fault. He never should have mentioned his suspicions, but he was only doing it because of her. He loved her. He didn’t want to see her get hurt, but it seems that the only one hurting her was him.

To be continued…


Monday, January 24, 2005 1:40 PM


I am loving this story but the part at the end with Kaylee turning on Simon just doesn't feel right. I can't see her doing that at all. Sticking up for Anya? Yes. Then turning on Simon? No, never. The rest though is brilliant and I loved it that Jayne had the same doubts as Mal and Zoe. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, January 24, 2005 4:00 PM


I kind of rushed this chapter. There was more I wanted to include in Mal and Zoe's conversation along with the interation between Simon and Kaylee. But I got carried away with everything in the upcoming chapters, therefore this one wasn't quite as good as the first two. However, hopefully in the upcoming chapters you will find a reason why Kaylee might put Anya first over Simon. It will be sort of a flasback thing.

I appreciate all the feedback. It really helps me focus my later chapters. =o)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 6:02 AM


Good chapter. I like how Jayne's matched those of Mal and Zoe. I would have thought that there would be a bigger reaction to Niska's involvment, but maybe that's just me. Compelling story, though. More!

- Soul

Saturday, September 17, 2005 4:47 AM


SIMON!!!! *slaps simon on forehead* IDIOT!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006 4:34 AM


“A fellow named Niska.”
~Excellent, we can never have too much of him.

She had selfish reasons for asking River to stop. She didn’t want to think about her rambles. She didn’t want to believe anything might be or might not be true about them. She just wanted them to stop.
~That's pretty bitchy on Inara's part.

Simon can be such a boob, but I don't think he was wrong in mentioning his suspicions, just in how he responded to her question.


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