Survivor: Introduction
Friday, February 24, 2012

SIntro This work will try to explore the brutal world of the Academy- get ready for insanity.


Survivor: A Brief History of the Academy

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authors note: listen I know many of you might feel that this maybe re-writes some history or such, but I refuse to believe that any government would go to the efforts shown throughout the firefly series to simply reclaim an assassin, I don't care how special that assassin is! However, perhaps they would for something else, something much more dangerous (muwhahaha obvious foreshadowing!)..... I should also warn everyone that I depict the Academy as being a pretty brutal place and it may seem a tad disturbing to some. If you have any questions or advice leave in the comment section- as I guarantee you that I will read them Disclaimer: I by all means necessary am clearly rolling in dough because of this Fan Fiction- as a matter of fact I am earning so much from it that I intend to buy the rights to Firefly off of Fox just so that I will never have to type this again. No but on a more serious note I do not own nor do I intend to reap monetary reward from the use of any characters/objects/other copyrighted stuff displayed within the Firefly series!

Everyone who attended the Academy was intelligent, some more than others, and several who were so intelligent that the possessed unique abilities. There are 3 individuals of whom I reference with the latest description, they are called readers or witches by society- they are Telepaths. These 3 Telepaths are spread over the Academy's history. The Academy was founded in 2502 in order to train talented soldiers to serve within the Alliance Military in preparation for the inevitable Civil War. In 2508; just four years after its founding, the Academy obtained its first telepathic student, an alliance soldier from Londinium named Calvin Pace, recommended for special training after he scored a 213 on his military intelligence quotient. He was not able to 'read' but possessed abnormal intuition that allowed him to rise through the ranks once he graduated from the Academy. However upon the conclusion of the Civil War in 2511 the Academy was deemed a waste of funding, and was sold to the Blue Son Corporation, a private pro-alliance company that contracted a plethora of services to the Alliance. Under the direction of the Blue Son the Academy would take on a darker but more lucrative nature, now training assassins and other classified specialists for the Alliance. Fast forward to August 2513 a talented boy age 13 was taken into the Academy. This is the story of that boy.
Survivor: Prologue
The Academy held no singular identity, it was beautifully designed on the outside but precisely built to detain its attendants, this was the nature by which the Academy existed, and in every matter was the Academy defined by this. On one hand the Academy would provide its students with proper etiquette and a unparalleled education that could challenge even the Galaxies most brilliant minds. Unprecedented technology was available to the student's at the Academy- as if the Academy itself was one technological wonder. The professors that taught at the Academy were the leading experts in the Galaxy in their area of expertise- and carried with them a prestige not seen even in even the best of Earth's former Universities. The doctors and scientist that worked at the Academy each held more honors than even the most well known surgeons of the Ariel medical center. Even the guards at the Academy were former award winning soldiers or former elite squadron members- the Academy was elite in every way. The solution to any problem- the cure to any disease- was more likely to be discovered among the ranks of those who held positions at the Academy than any other organization perhaps in the history of Man- and yet that was not their purpose. This was the other hand- the dark side to the Academy. The students who attended the Academy were trained- not taught- to dedicate their lives to the Alliance- made to sacrifice their souls for the Alliance. The Academy was not a school by any means- even in the most innocent light. Despite its purpose the Academy was still intended to be safe for its students. And by no means was it originally intended to be the Monster that it became. The Academy held two faces, two powers, the Paramilitary Intelligence Operations Representative; a general within one of the branches of the alliance military who was handpicked by the Alliance Parliament for the school, and the Director of Special Research Divisions, a Blue Son scientist who acted as the schools headmaster and lead scientist. The Paramilitary Representative had 3 orders of business while stationed at the school he was to contract students out to the government, monitor funding of the operations, and most importantly to act as a quality control (weeding out abuse and such). Alliance law even mandated that all and any personnel entitled with the security of such an organization would have to be contracted from a 3rd party company and signed to a permanent contract. As to ensure that the guards would not hold loyalty to Blue Son- or be at the whim of financial bribes that could cause them to overlook abuses. However, greed prevailed- Blue Son had influence over the selection of the Paramilitary Representative through bribes to key Parliament members, ensuring that the Representative would be someone that would be favorable to the corporation and would grant Blue Son greater flexibility in regards to holding to Alliance regulations- whereby making the Academy more profitable. Blue Son struck gold in their search for an apt candidate. They found a 3 star General; General Landry-Allen Douglas, who while a colonel in the early years of the civil war had commanded the 7th Ranger Regiment- the regiment that Prime Minister Warren Bath, had served in during the early years of the Civil War. It was rumored that Douglas had saved Prime Minister Bath during the Battle of Sturges- in which most of the 7th was wiped out. This rumor was supported by the attribution of Douglas' unprecedented rise through the ranks following the death of the Former Prime Minister- and election of Bath. Douglas had gained the reputation of commanding the loyalty of his men and being willing to do whatever it took for the betterment of the Alliance, often stepping on the hands of the innocent along the way- a factor that would have prohibited his rise to the rank of general had it not been for Prime Minister Bath. The Alliance Parliament- under the influence of the Blue Son Corporation- unanimously voted in support of Douglas for the post- and the Prime Minister wasted no time approving the Parliament vote. General Douglas accepted the promotion after Blue Son 'convinced' him that it was worthwhile. With the negligence of the Parliament and the support of General Douglas- Blue Son was able to contract a daughter company; named Oracle, for all guard personnel. In return for his cooperation Blue Son granted General Douglas majority ownership of the daughter company, whereby granting him payment on Academy contracts and funding as well as direct command over the guards. Unsurprisingly upon the contracting of this company a select group of long time (and elite) Blue Son defense contractors suddenly quit and contracted with Oracle; and then were selected for the Academy Guard personnel. The motivation behind the Blue Son Corporation's decision to work out this agreement stood in the interest of business- as by giving Douglas majority ownership of the daughter company they had ensured that it was in his best interest that the Academy bring in as much profit as possible as well as generally continue in its operations- whether there was abuse or not. This created a large power inversion within the Academy, as you must have realized a man like Douglas with such sway and connection is rare to come by, and so in the eyes of the Blue Son Corporation Douglas was more valuable than the Director of Research and therefore held more sway within the organization. The Blue Son Corporation hadn't predicted just how willing Douglas was to support cruelty in the interest of the Alliance- and so what had been a setup to simply ensure that the Academy had wiggle room quickly became one that allowed absolute abuse and cruelty. The Academy in its purpose was wicked, teaching bias to create weapons and assassins. But the organization of the institution rather ensured the escalation of its delinquency to the point of evil. It was run within the context of a power struggle and operated under the lust for money, whatever abuse could bring more profit would be favored, and we were the sheep unto the slaughter. ~ Penquin11


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Ok I spaced out the paragraphs and added some new info- I also changed the font to arial to make it easier to read. Wish me luck with my writing guys- because I aim to misbehave.

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I think this is an improvement. The flow is better, and dividing this background information into kind of a prologue allows you to more quickly move to the main plot.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 10:20 AM


Great improvement, penquin11. I really like how you brought us up to speed on how the Academy came to be as it now is and in particular how certain parties made sure Blue Sun would be at the heart of everything. Chilling stuff. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

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Much more readable with the division into paragraphs. Good work improving your writing. It doesn't surprise me that Blue Sun and the Government connived at setting up a situation that they thought would "streamline" the system for getting their way, and that once the system was set up in an imbalanced fashion, it was susceptible to abuse. Good set-up for the context of your tale.

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Added a table of contents section which I will update as the fan fiction progresses!


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