Minutes are millenniums
Friday, January 13, 2012

Ok I have had someone beta this (YES!!!!!!!!!!!) altough not from this site, i think they caught everything <3 you Mrs.Cihak. i hope you all enjoy :) feedback is ALAYS welcome :)


"River? River! mei-mei, what are you doing?" , Wash yelled as he stepped onto the bridge. River was in the pilot chair making Serenity do tricks in space."River I was only gone a minute." Wash was trying to stay calm, but it was hard considering Mal would be furious that she was even on the bridge."Minutes are millenniums" River retorted without looking away from the black. "Ya, well, your millenniums up kido, ...." Wash said as he nudged her slightly from the seat. River was persistent he could give her that, she resisted, and made Serenity do a figure 8 in space. Just then Zoe waddled onto the bridge, shooting wash a glance that simply said "Why is she flying?". Wash simply smiled and said with mock disappointment , "Should a 9 month pregnant lady really be stressing?" Zoe replied by smirking and rolling her eyes at her husband. River looked knowingly at the couple, Zoe was due any day now, and no one could wait for the newest edition to serenity. Even Mal and Jayne were all smiles lately. Simon however happy he was, had mixed feelings of having, and delivering a baby on serenity. Zoe however hormonal she was, was doing well as far as health went. Wash and Zoe wanted to be surprised, so the only ones who knew the baby gender, were Simon and River. Zoe hated that no one would let her do anything... it was like she had the pelage. As excited as she was, she really wanted this Gao yang jong duh goo yang the hell out of her! She knew she was close enough to labor, so she decided to take a stroll around the cargo bay. When she had waddled successfully down all the stairs, she saw Inara pacing. Zoe hadn't meant to sneak up her, it just happened, as Inara turned she let out a small shriek. Zoe held out he hands in a surrender, "Sorry ''Nara didn't mean to scare ya like that." "Oh its alright Zoe, I don't know how I didn't hear you coming down those stairs!" Inara immediately regretted saying it like that and covered her mouth with her hands. Zoe simply chuckled and said "Ya well your right there, I feel like Godzilla", she then made overlarge stomping motions. the women laughed momentarily. "Simon finally o.k. you to walk?"Inara asked. "Hell no, but I would feel better walking with someone, may I join you? "Of course Zoe!" Inara said as she readily grabbed Zoe's hand, Zoe didn't know what to think, but then shrugged and walked peacefully. After walking about 20 minutes, Zoe abruptly turned on her heel walked rather hurriedly to the infirmary, grabbed the com and said, " Mal, Wash, and Simon to the infirmary... NOW! " By the time the three men and gotten down to the infirmary, Zoe had already gone int labor. After 20 minutes of Simon bustling around, Mal on Zoe's right side, Wash on her left, both holding one of her hands. Simon quickly was at Zoe's side "Your doing great Zo' just a few more minutes". "sagua-bundun" Zoe screamed as another contraction hit, Wash yelped and Mal grimaced. Mal had thought he had seen the worst of Zo' at serenity valley, but boy was he wrong," Minutes are millenniums, doc!!" Zoe and Wash both screamed. 27 minutes, two crying parents, and one crying god-parent later, they had the newest addition to the crew of Serenity. Rachel Darion Washburne was born at 12:00 midnight on January 2nd, 2068. Mal realized it was the first time scince the war he had seen Zoe (or himself) cry. Mal bent over and kissed her forehead, "Ya done good girl ". "Thanks Sir", Zoe said as she looked fondly at her best friend, Mal smiled back, "The girls been on board 10 ,minutes, already got me going soft", he mumbled as he walked from the room. Wash smiled down at his baby girl, "You, my dear are going to need alot of Full House marathons!", he chuckled at his own joke. He kissed the top of her head , "Good luck bao-bai"

Gao yang jong duh goo yang = Motherless goat of all motherless goats sagua-bundun = stupid idiot bao-bai = sweetheart / little sister


Friday, January 13, 2012 3:19 PM


Sorry I just saw a few more cap. errors you will just have to forgive me -_____-

Friday, January 13, 2012 6:56 PM


Yeah, still some errors, but not as many. Writing is coming along. :)

One eensy technical thing is, when a woman goes into labor, there's not really much advance warning. Maybe what happened here is that she's been having contractions, which would alert her but which sometimes be something else, and then her water broke which is how she'd know for sure.

I liked Mal's comments, and Simon's uncertainty, and how Zoe is frustrated by everyone pampering her too much.

Friday, January 13, 2012 7:40 PM


ya i've never been in labor so i just used what I knew from movies :) thank you soooo much for supporting me you gys have all helped me want to keep writing :) <3 you all <3

Saturday, January 14, 2012 3:18 AM


Great piece of fan fic here IWTMW. Like Byte has mentioned a very good upswing! I really like the whole Zoe waddling around thing, and Inara helping her was cool!

I do believe that maybe the young Miss Tam, with her figure 8 flying might have helped advance the situation? Maybe River was a little inpatient and wanted someone younger then herself aboard Serenity :)

Keep up the writing, fun episodeā€¦.ZBP

Saturday, January 14, 2012 8:01 AM


Thanks alot I was trying to decise what that would do
(river) thats a great way to explain it thank you

Sunday, January 15, 2012 5:30 PM


"Well, your millennium's up, kiddo" -- you made me laugh with that one! Funny. And you got it right with Zoe just wanting to have her baby already. I know from experience, you hit nine months and it's time! You're ready to be done! Nice improvement in your writing. Good job. :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012 7:37 AM


Wow thanks alot! Like I said i've never been pregnate sooo I just went from movies :p LOL. I'm very happy to see that you all think I'm improving, it means alot. Thanks for alllllllllllll the love & support, <3 always IWTMW

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11:00 AM


Just be careful how much you rely on movies! :-) Because they're not going to show you that labor (especially for the first baby) lasts for hours and hours and hours -- that would be really boring to depict on screen, so they just skip it. Typical time varies greatly, but I'd go with something like 8 hours, that's pretty believable.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:41 PM


Thanks for the imput =) be sure to check out "Happy Birthday" <3 always IWTMW


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Minutes are millenniums
Ok I have had someone beta this (YES!!!!!!!!!!!) altough not from this site, i think they caught everything <3 you Mrs.Cihak. i hope you all enjoy :) feedback is ALAYS welcome :)