Damaged Goods- Chap 6
Thursday, July 21, 2011

So, the captain has made up his mind that he’s in on the deal. Like it or not his crew is going forward with their plan. It may be for different reasons, but the end result is to deliver Amanda back home, and put some coin in their pockets at the same time. If this works out well the captain may have competing avenues when he makes his plans, if it doesn’t work out so well, then who’s to say what will happen? The thing is, if Serenity’s crew is successful… Jayne will be happy with the loot, Kaylee, Simon , Shepherd Book , Inara and mainly River will be happy that Amanda got back home……and the rest will be happy for both. Let’s see how the plan ensues……


Damaged Goods- part 6; Devil is in the Details

Prologue :

So, the captain has made up his mind that he’s in on the deal. Like it or not his crew is going forward with their plan. It may be for different reasons, but the end result is to deliver Amanda back home, and put some coin in their pockets at the same time. If this works out well the captain may have competing avenues when he makes his plans, if it doesn’t work out so well, then who’s to say what will happen?

The thing is, if Serenity’s crew is successful… Jayne will be happy with the loot, Kaylee, Simon , Shepherd Book , Inara and mainly River will be happy that Amanda got back home……and the rest will be happy for both. Let’s see how the plan ensues……


Malcolm Reynolds returned to the ship’s galley after preparing himself for the upcoming caper Serenity and her crew were about to perform. He had armed himself with his trusty holster weapon, and made sure that he had plenty of ammo to reload that weapon with. Just because the robbery details weren’t of his making didn’t mean the job would go smooth. He looked over at his crew all sitting at the ship’s table.

“Ok, I need details. Just because Amanda’s father works there and can get us into close proximity to the loot doesn’t mean I’m willing to risk my skin with a plan I had nothing to do with,” he said, “explain to me what we are about to do.”

Looking at her captain, Zoe began mapping out the plan that was already in place.

“ First, we shuttle Inara in to scope out the location and send back any info that might cause snags in the plan. She has already sent a wave to the lonely moon saying that her ship is making a cruise by and needs to stop for refueling.” the first mate informed the captain.

“ She has also put her services up for bid. Since registered Companion visits are a rarity in this neck of the woods her client list has been more ‘n adequate. This is giving us access to the world without drawing any undo suspicion, she’s already accepted a client.”

Mal bit his lower lip. Impressive, he thought, although he’d never admit it to his crew.

“ Wash has already set a course that will have us setting down less than a mile from the community. Inara will take her shuttle and make her client rendezvous which happens to be in a comfortable little area on the north side canyon wall, a stones throw distance from Magistrate Blankenship‘s estate. This will get her in close to the treasure which we assume is held within the vault on his property. She can conduct surveillance and communicate any changes that need to be made to the plan if necessary.” Zoe took a sip of her drink before continuing.

“ We’re under three hours from reaching Velxar, and Amanda has already contacted he father. He will meet us at a specified location where we are to deliver the Chloroform to him so that he can proceed with for his part of the plan. He’ll use it to knock-out the entire complex before our entry. Once sedated, we go in, get the goods, drop off Amanda all huggy and kissy, and make ours exit without so much as a single bullet leaving the barrel of a gun, easy as pudding pie.” She smiled at her husband as he sat there with a wide grin on his face.

“ Well Ok,” Mal said, “could use a little work, but a good plan.” the captain wasn’t about to say that they’d done good. Not yet anyway.

In a little less than three hours Wash took Serenity in over the unpopulated west side part of the canyon. Accompanied by Kaylee and Book, Inara detached her shuttle from the little transport while in flight and headed for “ The Valley of the Kings”.

Having the registered companion assisted by the preacher and ship’s mechanic wasn’t originally in the plan, but it was something Mal insisted that he wanted in case things went wrong.

The Firefly continued on to meet up with Jacob Tate at a mine opening three quarters of a mile away.


Happy occasions come and go, but there are none that can equal the joy of having a loved one returned to you. Especially one that you’ve missed for so long, and one where you’ve come to realize how lucky you are to have gotten them back.

After an exceptionally emotional reunion with his daughter, the specialty technician couldn’t thank the crew of Serenity enough for returning her to the care of her loving family.

“ Wait until your mother sees you!” Tate told to his oldest daughter, “ I’ll bet you’ve grown six inches since the last time.”

Mal cleared his throat.

“ Sorry, I’m babbling like a moon brain,” the Velxar employee spoke to the folks of the small transport.

“ Take this shaft,” he pointed to a mining tunnel entrance behind him, “ it’s big enough for your hovercraft to maneuver through. There are some twists and turns but after a while it will lead you directly to the vault. I’ve already set the fresh air vents to saturate the entire property so that the Magistrate’s home will be totally unconscious when you begin your plan. All I need is forty minutes to apply the Chloroform to the air ducts and for you to let the chemical dissipate before you enter. Soon after you will be able to put your plan into action,” Jacob told the commander of Serenity.

“Here’s a map of the route you need to take to the vault. Follow these instructions to the letter and this day will end a very happy one for all of us.” Jacob Tate hugged his daughter in close to his core.

Amanda looked at the captain.

“ I told you there’d be treasure,” she spoke.


In a few moments the Chloroform boxes were loaded onto a small wagon hitched to tiny land rover owned by Jacob Tate. Soon father and daughter made ready to go. The crew of Serenity were somewhat chocked up over the ordeal, having grown somewhat attached to the young girl, well everyone except for Jayne and Mal.

The big mercenary could think of nothing but getting his hands on the riches and the captain just wanted the whole thing over with.

Just before the two disappeared down the mine tunnel Amanda turned and looked towards the captain.

“ By the way Mr. Reynolds, my file number, D-1621-945-722, is also the code for the vault security lock. It‘s written on the map.” She smiled as her father started the rover engine.

“ Good luck until I see you again,” she smiled and turned to face forward and the two were soon enveloped into the blackness of the tunnel. The team members of Serenity got back to the task of preparing for their mission.


Since Kaylee and Shepherd Book had gone with Inara, the plan was for the ladies to subdue her client then sneak into the Magistrate’s complex and disable the alarm system. This was something Mal had added to the plan at the last instant. He didn’t liked the idea of them being inside the vault if alarms went off. Just because the main body of the mansion would be asleep didn’t mean an army of law officers outside couldn’t respond if given a warning. Inara and Kaylee were to drug her client while the Shepherd kept the shuttle warmed up and awaited their return.

Jayne and Zoe were to accompany Mal on the hovercraft as soon as time registered and the complex was unconscious.

“ I’m going with you.” River spoke as she walked down the landing ramp watching Mal and the others prepare for the vault heist.

“ No little one.” The captain calmly told Simon’s young sister. “ Maybe next time.”

“ Captain, you’ll need me. I need to be on this run. It‘s written on the map.” She told him.

Mal stopped what he was doing and faced the young Tam. He took out the map and studied the directions. At the bottom it read “Bring the young girl, she may be able to assist you” Mal made a decision.

“ River, I said no. It is much too dangerous for you to accompany us. My job is to protect you from harm as long as you‘re aboard my ship. I can’t have you sitting in the hovercraft if bullets start flying around. Just because you were right on a few occasions don’t mean that you know how to do crime, that’s my job,” The captain stood firm in his decision. He gently took her by the shoulders and escorted her back up the ramp to Simon who’d just come from the med lab.

“ I’ll call if I need you,” he finished.

Twelve minutes later he, Jayne and Zoe were streaming down and avenue of tunnels which they had been told would lead them straight to the vaults of Magistrate Blankenship.

That part of the plan went forward without disruption.


At 0-9:30 Mal, Zoe and Jayne met up with Kaylee and Inara at the secure vault located in the lower section of the Magistrate‘s estate.

“How are things out front?” the captain asked of his ship’s mechanic.

“ A few security guards who were wide awake and alert, but weren’t much trouble for Inara to charm her way past,” the two ladies smiled at one another, “I guess stationed beyond the walls kept them from being gassed. Everyone else seems to be asleep. The alarm system has been deactivated captain.” she concluded.

Zoe, in her relaxed posture looked over at her captain.

“ So, the plans progressing smoothly.” she smiled.

Gorramit Wash, Mal thought, he’s teaching his wife to be a smart-ass!

The only thing left for them to do now was to get inside the vault and get the “GOLD”!

Jayne couldn’t get the word out of his brain. He tried dialing the combination to get inside but his fingers were too jittery.

“Here let me try.” Kaylee suggested.

She spun the dial and in a matter of a few seconds the heavy, spring hinged doors popped open enough to tell the team the security lock had been breached. They all looked at one another, big grins on their faces. They soon rushed in.

“ EMPTY!!”

The words erupted from Jayne’s mouth expressed his confusion and state to shock. It was also mirrored by every person standing within the vault..

Inside the structure there were only bare shelves and bare walls.

“WHERE”S THE GORRAM TREASURE?” Jayne’s voice echoed off the empty space.

There was a concrete dais at the back of the room. Occupied only by a smiling face babushka doll.

Double-crossed! Mal looked over at Zoe. His first mate quickly dropped her eyes to the floor.

At that very moment the pulsating sound of a high volume alarm began ringing throughout the entire complex. There was no doubt now that the authorities on the outside were aware of an intrusion.

“ Kaylee, I thought that you disarmed the alarms?”

“ I did,” the mechanic defended herself, “ maybe it’s a back-up!”

Just then the vault door swung heavily on it’s hinges, closing tightly against it’s metal frame sealing them securely inside.

Not so smooth after all, the captain was thinking.

End Part 6



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