Saw That Coming Part6- Conclued
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tying up loose ends.ZBP


Saw That Coming : Part 6-Conclusion

Tying Up Loose Ends


Malcolm Reynolds lay back in his bunk on Serenity, elbows out, and hands cradling the back of his head. It had been a good day. The plan had gone smooth, almost flawless.

Malcolm, when he had time, liked to review in his mind the experiences of each job undertaking. He liked to think about what had gone right, what had been wrong, and what could be done better.

Malcolm wasn’t the type of Captain to sit lightly on his successes. Getting complacent could get somebody killed. So far Serenity had been lucky enough to have come away from every job undertaking with all her folk still standing. Or, at least without injures that were unable to heal. There had been those times whenever that claim had been in question though.

Shepherd Book could say that it had something to do with a “Higher Power” looking after Serenity and her crew. But Malcolm Reynolds didn‘t think so. Serenity created her own destination, and her crew fought it’s own battles. Fate….had just been gentle with Serenity, and had allowed the ’ol girl’s family to see another day.

Anyway, all this aside, the captain took stock of what had gone on over the past few days.

First of all, his contacts with Badger. The Persephone crime boss had discovered, by means of associations, who the folk were behind all the treachery. The ones trying to set Mal, and his crew up for failure and prison time.

Atherton Wing! That sneaky bastard! Well, Mal hoped that this last rendezvous with one of Persephone’s high society snobs had scared him enough into not to try something like that again. The look on Atherton’s face when the captain had grabbed the grip of his pistol had told Mal that he realized that the threat was real. Also, it hadn’t been an idle threat. Mal meant to carry it out if there were any more trouble with that fellow.

Second, the weapons shipment. Once Serenity had gotten close enough to Persephone’s orbit Zoe had taken shuttle #2 and zoomed off to the big world in the guise of needing shuttle repairs. Of course after the disconnection and removal of some of your fuel cells, and replacing them with crates full of high grade weapons, a craft tends to not to functions as well. Zoe had landed on Persephone with the shipment, and Riley, being an associate of Badger’s had gotten his crew to help off-load the goods. The payment for the weapons had been split three ways, Serenity’s portion, Badger’s cut and the balance going to Riley. That part of the plan had gone extremely well.

Wash, having a bout of illness, had been left with Simon and River at a safe house on an un-named moon off of Beaumonde. Serenity was now enroot to collect it’s pilot, ship’s medic, and his sister. That part of the plan was proceeding on schedule.

The rest of his team had performed their roles without a hitch. Even Jayne hadn’t screwed things up any.

Inara had been hesitant to put Atherton Wing up on the Companions “Black List”( after the last time), but after this bout with the Persephone aristocrat, a wave had gone out that very evening.

The Captain now thought about the last event of the day.

On their way from Demeter to Persephone, after setting a course on the bridge he had broadcast a call down to the ship’s mechanic.

“ Kaylee… about meeting me in the cargo hold!”

“ Aye Captain!” Came the reply over the com.

“ And bring Bester with ya!” Mal spoke a second time into the mic.

“ @#%$^& (affirmative).”


Down in the cargo hold:

William Bester was all about the little school child. If he had been a dog, his tail woulda been between his legs.

“ What’s the Captain going to do to me?” The ex-Serenity crew member was asking Kaylee. Jayne was down there as too. Also the preacher.

“ He’s likely going to eject you out the loading hatch!” Jayne said entertaining a quick smile upon his face. Bester swallowed hard.

“ The Captain wouldn’t do that!” Kaylee said.

“ Oh no? The Captain’s a lot more vindictive than people think. Who’s to say we ain’t seen a more ruthless side of him until now?” Jayne paused, “ You don’t survive a major battle in the war wearing feathers in your cap Kaylee! The Captain’s got a mean streak in ’m that rarely comes out, but it’s there.” He chuckled.

“Only when dealing with you Jayne!” The young mechanic voiced her disapproval at the big merc’s fear tactics.

“ Oh yeah. Tell that to me when the light reflecting outside off your friend there makes him look like one of them stars out the porthole.” The big merc laughed.

There was a sound above them that made them stop and look up.

Mal was there, hands tightly gripping the catwalk rail. The expression on his face wasn’t a pleasant one, still it was hard to read. He said nothing as he slowing began to stride down the steps towards the posse awaiting him on the ship’s bay floor. Didn’t seem that he’d even made his mind up yet what to do.

“ If we’re gonna throw him out Mal……how about we string a rope on him and ferry him around outside a while?” Jayne laughed.

“ Jayne you asshole!” Kaylee exclaimed as she punch the big merc in the arm. Mal looked at his crew. Grim expression still on his face.

“ Not a bad idea.” He said without a smile.

They were all a little surprised. Even the big guy looked startled at the Captain’s words.

“ Still, I have a better one.” Serenity’s commander voiced looking right at Bester.

“ There’s a mechanics shop on world named Riley’s. Could be that they’re looking for a mechanic type apprentice. Someone to learn the trade better than he knows already. May haps we might throw him out the lock there. Riley’s a friend of mine,” Mal looked Bester straight in the eye, “How about we let him deal with ya.”

“ I’m giving you a second chance Bester. Think twice before squandering it.” With that the meeting concluded.

Mal made his way back to the bridge, Kaylee to the engine room, Book to his bunk, and Jayne wondered up the stairs to the galley. Before he made his exit he turned to look at Bester.

“ *&^%! (crap). I was hoping to have a little change in entertainment in the night‘s events. Eating popcorn and wach‘in you float around out there…..” He shrugged his shoulders. “ Guess it’s back to” Buffy” reruns.

He continued his way to the kitchen.

The End


Friday, March 25, 2011 3:49 PM


Loved it, BPZ. You always have a way with storied and this one definitely delivered. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011 3:09 AM


Howdy Angelle

Thanks so much for your comments. I really enjoy getting feedback from you and other of my browncoat friends. I have a few days off of work, so along with doing things around the house and working on my truck, I’ve been inspired to post up a little fan-fic that’s going on in my head. Glad that you liked it. The Science Channel, with it’s resurrection of Firefly season 1 has given me a desire to imagine up a few FF experiences that maybe could have happened. Joss and his crew of talented artists and crafted workforce could have entertained us for a long time had they been given the chance.

Well, be that as it may, writing FF fan-fic helps to keep the show alive for me. I hope the characters live on for a long time.

Coming up with a new fic called “ Damaged Goods” soon. I hope to get in a few chapters before going back to work.

Thank you again for your post. They always cheer me up!

See ya, ZBP


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