Saw That Coming part1
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Been a while. Not much to say....ZBP


Saw That Coming : Part 1


Hugo Frisbie- Owner/Proprietor of “ The Bar & Steel” Billy, Wild Bill- laid-off mechanic Stranger #1 Stranger #2


This beginning of the story takes place in Badger territory, the seedier side of the big city of Persephone. Badger’s hole isn’t the only place where shady, lawless deals are to be made. There are other sewer bowls that populate the nicer areas of the Alliance influenced part of the verse……but that is for the reader to find out why things are the way they are….stay tuned for updates.

Personal note: I’ve become inspired a bit by the resent announcement that Firefly will resume it’s short run epi-ventue on the Science Channel. As a firm browncoat I wait with enjoyable enthusiasm for the time it will be aired. I remain in the holding pattern which was established by Joss when he sequestered that loyal browncoats ( both present and future) stay the course and FF goody-ness would, by faith, possibly return. I’m there, and I will hold…..ZBP


Hugo Frisbie leaned with his arms across the bar looking at the number of individuals that had gathered within the “Bar & Steel” this fine mid-evening weeknight. Not much to speak of. Six patrons of the less respectable cliental…..but that much was to be expected.

Hugo was of the street gutter society himself. Born and raise in the slums of a city that only shined it’s spectacle light on folk that registered it’s ability to produce outstanding citizens of wholesome goodness, and provided them with the fantasy that their city cultivated the opportunity to acquire the perfect life.

Born of a border world, Hugo had drifted into the ranks of the freedom fighters when war had broken out. Now, having been on the losing side, and having gotten himself into some trouble post-war, he had spent some time in the penitentiary. Once released, he had decided to begin his own business.

The “ Bar & Steel” was his establishment and though he hadn’t drifted far from his roots he still could claim an attempt at a semi-profitable, semi-respectable life.

He looked down the solid wood surface of the bar at the only individual that had posted up at the bar side counter. “Wild Bill” he liked to call him……an out of work mechanic that frequented his business.

Bill brought the last sip of the watered-down brew to his lips and tilting his head back, let it’s remains filter down to his gullet. He lightly slammed the glass back on the countertop, then reaching into his pocket and pulled out another “copper” before tossing it onto the wooden counter.

“ Barkeep….another round of AWs if you please!” He spoke loudly.

“AW”s were “A Watered-Down” drink one could purchase at the price of 3- for a single copper. They contained likely 20% alcohol with the remainder being whatever else the barkeep applied to the drink. Still it was one of Hugo’s more popular beverages.

“Sure thing Billy!” Hugo said as he mopped up the countertop with a damp cloth and knelt down out of site to squeeze it’s soaked contents into an empty glass that he had sitting there. Hugo was not about to let good whiskey go to waste. His patrons spilled so much of it on his clean counter top that one day he had gotten the idea that soaking it up with a damp cloth then squeezing it into a shot glass could afford him another five drinks a day.

He brought the new glass up to the slick wooden bar and slide it over to the young man.

“Thanks.” The handsome fellow murmured as he took the glass within his hand, but for the moment did not drink. His gaze concentrated straight ahead.

After a brief bit of time Hugo noticed a couple of well dressed individuals standing in his doorway.

“ May I help you good fellows?” The barkeep of the small saloon muttered as the two men surveyed to room. They said nothing, but when their focus landed on the younger mechanic sitting at the bar their interest seemed more obliging.

They walked over to the young Billy.

“ Friction seems to be a problems I’m having with my engine parts.” The more advanced of the two spoke towards the young mechanic.

Billy turned to look at them.

“ Maybe it’s a matter of lubrication!” The young mechanic answered without pause.

Hugo knew the exchange was a code. He also knew that his establishment was often used as the starting point for illicit activities. It didn’t bother him. Hell, naming his place the “Bar & Steel” was actually a statistic version of calling it a “ Bar & Grill”. Bar & Steel was really in reference to the steel bars of a prison cell, which Hugo had experienced personably.

He’d once considered calling his business the “ Bar & Steal” but decided that, that would bring too much attention from the authorities on Persephone, in the sub-class, shadier side of town. His intent was never to run a high-class establishment. Still, he had to keep within city regulations in order to keep his alternate-substance license valid and his business legal.

The more respondent of the two individuals who’d entered the bar questioned the young mechanic sitting there.

“ So… are Billy…the fellow of interest I, of resent, been searching for? May I ask your full name?”

Billy glanced at the sign which contained a list of beverages posted on the back of Hugo’s wall behind the counter. The second beverage on the list was named the “ Wild Bill”.

“ For now you can call me “Wild Bill”. The bar room mechanic told the fellow.

Satisfied that he’d made contact with the right person the stranger looked at Bill an asked another pointed question.

“ So, you were, for a time, a member of a Firefly class ship known as Serenity?”

Bill looked at the man. Certainly a moneyed individual, as spoken by his cloths. Yet he could be anyone.

“ Yes, I worked as a team member aboard that ship” He paused momentarily, then gazed over at the individual with raised brow.

The guy looked at him.

“ There are two folk aboard that vessel that I would like to know more about. A male and female.” He said, “ And…. for the right info you may be compensated very impressively.”

Bill considered this remark, and not in a negative manner.

“……and your interest would be?” Bill asked.

“ That would be confidential.” The man stated.

Bill downed the remaining portion of his watered down drink.

“ Bar-keep, another if you will ….” He quested of Hugo.

Just then the strange tossed out a silver shilling.

“ Whatever he wants.” The man said with a stern glance at Hugo, the proprietor.

Billy considered the guy.

“ And what would be your name my inquisitive sir?”

The newcomer also looked at the liquor list on the wall behind the bar. At the top read “AW, A watered-down” …..referring to the watered-down drink.

“ Just call me AW.” He smiled at Billy, then continued, “ My interest in Serenity is but business of my own. But my knowledge of her whereabouts and a need to initiate contact falls just outside the realm of my abilities at the moment.” He viewed the young, out-of-work mechanic, then added…..

“ Which is why I’ve chosen to recruit the likes of you my dear man.”

Billy wasn’t sure about his last statement but for the right coin he would provided any info within reason that might be required of the handsome gentleman.

Billy gathered to himself the new, tall glass of Hugo’s best brew.

“ Well my good sir there are but two points of interest that keep this venture from proceeding forward.” He took a big gulp of the owner-operator’s best liquor, then sat the glass back down on the clean counter top.

“ One, my fee will be sixty square, and two, when would you want to start?”

The stranger looked at the man in which he was about to make a deal with.

“ First of all, to answer the second half of the question. As soon as reasonable. Now for an answer before proceeding, I would like to know your true full name my good fellow?”

Billy knew, that if this transaction was to move forward he would have to answer honestly the question. He coughed slightly, then blurted out.

“ William sir, William Bester. I was a mechanic on Serenity for a time and know of all her inner workings in detail.”

The stranger’s lips curled into a satisfied smile with his answer. He extended his hand in full agreement to the deal.

“ I’m looking forward to you partnership.” He said.

“ One last thing….” Billy Bester said to the man he’d just made an arrangement with. “ Should the link-up be made I want to be there too. I have a little interest in meeting up with a certain female aboard that vessel. The ship’s mechanic….. and a side interest in the ship’s captain. Personal reasons.”

The stranger looked at him.

“ We have a deal.”

End Part 1


Wednesday, March 2, 2011 9:48 AM


Bester doesn't sound like Bester but I could easily see him itching to get back at Kaylee and Mal. Ali D
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 10:34 AM


Very interesting, Sir. Glad to see you back and I am all manner of curious to see what Bester has planned.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 2:32 PM


Thank you for the warm, browncoat welcome back Angelle & Alison!

Yepper, it’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and typed out some thoughts on the old machine here. Feels good to get back to it. Hope the two of you have been doing well. We here at the ZBP house have been doing good so I haven’t much to gripe about except working a lot, but come to think of it I shouldn’t be griping about having a job at all.

Ok, back to the little fan-fic that’s going on here.

Alison, you are totally correct in your view that Bester doesn’t sound like Bester. There is a reason for that, you see Bester is on his best behavior ( or Bester behavior….lol) at the moment. Why? I’ll tell ya. See he was laid-off from his 3rd mechanics job two weeks ago and although unemployment in the verse is not uncommon…. he wasn’t let go for economic reasons. You see Bester has a lazy streak in him ( as shown in the FF episode OOG). He doesn’t believe in doing today what he can put off until tomorrow. That’s what got him canned from Serenity in the first place and what also lost him the other two jobs. Actually if he would have fixed Mal’s ship he would have never met up with, and had a raw, unprotected hump session with Kaylee so truth being, and excuse the pun, he screwed his own gorram self….lol.

His still makes a bit of coin now and then working odd jobs ( fixing hovercraft and stuff) but the work he finds doesn’t pay well.

Now, he finds he has a chance to make a fair amount of change (money) and he doesn’t have to rely on his mechanical skills to get it. A little info about Serenity may take him a long way it seems, and the added bonus of seeing the captain and chief mechanic get into some kind of trouble just adds icing to the cake. Not that he’d want any harm to befall them, but a little revenge sure would be sweet.

Just to let you know that as the story progresses the true Bester that we know and really like will become more apparent.

Thanks for the input ladies, I always enjoy your feedback!



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