Serenity Plaque - Copper, Brass, Wood
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hand cut, hammered, and torched SERENITY logo in brass and copper, mounted on a wooden base (5" diameter). Wedding present. Currently hanging in their home. (Another view: contemplating taking more commissions....



Wednesday, January 26, 2011 8:46 AM


That is SO SHINY!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:26 AM


Hell yeah is that nice!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 1:36 AM


Beautiful. If you do open up some commissions, you'll be receiving at least one from me.

Sunday, February 6, 2011 1:33 PM


Wow! Sign me up as well (assuming it doesn't cost an arm and a leg- although it is worth it).


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Take My Love... - Wall Hanging in Brass and Copper
Another wall hanging thingie. All hand done, as usual, with the same copper and brass materials I've come to like lots. This is just over 2" wide x 4" tall. Another gift to another friend. Purposely left off the last stanza of the song, as I don't believe it's applicable. (Another view:
) Just thought I'd share.

Serenity Plaque - Copper, Brass, Wood
Hand cut, hammered, and torched SERENITY logo in brass and copper, mounted on a wooden base (5" diameter). Wedding present. Currently hanging in their home. (Another view: contemplating taking more commissions....

"Burn the Land..." Pendant in Copper and Brass
Erm... since no one seemed to hate the last pendant I made, I thought I'd throw this one up on the board, too. Made this a few weeks back. As with the other one, it's made from copper and brass. All worked, cut, stamped, and aged by hand using archaic tools and fire. Mmmm, fire. Hope the photo isn't too dark... unfortunately, you can't see the colouring of the oxide on the metals (torching metals to varying degrees creates oxide layers of different colours, from bright red to black and everywhere in between). Here's a link to my flickr site for another view:

Serenity in copper and brass
I got bored this past weekend and decided to make one of these myself.... Copper and brass cut from sheet stock, then shaped and hammered by hand. The Chinese was hand cut using a jeweler's saw. Each piece was coloured and "aged" using a micro-torch before hammering everything together with small pieces of brass. The penny is there for sense of scale. Right now, it's acting as a pendant and telling me it wants to live with someone else. Just thought I'd share.

(( Link to flickr: ))

Kaylee costume
I normally try to avoid posting pictures of myself, but since others have been posting their costume pictures, I figured, what the hell. Ya know? Anyways. This is one of the Kaylee costumes from the movie. I finally broke down and bought it from the Prop Store.... I think I'm going to wear it to Dragon*Con. Actually, I think I'm going to wear it every single day. I absolutely love it.

Odd connection between Serenity and Transmetropolitan
I was reading TRANSMETROPOLITAN (W. Ellis) again for the umpteenth time, and this quote just struck me as something that could fit, philosophically, with FIREFLY. And maybe I'm just insane. (According to TRANSMET, it's a quote by H.L.Mencken from a 1919 magazine.)

Ballad of Serenity wallpaper V.2
Variation on the other "Ballad of Serenity" wallpaper. Okay, so I get bored. A lot.

Badger poster / wallpaper
I haven't seen enough of Badger, so I thought I may as well make a poster thing for him. How can you not love this guy (and his very fine hat)? Anyhow... just going with the same format as my other wallpapery bits: minimal artistic requirements. I didn't adjust this image for wallpaper, but can easily if anyone wants it.

Kaylee wallpaper / poster
Just another Kaylee wallpaper. No great artistic feat here. (Next in line to my previous Mal wallpaper.) Just always liked this picture and the way she simply, cheerfully told Book "You're gonna come with us" in 'Serenity'.

Mal wallpaper / poster
Got bored again, so I made a new wallpaper for my computer. Not all that original, but what can ya do. Unfortunately, as with most of my stuff, it might be a little dark for normal monitors. Sorry. Adjustments can always be made.... (Okay, fine, I admit it: I was inspired by all the damn fine posters being created by Tomerai, GwenHarker, and gojiro... not that I'm anywhere as talented as they are....)