Castle New Book- part 2
Monday, November 29, 2010

Part 2 “ Castle’s New Book” is up and running. Hope Richard Castle don’t go sticking in nose into places it don’t belong. Could get it cut off…..BP


Castle’s New Book

Part- 2

Richard Castle drove his vehicle down to the county courthouse in the midsize town of Beaumont, Texas. He was staying with his sister this holiday season, deciding a change of pace, and a change of atmosphere may help put an end to an extreme case of “writers block” he was now experiencing.

Saffron Banks, Richard Castle’s older sister, had warned him about causing a fuss down at the city run office buildings…….as he’d been known to do from several occasions in the past.

“I just don’t think they’re up to your meddling this time of the year.” Saffron had told her brother.

“ I love ya sis, but when have I ever stuck my nose into anything that didn’t concern me?”

Castle’s sister only responded by giving him that “You’re kidding me?” look.”

“ Ok, I promise I won’t venture into any local community investigations unless asked.” He smiled at his sister hoping to take her attention away from him.

Richard Castle had a gift when it came to writing things. And what better way to tell a story than to have most of it based on actual reality? Fact…..was always stranger than fiction. But add a little salt, and a little pepper to the mix and a fiction writer could come up with a damn good novel.

He had told his sister in the past that one day he would make a star out of her, but she had absolutely forbid him to do that. Still in all, Richard would one day see to it that his “big sis” got the recognition she deserved.

With this last thought slipping from his mind Richard Castle decided to wander down to the local hometown police department and find out what new crime there was to be had down in southeast Texas. He did this often in the small towns he visited. It was where he got many of his more interesting ideas.

Along with having to come up with a new book idea, Castle had also told a good friend of his that he would help him out……give assistance to him on an upcoming television series his friend had been tasked to create.

JW had often assisted Castle on his novel ideas, now it was his turn to turn around and help the tv producer.

Castle wondered down to the courthouse in Beaumont wearing a baseball cape to help disguise his identity. It would have worked too, he would have looked just like any other farm hand, or ranch owner arriving for jury duty except for the simple fact that the cap had Beaumont PD written across the top. An honorary gift given to him some time back by local authorities just to get him out of their hair.

Richard sat in the lounge area seemingly unnoticed and unimportant. Watching people was a fun thing to do and for one thing, if people really knew how they looked, then maybe they wouldn’t do, or wear the things that they did. It was really comical sometimes. Anyway, it let Castle know that many of the characters in his books weren’t too far off the beaten path.

Just then He noticed a office clerk wandering past him in the lobby. He immediately stood and pulled up behind her. Walking fifteen steps in the rear, the clerk had no idea that Castle was even there. He knew the girl.

Once she reached a business area with a counter she stepped behind it and proceeded to sort some papers.

“Excuse me Miss, have there been any reports of a brain stolen? I’ve seemed to have lost mine and it’s given me a severe case of writers block.” Richard started as the woman turned to face him.

“ Castle!” She smiled, then laughed out loud.

The New York novelist cautioned her not to draw too much attention to him.

“ Well, I will say that I have to agree.” She kept smiling at him.

Castle looked at her not understanding what she was implying.

“ I do believe you’ve lost your mind.” They laughed together.

They chatted over a few things and she was happy that he was in town, although she couldn’t understand why.

“Well, I need some fresh ideas. I need to get rolling on another book and I’m fresh out of interesting crime mysteries.”

“ Well, not that I’ve told you but the Beaumont PD is investigating a homicide down on the west end. Actually a double homicide, but you didn’t hear it from me.” She smile at him.

“ Thanks Becca. I promise you’ll get full credit.”

She frowned at him.

“I’m only joking.” He smiled back.


Across the street at the investigation department Castle seemed to blend right in. A new man transferred to the force? New faces came and went all the time.

“ Hey Marshal!”

Castle turned to see a big guy wearing an impressive suit looking straight at him.

“ Yeah, you with the cap. Join the team. Accompany officer Sheppard here out to the west end crime scene. Don’t put your hands on anything. You’re there for crowd control……only!”

Castle saluted the man then joined his companion heading out to the patrol car and out to the west end of Beaumont.

“ New in the area?” Sheppard looked at the other man.

“ Yeah, been hear only a few day.” Castle informed him.

“ Sheppard, “ The officer held out his hand, “ Sheppard Daily.”

Castle shook the fellows extended hand.

“ Richard……..Richards, Devin Richards.” Castle was quick witted.

“ So, where you been before?”

“ New York.”

“Wow!” The man looked over at Castle then back to his driving. “ Big city like that, why’d you leave?”

“ A bit stressful…..” Richard paused, “ and a girl.”

“ I hear ya.”

Castle’s ability to make friends in less than fifteen minutes was notable. They reached the crime scene in twenty.

Castle got out and looked around. Not much going on. There were people around but not too many. Not much crowd control needed. Heck the yellow investigation tape seemed to be keeping most everybody at bay.

Castle broke away from Sheppard. Not that the fellow officer noticed much. For ten minutes her walked around kicking the gravel in the parking lot. He noticed the covered bodies near a dark sedan behind the shopping mall. Richard wondered over to another police officer.

“ So, what’s going on?” He question.

“ Ain’t it obvious…..a couple of stiffs.”

“ Yeah, I get that but who and why?”

“ Don’t know. If you’re looking for answers might want to talk to Captain Max over there.” The guy pointed to two individuals standing near the car. A man and a woman, both dressed in black.

“ Yeah, think I’ll do that.” Castle said.

“ Now don’t be getting too nosy. Captain Max Reynolds don’t like disruptive union snots.”

Castle looked at the man.

“ I’ll be sure to blow my nose before getting too close.” He said.

Richard Castle, the novel writer wandered to the car where the bodies lay.

He made sure not to stick out like a sore thumb. He moved in as close as he dared to the conversation going on between the man and the lady. He needed a good line to introduce himself into the conversation. He got about two feet away from the folks talking in low tones.

“ Captain Reynolds….”

The two turned to look at him.

“ Just wondering sir…..the body picker…body picker uppers on they way?” Castle felt like a dumb ass but the words that would have worked better had completely slipped his mind. The man looked at him.

“ Yes officer, the coroners are on their way….”He paused momentarily, then continued,“……and besides, I’m not Captain Reynolds, She is.” He pointed to the rather attractive brunette standing beside him.

“ Captain Maxine Reynolds. Lead investigator.” The man informed him.

End Part 2


Tuesday, November 30, 2010 4:34 AM


nicely done, sir... I love Capt Reynolds. The fact shes a woman is awesome. :) Keep going. :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 1:22 PM


Howdy Angelle

Thanks for coming by and posting up! I haven’t been around much lately. Got some catching up to do on your and Alison’s fan-fic. My employer is keeping me out at work a little more than usual. Think they’re getting ready for a production slow-down at the end of the year. Anyway, had this Castle fiction about halfway written with the rest still stuck in my head when I began spending more time at work. It feels good to finally get it out……ha….ha!

So, I have a couple of days off and I will be catching up on all the stuff, new, and slightly new here on

Glad that you like the story so far. I haven’t thought about Miss Maxine Reynolds very much,.…why? Because she scares me… Kind of a cross between Saffron and Zoe, with some Inara sprinkled in. That there is a woman of intimidation……..;)



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