Castle's New Book - Part1
Saturday, November 20, 2010

Howdy browncoats. I haven’t been able to get to my favorite site;, for a while but I still get the occasional story arc idea form inside the ’ol brain noggin. The following is a current idea I’m working on that links my favorite tv show with another one that is currently running. Now, ……..A question to the Firefly fanship…..Do you think Nathan, Adam, Summer, Alan and Morena could use their ever increasing celebrity to nudge a network into creating a Firefly miniseries? I mean, I only mentioned five actors out of the nine who played in FF because they are the ones that seem to be in the public eye at the moment. I think it would be an excellent idea for Nathan to suggest to ABC, or NBC…..with the help of Whedon to try a Firefly mini-series. What do you think? BP, out.


Castle’s New Book

Part 1- Castle Mania

Richard Castle was on holiday. It was the first week of December and the famous mystery/crime novelist had taken a month’s vacation to get away from the noise, hustle and bustle and rigorous life of the Big Apple.

Also, getting away from his crime solving side-kick Beckett (his thoughts), couldn’t hurt. Beckett, the provocative, New York crime detective was certainly pleasant on the eyes, and was a certain distraction to Castle as he set himself to the task of writing a new series of novels. It also didn’t help much that he was currently facing an extreme case of writers block. He felt a change of scenery may solve his array of problems. Of course spending a few days in the peaceful location of his sister’s ranch down in southeast Texas could help him relax, and wouldn‘t hurt anything. It gave him a sense of serenity!

Not only had Castle been taxed with beginning a new book series, but he had also been requested by a friend to help with the creation of a set of several new characters for a new television series. His friend, JW had asked if he felt up to developing a few new characters for a tv show beginning in 2002 for the current tv network he was working for.

JW hadn’t come up with the name of the tv show as of yet but from his description it would have something to do with cowboys in Space, an almost truly novel idea.

Richard had tried to beg off of the project, “ I really know nothing about science fiction except for the few books I’ve read and things I’ve research for the books I’ve written!” He’d explained to JW.

“ Come on man! What’s the difference in writing crime on earth than writing crime in space? You see, my idea is to have a group of maybe ten to twelve people on a spaceship, think I’ll call it “Tranquility”, who go around almost like a merry band of Robin Hoods, stealing from the rich, only they won’t be giving the loot back to the poor, if you get my drift. They’ll be keeping the spoils for themselves.” JW paused a second.

“ You know RC, I always respect you opinions, and you certainly have been quite a help as a consultant on my “Vampire” series. Now I’m askin for a few ideas on this next coming project of mine. While down on your stay in Texas, maybe kick around a few thoughts. See what you come up with.” JW ended his request.

So, Richard Castle would do it. To help a friend he would try to come up with some ideas on a space western his friend had been tasked to create.


Richard Castle awoke the morning of the 15, December, in a bed, in a room at his sister’s home in Fannett, Texas. The light mid-morning air felt crisp and clean. The chirping of the birds and the chatter of kids playing in the yard outside helped subdue the crunch of his fast-paced lifestyle of New York City.

The smell of fresh, cooked bacon, and warm buttermilk pancakes reached his sensitive nostrils. He lay there a moment then tossed the warm quilt from his body as he stood up to dress for his venture downstairs.

“ Rich! Breakfast is served!” He heard his sister call.

“ Be there in a moment Saff!” He called down to his older sister.

Saffron Banks was Richard Castle’s older sister. Named for the favorite piece of Jewelry their mother had owned at the time of her birth, and his sister was a carrot-top just as their own mother Martha, and his daughter, Alexis.

Saffron Bank owned a ranch near the town of Beaumont, Texas and her brother loved and respected her immensely. He enjoyed visiting his sister down in Texas, though those visits were far and between.

After dawning a heavy brown jacket and a pair of rugged pants and boots, since he was in Texas he felt as if he should dress the part, he went down to join his sibling for morning chow.

Saffron Banks was lovely as a triumphant white rose. She placed the morning grub in front of her brother and asked him what his plans were for the day?

“ Well sis, hadn’t really thought that far. You know Alexis is staying with her mom over the holidays and our mother has flown out to the west coast to be in that “ Serenity” commercial, so….” He paused, “ Guess that leaves my plans open for invitation!” Castle smiled at his sister before devouring his first portion of pancakes while picking up the local news paper.

“ Well, I was just askin.” She said, “ Simon is going with friends down to the River,…….. and Kay Lynn is having friends over this afternoon for a little stay-over. Just for your info. I think I’ll shuttle down to Parkdale Mall this afternoon and pick up a few Christmas presents.” His sister looked at him.

“ You know this will be the first time in six years that I will be able to present your x-mas present to you personally, without having to send it through the mail. “ She told him.

“ Well sis, we do live miles apart, and separate lives.” Richard said, “ Now, what’s on the local news agenda as far as the big city of Beaumont Tx, is concerned…” He said as he viewed the local newspaper, the Beaumont Enterprise. The top story read….

“ Local authorities investigate Badgering of Prostitution Ring in Jefferson county.”

“ This looks interesting Richard told his sister!”

“ Yeah, that story’s been going on for weeks. Seems a band of women have placed themselves on call and will drive straight to your house for an evening of ultimate pleasure.…..” She paused, “ If the money is to their liking.” She concluded.

“ I see, “ Castle stated, “ Companions on Call” He mused.

“ Guess you could call it that.” His sister laughed.

“ Think I’ll wonder down to the local courthouse and see if they require experienced assistance.” Richard Castle told his sister.

“ Now Rich…..” His sibling started, “ Just because you’re a big time writer in New York, and ABD television network is looking to develop a tv show based on your writing skills doesn’t mean you can go off and use your big sister’s hometown as a springboard for your latest novel endeavors!” Saffron Laughed at her brother.

“ But just in case if you do,” Castle’s sister paused, “ should your book get published there’s a friend of mine I want you to use as the novel’s cover artist. An artist named Julie Bell!” His older sister concluded.

Castle looked at her, “ Deal.” He said.

“Now I think I’ll head down to the courthouse and find out what happens in small country towns such as Beaumont Texas.” He said with a laugh.

“ Oh you!” His sister stated as she hit him in the arm.

End Part 1



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