Battle Scars - Chapter 1
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Howdy browncoats! For some reason I just can’t keep away from writing fan-fic when I get a chance. It’s just a phase….I’m sure I will move on to something else later. In the mean time I’ve started a new verse fic-esode……The title “Battle Scars”………Chapter 1 is down below. Just a light hearted little fun thing that I wrote up in a couple hours between chores around the house. Hope it is received well…… Had to do a little thinking on this to remember certain events from different FF episodes…..I do have an ending in mind. Something I don’t think has been used before….but the middle part will be the challenge and the most fun for me because I haven’t even thought of it yet. Still, here’s the beginning…..BP


Battle Scars

Chapter 1: Show me yours & I’ll show you mine

The Setup

The crew of Serenity usually find themselves at the beginning of a crisis, or at the end, or smack dab in the middle…..and most times it is usually life threatening. This, at least for now, is not one of those times.

“Battle Scars” begins at a time when Malcolm Reynolds and his crew find themselves with nothing to do. Nothing to do but ferry a cargo of stolen goods by another one of Badger’s contract heavy hitters to it‘s final destination. He (Badger) has several contractors at his disposal and the crew of Serenity just happens to be one of them.

This cargo, being sought by the Alliance, and also other pirates (of the deadly persuasion) has become too hot for the ones who have actually preformed the robbery. Mal was contacted and persuaded, with payment, to see that it gets to where it‘s supposed to go.

Now……. just because there is no crisis at the moment, doesn’t mean that one won’t develop later on, or, that this little trip is not an adventure. Every breath in the Joss verse is an adventure, why? Because it could always be your last! Read on to start a new adventure……


Battle Scars: Chapter 1- show me yours and I’ll show you mine

Mal Reynolds and his crew were all up in the galley save for Simon and River who were in their bunks. It was 20:00 hours ( 8pm) and still a little early for those of Serenity to be headed to bed. At least those who didn’t have the night watch.

We enter the galley during the middle of the current conversation,


“No..No..No Jayne, that doesn’t count as a battle scar!” Mal Reynolds was telling the big mercenary.

“ Sure as gorram does!” Jayne defended his argument.

“ No! It’s got to be something that has been delivered by an opposing force!” Mal defined the rules for the little battle scar competition that they was conducting currently in the ships galley.

“ Well, it sure as hell qualifies…..” Jayne protested.

“ How?” Mal queried.

“ Well, cuz…..I oppose River being here. So this seven inch scar across my chest qualifies as a battle scar!” Jayne finished.

“ Jayne, quiet! They’ll hear you.” Kaylee protested Jayne’s statement aimed at Simon and his little sister. Even if they weren’t around to hear them.

“ So, as if I care!”

“ That only makes two!” Wash voiced, as he was next in line. “ The one from River and the one on your leg from the train job back in Paradiso!”

“Well it’s only round two ( stupid ass) so I’m just following the rules!” Jayne stated, his comment directed at the pilot.

“ Ok, guess it’s my turn again!” wash announced. “Here!” The pilot of serenity rested his arm on the galley table inviting anyone around to witness his next example of heroism.

“ Right there!” He pointed to a mark on his forearm about 2 inches long, “ Proof again of my bravery in the face of unimaginable terror!” Wash winked at his wife.

“ That’s just another scar you got while you and Mal where strapped to the rack by that murderous whacko Niska!” Jayne applied.

“ So! Still qualifies as a battle scar!” Wash said, “ Honey, your turn.” Wash looked at Zoe.

“ I’m afraid that one hole in my left ankle is all the heroic fame I can produce!” Zoe lied.

“ Come on now sweetheart!” Wash said. “You have more scars below your left knee cap than Jayne has covering his whole body! Remember, I‘ve seen you nakid!”

Zoe shot her husband a glance that told him he’d already spoken more than he should have. Wash recognized his mistake and went on the mend for damage control.

“ Not that they show up so well! You know sweetie you do have the smoothest, sexiest legs this side of Paquin!”

Kaylee pointed a finger to her mouth in reference that she was about to puck at Wash’s sudden proof of spousal spinelessness.

“ Ok, “ Mal said. “ Shepherd, it’s your turn.”

The preacher looked around, “ Well, I’ve already presented the inch long scar that was delivered upon my skull, compliments of our friendly secret agent Lawrence Dobson, so now I guess I need to bring out the heavy guns.” Book looked over at Mal. “ The hole in the shoulder received during our cattle rustling adventure on Jiangyin.” The preacher stopped and looked around.

“Of course everyone knows what that looks like so I won’t remove my shirt to reveal the evidence.” he finished.

“ Nope, we believe you there preacher!” Mal injected trying to shy away from the fact that Book nearly became a Serenity casualty in that transaction.

“ We remember it well.” Mal continued.

“ Well, thank you Mal.” The Shepherd said, and seeing the discomfort that it had caused the captain Book could not resist applying gas to the fire.

“ Seems evidence of most of my heroic deeds have their roots here…. as a passenger onboard this vessel!” Book proposed to embarrass Mal, but only a little friendly ridicule.

“ …..and I’m sure you’ve been enriched by those experiences….” Mal claimed, as he smiled at the preacher.

“ Yes,” Book confirmed, “…..but on the lower scale of enrichment.” The preacher smiled back.

The rest of the crew of Serenity wondered what the Shepherd meant by that. They were used to hearing riddles from the preacher….so it wasn’t news to them.

“Ok, guess it’s my turn again.” Kaylee spoke up. “ Well, I’ve already revealed the one” , She paused, “ Again….. complements of Mr. Dobson ( the one in her hip, left side)…. So now I guess it’s time to show this one.” With that the Firefly mechanic turned around and pulled up her shirt.

There was a slight scar on her lower back near her waistline. Definitely a pattern of small, but discernable marks.

“ I don’t recall when that happened?” Mal said, “ Was it when we had Simon’s birthday fire?”

“ No!” Kaylee informed them, “ That’s from my tussle with Lara Jenkins back in elementary school….when she thought I stole her boyfriend!”

“ That don’t qualify!” Jayne said.

“ Yes it does…” Mal told the big man. Jayne was a bit agitated but he accepted Mal’s rule.

“ In that case how about I add a twin on the opposite side.” He grinned.

Kaylee just dropped her shirt and again made the motion that she were about to puck.

“ Ok Mal…..we’re back to you.” Book said.

“ Well, I’ve already shown the one from Crow, “ He paused, “ Now this one here I got when rescuing Tracy for the second time during Du-Khang.” Mal hoisted his left pants leg and showed where a grenade fragment had pierced his left shin during the battle.

“ Well we might as well all give up.” Jayne said. “ Ain’t no one here gonna be able to compete with Mal on battle scars.”

“ This is not a competition Jayne…..” Wash said looking at the big merc. “ This is about evidence of past heroics. Besides Mal won’t probably be able to hear half of it….doesn’t anyone remember that the left ear was removed by a completely repulsive brut named Niska?”

They all looked at the Serenity pilot. Wash continued, “…..and that Simon reattached it upside down?”

There were many a smile creased upon a face at that time. Wash’s wife punched in the arm.

“ Ouch!!” The Serenity pilot exclaimed, “ Can I claim that as a battle scar?”

End Part 1


Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:22 AM


Last line....definitely the best, but i loved the beginning of this. "Scars show us where we have been, but they do not dictate where we are going." A great line i heard once. Anyway...this is very cute. Loved your Jayne voice here as well as Wash. Nicely done. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:54 AM


Angelle…thanks so much for you comments…… very happy that you like the first chap of “Battle Scars” so far.

Jayne’s voice and Wash’s voice……yes, I have never seen it put that way, but I think you hit on the very thing I concentrate on when writing fan-fiction……and that is- “How would a crew member of Serenity say this?”

“Scars show where we have been, but do not dictate where we are going!” So very true!

There may be some added scars come the end of this fan-fic. How deep they penetrate is yet to be determined……

Again thanks for your post, now it’s on to “Bouncing Ball 5”. You and Jane0904’s latest story arc…..

See ya..BPZ

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12:22 PM


This proves a suspicion I have had for some time, our fearsome and valiant crew are really a gang of kids who never grew up. But gorramit, they are cute! Shiny, Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 1:28 PM


Hiya Alison, ain’t we all kids at heart?…

Maybe I’m just a dreamer that one day there will be family and family like groups in space that become so bore they will actually resort to showing off old, headed over marks in the skin to provide entertainment for one moment of time in the blankness of space.

Actually part of the idea for this one particular segment came from the movie “Jaws” where Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss are comparing scars that they’ve acquired over a lifetime of mishaps.

A lifetime out on the open seas imo made mimic what space travelers may somewhat experience out in the void of the black. Loneliness and boredom.

Anything to keep one’s self from becoming insane RIGHT? Mayhaps I would even resort to juggling geese and playing with plastic dinosaurs….in-between bouts of killing ppl……lol.

Thanks for your post….ZBP

Thursday, October 14, 2010 4:54 AM


This is fun. I suspect Zoe not wanting to share hers when she probably has almost as many as Mal is going to become important...

And I say "almost" because we all know Mal is quite a bit more reckless than Zoe is.

You used this phrase, "and again made the motion that she were about to puck." I'm not sure what it means?

Thursday, October 14, 2010 2:14 PM


Bytemite I’m glad that you are seeing the humor in which this first segment was presented to be.

Yes, Zoe likely has an equal number of old war wounds as Mal, and of course there are likely things, at this time in the verse, that can be used to reduce their appearance. The emotional scars of war though, run a little deeper and are harder to hide…..Mal and Zoe will never be able to cover those up.

As far as the questionable word “puck” goes…..that is a regrettable mistake on my part. It should have read “puke” ….. so that Kaylee’s finger pointed to the mouth represented that she were going to gag at Wash’s remarks. My bad….

My fan-fic, although fun for me, is often posted with many spelling and grammar faults. I tend to get in a hurry and have several things going on at the same time so that I often make the same mistakes over and again in one story alone. Thanks for catching that and thanks for the feedback. I hope to get better. In the meantime Chapter 2 is up and I hope I did a better job with that one.

Thanks again, see ya….BPZ


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