Spin- chap3
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good morning again brother and sister browncoats. I had just finished up chapter 3 of the story arc “Spin” last night when I noticed a bit of a paradox will be creeping it’s way into the storyline. Actually it will be more in the next chapter (4)……then again, although this is fan-fiction and sci/fi fan-fiction to boot…..can there really be any paradoxes? Thanks to Angelle and Amdobell for inspiring me to get this up quicker than I would have…….also I think there’ll be a little surprise in chap 4 that I do believe I’ve never done in one of my fics before. Hope folk enjoy session 3.….see ya, BP



Chapter 3

Cast of Players & Places: Iron Eagle or Eagle Eye- Ira Eggers GAT WWDC15-Warden Wartouski Detainment Center 15. Mal Reynolds Jayne Cobb River Tam Simon Tam Zoë Washburn Wash- Washburn Kaylee Shepherd Book Inara


River Tam sat to the side in a chair staring at her gold watch up in the ship’s galley while the rest of Serenity’s crew either sat or stood around the table discussing their findings of WWDC15 during the cortex search.

“ Well Mal, it is there, “ Wash was saying, “ A lonely moon just this side of Beylix. About 40 kilometers around……”

“ 51.8 to be exact.” River noted, eyes not leaving her golden prize. They had all paused to look in the direction of the young Tam before Wash returned to his findings.

“ As I was saying, 51.8 kilometers in circumference. Lifeless seeming to be on the surface, yet not a clue as to what lay underneath.”

“ See Mal! Why waste the energy consumption and battery charge on something we don’t even know is truly there.” Jayne spat his opinion of the risky operation even before it had really begun.

“Well Jayne, you are but one vote that would decide if we chose to do this job or not. But like I’ve said before, my ship is not the running town hall, and this ain’t a democracy. Now I value the judgments of my crew, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Book …..and” Jayne waited for his name, “the doc….. And yours of course too…….but you might just study that list to find out where your opinion lies in the pecking order.” Mal looked over at the big mercenary.

“ I’ll be in my bunk.” The mountain of a man lumbered off to pout to himself. He was very agitated that Mal had posted the expression of his viewpoint just above River’s. The remainder of the crew looked at the captain.

“ He’ll get over it. “ Mal said as he stood next to the table, leaning heavy on his knuckles on the top.

“ Now what we need is more information………detailed information, on what we’d be up against and what would be the payoff.” The captain continued, “ Shepherd could you accompany Wash to the bridge and assist him with that magic you’re known for, for acquiring restricted information.”

“ Why captain…….I’m sure I haven’t a God’s idea of what you’re talking about, but I will try and do my best.” The Shepherd gave Mal‘s request a thinly veiled smile.

“Kaylee, how about take a look at the “mule”. Make sure she’s fit for a fast getaway.”

“Yes capt…” The mechanic said.

Mal then turned to his second mate, “Zoe, you and I will do a weapons check. I’m sure once Jayne hears the rattling of weapons he won’t be able to resist the temptation of not being involved.”

“ What about River and I? “ Simon sounded brokenhearted from seeming to be left out.

“ Simon! Get ready the med lab. You know Jayne can’t go through a heist without getting shot in the leg!”

The doc smiled and headed towards the med unit. Mal then looked at Zoë.

“ I’ll meet you down in weapons storage in about ten. I want to talk to River a little more about what we may be getting into.” He said.

“ Sir.” Zoe spoke then departed.

The captain of Serenity then turned his attention to his young stowaway. River looked up without a word being spoken.

“ Yes he’s there captain,” She said looking into his eyes, “ But he won’t be around long if you don’t act quickly.”


Mal Reynolds lay down in his bunk after a long period of preparation. After talking to River and meeting Zoë down near the weapons locker, Jayne had joined them and they’d leaned from Shepherd and Wash more details about WWDC15. It had been decided that after some rest, the crew of Serenity would meet up in the galley and discuss the steps of their next intentions…….and those were, the robbery of a well fortified, well guarded, government facility. A job that would be highly unexpected by the authorities, therefore the surprise element alone added points to it’s success.

Of course there was another, personal reason Mal wanted to do the job……the captain soon drifted off to a deep, sound sleep……..


He was awaken by the sounds of war and the smell of heavy smoke filling the air.

First Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds had assumed command of the patrol ordered to take Mount Xian Xue, just east of China Valley. His troops, numbering 88, were a band of mix outfits clumped together to form a solid fighting unit. The thing Sergeant Reynolds could say about this late command of browncoats were they were a tuff and rugged bunch of SOBs.

They had to be, or they would have lasted this long in the hell known as Serenity Valley. Mal called together his lower ranking non-coms.

“ Ok soldiers, we’ve been ordered to take Mount Xian Xue ( Mount Blood).” There were a few grunts and grumbles coming from his detail. He looked around and they stopped in a split.

“ I don’t like it either, but when you’re up to your nose in fen fei, it’s better to keep you ruttin mouth shut. Now! Here’s the plan. The peak of that Mount is the highest point in this valley, so makes sense that it would be where their communication operations are being controlled. Our duty is to take the Mount and capture or destroy the radio equipment. Everyone clear with that!!?”

“Yes Sergeant!”

“ Good! Sergeant Eggers!”

“Yes Sergeant!”

“ The task will be preformed with 30 troops! 15 to ascend Mount Xian Xue, your command, while the other 15 assist me in capturing FOX Hill to the left. That’s were the heaviest gun emplacements are. Those will have to be cleared before you can mount an attack on the radio position!”

“ Agreed Sergeant!” Eggers said.

“ The remainder of the company will stay in the ravine in case we don’t make it!”

“ Sgt, I bust broncos for a living, no pansy ass, purple wearing, clown boy is going to keep me off that hill!” Sergeant Eggers smiled at commander Reynolds.

If he had a hundred like Eggers and Zoë, Mal was thinking, this valley would be his already! He smiled back at the sergeant.

“ Good! Once you’ve taken the station raise the colors….that way no air strike will be called onto your position, understood?

Eggers expressed that he did. Mal looked back at the warrior woman who lay right next to him.

“ Zoe! You and the bazooka squad with me!” He looked back to the Sergeant, noticing the two feathers sticking out from under the band of his helmet.

“ Sergeant Eggers, get your troops ready to attack!”

End Part 3


Tuesday, October 5, 2010 8:47 AM


Oh..I forget to tell you...I liked the way you use spins...instead of years...very nice...anyway chapter three...

I always love good flashbacks, which I am so happy you brought in here. War scene is very believeable and I do believe I smell the gun powder from here...

more pretty pretty please....


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