Spin Chapter 1
Monday, October 4, 2010

Starting a new story arc……SPIN, and just as the title implies I hope to be doing a bit of it in the storyline. Hope you enjoy the first session…….BP



Chapter 1

Cast of Players & Places: Iron Eagle or Eagle Eye- Ira Eggers WWDC15- Warden Wartowski Detainment Center 15. Mal Reynolds Jayne Cobb River Tam Simon Tam Zoë Washburn Wash- Washburn Kaylee Shepherd Book Inara


“Gat! Hey Gat you awake?” The guy across the corridor stood at his cell bars trying to get subject #612-8357 to talk to him. Ira Eggers knew the man across the way laying in his bunk wasn’t sleeping, only ignoring him.

“ Come on Gat I know you’re awake! Want to play a game of “spotter” before morning breakfast gets here? There was no answer from the other cell. Subject # 693-2154, Iron Eagle, or Eagle Eye as he was known, had been in this lock-down section of WW-DC15 level E6 for six months now. There weren’t any real names used down here, only nicknames, abbreviations, or names pinned on you by other inmates or guards.

Iron Eagle was the name given to Ira Eggers because of the claims he’d made of his past his lineage linking him to peoples that used to be native Americans back on the home world of “Earth That Was”. In the history books they’d been known as “Indians”, a proud ancestry, brave, and skilled in the art of war and legend to be known as great fighters against overwhelming odds.

This had been true of Iron Eagle. He had enlisted in the Independent army after the outbreak of war and had joined the rush of his fellow browncoats as many of the rim worlds and border planets united in the common cause for their freedoms. He had hailed from his adopted planet “Shadow”, where he had once worked as a ranch hand and was treated more as a family member than an employee.

Iron Eagle was a veteran of the battle of Serenity Valley and had been among the browncoat faction that had raised the Independent colors over the hilltop of Mount Xian Xue. He was also one of the few survivors of that battle and that flag raising.

Iron Eagle had always kept two feathers with him. Feathers known to be from a great bird, a bird that had once soared in large numbers across the blue skies of Shadow. Now he looked down to the single feather which he spun by the quill with his fingertips. The other he’d given to someone he’d considered a friend, a brother really, because just as he’d read in the history volume “War Chronicles” - “ For he who spills his blood with me on this day, for our common cause, will not only be know to me as friend, but also my brother!” This man, to him was his brother. Unknown to Iron Eagle to be alive or dead, the inmate hoped to one day find out.

Spin- Chapter 1


Malcolm Reynolds looked at his crew of rusty renegades.

“ Alright! Its been over a month now and we ain’t had a job! Seems to me there’s enough brains on this boat that we should be able to figure out something we can do to keep us flying for the next few weeks?”

He looked around at every face in the ship’s galley. Wash was looking at the floor, Zoe looked at the wall, Shepherd Book looked at his bible, Jayne looked at his knife, Simon looked at his bowl of tasty protein, Kaylee looked at Simon, and River, sitting in the corner looked at the gold watch her brother had given her. Inara was in her shuttle.

Still, no one had an answer for the captain.

Mal stood there, hands on his hips.

“ Pitiful.” He exhaled in a fit of disappointment. Not at his crew, but mostly at himself.

“ We could always check with Badger, find out if Patients could use more food supplements back on Whitefall!” Wash spoke up. He looked up at Mal and everyone looked over at the Serenity pilot, but no one said a word. Wash looked back down to the floor.

“ It was just an idea……told you I wasn’t very good at making plans.”

“ Hard to keep sumpin in you gut with a belly full of holes…..” Jayne applied ridicule to the statement of the ship’s pilot.

“ No ones tweaking your man parts Jayne!” Wash defended himself.

“ Hey! Let’s cut the pi hua” Mal voiced, taking control and putting it back on the focus……getting Serenity work, legal or not.

“ What about another hospital run?” Simon said as he took a mouthful of his morning breakfast.

“ No!” Mal said, “ Ain’t no way we could ever get away with one like that again.” He said looking at the doctor, “ Or don’t you remember what happened last time!” Mal glanced over at Jayne, not that any of his crew noticed.

“ WW-DC15.” River spoke aloud.

The balance of the crew looked over at Simon’s sister. She never took her eye’s off the face of the pocket watch she was holding.

“ River?” Kaylee spoke to the young passenger. The girl, who always seemed to be a bubble off looked up from her focus of interest.

“ WW-DC15.…….” She looked around, “ A sub-planet unknown to most folkin the verse, but where some very good friends of mine, back at the academy were taken. There’s gold there. Silver too, and jewels. Plenty of stuff worth money……” She looked over at Mal, “…..and other things too.”

The captain looked over at his pilot.

“ Wash……”

“I’m on it!” The pilot of Serenity exited the galley to do a little planetary research on the cortex.

“ Why should we listen to that fried brain chip!?” Jayne commented.

“ Hold your tongue Jayne!” Zoe said. She didn’t often speak in River’s defense but this time the big mercenary was outta line.

“ Jayne she’s a part of this crew just as you are.” Mal spoke up. “ Besides you haven’t lost your taste for coin and other forms of trade stock have ya?”

Jayne looked over at the captain.

“ Well no, it’s just that………well nothing!” He looked over at Mal, “ We letting a pea bra……” He shot a glance over to Zoe, “ ……. a girl like her tell us where to go now?” Jayne wasn’t about to say that he didn’t like the idea of acquiring a cache of money, but he still didn’t like the idea that Mal referred to Simon and River as part of his crew.

“ Not necessarily. We’ll have to find out more……” Mal looked over his crew, “ I didn’t see anyone else coming up better ideas. Won’t hurt to look.”

With this the captain pretty much released the crew of his boat until further plans could be made.

He did walk up to River once everyone else had gone. Mal felt that he had a connection with Simon’s sister. Ever since that time with Jubal Early and their little trick of the bounty hunter. If it hadn’t been for the girl Serenity and her crew would likely be dead now. He trusted her more than he let on.

“ River, there is some truth to this? You aren’t just making it up are you?”

The girl looked up from her watch.

“ No captain.” She whispered, “ The feather is not dead. It is alive and waiting for you. You need to go help it.”

End Part 1


Monday, October 4, 2010 2:09 AM


Oooh, brilliant start! I already like Iron Eagle and can guess who is holding the other feather. Looks to be an intriguing story, can't wait for more. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, October 4, 2010 3:44 AM


AWESOME!! Me likes Iron Eagle too. Wonderful start and I loved the details in the first part with him spinning the feather and the words spoken to his brother. Well versed.....more please.

Monday, October 4, 2010 9:39 AM


Amdobell thank you for the comments and posting up! I’m glad that you like Iron Eagle, I like him too, of course I like almost anyone who is, or ever has been a browncoat. They are just my kind of people.

So, you believe you know who the has the second feather and who Ira Eggers feels as close to as a brother? Well if he wears a long brown duster at times and has someone close to him calling him “Sir” some of the time, then you are probably right ….hee…hee. I really do appreciate your dropping me a post saying that you like the story so far, means a lot hearing that folk are enjoying what I write.

Angelle my friend, always a pleasure to see you post up! I knew you’d catch that “spin” part with the quill (smile). You have that amazing eye for detail…….more of Iron Eagle and the crew of Serenity coming up in continuing chapters. Hope I can keep you interested.

Take care my friends, BPZ

PS: Chap2 will likely go up tomorrow, and will be a little more informative about WWDC15 and I think I’ll start picking Rivers brain pan a bit……just a little.

Sunday, October 10, 2010 7:52 AM


I myself have always been interested in introducing the Native American aspect into Firefly, especially because they have such a prominent role in most other Westerns.


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